Boobs on Your Tube: “Legacies” Tempts With Baddie Bisexual Vampires

Holy cats, y’all, this has been the absolute WILDEST day of TV trailer news! We got new teasers from Sex and the City, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk! Let’s see… what else happened this week? The Morning Show doubled down on its gay smooching and Christina was there with you to yell about it. Carmen recapped an all new episode of Twenties. Valerie Anne recapped Legends of Tomorrow and the Supergirl series finale. Batwoman went full fan fic and Nic responded in kind by going full fangirl. Riese reviewed Dopesick! Shelli reviewed Tampa Baes!  And Sally caught us up with JoJo Siwa’s latest DWTS routines.

Notes from the TV Team:

+ On Queens, it’s not looking great for Jill and Tina!! Waking up from her adulterous hookup, Jill finds out Tina is visiting LA. After some cover up (Jill suggests U-Hauling because she doesn’t want to deal with her guilt), it finally comes out that Jill cheated in the last episode. Tina offers to forgive her, but the truth is that Jill is newly out for the first time and still ready to explore! Tina, surprisingly mature about her heartbreak, decides that if she’s waited this long for Jill, maybe the timing just isn’t right. And if she’s lucky, maybe their paths will cross again in the future. Until then, welcome Jill’s Hoe Phase?  — Carmen

+ On All American, news about Coop’s decision to give up music finally gets back to Layla. Incensed, Layla puts her label first: forcing Coop to sign papers ending their partnership and allowing Layla to shop Coop’s music around to other artists. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mo’s daughter is starting to ask questions about what happened to her mother and why no one’s avenged her death. Looks like that thirst for revenge runs in the family. — Natalie

+ Dickinson is back! I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but I’ll be writing about it in some way, shape, or form as soon as I do!! — Valerie Anne

+ So we have collectively decided that Amelia is flirting enough with hot enby Dr. Kai on Grey’s to warrant joining our recaps! Unfortunately this week we were all so upset about [Station 19 not gay spoiler] that we processed our grief about it over 50 comments in a slack thread! Amelia and hot doctor Kai, your time begins next week. — Carmen

Hightown 204: “Daddy Issues”

Written by Natalie

Leslie and Jackie hold hands and kiss on the beach.

This week, Jackie’s back in her Fisheries Service uniform, questioning the Scrodfather about shark poaching off the Cape. The interview proves unproductive so Eddie encourages Jackie to salvage the trip to New Bedford by visiting her father, Rafael. She goes, begrudgingly, and things are awkward and tense. Jackie returns to the station and works out her angst by fucking Leslie against the lockers.

A text message disrupts their post-coital bliss, alerting them to Daisy’s real identity. Once they discover her probationary status, they set a trap and she falls right in. Leslie threatens Daisy with arrest but Jackie takes a more gentle approach to convince Daisy to become their informant. She gives Daisy a day to think about everything and passes on her business card. Daisy returns to Xavier’s and when she’s not deferential enough with Jorge, he punches her in the face and throws her out of the club.

As they await word from Daisy, Leslie and Jackie stroll along the streets of P-town. Jackie laments that Daisy’s protection of Jorge and Leslie chalks it up to “daddy issues, after all, she is a stripper.” Jackie scoffs: everybody’s got daddy issues, including Leslie…case and point: her affair with Ray. Leslie concedes that her father is a bit like Ray — an emotionally unavailable cop with a propensity for violence — but notes that she got her drive and competitive spirit from him. Leslie asks if Jackie’s father knows she’s gay and she acknowledges that he does and that he’s cool with it. Leslie’s surprised, she’d heard that “the Latinos weren’t down with that stuff.”

“Aw, you’re so cute when you’re racist,” Jackie chides, before explaining, “I’m an only child — probably wanted a boy — so I think, in a way, he related to me more because I wanted to fuck chicks.”

Jackie acknowledges her father’s fuckboi tendencies and admits her frustrating at how his philandering ways hurt her mother. The show of vulnerability touches Leslie and she grabs Jackie’s hand and weaves their fingers together. She leans forward and kisses Jackie who ramps up the passion between them until Daisy’s call pulls her away. Leslie urges Jackie to be careful and come home to her. She pulls Jackie into another kiss and Jackie slips her the keys to her apartment so she can be there, waiting, when she’s done.

Later, Jackie wakes Leslie and stokes her ambition (and her libido) with the promise of taking down Frankie and Jorge. Things quickly get passionate and, once again, Leslie tries to go down on Jackie. She resists, again, and Leslie assures Jackie that she really wants to do this.

“I don’t really…I don’t really…” Jackie stammers, clearly not interested. But Leslie — who, despite the circumstances, feels very straight in this moment — says please and Jackie relents. Her release finally comes but it’s a mix of pleasure and pain that feels like it might reverberate throughout the rest of the season.

9-1-1 507: “Ghost Stories”

Written by Natalie

Hen listens (and sheds a tear) as her ex, Eva, tries to make amends.

Halloween came a little late this season on 9-1-1, as the first responders of the 118 dealt with ghosts, both real and imagined. For Henrietta Wilson, the ghost comes in the form of her ex-girlfriend, Eva Mathis. Last we saw Eva, she’d threatened to sue Karen and Hen for custody of Denny but overdosed (and was subsequently sent back to prison) before she could make good on her threat. This week, she returns looking to make amends.

When she arrives, Eva reports that she’s nearly two years sober and is looking to start over somewhere else. Hen offers half-hearted congratulations and tries to usher her ex out the door. Eva admits that during her recovery, she’s had plenty of time to think, and she acknowledges how much she hurt Hen. She’s amazed that, even despite that hurt, Hen sill saved her life and took in her son, never holding him responsible for his mother’s transgressions. As tears roll down her face, Hen admits that she’s glad Eva’s doing better but forgiveness just isn’t possible right now.

When she returns home, Hen shares the news of Eva’s visit with Karen. Why she thinks Karen needed to know about a visit from the ex that Hen cheated on her with, I don’t know…and, frankly, neither does Karen. Hen insists that she just didn’t want any secrets between them, particularly about Eva. Karen wonders if Eva’s truly leaving town and Hen admits that she thinks Eva was being sincere. Hen’s continued faith in Eva only further exacerbates Karen’s insecurities and after leaving Hen stunned, Karen takes her fight directly to the source: Eva. She puts it to her plainly, “why [do] you keep popping up, trying to blow my life apart?”

Eva insists that that wasn’t her intention; instead, she just wanted to make Hen — the first person to ever really believe in her — proud of her again. Karen admits that she’s been worried about the specter Eva casts over her relationship with Hen since their third date. Everytime Eva calls, she’s convinced she’ll lose Hen and Denny because all the people she loves, belonged to Eva first. But Eva puts Karen at ease: Hen won’t leave because she loves Karen more than her. The admission stops Eva’s ghost from haunting Karen’s relationship with and the couple reaffirm their love by candlelight.

NCIS: Hawai’i 107: “Rescuers”

Written by Natalie

Kate, with her arms crossed, confronts Lucy about discussing their relationship in the office.

Kate Whistler walks into the NCIS offices with a spring in her step. She’s dressed more casually than usual. She’s smiling broadly. She even stops to say good morning to Ernie, the team’s tech guru. In short, it’s all very un-Whistler like. She tries to cloak it — pretending that her visit is about some security clearance forms and not Kate returning the tennis bracelet Lucy left at her apartment the night before — but it’s clear to anyone paying attention: Kate Whitsler is smitten. And that, as it turns out, is a problem for Kate Whistler.

When the couple cross paths later, the energy between them has shifted: Lucy is still glowing from their night together and already hard at work planning their next date (bowling! rockin’ bowl!) but Kate’s withdrawn. Kate pulls Lucy into a quiet corner and lightly admonishes her for talking about dating while at work. Stunned by Kate’s shift in demeanor, Lucy asks what happened to the woman who was all smiles this morning. People noticed her behavior this morning, Kate admits, and it puts additional pressure on her. Kate suggests that they keep their relationship a secret but Lucy’s not interested in being anyone’s secret. Before the conversation can get any more heated, or overheard by the approaching crowd, Kate cuts Lucy off and walks away.

During a break in their case, Ernie confronts Lucy about her relationship with Whistler. She admits that they’ve dated before and have been together, again, for a few weeks but things continue to be frustrating. She laments Kate’s interest in keeping their relationship a secret — after all, they’re adults and aren’t breaking any rules — and surmises that Kate’s just embarrassed to be with her.

Later, Kate stops by the office and apologizes for her behavior. She admits that she allowed a bad work call to impact their dynamics. Lucy asks directly if Kate’s embarrassed by her but Kate denies it: actually, she’s embarrassed by herself. She’s trying to be more expressive but it’s a hard adjustment. Recognizing that Kate’s making a sincere effort, Lucy agrees to keep their relationship between them. After all, Lucy flirtily offers: “secrets can be fun.”

Two points about this scene: first, how is it so completely devoid of emotion or warmth? Lucy is battered and bruised from an encounter with an assailant and Kate doesn’t show any concern about it? Even someone as compartmentalized at Kate would’ve had some visceral reaction to seeing their partner hurt, I’d think. Also? None of this makes sense if these two have dated before; surely this is a conversation that they would’ve already had.

New Amsterdam 408: “Paid in Full”

Written by Natalie

Casey and Lauren are shocks to hear that the hospital's under cyber attack.

As she prepares to take over as medical director of New Amsterdam, Veronica Fuentes is cleaning house. Though she claims its all about the budget, her real focus seems to be removing Max Goodwin’s fingerprints from the hospital, including getting rid of the doctors who are loyal to him and his vision. Lauren admits that Fuentes is extorting her to help fund the hospital but neglects to mention why (details, schmetails). Iggy’s convinced that Max will save them but Lauren notes that even if Max can save them now, in two weeks, he’s jetting off to England and they’ll be at Fuentes’ mercy.

Back in the ED, Lauren ribs Casey for not having the schedule done yet, a task made even more difficult by the additional resident. He doesn’t understand why the department has an extra resident but remains short on nurses. Lauren immediately gets defensive and snaps at Casey which causes him to consider how Bloom’s girlfriend got a slot in her ED. He confronts Lauren about the additional resident later and Lauren lets him know that she doesn’t appreciate the implication. But Casey knows Lauren and he knows when she’s lying…and she rushes to fill the silence with an explanation.

She admits that she bought Leyla’s seat but insists that everything was completely above board. If that were true, Casey points out, Lauren wouldn’t have hidden the truth from everyone. He warns that her actions undermine everything that Leyla’s worked for and Lauren admits he’s right. But then, the desperation that drove her to make the donation in the first place becomes evident, “Okay, but you get why I had to do it. I had to. Please, please don’t… please don’t say anything.” He cautions: when everyone finds out, she’ll lose everyone’s respect, just like she’s lost his.

Meanwhile, a ransomware attack strikes New Amsterdam and, short of paying the hackers 10M in cryptocurrency, there’s no immediate solution to getting the hospital back online. Max urges Fuentes to get the board to back a ransom payment but she resists unless he agrees to sign onto her proposed budget…a budget that would fire three dozen doctors, including Dr. Bloom. The attack causes chaos throughout the hospital and Max is forced to sign off on the budget. He does, however, manage to amend Fuentes’ proposal and — just like Iggy said — save Lauren, Iggy and Floyd from being fired. The consequence, though? Widespread firings, including Casey.

Nancy Drew 305: “The Vision of the Birchwood Prisoner”

Written by Valerie Anne

Nancy and Bess sit on chairs

Hey, Nancy? Nance? Buddy? Pal? You know you’re supposedly not the gay one in this shot? And yet? The way you’re sitting??

No sign of Bess’s newest fling this week, but I think getting laid is putting a little extra spring in her step because she’s chipper as all get-out as she acts as a buffer between Temperance and Nancy, making sure to compliment them both the entire time. She agrees to be a distraction for the detective while Nancy and Bess do a magical mind meld with the serial killer in custody and dubs this trio “Team Nantempess” because she’s the cutest.

Bess does her best to distract the detective with tea, but her attempts are almost thwarted by a zombie cat. She tries to use it as an excuse to keep him there longer, having the detective help her dig a grave for the kitty even though he’s totally onto her.

Later, Bess confronts Temperance about the cat but she swears it died of natural causes and she just used it to get information. Bess realizes that Temperance is probably using her for her energy but when given an out, Bess decides to continue her tutelage.

Besides, they have a supernatural baddie to find, and they can probably use all the magical help they can get.

Legacies 405: “I Thought You’d Be Happier to See Me”

Written by Valerie Anne

Hope vamps out to bite a lady

Continuing the grand Mikaelson tradition of being sexually fluid especially when it comes to vamp activity.

This week, Josie and Finch wake up together, ready to spend the day celebrating their big win, but then they hear Lizzie scream for Josie and learn that the twins’ dad is in the hospital…because of Hope.

Speaking of Hope, she’s out drinking and dancing with a lady she’s about to feed from when who should show up but the one, the only, REBEKAH MIKAELSON. Love of my life, queen of my heart, goddess amongst mortals, bisexual icon, and Hope’s Aunt Bex. Rebekah and Hope share a drink of the woman Hope was dancing with and Hope wants to finish draining her but Rebekah wants Hope to come home with her. She doesn’t understand why Hope is acting like this, she can’t imagine being a tribrid is THAT much different from being a vampire and then Hope gives her a smirk and Rebekah realizes that Hope turned off her humanity.

Rebekah tries to stab Hope with the dagger that her brothers so often used to tuck her away but before she can take Hope anywhere, the bartender snaps Rebekah’s neck because he wants to kidnap Hope. Hope wakes up and starts using him as a dartboard while trying to figure out who he works for. He reveals that he’s part of Triad, and that the “original bloodlines” want to destroy her. Hope threatens him but just as he’s about to give up the ghost his brand ignites and fries him.

When Rebekah wakes up, Hope gives her her mother’s necklace, her most prized possession, says “Always and forever” in a mocking tone that breaks my heart and leaves her aunt in the dust.

Meanwhile, the twins are trying to get their father to wake up from his coma by jumping into his mind, but his life is flashing before his eyes. He has a dramatic goodbye with Lizzie, and explains that one of the only reasons he took Hope in was so she would form a bond with his girls and protect them if things went south. And since the actor who plays their father is a garbage human, I’m hoping they’re actually writing him off, even though it would be devastating for the twins and also could cause an irreparable rift between them and Hope, who would be crushed once she turns her humanity back on, which I don’t LOVE. Maybe they can get his consciousness into a new body? We’ll see.

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  1. Are there any plans to cover the new 4400? I was hesitant to watch but have been fully engrossed. One of the case workers assigned to help the 4400 is a lesbian and they seem to be laying the groundwork for a possible love triangle for her.

    Also, Theo Germaine is one of the 4400 starting with the second episode i think.

  2. Still befuddled by the writing on NCIS with this relationship. I feel like I’m watching a collage of random romantic dialogue that doesn’t add up to any cohesive whole. It’s getting a decent amount of screen time which is nice but it’s missing something. The much shorter romantic arch with Jane and that military guy was neatly written and tied up, so it’s frustrating the writers are struggling so much on the queer storyline.

    • I am honestly stumped, @marri. I want this storyline to thrive because the show is the most watched show of the new season and it’s on CBS, a network that hasn’t been too committed to telling LGBT stories…but goodness…it’s like they’ve never written a relationship before. These aren’t problems unique to queer relationships, they’re universal…and yet, they can’t seem to make it make any sense.

  3. So about that Station 19/Grey’s crossover thing.

    Did anyone else find Miller being killed off distasteful? Like he was the center of the shows BLM story and spent most of the last season and this one fighting the system and trying to create a new better one. And then instead of just having him leave to build that system further they went “Haha, just kidding, he’s dead!” I don’t see why that needed to happen.

    • What’s truly bonkers is the writers laid the foundation for Miller to be a beacon for the minority and mental health communities from within the system. They took that further wrote in that he would move to be away from Vic and so he could effect change elsewhere. But instead of letting him walk away with his kid to find happiness and at least have us believe he’s off effecting change which they might’ve I dunno written updates on his progress in future shows, they kill him off? Make it make sense!

  4. Station 19:
    Around the time of 5×04 I binged seasons 3 up until then for Station 19 and got Obsessed. I love the queers and the characters and the found family dynamics. And then there was the like 3 week break and this then?! I binged it and now that I’m caught up this episode had me sobbing and pissed off like WTF!! I get that Okieriete Onaodowan wanted to leave but after everything Miller went through for this to happen?! That’s fucked up.

  5. The New Amsterdam couple is surprisingly endearing to me. I really like Leyla, and wish they’d give her more to do outside her relationship. She’s super interesting and brilliant at her job! Lauren’s beyond entitled, but weirdly it doesn’t bother me, because I think the writing does a great job of humanizing her? They’re extremely adorable together and I’ve been dreading this donation reveal because there’s no way to handle this that ends well for either of them, Leyla especially. Why they chose the hardest storyline for them is beyond me.

    • I agree, sloane. I thought it was weird that they didn’t have Leyla in this episode because part of her history is knowing how to operate, sans technology. It would’ve been a perfect opportunity for Leyla to showcase what she can do.

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