L Word Generation Q Episode 304 Recap: Last To Know It All

The Family Halloween Hoedown has reached its natural conclusion and Micah’s the last guest standing, still simply overcome with anxiety about parenthood. Just wait until he finds out how fun the Trying to Conceive process is!!!!

Max pointing at himself and talking

Honestly I just stood up for myself and was like, “just because everyone else in the family is dressed up like a dinosaur doesn’t mean I have to also”

Micah: “I know that we don’t really know each other but this is—”
Max: “It’s special, this.”
Micah: “Yeah, yeah, exactly. It is.”
Max: “I mean, it is for me too.”
Micah: “Really?”
Max: “Yeah, ’cause I’m the one who gets to tell you how great it’s gonna be. Your whole life. You get to reinvent everything for yourself, and be your own kind of parent, and your own kind of man. I’m excited for you.”

Micah and Max in the kitchen

Okay so Question #56 is, is it possible for a dog to accidentally eat a baby

Wow I’m so happy for them! This way that Max returned and the story he has now is absolutely a highlight of Generation Q so far, how absolutely wonderful.

Shane returns from her dally in the alley to find Finley waiting in the office … furious? Not on Tess’s behalf, really, more because somehow Finley feels personally betrayed by this. “I trusted you,” Finley admonishes. “I defended you. I just, I.. I don’t know who you are anymore! Tess is fucking perfect, man.” She says Shane and Tess made “perfect sense.” Probably when Finley looked at them, she was able to look at herself and Sophie and think, “maybe one day we too will own two bars.”

Finley yelling at Shane

You’re tearing me apart!

There are so many things about this that doesn’t track — firstly, Finley knows who Shane is. Finley was, after all, the one who hooked up with Tess the day after Tess found out her girlfriend had fucked her boss, Shane, in the backroom of their fledgling lesbian bar. And like Shane, Finley’s aware of her own flaws, which enables her to be less judgmental of others.

Secondly, even if we put that existing personality trait aside — Finley’s spent 16 months now in AA and she would’ve learned at some point that love begins with learning that all people, including ourselves, are to some extent emotionally ill as well as frequently wrong. And knowing that enables us all to see the futility of idolizing mortals and grasp the importance of humility. And in this case specifically Finley saw Shane drinking straight bourbon prior to her alley hook-up, and Finley surely understands the “drinking a lot to enable myself to fuck up my life” game.

All of this is just a massive missed opportunity, a throwaway outburst that I think is intended to move Shane more quickly towards regret and guilt — but they don’t need it, ’cause Max does it way more organically a few scenes later — at the expense of Finley’s growth or even simply writing a conversation that Shane could actually participate in. ‘Cause what can Shane even say to this unhinged reaction? Imagine, instead, Finley saying hey buddy, it looks like you’re in trouble and making bad choices, what’s going on with you? And her bond with Shane could deepen and shift here, instead of fracturing, and we could see how sobriety has changed not just how much Finley drinks, but how she relates to the world around her. Maybe through that conversation Finley could also get closer to realizing that the situation with Sophie, while hurtful, isn’t cheating. Because this is cheating. And that isn’t cheating. And then she could figure out what’s really wrong and what really needs repair with Sophie.

Like if we’re gonna keep doing cheating storylines, let’s wrestle as much life out of them as we can!

“I looked up to you and you’re a real fucking disappointment!” Finley yells before storming out of the joint, apparently no longer feeling the need to finish her shift. If I could’ve stormed out of the Macaroni Grill every time my manager cheated on his wife I would’ve left a lot of tables in the lurch, I’ll tell you what

Dani and Roxy have returned to Dani’s castle in the sky to enjoy what is every lesbian’s right on this precious earth: to fuck their friend when they and their friend are finally single together for the first time.

First Roxy takes in the view from Dani’s perch atom Gotham City:

Dani rubbing Roxy's shoulders

Wow so you’re like, rich-rich, huh

And then they start kissing and it’s pretty hot and yes, Roxy is the social top but also, Dani is the top-top, and she’s taking the lead here, joking with her little tail, leading her to the couch, straddling her lap—

Dani and Roxy making out

— but then Roxy feels a poke — it’s an earring. The one Gigi lost, the one she asked about at the start of last week’s episode. Now, Dani needs to stop.

“I think I’m still in love with my ex-girlfriend,” Dani admits, her face finally breaking. She hasn’t even cried about it yet and it is just so very real and gay that Roxy was here for sex but she switches swiftly to being here for Feelings, wrapping her whole body around Dani’s whole body so Dani can cry right into her. Because that’s what hot gay friends are for!

Dani holding Roxy

We were so hot together, me and Gigi

Back at Chez Alice, Taylor’s icing her naked eye and Alice is readying herself to show Taylor what a real person she is. She starts off strong with stress-induced teeth grinding remedied by a mouth guard. I’m hoping her next confession will be like, masturbating to Elizabeth Warren’s instagram reels, but instead it’s that she sleeps with earplugs ’cause her neighbor’s in Maroon 5, which is much more embarrassing for her neighbor than it is for her.

Taylor and Alice talking in bed

Actually one time after a breakup I built a whole shrine to my ex-girlfriend in my office and would have dinner dates with a cardboard cutout of her I stole from a cruise ship

Taylor on the other hand, loves styrofoam cups and … doesn’t have a drivers license! Well as soon as she gets it I hope Alice is so excited for her to finally drive up to her house. Anyhow, they’re cute and I’m having a nice time.

Back at The Dana Fairbanks Memorial Tavern, Shane’s once again brooding in the backroom, probably wondering how she gave Finley the impression that she was primed for idolization, when Ivy texts that she’s out front. A very determined Shane blazes through the bar to reach her when who should she run into but the one and only Max Sweeney!

Shane and Max greeting each other

Thank GOD you’re here I need immediate help with a computer search

Max: I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives since I’ve seen you last.
Shane: Well — all good ones, I hope!
Max: Yeah! I got four kids.
Shane: What!? You have four kids, are you serious?
Max: It’s a madhouse for sure, but it’s so joyful. How about you?

Max talking to Shane

You okay, man?

Shane clutching her head

Yeah yeah I just all of a sudden remembered the interrogation tapes

Max asks Shane if she’s “settled down” or if she’s still “being Shane” and Shane insists she’s not being Shane at all, she has “a girl” and she’s great.

And what’s interesting about Max and Shane in the context of what comes next is that in the original series, Shane was the character least guilty of mistreating Max — which isn’t saying much, considering how appalling everybody else behaved and how little Shane did, but still. It was part of Shane’s overall “take people as they are” vibe, but also, as Phoenix wrote in our Lisa the Lesbian-Identified Man Trans Symposium, Shane was usually “in general a great ally to trans and gender non-conforming people.” So it’s fitting that of course it is now Shane who is apologizing on the group’s behalf:

Shane: For what it’s worth, I just wanna apologize, for how we were back then.
Max: I’m great, man. I’m happy. And I hope you’re happy too.

My heart sang for this moment! We talk about it a lot more on the podcast so you should listen on Monday.

Then Shane heads off, and Micah returns — he’s still got questions!

Micah and Max holding the same beer at Dana's

Wow, a Heineken! In my day the only beer they were allowed to drink on this show was Dos Equis.

And here, again, an opportunity for a meaningful detail, some specific question Micah can’t google about being a queer parent that would illuminate something about who he is as a character, is passed up in favor of Micah asking, for no discernible reason, “with the diapers like, how do you know when it’s time to change them?”

Maribel arrives home to find her sister sitting sadly on the couch with a bundle of candy but Maribel’s got some complaints of her own to register, like the very valid problem that it took her two hours to get an accessible Lyft and the less valid problem that Micah hung back to “talk to a real smartass who told [Mari] to resolve [her] Daddy Issues before having a baby.” She should definitely resolve her daddy issues before having a baby. Unless she’s over 40 in which case I recommend getting the process started immediately, the clock is ticking! Tick tock!

Sophie and Maribel on the couch, Sophie is looking closely at something

Why does my fortune say “Here we go. Low fat, whole wheat, green tea.”

Speaking of Dear Old Daddy, Sophie wants to know if Maribel thinks she’s like Dad, who was a cheater who left. Historically, Sophie has actually been a cheater who stayed, so.

Maribel relents that Sophie does have a pattern – on that and that alone, she and Finley agree. Sophie doesn’t wanna be like Dad! However, Sophie reminds Maribel, Micah’s never gonna leave her so she should maybe be nicer to him.

Sophie looking at Maribel

Maybe you can’t see it because you’re straight but Albie is giving off really bad vibes

“You’re not Dad,” Maribel assures Sophie.

“How do you know for sure?” Sophie’s face cracks.

“Bitch ’cause I can see you, even when you can’t see yourself,” Mari assures her. “I promise.”

Well, someone had the “best nite ever” according to her follow-up text message and unfortunately it was Angie Porter-Kennard, with her Introduction to Creative Writing instructor, failed novelist Hendrix Hendrix. Bella arrives back in the dorm and demands Angie spill the deets on who that mysterious man was with whom she was sucking face earlier!

Bella in her costume

Get your sporks out ’cause I’ve got a full honeybaked ham under this skirt

“He’s my creative writing instructor!” Angie squeals.

“This is a scandal I am so here for,” Bella grins.

Bella and Angie sitting on her bed

No, no I haven’t seen Tár yet!

It’s seeming so far like in addition to every other problem we have with this storyline, Hendrix is indeed a straight cis man, so I’m really hoping that Bella is a member of the infamous LGBTQ+ community, ’cause I think otherwise we’re missing an opportunity to explore Angie making queer connections in college. Particularly ’cause her story currently is so physically disconnected from the rest of the cast, even moreso now that her Moms have decamped for Tim Hortons. A more obvious thematic connection (the theme being “queerness”) would really resonate! It’d also be cool to see other main characters in Angie’s story — like maybe Micah could’ve returned to teaching this season and had Angie in his class. Or Dana’s starts doing catering and they hire Angie part-time, or she interns for Alice or she keeps a weekly dinner date with Alice and Shane. Or her story at school is so vibrant and queer that we wish it was its own spin-off! Jordan Hull is such a treasure, you know?

We then strap wings upon our backs and fly across town to Dani’s resplendent Castle in the Sky, where she and Roxy are eating popcorn and Roxy’s saying she’s gonna go to Costa Rica and can’t stay in L.A. ’cause Dani’s not ready to be her wife yet.

Roxy and Dani eating popcorn at the kitchen counter

Don’t move, I think you may have just unwrapped the golden ticket

“Call me when that heart heals,” Roxy begs. “I’ll come running.”

Then Roxy cranks up “Hey Mami” and they dance dance dance like they’ve got ants in their pants and who isn’t here for Dani twerking in a granny cardigan we all are be real!

Dani and Roxy grinding

This is how lesbians have sex

Finley has arrived home after having her heart ripped to shreds by Shane McCutcheon, which’s not an uncommon experience for young women in the Los Angeles Metro Area.

“You were right, about everything,” Finley says to her sad girlfriend.

Finley looking down at Sophie

Suppose you had to do something, you had to go someplace and do this thing that was, you knew it was very dangerous, but it was a matter of honor. And you had to prove it. What would you do?

Sophie lying in bed propped up on her elbow

Are you gonna stay in character forever or does this end at midnight

Finley wants to trust Sophie but doesn’t know how — and she can’t stop thinking about this person, and maybe her imagination is worse than the real thing, so maybe they only way around this is through. Sophie’s gonna have to tell her everything because once she knows what everything is, then she can walk around it or break it instead of worrying it could appear around the corner at any moment.

Great news: Micah is finally an avocado! And he wants Maribel to know that parenting should be fun, just like Max told him. Mari apologizes again for being a pain in the ass. Maybe next episode she will stop being a pain in the ass!

Micah in his avocado outfit

What do you say to an avocado who’s done a good job?

Maribel in bed holding her phone to take a picture of Micah


“Don’t leave me, okay?” Maribel asks.

“I won’t, not ever,” Micah says.

At the desperately understaffed Dana Fairbanks Memorial Tavern, Shane’s telling Ivy this thing they’re doing — they’ve gotta cut it out.

Ivy talking to Shane

Okay hear me out though: threesome?

Ivy tells Shane that she was an awakening for her, and Shane tells Ivy that this meant a lot to her, she means it. She says “thank you” and squeezes Ivy’s hand. And maybe this is the small way that Shane has in fact changed — she’s not just shutting a door or silencing a call, she’s saying face-to-face what she can’t do, and admitting that what she did do mattered to her, meant something, wasn’t just fucking around.

And then Shane takes a deep breath and turns around and look who made it to the party after all!

Tess staring at Shane in disbelief

Were you just talking to the CEO of Brinker International about turning Bar #2 into a Bahama Breeze?

Shane looking at Tess not knowing what to say

I mean—

“Fuck you, Shane,” Tess says before hurling a half-filled glass of water at Shane’s face. Just last week, Shane was ass-to-mouth with a burst water pipe looking like she’d just made the Jolly Green Girl Giant squirt for the first time so this particular half-full 8-ounce glass of clear liquid appears, in comparison, to really be barely a light spring shower!

Shane standing in the bar with her head wet


She should’ve thrown a Pina Colada or a carafe of iced tea! Or a glass of milk. That’s how you really make a point. I should know, I once poured a full glass of milk over a man’s head. (He deserved it.) Anyhow all of these tips are free, you’re welcome world!

L Word Generation Q Episode 304 Recap Round-Up:

Sexy Moments: 1 this episode, 4 total
Squabbles: 1 this episode, 8 Total
Quote of the Week: “I’m the one who gets to tell you how great it’s gonna be. Your whole life. You get to reinvent everything for yourself, and be your own kind of parent, and your own kind of man. I’m excited for you.”

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  1. Shout out to how hot Roxy is. Happy to see representation of a less glossy dyke!! The whole Dani/Roxy storyline was v cute, liked it a lot.

    I cried a few solitary tears of joy when I saw Max!! But I remain surprised that Micah just takes all of Maribel’s shit lying down without pushing back. My man’s a therapist! He must be able to see how messed up her attitude to *checks notes* pretty much everything is? If I were Micah I’d be planning for single parenthood. Or maybe a throuple with Reese and Max hahaha. An extra parent would defo help with 4(!) kids!

    • I was also happy about a dyke who is less feminine (Roxy)! Would love to see more butch representation/masculine presenting folks on the show!
      And I agree, why doesn’t Micah set boundaries when Mirabel is mean to him?

    • Yeah I’d be super curious to know if there’s a reason Micah just puts up with it all, cuz there are people like that (I’ve been one in the past) who just kinda endure a lot of ribbing or take the back seat. I do think there’s a sweetness there though between them underneath it all

  2. – Max! I genuinely did not expect this! When Shane said to Max: “I want to apologize how were back then,” I knew this was the show/the writers saying “Sorry” for the L-Word treatment of Max in the OG series, and I appreciate this. But: please do it in the right way. An apology like this should contain: say what you are sorry for, say why it was wrong, accept full responsibility, commit to not doing it again, ask for forgiveness. Not a throwaway “sorry”-line which is met with a “thanks, I am happy now”! Max deserves better! Also in regard to Max’ function here as a reminder of Shane’s past to her, and asking whether she is still “Shane being Shane”.
    – Micah’s and Max’ meeting would have been a great opportunity to ask questions about trans parenthood (questions and answers/education with actual screen time for the viewers). To have conversations about being a trans parent. I liked Max’ and Micah’s chemistry and I would be shipping them if that didn’t break up Max’ family
    – Crying on T: testosterone works different for people. Some find it hard to cry. Others do not. It would be nice to see a variety in this, not a message as if “not crying on T” was the rule
    – Yes, Mirabel should definitely go in therapy and look at her childhood baggage – parents pass so much on to their kids and it is good to look at one’s emotional baggage before bringing a new being into this world
    – I agree with Finley that Sophie has a pattern of cheating, but Sophie having sex with Dre was not cheating as Sophie and Finley were on a break. And Finley conveniently forgot to mention that she and Sophie also cheated together when Sophie was with Dani
    – I liked the Sophie-Mirabel-sister moment. But I found it inconsistent that Maribel was like “No, you’re not like dad” because after the cancelled wedding, she said to Sophie “You’re just like dad!” Maybe she was angry then and wanted to comfort Sophie now, but that is a change of 180 degrees.
    – Yaay, I like Dani and Roxy! And I like seeing Dani being single and a side of her that is not about getting married but attending a leather party. I want to see more of that! But “wife”-talk with Roxy? That is fast! They do not even know if they are compatible as a couple!
    – While I don’t love the storyline with Tess and her mom at all, I do appreciate depicting how caring for a parent can mean less time/energy/thoughtfulness for a partner which can put a weight on the relationship. I further appreciate showing that relatives oftentimes do so much, sacrifice so much, and the person who needs care doesn’t actually want that and is not happy with the situation. It’s so real. The person who is in need of care is like “I don’t want to be your patient and prefer to be in a nursing home and that you visit me instead me living with you, and that it is not my relative who helps me in the bathroom, but the actual nurse” and the caring adult child is like “but…but I am doing this for you [with the underlying message: so be grateful]!”
    – Finley makes it all about herself that Shane is cheating on Tess… Also, way to go to talk to your boss like that
    – I loved Angie’s Black Panther look! Still hate the boyfriend-professor-story though. Also, why doesn’t he wear a disguise that covers his face? He was totally recognizable and someone in fact did recognize him, I am sure of it (a person looked at him in passing in a *very* specific way)
    – Someone (Riese?) wrote recently that Pictionary was a metaphor about whether the couples were on the same page, and it is true. Micah and Mirabel are not on the same page, not in Pictionary, and not about parenting. I hope they realize that they are not compatible and break up. So far this show has not shown me much about why they like/love each other or why they are meant…to BEEE
    – I love the Alice/Taylor-dynamic, they are so humorous together. And Taylor is courageous! I continue to ship them :)
    – Can people stop speaking about others in front of them? Tess about her mom to Gloria, Tess about Victor in front of Victor… Argh. Just go to another room. Please
    – Looking forward to the interview with Daniel on Monday!

    • Yes to the leather party comment! I feel like this is the first time in gen q that kink is mentioned! I wanna see more of that vibe and less “monogamy is the one and only goal”. Let’s see something more non-normative!

    • yes i also:
      – love the alice/taylor dynamic
      – would’ve loved to hear more about micah’s questions about trans parenting, he had so many and i don’t know that we heard any of them! hopeful we’ll get that down the road? i do imagine a lot of what’s going to be different for them is the conception process, which they don’t seem eager to address just yet. they’re definitely putting the cart before the horse but i forgive it cuz i was just so excited to see the max/micah connection, and it was wonderful that the writer for this ep was non-binary
      – really would love to see more of dani’s leather side

  3. PS – Random rant:
    I don’t get it – why are Shane and Tess not in an open relationship like Shane and Quiara were? Actually, what happened in the last 10 years for Shane? Or Alice? Does anyone remember that Alice has two siblings? What is up with Shane’s brother? Shane’s father? I would have loved to see Bette and her mother meeting up and the build-up to that, instead of just being told about it! It would have been a good storyline and could have gone over a whole season! And I would love to see something about Finley and her family! All of this would deepen the characters’ storylines and be more interesting than “X cheats with Y and Y cheats with Z”

    Riese, I’m glad you don’t have Covid any more and hope you don’t have lasting side effects. And may your girlfriend become healthy soon, too!

      • they’re still together when season one started and shane was hooking up with other people in a way that made it seem like that was okay, although i can’t remember the specifics as they were described to us. but she hooked up with the flight attendant and with lena and neither were labeled as cheating.

          • yeah it was a separation but they weren’t divorced yet, like when she came to town the relationship was treated like it might actually still be fixable, even though she’d already sent divorce papers?

  4. What a fun episode, and a solid first holiday episode at that! I’m really enjoying seeing Alice and Shane basically co-leading this show. Shane’s drama and nice arms are still highly compelling to me even though I wasn’t a big fan of her relationship with Tess nor of the way that relationship fell apart. Alice is also such a joy to watch, she probably would have had a better costume than the rest of the cast combined if she had been at the party at Dana’s, but her lil’ screams of terror during movie night had me cracking up.

    Ultimately I will probably look back on this episode as the Max Atonement Episode and I think the show managed to put together a pretty good mea culpa. I would have preferred to see Alice and/or Jenny’s ghost apologize to Max rather than Shane, but overall, I think it worked well and it struck a poignant chord in a way that this show doesn’t often achieve. The writers have taken a lot of really big swings at topics like alcohol use disorders, racism, death, etc. and in my opinion none of those attempts have packed an emotional punch even remotely as sucessfully as this episode did with Max. Ideally a fraction of this care and consideration would be injected into Angie’s storyline – I completely agree that it would be much more interesting to see her involved with the original characters or the new Gen Q main characters. Anything but this Pretty Little Liars 2.0 mess, please!

  5. Tess and The Mom have become this season’s Dani and Daddy—I couldn’t care less, I’m fast forwarding through those scenes.

    Honestly, Shane is justified in this.Tess has been the worst, nearly from the jump. And I don’t know why she’s surprised to find Shane growing away from her. I for one hope Shane takes this opportunity to run out of this relationship, and Jaime Clayton takes this opportunity to leave the cast.

  6. I go to therapy, but these recaps are very therapeutic in their own way. Thank you, Riese!!! I also thought that it would be great if Micah could be Angie’s teacher but ALAAAAs. I can’t stand this storyline. Max made me tear up. I appreciate Daniel coming back and I’m also looking forward to the interview! Overall I thought this was a very ok episode!

  7. Just got to the point where you said Jac and Rosanny deserve Emmys and I AGREE!! I watched this at a bar so was reminded this show is mainly fun soapy stuff, but then there’s parts that just hit you in the gut, and for me that scene was one of them – kind of because of the writing, but mostly because of their performances!! I was like good on you show, bagging these two incredible actors

    I agree that Finley is pushing the wrong things though – Sophie cheating on Dani and the person before her may be a pattern, but her sleeping with Dre is not because they were on a break!! Finley can still be hurt of course, feelings aren’t rational, but that’s not part of the pattern

    • Also yes Finley’s freak out at Shane was wild, and so out of character? I feel like one of her defining traits is being forgiving of everyone but herself. I get she was projecting the Sophie stuff, but as you illustrated Riese I think that could’ve been handled in a much more interesting way!

      But my issues aside, MAX!!!! My fave character from the original, God it was so good to see them again. Also this was one of the few times I felt invested in Dani, maybe bc her friend we’ve never seem before who is apparently her soulmate was extremely hot!!

      I can’t even get into the Angie stuff, but I will say she and Shane need to be better about their secret affairs!

  8. Literally, almost involuntarily, vaulted up out of my seat in excited disbelief at this very special guest star that I have thought of for weeks but figured the show wouldn’t bother to bring back. Is it time for a take Max seriously era???? Holy shit, never thought I’d see the day!

    Also v good timing for Bette to be in Toronto bc NOBODY loved to deadname Max like Bette did back in the day, and I know in my bones it wouldn’t happen in 2022, but I would still flinch a little if she heard he was in town, ya know?

  9. Not a reference to William Adama, who would surely be drinking his bourbon with Colonel Tigh a.k.a. Dana’s father!

    Max was a delightful surprise. He was so accommodating of their bullshit last time that I kind of wish he could have named it when Shane apologized, like ‘yeah, you guys were shitty, and I’m so glad I found people who value me’.

    No no no to the instructor who wants the student he’s dating to stay in his class and flirts during office hours. And how much time has passed between episodes? They’re acting like they’ve been involved for a while. I wouldn’t pull out ‘how do you always smell so good?’ until at least 5 dates had taken place.

  10. OK I SCREAMED when Max came down those stairs! I really loved what they did here and appreciated Daniel Sea coming back to do it.

    Thank u Riese these recaps are a highlight of my week/s. xxx

  11. -MAX 💙💙 I could’ve cried during these scenes!! (but didn’t, not because I’m on T, just because I’m repressed ✨)

    -extremely on-brand for this show that the Halloween episode is airing 6 weeks after the actual holiday lol

    -I’m so upset we didn’t get to see Alice and Taylor’s first date?? Like what we got was v cute but there was so much build-up last episode for the date itself? This whole season has been SO chaste, Shane and Ivy can’t bear the burden of our collective thirst alone

    -Finley was hot this episode. This is new for me. I’m not mad

    -Just generally some great masc representation this season: Shane, Finley, Carrie, Carrie’s new boo, and now Roxie

    -On that note, I’m torn between being happy for Dani to have such a hot and supportive friend while also feeling like it’s a little too ~convenient~ that this friend, who we’ve never met, shows up just in time for her breakup and ready to marry her. Like I don’t want to see Dani jumping back into another serious relationship, let her have a healing ho phase first

    -I sincerely hope the Shess Mess results in Shane going back to Quiara, which was such a refreshingly mature relationship for her, and with such refreshingly mature conflicts. This weird business partnership with Tess has been a huge step backwards and I want both Jaime Clayton and I to be free of this character lol

    -Angie’s on a different show right now and it’s not one I enjoy!! Bi rep but at what cost

    -Micah and Maribel: bizarre, fascinating even. Why do they even like each other? Why do they want kids? Maribel thinks resolving generational trauma is cringe. Micah needs a private audience to ask how to change a diaper. Who’s gonna tell them

    • A healing ho phase feels like it could be the center of a new edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I desperately want it for Dani.

      I wish we could’ve seen Shane and Quiara’s marriage and gotten some sense of how long it lasted. I don’t love what’s happening with Shess, but I also just didn’t quite buy that Shane could build a successful marriage for years without ever learning to communicate what she needed or couldn’t offer.

      Micah and Maribel briefly made sense when they were just horseback riding and feeling out the vibes, but lately I haven’t the slightest idea of how they even make each other laugh without other people around to either be buffers or to team up against.

    • it’s true, this season has been particularly chaste. it does feel like sex scenes are most often shown when the couple is having sex for the first time, or for the first time after a long break or after some other monumental occurrence — some circumstance in which the sex scene is moving plot forward. and this season a few opportunities we’ve had for that haven’t ultimately happened, bc finley + sophie are apparently in a drought and dani was too sad about gigi to hook up with roxy (which you know; fair) and taylor and alice… i’m not sure!

      this so much —> “Angie’s on a different show right now and it’s not one I enjoy!! Bi rep but at what cost”

  12. Liked this episode. Dani and hot girl from Hacks, have a lot of chemistry and I hope she comes back.

    One gripe- this is why a lot of people don’t like Finley’s character- she doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up and/or mind her own business. That’s why Maribel was so mean to her in the game night episode. And that moment with Shane was totally uncalled for because, frankly, it isn’t her business who her boss is sleeping with. She always centers herself into situations that have nothing to do with her.

  13. It was so cute how Sophie even named the sewed on kittens. Not Seth! Her costume was much more creative than whatever Dani and Roxy’s were supposed to be. Finley looked great… didn’t have a clue who she was supposed to be, but she looked good doing it.

    The whole Tess/Shane thing… ugh. They’re making Tess the nag and Shane the most insensitive girlfriend. As someone who is currently going through taking care of a parent suffering from dementia, I get the struggles Tess has and her reasoning for wanting to stay home when an unfamiliar nurse arrives unexpectedly. But framing her as the nagging, inattentive girlfriend is not doing her character justice. Neither is Shane reverting back to her promiscuous ways as soon as her relationship gets past the honeymoon phase and into the real life phase. This feels like Carmen 2.0. Why is this still a story line so many years later? Is it the new Tibette merry-go-round thing?

    I don’t know what Finley’s deal was with her reaction to Shane. Girl, you’re in that glass house of yours and you got a self righteous-looking rock in your hand.

    Finley and Sophie… I do feel for Finley in that obviously the Dre thing hurt her more deeply than she expected. However, they obviously laid out the boundaries of their break, so it’s hard to say that this is part of some pattern on Sophie’s part. Dani could possibly say that as someone who was actually cheated on by Sophie, but Finley not so much (at the moment, at least). The Ross and Rachel break comparisons don’t hold as strong for me because I’ve always been more on Rachel’s side than Ross. Because a) it’s Ross and b) Ross practically walked out of their argument and into the bed of the copy girl without consideration of Rachel needing time to think and both needing a night to calm down and not react irrationally. However, it sounds like Finley and Sophie had discussed that it was a clear break with permissions given to sleep with others. Now, the fact she apparently had an on going relationship with a particular person stings more, but it’s hard for me to think of it as part of a cheating pattern. Shane on the other hand…

    Alice and the killer pumpkin door hanger… they made it seem like someone was creeping in the windows Scream style, so Taylor pulling out the pumpkin head was a little eye-roll worthy, but seeing Taylor take charge so she could just deal with dried up contacts already and save the girl in the process was really sweet.

    Angie… why? Why do we have to have this storyline?? It may be the most disappointing one of them all.

    • I’m just so curious as to if the writers want us to be pulling for this hot mess Angie storyline? Did they rly think that a bunch of dykes want to watch a character we’ve known since she was a fetus be exploited by an older man in a power position over her? I swear to G-d this better end in a satisfactory manner where the inappropriateness is clearly defined. I want Angie to discuss this with her Uncle Shane or something (but recognise she’s spreading her adult wings and thus it’s unlikely). She could however, get super into feminist organising now she’s at college and meet a bunch of queers who could gently tell her she needs to end things and heap scorn upon the teacher. Who! I must add! Is not even cute!! I hate looking at his face. Why don’t we see what Angie is loving about college besides this Man? Why isn’t she rocking her Sisterhood is Powerful T-shirt at a variety of queer/feminist meetings/clubs/protests?!

  14. I really love everything for and about Max in this episode. I’m grateful to know they’re happy and thriving, and glad they could hold up the most personal sort of mirror to Shane, even if Shane is the funniest choice to offer them an apology for all the transphobia and mockery and also classism Max suffered through.

    It would’ve been great if Micah could’ve actually asked a real question instead of suggesting he can’t comprehend the concept of not leaving infants in their own filth, esp since he isn’t close with his own parent, but seeing him light up at the possibility that Max represents, and Max’s excitement at telling him how good things can be was really wonderful.

    Max and Reese immediately telling Maribel to consider therapy felt good and right to me, even if she bristled at how personal it was, but I also do that irl, and someone needed to put it on her radar that her childhood trauma is not funny in every context, especially if she’s routinely hurting Micah’s feelings while also asking him to go halfsies on a whole human with her and also also refusing to even imagine how they and their partnership would need to change to accommodate said human for life.

    Sophie’s costume was so cute when it had sleeves and stuff, and I hope that she and Finley work through their Ross and Rachel moment because I think they’re the only couple other than maybe Alice and Taylor that are currently together and that I want to see stay together.

    Dani is so brave/emotionally stunted to have not cried over Gigi in the 2-30 days since their break-up. I don’t cry often, but would’ve been inconsolable within the hour I think. Roxy is very hot and I love every character who brings out fun Dani, even if this soulmate business feels very quick.

    Hate how far we’re falling from S2 Tess, and also the Hendrix Fitz of it all, but mostly there is so much real estate for the characters in the last couple eps that it feels like every story can advance, and it was very fun to have a little Halloween on this chilly December day.

    • your comments always make me laugh!! i too would’ve been crying over gigi for the next 2-30 days, probably would’ve also asked if she wanted to get back together on day 3

      and god i hope maribel would be open to couples therapy at least prior to having a kid! i feel like if she’s dating a therapist she has to be open to the concept of therapy as a useful process or else it’s gonna be a rocky relationship on a few levels.

      “the hendrix fitz of it all” really hit hard

  15. I’m barely into this episode yet but seriously why is having babies the only thing trans people are all allowed to do this show?

    Also was anyone else distracted by the uplifting Muzak that started playing when max appeared

    • Agreed. Just way too many story lines to follow. They should focus more on quality over quantity. And perhaps spend more time developing some of these characters more instead of skipping over plot points for the sake of getting everyone into an episode.

  16. I’m not saying these kinds of illicit romances don’t happen but of all the choices they could make for Angie, this is so tired, weird in the context of the rest of the show, and just, why ? The most absurd moment so far was when he asked “is this awkward.” I’m pretty sure I’m these scenarios there is a lot less bizarre naïveté and a lot more rationalization or psychological justification (“she’s so sophisticated!” “This is different” “it’s not a power dynamic” etc). Even if he were a grad student TA not the actual professor it would be 100% disallowed (grounds for dismissal) and also feels so out of touch for 2022, but also seems like it’s being presented as this fun illicit romance by the show.

    • Very much agreed — neither Angie nor her professor are turnip truck folks from another era, they would not wonder if this dynamic was “awkward” but indeed would come up with much more sophisticated justifications than “our first kiss was before we were professor/teenaged student,” based on the fact that they live in the world.

      It’s feasible that they’re realistically depicting Angie’s enthusiasm and excitement (and that of her roomie) deliberately to demonstrate how people in her situation do not see the situation clearly, and EVERYONE thinks theirs is the one that’s different, and we will eventually see it all explode. But it certainly doesn’t read that way for now. For now it just feels infuriating.

  17. I did not expect but loved that they brought Max back! (Especially hearing that it was Leo’s suggestion to the writers room.) Even though Shane’s apology felt a little heavy-handed and more a mea culpa for the original/from the current showrunners/writers/producers/OG actors, I understand why they did it and am ultimately glad. The naturalism that Daniel and Micah brought to the story made it land. It also tracks for me that Shane would give a kind of general apology. Max’s return does make it even stranger that Jenny is never mentioned.

    Riese, I wish you had written the scene where Finley confronts Shane — what you suggest would have made so much more sense, character/plot-wise and just generally. (Also, so glad you are feeling better and hope Gretchen is on the mend soon!)

    Here for Roxy and more hot butch/masc characters this season! Also appreciate the fleeting Rockford Peach rep of one of the extras in the Dana’s Halloween scene.

    • Yes also noted that Peaches extra although I would’ve loved to see Dani in a Greta costume! (which i said on the podcast of course)

      Daniel and Leo did so well with all of it! And yeah it feels like literally every choice they’ve ever made makes it stranger that Jenny is never mentioned.

  18. The “Computer Search” line sent me to the floor. My wife and I paused this episode every 10 minutes to make fun of it, read the corresponding section of this recap, laugh our assess off, then make fun of it some more. Only way to watch! Riese, you’re so good! Please report directly to the writers room.

  19. I didn’t know so few people enjoyed Tess/Shane but, as one of the ones who really did, I’m so damn sad. And bored by the generic “look, Tess is mean and dismissive, so we somewhat understand Shane’s behavior even if it’s not great” plotting at work.

    Quite appreciated the apology to Max, who rightly shut down any elaboration or further back-and-forth about it. He wasn’t going to offer any absolution and gave the perfect response of “I’m happy.”

    Oh and Riese, you should definitely check out old All My Children clips if you get a wee rush from hearing your name uttered on a TV program, as Reese was the name of one Bianca Montgomery’s wife (making her the daughter-in-law of Thee Erica Kane)!

  20. MAX! I love this for him. A loving home. Kids. Nibby. As bad as the original series treated Max and Ivan, both actors still embodied the characters so well that they in a way became more than the show let them. Daniel Sea’s Max was a better person than the L word cast of characters, and that stuck with me even at the time. He deserved a better world. I hope one day we can all have the radical queer joy that Daniel Sea talks about so much.

    Sorry to say I’m happy to see Tess hopefully off the show. She’s boring (sorry). I also agree that Angelica is in a whole different show that I don’t want to watch. LOVE Roxy and messy/fun Dani. More mess Dani! More leather parties in the Valley

  21. It was lovely to see Max again and looking gorgeous in spite of being in an episode with so many scenes that appeared way too dark to make out any details.
    I am however not thrilled that both Max and Shane seem to use the same barber who enjoys cutting hair while blindfolded.

  22. As great as it was to have Daniel Sea back this episode and for the show to acknowledge its past wrongs and show Max in a great place, I’m really not sure where they’re going with Micah. It feels a bit like his whole story line this season is the show trying to atone for its mistakes with Max, but in doing so it’s perpetuating that the main thing trans men apparently get to do on this show is wrapped up in having children/pregnancy. Which makes me pretty uncomfortable.

    It’s also just disappointing that two of the very very very few trans man characters on tv both have these pregnancy storylines – on the same damn show! Even if they’re not going down to same route with Micah carrying like Max did, it’s still frustrating. Can’t the writers think of anything better to do with Micah’s character? When there is such little representation of trans men it feels so lazy to just repeat this story rather than explore the myriad of other aspects of being trans.

    • Yes! And I like Micah as a character, I just want the writers to give him more depth, more to do. This children-storyline feels like they have no idea what to do with Micah as a character, and potential pregnancy/children is a common TV trope as a source of conflict that this show seems to need. I wish the show explored so many other possible options of being trans and living a trans life.

  23. Finley’s emotion towards Shane as a role model worked for me at first because as someone who only knows 1 gay couple that’s older + been together longer than my girlfriend and I, I look up to them regardless of what they do wrong, but in the L Word universe where everyone is gay it makes a lot less sense

    I feel like Sophie + Finley’s fight exploded out of nowhere and all of the confrontations in this ep were poorly written, but the Alice + Dani scenes were good enough that I still liked the episode

  24. I loved that Max was able to come back happy & receive an apology ❤️

    I was very sad to learn Roxy would be leaving after this episode. She is SO hot. Ngl I was disappointed when the sexy times ended, but also very happy to see such sweetness between Dani & Roxy. I hope the show continues to include butch/masc characters!!

    • Happy tears for Max’s return. I’m so into Max’s chill, even speaking cadence. Would be down to listen to them speaking on the calm app for bedtime.

      So the “reigning cats and dogs” costume is a direct rip off story line from “new girl “ when Shelby does the same costume and isn’t sexy, despite the plan being to be in sexy costumes with Winston. I get costumes repeat, clichés repeat, story lines repeat but whoa that felt like straight up reorganizing your friend’s paragraphs on a homework assignment in middle school similar.

      Finley still has my heart-hot, kind, sloppy af with good intentions.

      Tess looked lovely this episode—especially last scene. I want her to have more fun soon. She’s all serious—perfect energy for Shane to be avoidant and hurtful. Tess deserves better.

      • Wasn’t there another line or reference that was copied from new girl in the last episode or two? I can’t remember where I read it, but that’s weird. Ugh I keep hoping for better writing- this episode had a bit better writing than the last, but still has a long ways to go. Appreciated the question in the pod ep about it they just don’t have the funds for writers to have time to flush stuff out? I’m so confused.

  25. 99% of this show seems to be focused on Trans characters. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the series Pose, but I thought Lword was about and for lesbians, I just don’t understand why there are so, so many Trans story lines and characters on this show. Like why did the camera spend so much time on a topless Micah in the beginning of this episode ( Who cares). If they want a spin off series that focuses on Trans men/ women that would be ok (at least I wouold know what to expect, and I could choose to tune in or not), but why oh why does the L word spend so much time on Trans story lines. I think this series should be called the T Word Generation Q.

    In many ways this series suffers from the same problem that the original series did. At times it doesn’t really seem to like lesbians all that much, and doesn’t really seem to want to show how lesbians really walk and interact in the world. There are so many stories that could be told, and all we get is surface and for the most part crappy storylines.

    Every week I ask myself is anyone in the writer’s room a lesbian? if so are they happy with their life?

    Sorry but to me this was the worse episode to date.

    • You and I must be watching different shows. To me, 99% of the L-Word focuses on cis lesbians. Micah is the only trans character of the main characters. Currently, I see precisely one (1) trans story line, which is Micah’s, and in the last episode, part of that was that he met Max. If we cut down all scenes in which Generation Q deals with showing or mentioning trans people, we would have a rather short and underwhelming video with a very limited representation of how trans lives can look like.
      One could also ask: why does the camera spend so much time on women wearing bras and who cares? In the end, not every scene is for everyone.
      If anything, I would like to see the writer’s room and how many people are not cis lesbians there and why they choose not to explore numerous other ways in which they could represent trans storylines, give Micah’s character more to do, etc.

  26. I am also realizing that I am the only person who apparently really misses Rebecca and wants to see what she’s up to. Which has made me accept that I’m very into Rebecca. Like hey girl- you live in LA, I live in LA. Let me buy you a drink 🥃

  27. Riese you are an angel, I live for your recaps!!

    So I have been listening to Pants on and off. Heard the shout out to Riese which I loved and agreed with 1000%. And in the most recent ep (14 Dec) some pretty salty comments about the current season. They commented everyone seems v disconnected, I agree!

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