All 91 Actors Who Were In Both “The L Word” and “Battlestar Galactica”

Last week on the hit podcast “To L and Back,” I noted the presence of what seemed to be the fourth Battlestar Galactica actor to appear on Season One of The L Word. “I’ll make a little list on Autostraddle of all the actors who were on both shows,” I promised podcast listeners, naively imagining a list comprising between 7 and 20 actors. How young I was then. How limber.

It turns out that whopping 91 actors appeared in both programs. It also seems like all the L Word actors that weren’t on Battlestar were on Stargate, Supernatural or Smallville. This seems crazier than it is — both shows filmed in Vancouver between the years of 2003 and 2009, and both shared Heike Brandstatter and Corren Mayrs as their Canadian casting directors (they also served as Canadian casting directors for Supernatural and Smallville). They share some shooting locations too — the Waterfall Building used to represent the California Arts Center is also Roslin’s Doctor’s Office in the 2003 mini-series and serves six other purposes throughout Battlestar’s run. The Orpheum Theater, where Shane fights with Veronica Bloom, is the Opera House in Battlestar.

But still, how did nearly the entire Quorum of the Zarek/Roslin Administration end up on The L Word?

If you’re watching The L Word along with the podcast for the first time, skip the explainers underneath each photo of who the character is on The L Word, although I have made them as vague as possible to avoid spoilers.

These are not in any particular order except that the more prominent roles (on either show) are near the front with pictures and the more obscure roles are near the end (mostly in alphabetical order because of how I copied them over from Airtable).

1. Michael Hogan

Irwin Fairbanks // Colonel Tigh

Side-by-side of the actor Michael Hogan. On the left, he is playing Dana's dad, wearing a suit and tie and holding a martini glass. On the right, he is playing Colonel Tigh, wearing a blue Battlestar Galactica jacket and an eye patch with a stern look on his face.

Irwin is Dana’s Dad.

2. Lucy Lawless

Sgt Marybeth Duffy // D’Anna Biers

Side-by-side of the actress Lucy Lawless. On the right, she is a brunette wearing a black pantsuit and standing in front of a cop as she investigates a murder in Season 6. On the right, she is blonde wearing a white shirt and white jacket, staring off into the distance as she plays D'Anna Biers on Battlestar Galactica.

Sgt Maybeth Duffy investigates an alleged murder in Season Six and the Confession Tapes.

3. Susan Hogan

Sharon Fairbanks // Captain Doyle Franks

Side-by-side of the actress Susan Hogan. On the left, she plays Dana Fairbanks' mom wearing a cream-colored pantsuit and pearls and is at a cocktail party with her daughter. On the right, she wears a high-collar black jacket as she plays Captain Doyle Franks on Battlestar Galactica.

That’s right, Dana’s parents were played by two actors who are married in real life!

4. Rekha Sharma

Lori // Tory Foster

Side-by-side of the actress Rekha Sharma. On the left, she has dark curly hair and a sly look on her face as she meets Shane in a bar. On the right, she wears a blue blouse and has a stern look on her face as she plays Tory Foster on Battlestar Galactica.

Lori is a girl Shane almost hooks up with in a bar in Season One.

5. Simone Bailly

Grace // Shona

Side-by-side of the actress Simone Bailly. On the left she has brown curly hair, is wearing a cowgirl shirt and high boots, is holding a coffee cup as she plays Grace, who dates Max in Season Four. On the right, she wears a blue party dress and has dark brown straight hair as she plays Shona in Battlestar Galactica.

Grace dates Max and works with him on OurChart in Season Four of The L Word.

6. Colin Lawrence

David Waters // Lt. Hamish “Skulls” McCall

David is Kit Porter’s son.

7. Nicki Clyne

Delilah // Crewman Specialist Cally Tyrol

Delilah picks up Jenny hitchhiking after her quickie marriage to Tim.

8. Aaron Douglass

Citizen // Chief Galen Tyrol

“Citizen” appears for about 45 seconds outside the CAC in Season One.

9. Ryan Robbins

Bus Stop Man // Charlie Connor

Bette meets Bus Stop Man at the Bus Stop after her silent retreat in Season Four.

10. Judith Maxie

Dr. Wilson // Picon Delegate

Dr. Wilson is the doctor supervising Tina’s pregnancy.

11. Lorena Gale

Delores // Elosha

Delores is one of Dana’s doctors in Season Three.

12. Tahmoh Penikett

Sherriff // Helo

The Sherriff rejects Tim’s request to go look for Jenny in Season One.

13. Luciana Carro

Lisa // Louanne “Kat” Katraine

Lisa hooks up with Shane in Season One and again in Season Two.

14. Heather Doerksen

Karen + Waitress + Woman with Clipboard // Sgt. Brandy Harder

Karen is a friend of Jodi’s in Season Four and Clipboard Girl tells Alice she can’t be on Dana’s float at Pride in Season Two.

15. Donnelley Rhodes

Colonel Jon Smythe // Dr. Sherman Cottle

Jon Smythe works at Tasha’s base in Season Five.

16. Dominic Zamprogna

Greg/Jim // Jammer

Greg plays “Tim” in Jenny’s film, Lez Girls, in Season Five.

17. Tygh Runyan

Gene Feinberg // Private Sykes

Gene dates Jenny in Season One.

18. Veena Sood

Reporter // Quorum Delegate

Reporter interrogates Bette outside the CAC in Season One.

19. Erica Cerra

Prima Ballerina + Uta Refson // Maya

Prima Ballerina has a fling with Francesca in Season One, Uta has a fling with Alice in Season Three.

20. Christina Schild

Allison // Playa Palacios

Allison is a friend of Henry’s who comes over for a party in Season Four.

21. Alana Husband

Marcy // Nurse Sashon

Marcy is one of Shane’s three roommates in Season One.

22. Dana Delaney

Senator Barbara Grisham // Sesha Abinell

Senator Barbara Grisham meets Bette at a hearing in Season Three.

23. Chris Shields

Cop // Cpl. Venner

The Cop breaks up Lesbian Oil Wrestling in Season Five.

24. Brad Dryborough

Man on All Fours + Stephen Green // Lt. Louis Hoshi

Stephen Green is arrested in a flashback scene that opens an episode in Season One. The “Man on All Fours” is likely from the Dungeon scene at Pride in Season Two.

25. Don Thompson

Victor // Specialist 3rd Class Anthony Figurski

Victor works at the strip club where Jenny gets a job in Season Two.

26. Alisen Down

Priscilla // Jean Barolay

Priscilla is a woman with a life Veronica Bloom wants to buy the movie rights to in Season Two.

27. Brian Markinson

Aaron // Silas Nash (Battlestar: Blood & Chrome)

Aaron is one of the producers of Lez Girls in Season Five.

28. Jill Teed

Teri // Sgt. Hadrian

Teri appears in a historical flashback at the start of an episode in Season Three.

29. Andrew McIlroy

John James // Jacob Cantrell

John James is Shane’s boss at the hair salon in Season One.

30. Kwesi Ameyaw

Randy // Liner Captain (2003 TV Mini-Series)

Randy coaches the swim team with Tim in Season One.

31. Bruce Davison

Leonard Kroll // Dr. Michael Robert

Leonard is Phyllis’s husband in Seasons Four and Five.

32. Callum Keith Rennie

Danny Wilson // Leoben Conoy

Danny Wilson makes documentaries / a relationship with Dylan in Season Three.

33. Georgia Craig

Becky Haspel + Resident Nurse // Oracle Yolanda Brenn

We meet Becky in Season Three when she and her husband Tim meet up with Jenny and Max for lunch.

34. John Pyper-Ferguson

Michael Angelo // Captain Cole ‘Stinger’ Taylor

Michael Angelo is a friend of Jodi’s we meet at her lakehouse weekend in Season Four.

35. Marilyn Norry

Eve // Reza Chronides

Eve attends a consciousness-raising group at the start of an episode in Season Three.

36. Warren Christie

Leo Herrera // Tarn

Leo works at the CAC in Season Two.

37. Zak Santiago

Oscar // Captain Diaz (Blood & Chrome)

Tina volunteers for Oscar’s social justice organization in Season One.

38. Ty Olson

Jim // Captain Aaron Kelly

Jim is a friend of Henry’s in Season Four.

39. Mike Dopud

First AD // Crewman Specialist Gage

The First AD works for Veronica Bloom in Season Two.

40. Claudette Mink

Marlene // Shevon

Marlene is a friend of Henry’s in Season Three.

41. Biski Gugushe

Protestor // Reporter Sekou Hamilton

Biski was a protestor outside the CAC in Season One.

42. Alonso Oyarzun

Eduardo // Crewman Specialist Socinus

Eduardo works at the Grocery Store with Jenny in the Pilot.

43. Aaron Pearl

Lieutenant Finnerty // Ensign Abel Thornton

Lieutenant Finnerty worked at Tasha’s base in Season Five.

44. Aaron Brooks

Redneck Boy #1 // Mr. Buckminster

Aaron Brooks was in a pre-episode flashback montage in Season Two.

45. Adrian Holmes

Duane // Specialist Parr

Duane works for Slim Daddy in Season One.

46. Alain Chanoine

Hunky Guy // Marine Reb

“Hunky Guy” is at the club in Season Six.

47. Alison Matthews

Betty + Associate Producer // Karen Fallbrook

48. Barclay Hope

Bert Guber // Transport Pilot

49. Benjamin Ayres

Lorenzo // Lt. George ‘Catman’ Birch

Lorenzo is a “Senior VP” who Jenny and Tina meet with about “Lez Girls” in Season Four.

50. Brent Stait

Bob // Mason

Bob is the stepfather of the girl Tina and Bette want to adopt a baby from in Season Six.

51. Camille Atebe

T + Cute Girl // Sarah Ryan

52. Camille Sullivan

Valerie Goins + Helen // Pilot/Stepchild

Valerie is the girlfriend of Leigh, an artist friend of Bette’s.

53. Chelah Horsdal

Sally + Psychic // Didi Cassidy

Sally is at the consciousness-raising group flashback that opens Season Three .

54. Dan Payne

Policeman // Sean Ellison

Dan pulls Kit over in the Pilot.

55. David Richardson-Peck

Eric Sonnenberg // Naylin Stans

Eric runs the studio where Mark is pitching his documentary in Season Two.

56. Eliza Norbury

Technician // Civvie #2

57. Eric Breker

Doctor // Chu / Gemenon Captain

This character is one of Bette’s Dad’s doctors in Season Two.

58. Erin Karpluk

Susan/Alysse // Woman #1

Susan plays “Alysse” in Lez Girls in Season Five.

59. France Perras

Mrs. Greif // Sandra Roslin

Mrs. Greif is the homophobic parent of a child who Shane’s brother and Pagie’s son go to school with.

60. G. Patrick Currie

Miles // Enzo

61. Gabrielle Rose

Carol // Mrs. King

Carol is on the board of the art department at California University.

62. Georgia Mae Hacche

Luchi Santis // Petty Officer Sian

Luchi auditions for “Lez Girls” in Season Five but loses the part to Nikki.

63. Graeme Duffy

Counter Clerk // Adrien Bauer

64. Gustavo Febres

Drag Queen // Herbalist

Alice is looking for Papi at a club when she runs into the Drag Queen.

65. Holly Elissa

Chandra // Asha Janik

Chandra asks Alice out in Season Three, and Tina and Helena see her at Max’s prom fundraiser.

66. Iris Paluly

Orthodox Woman // Speaking Delegate Dahlia

67. Ivan Cermák

Heterosexual Man // Corporal D. Wallace

68. Jennifer Kitchen

Goombah Girl + Party Animal Lesbian #2 // Marine

69. Jim Shield

Simon Frunn – Bonham // Karma

Simon is approached by Bette and Tina in Season One as a potential sperm donor.

70. Kurt Max Runte

Mysterious Man // Ensign Charles Bellamy

71. Linnea Sharples

Gretchen/Nina // Lt. Emmitt ‘Sweetness’ Jones

Gretchen plays “Nina” in Lez Girls in Season Five.

72. Lori Triolo

Curator + Gallery Worker // Phoebe

73. Malcolm Stewart

Dr. Geld //Marshall Bagot

Dr. Geld is a doctor Max visits to talk about gender reassignment surgery in Season Three.

74. Marci T. House

Grand Marshall // Midwife/Herbalist

75. Mark Houghton

Robin Bookman // Vinson

Robin Bookman tells Bette and Tina he can’t give them sperm because his family has buck teeth in the pilot.

76. Michael Ryan

Senator Horsey //Ray Abinell

Senator Horsey is at a hearing Bette testifies at in Season Three.

77. Michael Tayles

Ewan // Flyboy

Ewan interviews to be Shane and Jenny’s roommate in Season Two.

78. Morris Chapdelaine

Judge // Reporter #2

The Judge is judging a dance contest fundraiser at the LA LGBT Center in Season Six.

79. Nicholas Treeshin

Tom // Sgt. Watkins

This is not the same Tom who dates Max, it’s Tom from a Season Two pre-episode flashback sequence.

80. P.J. Prinsloo

Cycling Dude #3 // Lt. Mei ‘Freaker’ Firelli

81. Patricia Idlette

Technician // Sarah Porter

82. Rachel Hayward

Ellie // Blonde Woman

Ellie is the society wife who Harry sets up with Shane to do her hair in Season One.

83. Ron Selmour

Security Guard // Seaborne

84. Samantha Ferris

Meryl Rothman // Pollux

Meryl hits on Bette at a show in Season Two.

85. Samantha Kaine

Vanessa // Off-Duty Crew Person

Vanessa is the Absolut Vodka representative working on Dana and Tanya’s wedding in Season Two.

86. Stefanie von Pfetten

Kelly // Cpt. Marcia ‘Showboat’ Case

Kelly brings flowers to Shane as part of a set-up to hook up in Season Two.

87. Steve Lawlor

Richard // Marine at Baltar’s + Guard

88. Tamara Lashley

Bisexual Girl // Sue-Shaun

89. Tammy Gillis

Tammy // Marine #2

Tammy attends bisexual speed dating in Season Three.

90. Tammy Hui

Assistant // ECO Lyla ‘Shark’ Ellway

Veronica Bloom’s assistant in Season Two who tries to rope Shane back into Veronica’s world.

91. Winston Rekert

Bon Sweeney // Priest

Max’s Dad in Season Four.

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