“Supergirl” Series Finale Recap: I Hope You Dance

Hey, you. Welcome to this mega Supergirl series finale recap, which will cover season 6, episodes 19 and 20, “The Last Gauntlet,” and, appropriately, “Kara.” And while this will be my last ever Supergirl recap, I promise it’s not the last time this show will appear in my writing. After six years, these characters have woven their ways into my life in an inextricable way.

But we’re not done yet. So let’s pick up where we left off, with everyone still in their bachelorette party finest, standing in the Tower, the dead body of a reporter and the devastating lack of Esme making the air tense. Before they can decide what to do next, Lex’s voice cuts through the thick air and Alex immediately starts threatening his life if anything happens to her daughter.

Supergirl series finale: Alex looks furious

“Not my daughter, you bitch!”

But it’s just a recording, and Lex promises Esme won’t be harmed if the Superfriends fork over the five totems they have PLUS find the Destiny Totem for him. They’ll make the exchange on a bridge that is a dead zone for magic and tech, a safe space for the swap. Alex is desperate, ready to burn the world down, but Kara promises Alex and Kelly that she’ll fix this.

Kara looks at Kelly with promise in her eyes

“PS you look really pretty right now.”

Lena sets off to find a spell that will help her track Lex, Nia tries to dream the location of the Destiny Totem. Alex doesn’t care if they use the decoy totem or just give them the real totems, whatever will get Esme back, but Kara thinks they can use the totems to power her up instead.

All Alex needs to do is trust her.

Supergirl series finale: Alex looks resolved

Luckily, trusting Kara is the easiest thing Alex knows how to do.

In the villain lair, Nyxly is surprisingly sweet with Esme, her heart breaking a bit when she realizes the little girl is resolved to her fate because even at such a young age, she’s no stranger to bad things happening to her. Nyxly takes her hand and says the totem’s magic word, pretending like it’s a game meant to cheer Esme up, but all that happens is Esme’s totem tattoo loses a few petals.

Lex is ready to just cut the totem out of her but Nyxly won’t let the little princess be hurt, especially not at the hands of some man. And for now it seems Nyxly not wanting Lex to hurt Esme is enough for him to hold back.

Across town, a Shadow woman slips into the Tower but gets caught by Lena. Andrea sees the reporter’s body lying on the ground and thinks Lena was wrong about her; maybe she IS a monster. She blames herself for stealing his byline, but Lena is quick to reassure her that this is Lex’s fault.

Andrea can’t fix this, but Lena says it’s not too late to be a better person. Lena has made missteps, and in another timeline has done worse things than this, so she knows better than anyone that redemption and forgiveness is possible. Andrea can still make amends. She has to actively choose to be better, to acknowledge and fight back the darkness, not pretend it doesn’t exist. Keep doing the next right thing.

Lena faces off with Andrea

Just two shadowy babes, fighting the darkness with in, choosing the light every day.

As predicted, Kara feels like this is all her fault for taking a night off. She says it’s her job to keep her family safe and even though she’s tired and stressed she’ll do whatever it takes to make this right. She’ll use the AllStone herself if she has to. She just has to fix this.

Kara looks worried but determined

“Straighten the spine, smile for the neighbors. Everything’s fine, everything’s cool”

In the villain’s lair, Lex is playing with himself (chess, to be specific) when the one and only Lillian Luthor strolls in. She schools him on chess and asks him what the deal is with all this murder and kidnapping nonsense, and when he says he’s in love she rightly laughs in his face. But when she finds out he’s in love with an alien, her face grows cold and angry. After all he’s done in the name of human supremacy, after all THEY’VE done, now he’s in love with an imp?

Lillian looks furious

Big King Triton, “He’s a human, you’re a mermaid,” vibes.

Lillian wants him to plead insanity and dump Nyxly so that the Luthors can be a perfect evil human family again, but Lex knows Lena isn’t coming back, and he’s not going anywhere without Nyxly. So Lillian storms off.

Back in her room, Esme is drawing a picture of her moms, and is dubious when Nyxly says she’ll see them again. Nyxly tells a story about her dad ruining her colored pencils, and says that just because scary things happen doesn’t mean scary things are always going to happen. We are not the bad things that happen to us. Esme looking somewhat calm now, Nyxly tries the password again, but more petals fall from the totem tattoo.

At the Tower, Kelly follows the sound of crashing to find her fiancée crying in the weapon’s room. She’s so worried about Esme, and she feels so… powerless. It’s something Alex has struggled with in the past, being the only non-powered human on the team, and she calls it her kryptonite. But the thing is, she’s not alone anymore.

Supergirl series finale: Kelly holds Alex's face comfortingly

I hope Kelly gets all her friends and family therapists for Christmas.

Kelly is also just a human with training and tools, doing her best. And she is there to pull Alex out of her emotional quicksand made of what-ifs and worst case scenarios. Kelly reminds Alex that their little family has so much love they literally attracted an ancient elemental energy, and that’s how Kelly knows that they’ll be together again. And that they’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Kelly and Alex hold each other

:cue Degrassi theme song:

Brainy makes Nia a bracer for her Dream Totem, but she’s afraid that she’ll dream that something terrible will happen to Esme, like when she dreamed about Brainy having to go away. But Brainy says no matter what she sees, they’ll face it together… which gives Nia an idea. She decides to take him into the dream world the way she took her sister, so they can quite literally face it together.

Nia looks like she just had a great idea

“Dreams to dream in the dark of the night. When the world goes wrong, I can still make it right.”

When they go back to the team, they tell them they know Esme’s safe but not where she is, but they do know where the Destiny Totem is. Supergirl flies off to Prague to a statue of the Fates and plucks the thread of life, says the password, and sees a possible future. As she’s considering that future, and how much the statue of Clotho looks like Sara Lance’s friend Charlie, Alex shows up and takes the totem from her. Whatever it takes to get her daughter back.

Sentinel stands face to face with Supergirl

I hope in the ARMAGEDDON crossover someone points out that Alex’s hood is an even worse disguise than Kara’s glasses.

And Kara is the fastest person on Earth, and the strongest. And as Alex just mentioned, she’s technically powerless, but for her magic glove. Kara could just take it back. But she doesn’t. She tries to talk her sister into giving it back, telling her of the future she saw. The wars, the destruction. But Alex is willing to risk everything for Esme.

Alex puts the final nail in Kara’s plan’s coffin when she points out that if Kara fails, she’d never be able to forgive her. And Kara would be willing to risk just about anything to stop Lex and Nyxly, but she won’t risk her relationship with her sister. Especially since it’s not like Kara’s 100% sure HER plan will work.

Supergirl series finale: Kara looks at her sister sadly

“I’m actually surprised Kelly sanctioned this but fine.”

So Kara doesn’t move to stop Alex as she portals back to National City, totem in hand.

Meanwhile Nyxly, arms full of stuffies for Esme, finds herself face to face with Lillian, sitting like some kind of Lena Luthor on the couch.

Lillian sits with her arm across the back of the chair

“This is how apex predators sit.”

Lillian doesn’t think Lex can love anyone but himself, and she’s not shy about her xenophobia. She tells Nyxly that Lex is just using her, a pawn in his game, and says so with enough conviction that Nyxly starts to doubt her boytoy’s intentions.

Kara goes back to the Superfriends to tell them that Alex took the totem, and how she had to let her go. Kara looks tired in an existential way, and it seems to be breaking Lena’s heart a little.

Lena looks sadly at her tired galpal

“I know places we won’t be found and they’ll be chasing their tails trying to track us down.”

Kara knows she can’t face the AllStone on her own, but she’s not on her own. So she wants to use a combination of science and magic to stop them. Brainy has an idea that would supercharge Supergirl, making her able to go higher, further, faster, baby. Kara asks why this was never presented to her as an option before, and Brainy says that between the satellites they’d have to hijack and the energy they’d take from the sun, it would take things six months to get back to normal.

Lena is horrified at this; she knows what kind of devastation this could bring to the Earth. Kara would be playing god, and at a great cost.

Supergirl series finale: Lena looks shocked at Kara

“Oh so it’s only okay if you do it?”

Kara knows it’s not the best option but it might be their only option. She has to take the big swing. She has to fix this.

Kara looks resolute

A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do.

And she’ll fix the sun problem later. Not wanting to be part of this, Lena goes to the bridge to help Alex and Kelly, and Nia joins her.

Once they’re gone, Brainy starts setting up the satellite, and tells Kara she’ll need to charge for four minutes to reach peak power, and that they’ll likely meet resistance from the governing bodies.

With 21 minutes to go until the agreed meeting time, Esme’s tattoo is down to its last petal. Lex mutters his plans to cut it off her himself out loud, which Mitch overhears and runs to get Nyxly, who stops Lex from using her crystal ball on the little girl. So now Mxy is gone, Nyxly feels betrayed, and Esme is scared. Nyxly puts her body between Lex and Esme, and with this surge of love for the little girl, the totem pops out of Esme and into Nyxly’s hand.

Now that they have it, Nyxly is going to bring Esme back to her mommies and she’s so, so done with Lex. All he is to her now is another power-hungry man who tried to take advantage of her.

When Guardian and Sentinel get to the bridge, they’re pleased to see Dreamer and the Wicked Hot Witch of the East join them as backup.

Guardian and Sentinel smile at Nia and Lena

“I’ve got friends that will run through walls. I’ve got friends that will fly once called. When I’ve nowhere left to go, and I need my heroes, I’ve got friends that will run through walls.”

Nyxly brings Esme to the bridge, and Esme lets out a joyful squeal when she realizes her moms really came for her. Everyone starts walking toward each other on the bridge when a storm starts to crackle.

Because across town, Supergirl has begun to charge.

When it’s time to make the exchange, Alex puts the box of totems down and Esme runs into Kelly’s arms. As soon as all the totems are near each other, they whirl together to form the AllStone, but before Nyxly can grab it, Lex and Lillian show up to explode the bridge.

High above National City, Supergirl is charging and the world is going dark, causing the people to start to panic.

As the timer ticks down and it’s almost time for the final surge, Kara sees the fear in the eyes of the people she was trying to protect and realizes that Lena was right; this isn’t the way. This is exactly what she has stopped people from doing for years, seizing power for themselves, no matter the cost. This isn’t right. So Kara stops the process and the sun gets back to normal.

Kara drops down into the street among the people, her heart breaking a little as she realizes they’re cowering away from her. She apologizes and says she realizes now what she was about to do was wrong. But that she’ll fix it.

Supergirl series finale: Kara looks at the crowd apologetically

Imagine actually being willing to and able to apologize when you made the wrong choice? A wild concept.

So Kara flies to the bridge to fight by her family’s side. And fight they do. Esme hides while the Superfriends, Nyxly, and Lex & Co. all play a deadly game of keepaway with the AllStone.

Eventually the stone rolls toward Esme’s hiding spot and she picks it up, seeing it causing all this grief, and shouts, “Leave my family alone,” before punting it to the ground, shattering it.

Esme holds the AllStone up readyto smash

I wonder if she borrowed a little of her aunt’s super strength for this one.

It splits into three, and Supergirl, Nyxy, and Lex all grap a piece. They start to use the AllStones powers against each other, and at firstUPShe looks to Lena for help, so she starts whipping out some magic, causing a storm to swirl around them.

Lena does magic

“Ah say anto pi, alpha mae be upendi!”

Lillian is surprised to see Lena doing such strong magic, but then turns to her other child in time to see Nyxly about to zap him with some AllStone energy. Using up her last shred of maternal instinct, Lillian leaps in front of Lex, falling to the ground as Lex and Nyxly continue to fight, turning into lizard people for some reason.

Lena, the only good Luthor to ever Luthor, runs to Lillian’s side and holds her, because despite their differences and despite what some would even call abuse, this is still the woman who raised her.

Supergirl series finale: Lena holds Lillian on the ground

“But you’re too beautiful to die!”

As Nyxly and Lex continue their titan tirade across National City, the Superfriends regroup at the Tower, watching the news report that they’re sucking energy, power, and all the totem’s elements like humanity and hope from the world.

Kara still has her piece of the AllStone but she doesn’t want to use it to fight; she doesn’t want to be like them. She needs to find another way to fix this.

Kara looks torn

“Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones. And I will try to fix you.”

Kara dons her Supergirl suit and flies up over National City to clear her head. (And this is neither here nor there, but in case you were wondering, this is the first place I teared up during this two-hour finale event. I wish I knew why! Even writing about it without watching it is making me emotional. Supergirl flying over National City for one of the last times. Her theme swelling softly in the background. I don’t know! It’s all downhill from here re: my ability to hold in the waterworks.)

Supergirl hovers there in the sky and listens to the people crying, calling out; she hears their fears and their pain.

Kara looks over her city

Up and up. But never away.

But then she hears something different stand out against the murmur of agony. She hears Orlando giving a hope speech of his own. The people he’s talking to start out being so sucked dry of everything they had that they were literally black and white, but he puts the color back in them. He reminds them that they have power within them that no one can ever take away, that they still have the ability to fight. And a hope speech is exactly what Kara needed too, and she knows exactly what to do.

As we transition into the final episode, Lena is at Lillian’s bedside, mourning her dying step-mother and the fact that humanity itself is fading.

Supergirl series finale: Lena looks sad but gorgeous

Honestly how dare she look this good during an apocalypse.

Before she goes, Lillian has something she needs to tell Lena. She’s known her whole life that her mother was a witch, and that Lena was too. She just gaslit her into thinking she was powerless. She pushed her to science, turned her into a Luthor, tried to snuff out her light. But here Lena is all these years later, a Luthor in name only, having found her own way, and her own power. Lillian says that Lena is free now, and that she has to really own that power. Forget about Lex, and Lillian, and everything they tried to make her. She needs to live the life she chooses.

Lena cries into Lillian's hand

“Kiss the aliens you want to kiss.”

Supergirl goes back to the Tower and realizes she’s been going about this all wrong. Supergirl doesn’t need to fix this. Kara doesn’t need to fix this. Everyone needs to fix this. The Superfriends don’t have to save everyone, they have to empower the people to save themselves. So they come up with a plan: Brainy is going to use a Legion crown to project a Supergirl hope speech into everyone’s mind. The problem is, he can make everyone hear it, but he can’t make them get it.

Lena comes in and tells them Lillian is gone but she barely liked that woman anyway and at least she got to say goodbye. Still, Kara hugs her because it sucks to lose even a mostly shitty family member.

Lena hugs Kara

Loss of a bad thing can still feel like loss.

Lena’s ready to distract herself with work though, and has an idea of how to help open people’s hearts to Supergirl’s message. While J’onn, Guardian, Sentinel, and Dreamer go try to contain Nyxly and Lex best they can, Kara, Lena, and Brainy use their powers combined to inspire the world.

Supergirl series finale: Lena does magic and Kara gets ready to speech

Science, magic, alien tech, and hope. With our powers combined.

Supergirl gives one last hope speech. Quite literally a hope speech to end all hope speeches. She tells everyone that they have to work together, that they have to believe in themselves and lift each other up to stop this. They can defeat this darkness, but only if they all come together.

And little by little, everyone starts to regain their color, and the people aren’t just taking their power back metaphorically, they’re literally taking it back from the AllStone.

The rest of the Superfriends arrive at the final boss battle, and Nyxly and Lex call back some of their big hitters, including but not limited to the Nightmare Monster and a shadow version of Red Daughter.

But with hope and her family by her side, Kara Zor-El is not afraid.

Kara stands firm and looks resolute

She does not bend, she does not break, she does not back down.

And so they fight. They each lean into their strengths, they work together, and just when it seems like the tide is turning against them, reinforcements appear. First the Legion reinforcements from the future, then James in his old Guardian suit. At one point, Lena finds herself face to face with her brother…

Lena looks up at her brother

“Will the nightmare of this man never cease?!”

But Andrea in her Shadow form appears right on time to save her.

Hell, even Mitch gets tired of being bossed around and helps the Superfriends.

Nyxly wants to really get into Dreamer’s head and starts to attack her using Nia’s mom’s dream owls, but as if to reject the idea of using a good mom’s energy as a weapon, Best TV Mom Ever Eliza Danvers appears.

Mama Danvers holds up a shotgun

I wasn’t mad about the Original Supergirl jokes even though they were cheesy and more meta than this show tends to get.

(For those keeping track, this is when my tears started to trickle out a little. One by one, still few and far between.) Alex is happy to see her Mama and they make a joke about how she was a Kryptonian in the movies, because it’s the last episode and there are no rules.

Realizing how very outnumbered they are, Lex opens a portal to the Phantom Zone, but his foes won’t back down. He summons some Phantoms, but when the Phantoms fly out and assess the line of Superfriends Superfamily, now backed with the full support of National City, the Phantoms turn on Lex and Nyxly. Because, as it turns out, they were the ones with the most fear.

The Phantoms scoop up Nyxly and Lex and take them to the Phantom Zone, and Lena is amused that hubris did end up being Lex’s downfall after all.

Lena smirks

“Don’t let the dream portal hit you on the ass on the way out.”

And while I think this was an appropriate ending for Lex, I sort of wish they had found a way to put Nyxly in her crystal ball or something. She went through enough in the Phantom Zone by circumstances out of her control. But I suppose this was easier.

The battle done (they kinda won), they have a funeral for the reporter, and I have to assume also Lillian, two notable casualties in this war.

To thank them for ending the reign of terror, and perhaps realizing they almost made things worse instead of better, the government offers to let J’onn and Alex restart the DEO, but in their own way now. Not in the name of alien oppression, but just in specialized alien support services.

Alex isn’t so sure she wants to go down that road again.

Supergirl series finale: Alex looks torn

“I’ll come back as long as we don’t also have containment cells for sentient humaniods.”

But Kara thinks she should. Starting the DEO up again would give them the ability to teach and train and empower more people. This isn’t a make-a-big-swing-then-sit-back situation. They have to fight every day, they have to keep doing the work, and the more the merrier.

And as she explains the importance of keeping up the fight, of spreading the hope, we catch a glimpse into the future of the Superfriends. Alex and Kara do start up a brand new DEO. Lena starts a new Luthor foundation, and helps Andrea set up a journalism school. Dreamer and Kelly start a Dreamer center for LGBTQ+ outreach (and City Councilman Orlando is there for the grand opening.) It’s all very beautiful.

They can’t just swoop in and save the day as vigilantes or heroes; it’s not sustainable. But they can be civil servants, teachers, leaders. They can be friends, to each other, and to the citizens of National City.

The future folks go home, Mon-El stopping to tell Kara that she did good. Not just well, she did GOOD. And her speech made the history books; what she did here today will echo through time. She’s an inspiration.

Nia says goodbye to Brainy, he’s sad he can’t even stay for the wedding. He leaves her with two whole cheesy dream sayings, including that she’ll always be the girl of his dreams. And frankly that’s relatable.

Nia looks so sad

I don’t know how you leave this sweet girl behind.

And then we cut to three weeks later, the day before Alex and Kelly’s wedding. Kara’s apartment is full of flowers and she’s assessing her next task when the news reports about a kitten up a tree. She takes her glasses off and is ready to help when the reporter gets the breaking news that local business leaders got together; she doesn’t need to fix this.

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  1. Valerie, I stopped watching Supergirl years ago, but have still really enjoyed your recaps. Love the detail and the excellent mix of analysis and humor. You REALLY get the characters as the show presented them, but also understand queer fan aspirations, and you always wove these two together (canon and acknowledgment of the paths not taken) so well.

    I’m really happy Supergirl provided you with both viewing pleasures and deep friendships. These are the ways that even imperfect shows like this one are significant to lesbian/queer community.

    Thanks for your service to us!!!

  2. That was all beautiful, and the finale was wonderful, and your line about Lena’s wedding wardrobe made me cackle.


    Are we not going to talk about the way Cat Grant asked Kara if she was, “BI-furcated?” That was her stressed syllable, not mine.

    Cat knows everything.

  3. Thank you so much for your recaps. After I found the Supercorp fandom early in the pandemic, I became utterly obsessed for a ton of reasons: first, the ice queen x happy girl vibes, then the will-they-or-won’t-they, then the super queerness of it (gender included, I legit owe a lot to fanfic nonbinary Kara Danvers), and tons more.

    But I was worried about committing to the show, knowing about the queerbaiting people complained about, so when I learned about the season 5 storyline going on I ended up trying to find recaps and found yours. I’ve been following them religiously ever since mid season 5, every Wednesday after the show came out. And you’ve always done beautifully, Valerie, and this?

    You might not think a recap could make me cry, but it did. You are a light in a community that while amazing, is sometimes too dismissive of the real queerness we have here in favor of Supercorp: a trans superhero who actually is a main character? A happy lesbian interracial couple adopting a kid and being the centerpiece at the end of the show with their wedding? Those are amazing things, and you never dismissed them. I’m a Supercorp fan now and forever, but thank you for not just throwing the baby out with the bathwater as I’ve seen many people do with the show for not doing SC.

    So yeah, your recaps have made me laugh, cry, and experience a show by proxy in a way I never expected I would. Maybe I’ll watch it, maybe I won’t (Batwoman is honestly more of a priority with it being queer off the bat), but thank you for your work. It’s always been the highlight of my week.

    Also? I never expected they would have Kara “come out” as Supergirl and I fucking love it. In my headcanon, Kara and Lena become witch/super power (heh) couple everyone loves, #2 to the never confirmed but super obvious Sentinel/Guardian.

  4. I can’t thank you enough for all your work recapping throughout this show’s run. You’re comedic spin (and musical references!) always found a way to make me smile even at the show’s lowest moments.

    Like many (MANY MANY) I had so many issues with this final season. I especially hated that after years of tormenting them, it seemed like the heroes only overcame Lex in the end because they got lucky that he girlbossed too close to the sun, but reading the way you put it, I can be kind of ok with it. Even if I would’ve preferred Kara & Lena getting the pleasure of yeeting him into the PZ.

    I will miss these characters so much. I fell in love with the show and stuck around because of them and your parting words were as sweet a goodbye to them as possible.

    • But {Kara voice} “you know me!”, I must return to nitpick: “and a shadow version of Red Daughter.”

      Oh, don’t you dare malign the late lamented Alex-loving/Lena-lusting Kaznian Kara! 💙💗

      Whom you saw (among Lex’s {barf} “gladiators”) was ***OVERGIRL***, the Nazi version of Kara from S3’s crossover “Crisis on Earth X”. [In that alternate universe, Nazi Kara was married to Nazi Oliver. Our Supergirl’s gag reflex (expressed to Our Arrow) re that possibility? Oh yeah, right, she’s straaaaaightttt… 🙃]

      • Hey, V.A., since I don’t think you specifically mentioned it: promise me you saw the full (“extended”) version of the final Supercorp convo, too? Sigh, it’s not like they kiss or say “I love you” in it. But you do get to hear Lena talk about Kara’s “core wounds” in a way that’s not {grumble-grumble} in the U.S. (CW) broadcast version.

  5. Thank you for all your wonderful recaps, Valerie. I forget how exactly I came to find them but they have been one of the reasons I’ve stuck with the show through thick and thin. And you’re the reason I discovered Wynonna Earp, so double thank you.


    Looking back on the show, it’s a wonder we ever got this far. As I recall, season one was originally an eight episode miniseries that had to be extended into a full season. Season two felt like it pivoted with us as we entered into the darkest timeline in 2016. In season three, they had to rewrite the entire back half of the season after one of the executives was thrown out during Me Too. I don’t know if anything behind the scenes changed the source of season four, but the sudden chorus of “It was Lex all a long!” makes me thing so. And then season five had to contend with Crisis and Covid.

    So for a show about people in their 20s, it’s fitting then that its own run was like your 20s – you’re doing the best you can with what you can. Eventually, you find your way through to someplace better. Or, in Kara’s case, back to where you were at the beginning, but this time you know to turn left.


    “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

    I felt the ending was good enough. They managed to bring all the characters’ arcs to a satisfying conclusion based on the story they set out to tell. It didn’t rise to the level of Wynonna Earp or She-Ra, but maybe it didn’t have to. Supergirl may not have broken the closet ceiling, but she hit it hard enough that others – Batwoman, Legends, Wynonna Earp, etc – could.

    Oh, sure, I could nitpick the finale and the season and the show ’til the cows come home, but that’s what fanfic is for.


    Speaking of Wynonna Earp, the only reason I can think of for Eliza to have been in National City, with a shotgun, three weeks before her daughter’s wedding, was she was participating in a very intense Earp LARP.

    It does not feel like an end, just a transition. So all that’s left so say is: Kaoshuh (lit. “to be continued”)

    • But Emily Andras has already smashed that ceiling with Lost Girl in 2010. Besides Waverly Earp was already an established baby queer before Alex’s coming out storyline.

      I’m sorry. I just think it’s unfair to credit Supergirl writers for Emily Andras’ amazing queer storyline on Wynonna Earp.

  6. Thanks for this last recap, Valerie! This show was rarely what I wanted it to be plot-wise, but I really will miss some of these characters and the vast potential they had.

    While I mostly decided to just accept this ending for what it was, there were two last things that I was a little sad to see this late in the game. First, Alex telling Kara in any context that there was something she could do that Alex wouldn’t forgive. Six years in to Kara trying to prove herself and shouldering the burdens of the world largely alone, and her own sister has already made up her mind about the exact context in which that work becomes meaningless.

    Sad that Alex still can’t fully trust anyone more than her gun, sad that Kara had to quietly appease a family member in a way that went against her instincts one more time. Sad that we’ll never explore that a part of Kara’s hesitation to be her full self is the Alex piece, where her sister gave up her teens and early 20s to keep Kara safe, and their lingering resentments and feelings of being sort of indebted to each other. Love those sisters, wish we had more than like 4 episodes total to show that as much as they love each other, it’s still complicated.

    And second, I’m so sad about Nyxly’s end. All we’ve gotten to know of her all season, aside from her being petty and defensive at oftentimes homicidal levels, is that she was desperately lonely and and hurt scared after surviving her bad family experience.

    I hate that, after 6 years of Kara trying to connect with all sorts of people and villains to help put them on a better path, none of that compassion was offered to Nyxly as she realized she was sort of marooned on an evil island with Lex, esp after she did show Esme real affection.

    Nyxly’s arc hit a lot of the same notes as Lena’s in S5, and it could’ve been nice to close this series on the message that hope, help, and compassion aren’t just reserved for our friends.

        • Because it’s an obvious Photoshop, and I saw the Twitter timeline wherein the Photoshopper said upfront she was presenting a wish-fulfillment.

          Photoshopping desired ships is nothing new at all, but the way some on Twitter intentionally tried to make this a “We’ll gaslight the CW the way they gaslighted us” thing, ignoring the OBVIOUS pain they were going to cause to yet more hurting Supercorp fans, was a terrible idea. We Supercorp fans face enough bullshit attacks on us by haters and phobes as it is, that we have to play right into the stereotype of being crazy and toxic? Argh. 😖

  7. A great recap but that was overgirl not red daughter and j’onn doesn’t have magic. i normally hang on to every word that comes out of lena’s mouth but i must have missed her saying she hated aliens. is there a specific reference to that?

  8. First of all, thank you Valerie Anne for making this such an insightful and joyful ride over the years. Glad the series did manage to light up your life, with its nerdiness, its found family, its inclusiveness… all of Katie McGrath.

    For me, it was always Chyler Leigh and Alex’s journey to herself (a recurring theme for almost all characters) that truly spoke to me. Her season 2 arc was such a revelation personally. By the time, I had been out for a couple of years already, but something finally fell into place. And for that I’ll forever be thankful to Dr. Alexandra Danvers. Seeing Alex achieve her dreams, is not something I really took for granted. She made it through. So many good things still waiting for her… Well, hopefully, Chyler keeps that wonderful super gay haircut.

    Speaking of ships… Supercorp. When Lena turned around during the party, I stopped breathing for a sec, what was that lingering frame for!!! Like yes, call your girlfriend! Tell her, she pushed you to be a better person. And that you’ll be by her side, no matter what. No more dancing with arms flailing on your own 😄. Frankly, Lena/Katie made this a better show. So fare thee well, you badass witch. Hope, you pop up somewhere else soon.

    The titular Supergirl, Kara Danvers finally bridging that gap, finding the courage to just be her best and wholesome self – knowing she doesn’t have to fix(ate on) everything or everyone. Cos people don’t need fixing, they do need a bit of support and something to believe in (and maybe affordable housing, nourishment and so on…). Melissa took this character and gave it her all. Wish the writers had given her better storylines, but so be it. Kara Danvers made me hopeful despite all the chaos.

    So another series wraps. Another comment ends. Hope time makes me/us all bolder, too. See y’all around.

    PS: One of my wishes was to get Cat Grant back for one last pep talk, so woohoo.

    • Thinking about the last couple of scenes of the show: One Last Game Night . . . and that, at Casa Kara Danvers, the TV was *off* while all around National City, people were glued to their respective screens, as Cat Grant re-introduced N.C. to THE One Girl They’d Known & Loved all this time.

      It occured to me, that the only reason they weren’t watching at Kara’s place, was that, OBVIOUSLY, the Super Friends had already seen it. And that—probably explicitly—they’d all given their permission and AFFIRMATION of Kara’s Coming Out.

      And then I saw this Last Game Night for what it truly was: not about charades, or even that we have this new married couple (w/ new child) and soon-to-be-married couple in THIS century, thankyouverymuch (though of course, it was ALL of that!). [Descending fully into the land of headcanon, Kara and Lena are on a *little bit* of an agreed break, while they get their new respective projects off the ground (Good God, the amount of terrible Luthor Corporation/family bullshit that Lena is going to have to finally and EMPHATICALLY SHUTDOWN, forever?) But I’m betting that ALL the Super Friends can see that this supposed “break” is NOT going to last very long! 💙💗]

      This Game Night Party is all of the above, but it was in Yours Truly’s genderqueer experience of looking at YT ***Transition Party*** videos, where it all became clear to me: THAT’S WHAT THIS IS! Like a Transguy burning his last bra/binder before top surgery, loved ones gathered around, the Super Friends are together, celebrating Kara’s Transition. [Did they ceremonially stomp on every pair of glasses? I imagine Brainy made them fly around, for Esme’s delight.]

      THAT was what Kara’s Smile to Cat was about: the Transition Party was already being set up, by her beloved family. The SMILE of the One Kara-Who-Is-Supergirl, SAFE in the knowledge that she is fully loved, supported, affirmed, and celebrated by her family, with her One Complicated-but-Complete Self OUT to the world.

      And that’s a helluva thing to celebrate!🎉🎉🎉 Whatever my grief at the lack of Canon Supercorp (and yes, that’s also real), I will forever be grateful to the show for this closing message.

  9. Please don’t hate for my extremely long comment, most of it quotes from your own work. It’s just my way of showing appreciation and or agreement.

    “The rest of the guests file in, Lena wearing a suit that implies she was told this would be an outdoor daytime wedding with pastels and flowers and she said, simply, “No.”’ Hahaahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing at this. OMG.

    I would like to take a moment to thank the wardrobe department. No reason. (jk the reason is arms.) Crying!!!

    “I don’t have the word count to go into how this entire conversation was a metaphor for coming out. We’re already at a gay wedding.” Hauling!!!!!!

    “First, I wanted Alex and Kelly to have a happy ending. I didn’t realize we’d get a whole wedding that took up most of the episode, so that was a pleasant surprise!” —-THIS!! I will aways be grateful for Chyler and Alex Danvers.

    “Also, I wished for the return of Eliza Danvers. My favorite TV mom. And I was so happy to see her.” This too. My only issue with this is, and bear with me here because between the pandemic and that season 4 and 5 where not my favorites my memory is kind of sc***ed, did Eliza met Kelly BEFORE this chapter?? I think it might have happened when Jeremiah funeral but… I can’t remember it.

    “My third wish was: no roadblocks to eventual Supercorp endgame. I knew the show wouldn’t do it ..But they ended in such a way that could have simply been, as the old legend has it, the start of something new.” SAME… SAME

    “So while the show did plenty of things I hated over the years, it did so, so many things I loved. Like Alex’s coming out story, valuing found family, and knowing that there’s strength in hope. It gave us a Luthor who’s a hero instead of a villain, Kelly as Guardian, and Dreamer, the first trans superhero on the CW. Plus, it gave us so many incredible acting (and in some cases, also writing and directing) moments from Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Katie McGrath, Nicole Maines, Azie Tesfai, and so many others. “

    Thanks for all these recaps, they have been a very good companion of my watching the series in a time not always bright for me.
    It might be because of my age and that I grew up with little to none representation, but even with all the things this show scre**d up, I’m still grateful for the ones it got right. I’m grateful for its existence, even if it’s not the best, even if we deserve better. One of the things about getting enough representation (and I know we are still far from it) it’s that we also have the “right” to shows that scr** up.
    This cast will always have my love and gratefulness just because they allowed for everything else that the fandom created, and that is the best part.
    See you around everyone, and watch all the other shows with queer representation out there. (Or as many as you can).

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