International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week Is Back And We Wanna Meet You!

My darling baby pumpkins, I have really excellent news for you! It’s that time again: International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s)! We wanna hang out with you in real life, and we’ve set aside a full 10 days to make it happen. From Friday, October 25 – Sunday, November 3 we’ll all be hosting events for Straddlers in and around our respective cities! Get ready for hugs, cute photos, Halloween-themed picnics and potlucks and, of course, so much brunch.

graphic by geneva the great

graphic by geneva the great

Are you wondering what the heck International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) is all about? Well, last year you helped us raise more than $100,000 so we could redesign the site, and as a tiny way to show our appreciation we hosted the very first International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) – it was the perk for hitting the $60,000 mark! As it turns out – and as anyone who just attended A-Camp can attest – meeting each other in person is the absolute best thing in this whole wide world. So because we love you, and because you’ve been emailing us asking if we’re gonna do this again, and because we promised it as a reward if Riese’s birthday fundraiser went over $5,000, and because did I mention we really fucking love you, we are doing this again!

Just like last year, our team members are working hard to create multiple events for International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) in the cities we each call home, but we don’t live everywhere and in order to make this truly international (and truly the absolute best most fun it can possibly be) we’re gonna need your help. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Of course you are! Lez get to it.

If you’re interested in hosting / coordinating a meet-up in your city (and you should absolutely be interested in hosting / coordinating a meet-up in your city!), email chelsey [at] autostraddle [dot] com with the following info. We’ll ask you to create a Facebook event, we’ll send you a cute lil’ graphic to use in your Facebook event to keep things looking cohesive and professional, and we’ll add your event to this very page.

Host Name
Special Instructions
Facebook Event URL [be sure to make your event public!]

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back, because we’ll be updating it a lot throughout the next couple of weeks and I don’t want you to miss a meet-up in your city. And once more with feeling: If you don’t see a meet-up in your city, please please please consider hosting one. Be brave, young maple leaves. Be the meet-ups you want to see in the world. You’re beautiful, and we all deserve this community. Can’t wait to see ya soon!

Bringing this graphic back because how can I not use it...made by Geneva the Great, but of course!

Bringing this graphic back because how can I write this post and NOT use it…
Made by Geneva the Great, but of course!

Albany, New York

Drinks & Dancing
Emily & Natalia
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Oh Bar
Time: 9pm
Special Instructions: RSVP on Facebook
RSVP: FB event page

Albuquerque, New Mexico

AlbuQUEERque Dinner
Host: Connie
Date: Tuesday, October 29
Location: The Golden Crown Panderia (1103 Mountain Rd NW)
Time: 5:30/6 – 8pm (The earlier you get there the earlier you will have your food, their pizzas are the best but they take forever to make.)
Special Instructions: The space is a little small, so we can move it to another Old Town restaurant if needed based on FB reservations. They have a parking lot if you want to drive, and it is right on the shared bike road if you want to bike! There are no public transportation buses that go through there though.
RSVP: FB event page

Amsterdam, Netherlands

An Adventure Activity!
Date: Friday, Oktober 25
Location: We’ll be meeting at Amsterdam Centraal
Time: 1pm (13)
Special Instructions: Activity undecided. Meet at Amsterdam Centraal.
RSVP: FB event page

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Potluck Picnic!
Host: Rachel
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Picnic Grove of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Time: 1:30pm
Special Instructions: Bring a snack or dish to share, and/or a thermos of something warm. (No alcohol allowed inside the gardens). Once we’ve picnicked together, we can make an optional plan to go a bar later that evening if people would like! Dress warm!
RSVP: FB event page

Ashland, Oregon

Potluck Picnic and Hangout
Jay Lundy
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: Triangle Park
Time: 12pm to whenever
Special Instructions: It would be great if you good bring a dish or drink, anything to share.
RSVP: FB event page

Athens, Georgia (CANCELLED)

Apps, Drinking and a Possible Movie
Nina K. Guzman
Date: TBA!
Location: Pulaski Heights
Special Instructions: Appetizers, drinking (Might be able to put a movie on the big screen)
Time: TBA!
RSVP: FB event page coming soon!

Atlanta, Georgia

Brunch and Frolic in the Park
Host: Brit
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: Midtown Flying Biscuit (10th and Piedmont)/Piedmont Park
Time: 11:30am
Special Instructions: Let’s meet at the Biscuit, grab some take out and frolic in the park! Bring a friend, something to sit on, and your sunday best (or what you wore last night).
RSVP: FB event page

Baltimore, Maryland

HOMOween Queer Dance Party and Performances!
Host: Myloh C. Jackson, Sarah Tooley, Victor F. DeMendonça Torres and Rebecca Nagle
Date: Friday, November 1
Location: Metro Gallery (1700 N Charles St.)
Time: 9pm – 2am
Special Instructions: GLITTER THIGHS is for all queers, trans and intersex folks, and our adoring allies! Part cabaret, all dance party. Offering affirmation, celebration, and respect while being a space that is inclusive of our differences. Come for connection and community building. $5 before 10pm. $7 after 18+ wheelchair accessible, costumes highly encouraged, glow in the dark theme.
RSVP: FB event page

Beijing, China

Willa & Jess
Date: Monday, October 28
Activity: Dinner – Guilin/Yunnan food (vegetarian-friendly, cost: approximately 50 RMB/person)
Location: Trainspotting (猜火车), 46 Fangjia Hutong (just south of Guozijian Jie), Dongcheng District, Beijing
方家胡同46号艺术园区 (国子监南临)
Walking distance from Andingmen station on line 2 and Beixinqiao station on line 5
Time: 7pm
Special Instructions: Please send Willa an email at dong [dot] wmc [at] gmail [dot] com by 5pm October 28th so that we can make a reservation and if you want my cell phone number. The reservation will be under last name 董. Please feel free to call/email if you need directions, get lost, etc.
RSVP: Willa – dong [dot] wmc [at] gmail [dot] com

Berlin, Germany

Autostraddle Meets Queer Couchsurfing: Drinks in Neukölln!
Host: Nicole
Date: Thursday, October 24
Location: Suzie Fu Bar, Flughafenstr. 25, Berlin (U8 Boddinstraße, U7 Rathaus Neukölln Buses 104, 167 and 334)
Time: 8pm
Special Instructions: We’ll be meeting at Suzie Fu Bar in Neukölln. It’s a cute queer-owned bar where you can order Emotional Cocktails based on your feelings that day, or stick with your standard beer! It’s a small bar so we’ll be easy to find, but if you’re afraid you won’t find us feel free to message me on FB or e-mail nabramow[at]gmail for my number.
RSVP: FB event page

Boston, Massachusetts

The Last SoWa
Hosts: Cara & Vanessa
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: SoWa Open Market (540 Harrison Ave.)
Time: 12pm
Special Instructions: Let’s meet at the entrance to the market, then we can wander around together or in small groups or individually or whatever your heart desires.
RSVP: FB event page

Halloween Queeraoke!
Hosts: Boston Auto Crew with Special Guest Lizz Rubin
Date: Thursday, October 31
Location: The Midway Cafe (3496 Washington St.)
Time: 10pm
Special Instructions: Come in costume, be prepared to serenade Special Guest Dr. Lizz Rubin. If you want to get a spot doing karaoke you should plan to be there by 10pm at the latest.
RSVP: FB event page

Pre HOLLAween Party Meet-Up
Date: Friday, November 1
Location: Flour Bakery in Back Bay (131 Clarendon St.)
Time: 7-8pm
Special Instructions: Costumes welcome! If you miss the meet-up please join at the Hoallaback! Boston HOLLAween party at Make Shift. (Details on event page.)
RSVP: FB event page

Meet-Up Group
Host: Lauren Fairbanks
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Dicks Last Resort (Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 4 N Market St.)
Time: 1pm
Special Instructions: Meeting for lunch. Afterwards, walking about fanueil hall marketplace and maybe down to the pier if anyone is interested! Low key event for those who aren’t into parties, work later, etc etc.
RSVP: FB event page

Bronx, New York (CANCELLED)

Tour de Bronx Bike Ride
Gabby Rivera & Laura Wooley
Date: Sunday, Oct. 27
Special Instructions: Tour de Bronx is a 25 mile Free bike tour of the Bronx
Location: Bronx County Courthouse (Grand Concourse & East 161st)
Time: 9:30am
RSVP: FB event page

Brooklyn, New York

Section II’s Julie Goldman Live Comedy Show Taping
Host: Allie Esslinger & Section II
Date: Thursday, October 24
Location: Littlefield Brooklyn (622 Degraw Street.)
Time: Doors at 7pm /Show at 8pm
Special Instructions: Tickets are $10. Purchase them here.
RSVP: FB event page 

Charleston, South Carolina

Farmers Market Trip and Picnic!
Paige Anderson
Date: November 2nd
Location: Marion Square, Downtown Charleston
Time: 12pm
Special Instructions: A trip to the farmers market and a picnic with all of our goodies afterwards. Make sure to bring cash because there are very few (if any) stalls at the market that will take credit cards. And if you don’t want to sit on the grass feel free to bring a blanket or towel!
RSVP: FB event page

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Queer Bar Night
Daniela & Liz
Date: Friday, November 1
Location: The Living Room (3/1 Hassadisewee soi 3)
Time: 8pm
Special Instructions: We’re meeting at The Living Room, a queer own bar and space in Santhitam area. It’s a Halloween party meets Autostraddle Meet-up so dress up in your most fantastical fabulous costume!
RSVP: FB event page

Chicago, Illinois

Bourgeois Pig Cafe
Host: Vanessa
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Bourgeois Pig Cafe (738 West Fullerton Avenue)
Time: 1 pm
Special Instructions: Don’t be confused by the two front doors. We’ll be on the left side looking queer as fuuuuuck.
RSVP: FB event page

Chicagostraddlers Brunch/Picnic!
Host: Amanda
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: Logan Square – TBD (Either Katie/Jill/Amanda’s house or a park in Logan Square)
Time: 1pm
Special Instructions: Please bring a dish to share!
RSVP: Join the Chicagostraddlers FB page to access the FB event page

Claremont, California

Sunday Brunch
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Euro Cafe (546 E. Baseline Road)
Time: 11am
Special Instructions: Be prompt, or promptish. This place closes at three.
RSVP: FB event page

Cleveland, Ohio

Happy Hour(s)
Lora & Jen
Date: Friday, November 1
Location: The Fairmount (2448 Fairmount Blvd.)
Time: 6pm
Special Instructions: If the weather is nice we’ll be on the back patio. If not, we’ll try to get a table near the fireplace!
RSVP: FB event page

Columbus, Ohio

Meet-Up at the Barcade
Annie & Liz
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: 16 Bit Arcade (254 S. High Street)
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
RSVP: FB event page

Dallas, Texas

Picnic at Klyde Warren Park
Host: Yvonne
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Let’s meet outside of the Children’s Park entrance and then find a cozy spot to chill and eat!
Time: 1-3pm
Special Instructions: Pack a picnic, food to share or bring money for the food trucks. Other things you might want to bring: a blanket to sit on or a frisbee or something to throw around.
RSVP: FB event page

Denver, Colorado

Beer, Burgers, Board Games
Vivian Underhill
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location:Vine Street Pub (1700 Vine St)
Time: 5-whenever?
Special Instructions: None; just bring your smiling self, maybe a friend, and be ready to make some more friends.
RSVP: FB event page

Dublin, Ireland

Halloween Auto-Brunch
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: Millmount Avenue, Drumcondra
Time: 12pm
Special Instructions: It’s a potluck brunch, post what you’re bringing on the facebook event page
RSVP: FB event page

Edinburgh, Scotland

Tea & Coffee
Hosts: Emma & Hannah
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Pep and Fodder, Waterloo Place
Time: 2pm
RSVP: If you need to get in touch with us, email Hannah on diveridedash [at] gmail [dot] com.

Fresno, California

Central Valley Meet-up
Host: Jamie
Date: Friday, November 1
Location: The Revue (620 E. Olive Ave.)
Time: 6pm
Special Instructions: Come hang out in the Tower District with other queer ladies and readers of Autostraddle.
RSVP: FB event page

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Brunch at Alteregos Cafe
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Alteregos Cafe
Time: 12pm
RSVP: FB event page

Hamilton, New Zealand

Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: The Bank (117 Victoria St.)
Time: 5pm
Special Instructions: Might go for a movie or something after.
RSVP: FB event page

Hollywood, California

Watching a Show
Sandy Berm
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Cheetah Club (4600 Hollywood Blvd.)
Time: 9:30pm
RSVP: FB event page

Houston, Texas

Big Star Bar Night
Date: Saturday, November 2nd
Location: Big Star Bar (1005 W. 19th St.)
Time: 8pm
Special Instructions: Weather permitting, we can sit at the large picnic tables in the back. If not, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure something out. Be sure to check Facebook for updates.
RSVP: FB event page

Juneau, Alaska

Host: Katie
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: The Rookery (111 Seward St.)
Time: 5pm
RSVP: katie.spielberger [at] gmail [dot] com

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dinner & Andrea Gibson!
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: TBA
Time: 6pm
RSVP: FB event page

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Lunch at Siu Shun Village Cuisine
Laura Mandanas
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Shop No.6, L7/F, Enterprise Square (38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, 九龍灣宏照道38號MegaBox 7樓6號舖)
Time: 1pm
Special Instructions: Email Laura (lauram [at] autostraddle [dot] com) if you have an alternate suggestion — she isn’t from the area, but she would really, really love to meet you!
RSVP: FB event page

Los Angeles, California

Potluck Picnic!
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Barnsdall Art Park (4800 Hollywood Boulevard)
Time: 12-3pm
Special Instructions: Bring something to eat/drink/sit on!
RSVP: FB event page

Day Hike in Malibu
Mackenzie Silvers
Date: Sunday, October 27
Activity: Day Hike
Location: Corral Canyon Trail, Malibu
Time: 10:45am, but probably start at 11am just to be safe
Special Instructions: Bring water, food, comfortable shoes, and whatever else you may need for hiking.
RSVP: FB event page 

Westside Whiskey Business
Date: Wednesday, October 30
Location: The Townhouse and The Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice (52 Winward Ave.)
Time: 11-2am
Special Instructions: A no-cover burlesque show in the wee hours by the beach! Held in The Del Monte Speakeasy, downstairs. Just grab yourself an old fashioned, waltz through the bar, pass the restrooms and pool tables, and descend the back staircase. There is a bar downstairs as well. The dames dance at 11! Parking should be a breeze. Dress: casual.
RSVP: FB event page

Drinks in a Cozy Dive Bar
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: The HMS Bounty (3357 Wilshire Blvd.)
Time: 1pm
Special Instructions: The bar is on the bottom floor of an old hotel, appropriately called the Gaylord. It’s also metro (Red and Purple Line) accessible.
RSVP: FB event page

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas Brunch
Rachel R.
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: The Bronze Cafe at The Center (401 S. Maryland Pkwy) 
Time: 11am
RSVP: FB event page

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Lunch at Mello-Mello
Tammy & Vassiliki
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Mello-Mello (40-42 Slater St, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4BX)
Time: 1pm
RSVP: FB event page

London, United Kingdom

Reclaim the Night
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Connaught Hall (36-45 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9EX / nearest tube: Russell Square, Euston)
Time: 6:30pm
Special Instructions: The main meeting point is at the Institute of Education (Bedford Way) and the march through central London starts at 7pm, so if you think you’ll be late or won’t be able to find us message me on FB or e-mail fikrialkhatib[at]gmail for my number.
RSVP: FB event page

Science Museum Late
Date: Wednesday, October 30
Location: Science Museum (Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2DD / nearest tube: South Kensington)
Time: 5:45pm (dinner) / 6:45pm (actual event)
RSVP: FB event page

Host: Fikri
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Yumchaa Camden Parkway (35/37 Parkway, London NW1 7PN / nearest tube: Camden Town)
Time: 4pm
RSVP: FB event page

Lucerne, Switzerland

Drinking and Snacks!
Date: Thursday, October 24
Location: TBA; suggestions are more than welcome.
Time: 9pm
RSVP: FB event page

Lyon, France

Group Dinner
Zoe Jackson
Date: Friday, November 1
Location: Rendezvous by Louis XIV at place Bellecour
Time: 8pm
Special Instructions: Group dinner finishing up at one of Lyon’s LGBTQ venues. All of the event organisers are new to Lyon so recommendations of restaurants with at least one vegetarian option & the best queer bars/clubs would be much appreciated!
RSVP: FB event page

Melbourne, Australia

Choose Your Own Adventure
Date: TBC/decided upon in FB group
Activity: TBC/decided upon in FB group
Location: TBC/decided upon in FB group
Time: TBC/decided upon in FB group
Special Instructions: There seems to be some interest in an Melbourne meetup, but in order to gauge interest/figure out when/where the meetup will be I have created a facebook group. Hope this is okay!
RSVP: FB event page

Memphis, Tennessee

Myah Swanson
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Cafe Eclectic (603 N McLean Blvd.)
Time: 12 pm
Special Instructions: Weather permitting, we will be sitting outside soaking up some rays. If you can’t spot this group of queers, just simply ask!
RSVP: FB event page

Mexico City, Mexico

Food and Drink at Lilit
Marcia Castillo
City: Mexico City
Date: Saturday, November 3
Location: Lilit: Orizaba (125E, Col. Roma, Mexico DF)
Time: 6pm
RSVP: FB event page

Miami, Florida

Sunset Happy Hour
Veronika & Caro
Date: Sunday, October 27
Activity: Sunset Happy Hour
Location: Mondrian, South Beach (1100 West Ave.)
Time: 5-9pm
RSVP: FB event page 

Mosco, Idaho

Brunch & Talking
Samantha & Clare
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Breakfast Club or Moscow Food Co-Op (TBD on Facebook Event)
Time: 11am
Special Instructions: Bring a little money for food!
RSVP: FB event page

New York City, New York

LezCab: Happily Ever After
Host: LezCab
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: The Duplex (61 Christopher Street)
Time: 7pm
Special Instructions: Join your favorite queer women in musical theatre, as we celebrate a night of songs from recognizable, fairytale-oriented, princess-loving, happily-ever-after, divorce-free cartoons from our childhood! Halloween costumes encouraged! Villainous drink specials during the show, and ladies night after in the upstairs bar. Please make a reservation.
RSVP: FB event page

Northampton, Massachusetts

Doing Fall Things in a Pretty Park
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Look Park and/or my apartment in Leeds
Time: 2pm – ?
Special Instructions: We will be picnicking and doing crafty things if weather permits, otherwise everyone can come to my apartment right near the park for apple cider, baked goods, a puppy and a bunny! Could also be a costume party if there is interest.
RSVP: FB event page

Oakland, California

Merienda and Backyard Sun
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Check the event page for the address!
Time: 2pm
Special Instructions: Bring some food and meet some queers!
RSVP: FB event page

Date: Saturday, November 2 (Dia de los Muertos!)
Location: Minna’s Backyard (address to come on Facebook event)
Time: 1pm
RSVP: FB event page

Orlando, Florida

Intern Chelsey & Ariel
Date: Thursday, October 24
Location: Agave Azul (4750 S. Kirkman Rd.)
Time: 7pm
RSVP: FB event page

Ottawa, Ontario

Dapper Halloween Potluck Brunch
Host: Chantale
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Sandy Hill area — email cstreeting [at] gmail [dot] com for the address.
Time: 1 pm. Sharp, just like your outfit.
Special Instructions: For the purposes of this brunch, we are interpreting “dapper” as “looking smart, sexy and stylish in the direction of your gender presentation.” Also it’s a potluck, so bring something to eat/drink/share/enjoy. We have a (dairy-free but not vegan) baked French toast situation covered.
RSVP: On Facebook, by emailing cstreeting [at] gmail [dot] com, or both.

Paris, France (Event Updated)

Date: Saturday, November 2
Activity: Going to Cinéffable – Festival international du film lesbien et féministe de Paris and then drinks/dinner/whatever
Location: Métro Robespierre, Montreuil
Time: 6:45pm
RSVP: FB event page

Phnom, Penh, Cambodia

Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Java Café
Time: 12pm
Special Instructions: Bring yo’selves.
RSVP: FB event page

Phoenix, Arizona

ASphx Second Annual Harvest Potluck + Crafts
Hosts: Cynthia, Emily and Alleah
Date: Friday, October 25
Location: Emily & Alleah’s House
Time: 6:35pm
Special Instructions: Bring fall-type foods! Or wine! Or snacks! Or whatever the hell you want, really. There will be crafting of some kind, but that is a surprise. Like we’ll be really surprised if we do the craft, I mean.
RSVP: FB event page

Pizza and Drinks
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Old Chicago (5695 w Bell Rd)
Time: 8pm
RSVP: FB event page

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Autostraddle Tea Time: Pittsburgh
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: 1513 Buena Vista St.
Time: 4pm
RSVP: FB event page

Portland, Oregon

Queerify the Corn Maze
Wenda Rose
Date: Wednesday, October 30
Location: Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch (16511 NW Gillihan Loop Road)
Time: 5 pm (subject to change, be sure to check on Facebook!)
Special Instructions: Please RSVP on Facebook so I have a head count and know everyone’s up to date.
RSVP: FB event page

Sweet Hereafter/Arcade Extravaganza
Host: Brenda
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Start at Sweet Hereafter (3326 SE Belmont St)
Time: 5pm
RSVP: Email Brenda at btpboom88 at gmail dot com, FB event page to follow

San Francisco, California

Last Minute Halloween Thrifting
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: The Mission, SF
Time: 11am – 1pm
RSVP: FB event page

Park Takeover Under the Sun (EVENT CHANGED TO OAKLAND)
Hosts: Daniela & Brianne
Date: Saturday, October 26
Location: Richard Gamble Memorial Park, SF
Time: 2:30pm
Special Instructions: Saturday in the City, Sunday in the East Bay. More info coming soon!
RSVP: FB event page

San Diego, California

Potluck Brunch!
Hosts: Kristin & Katie
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: Please see the upcoming Facebook event or PM me to acquire my address.
Time: 12pm
Special Instructions: Kristin is going to make an egg bake and will provide a couple bottles of champagne and some orange juice. Please bring a a brunch thing to share and/or juice/and or champagne. Come prepared to eat, play games, and smile. Friends and lovers welcome! Also, if you’re interested in being the Official Brunch Photographer, holler!
RSVP: FB event page

Santa Paula, California

Fro-Yo, Salad, Songs and New Friends!
Date: Friday, October 25
Location: Fria (900 E. Main St.)
Time: 6-8pm
Special Instructions: Come hang out at Fria (Fro-Yo and Salad Bar (from the farm we work on!) –we love this!), meet other Autostraddlers, bring a friend, an instrument (if you desire) and a willingness to meet other rural queers!
RSVP: FB event page

Seattle, Washington

Host: Miriam
Date: Saturday, Nov. 2
Location: Grateful Bread (70th St and 35th Ave NE)
Time: 12-2pm
Special Notes: I chose this place because (a) it is delicious and (b) I know it must be a good place for a meetup because last week I saw two meetups happening there simultaneously and it was hilarious to watch people try to figure out which were the Unitarian Universalists and which were the first year graduate students. Let’s add to the confusion! (Or email me below if you’re not into confusion.)
RSVP: mirtle510 [at] hotmail [dot] com


Natalie, Yan An & Carmen
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Jewel Cafe and Bar (129 Rangoon Road)
Time: 3pm to whenever
Special Instructions: Please RSVP on the Facebook page so we know how many people to make a reservation for.
RSVP: FB event page

Sydney, Australia

Picnic With or Without Halloween Costumes
Date: Sunday, November 3
Location: Camperdown Rest Memorial Park (Federation Road (North) Side of Park)
Time: 1pm
Special Instructions: We will be sitting on the Federation Road (north) side of the park. From the train station, walk through the park and past the playground. We’ll be sitting under the trees. If you want to wear a Halloween costume, you should do that. If you don’t, we still love you. Bring a snack to share!
RSVP: FB event page

Toronto, Ontario

Pumpkin Potluck
Camilla C
Date: Sunday, October 27
Activity: Pumpkin Potluck
Location: Cam’s House! Bloor & Christie-ish.
Time: 3pm
Special Instructions: Whip up something tasty (sweet/savoury) that includes pumpkin or some kind of squash item! Or at the very least, something Fall-y.
RSVP: FB event page

Vancouver, British Columbia

Coffee House Meet-Up / Burlesque Night
Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: Bean Around The World (3598 Main St) / The Biltmore Cabaret (2755 Prince Edward St)
Time: 5pm – 8pm / 8pm – 1am
Special Instructions: Let’s hang out at the coffee shop and revive the Van-Straddlers! / It’s also Kitty Nights Burlesque at the Biltmore Cabaret! Soo… Yeah.
RSVP: FB event page 

Washington, DC

Lil Fucking C / Maybe Eli
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Boundary Stone DC (116 Rhode Island Ave. NW)
Time: 12pm
Special Instructions: Bottomless is available! So is vegan and vegetarian brunch.
RSVP: FB event page

Wellington, New Zealand

Date: Sunday, October 27
Location: Thunderbird Cafe (154 Featherston St)
Time: 12:30pm
Special Instructions: The Wellington Diwali festivities are happening just down the road at Queens Wharf/TSB Arena so if people are keen we can wander down there after brunch.
RSVP: Email Julia at:  joules1740 [at] gmail [dot] com. Details also in the Autostraddle NZ Facebook group.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Allison’s Surgery Fundraiser!
Dana Burkett & Alison Burdeny
Date: Saturday, November 9
Location: The Exchange Community Church (75 Albert Street)
Time: Doors at 7pm, bands start at 7:30pm. Ends at 11pm
Special Instructions: We’ve got 3 local punk bands, a consensual kissing booth, gluten-free vegan snackage, a raffle and a friend-date auction. It’s $10 to get in, snacks are by donation. Send us a facebook message and we’ll set aside a ticket for you. Unfortunately, the space is not accessible.
RSVP: FB event page 

Reminder: If you’d like to host an event, email Intern Chelsey with the details at chelsey [at] autostraddle [dot] com. If you’re wondering if there will be an event hosted near you, bookmark this page and check back often! Happy meeting up! 

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  1. I really want to go to a meetup because I’m having a lot of camp feelings. Does anyone else live in the Ashland/Medford/Southern Oregon area?

    • Yes! Let’s plan something (I’m writing from Southern Utah for my girlfriend who lives in S. Oregon)!

    • My writing partner/composer/collaborator person (she’s straight) is from Ashland! I’ve seen so many pictures and heard so many stories about this mystical land. She lives in NY now, but I feel like I’m hearing about my own hometown.

      • Rachel, it is a mystical land! Last weekend (in lieu of the pride festival that was somehow rained out – I don’t know how they let that happen in Oregon?!) I was served mead by a man dressed up like a woodland fairy at a bar named Oberon’s. At 1:00 in the afternoon. It’s pretty great.

      • This thread is making me feel all the feelings! I just moved away from Ashlandia (I was working at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival). yay ashland!

  2. This almost perfectly aligns with my vacation week! How fortuitous!!! :D

    I missed out on the Boston Brunch festivities due to illness, but hope to make it down for at least one of the events this time.

    And anyone in the southern/central Maine area who’s interested in meeting up, let me know!

    • I’m in Southern Maine and would love to meet up with people, but don’t have the accommodations to host an event. =(

  3. I finally get to go! Happy Malaysian girl who happens to be in London for the day!

    The feelings. To finally see so many fellow gay girls around, after staying in Gloucestershire for a while. so many feelings.

    • Claremont is kind of a distance for me as I am on the Westside, the other two would have been perfect as they are close to me. I am sure I am not the only one who can’t make it Saturdays, but anyone interested in doing Sunday meet up in LA/Ventura costal or valley area? Day hike, or whatever?

  4. I will have just moved to Tampa and not know anything about the city but if no one steps up in the next few days I’ll boldy go, I suppose!

  5. Alright, Midwest. How are we going to do this, since we’re so spread out? Minneapolis should totally have one on November 2nd, because that’s when I’m going to be in town. (I live in KC. We don’t have enough people here for an event. Trust me.)

      • The facebook event has been created you guys! (And I’m sure will be added to the master list soon, though you should be able to find it by searching on Facebook)

        So excited to see your faces!

    • Those of you who are not already part of it should join the Vanstraddlers facebook group.

      I’d love to go on a fabulous queer hike with Vanstraddlers. I’d make a Facebook event for it but that’s just tempting rain. So join the group and then we can talk about how we can meet up if the weather isn’t positively horrid.

    • Yes this!!! I’m new to London and am keen to meet awesome straddlers who enjoy awesome things like chips & salsa and snark! :)

        • There is a possibility of this happening next Wed (23 Oct, before the official meet-up period). It’s being discussed in the FB group, but if neither of you are in it, e-mail me at the address listed above and I’ll keep you in the loop.

  6. Hey! I’m living in Saint Étienne at the minute & know a couple of other straddlers in the Loire/Lyon area – watch this space for an event!


    I will totally make the 90 min drive down this time if there is a Salty meetup. LADIES, MAKE IT HAPPEN?

  8. Irish folk? I’m in the Kerry/Cork area but Dublin probably has more people. If someone in Dubland wants to plan something I’d definitely be game.

  9. So I work full time and go to grad school full time (pity me) so my schedule is mad packed, but Sunday mornings/Monday mornings and afternoons/Friday afternoons and nights are fab for me here in Silver Spring, Maryland y/y. Busboys and Poets anyone???

    • I don’t live in DC but my GF does, and it just so happens I’ll be visiting from California that weekend. We’ll be in Columbia Heights. There’s another person down the way that’s interested too. Where do you go to grad school?

    • I work 68 hrs/wk but would be totally down if we could do it later on in the day (after 5) on Sat/Sun or after 6 Mon-Fri. I’m in Petworth/CH but am totally willing to make the trek with some friends if we can all pick a spot! I’d be fine with Busboys (the one on 14th?)…

  10. WHY AM I STILL IN THE MIDDLE EAST?! Ugh. PLEASE let one of these happen again, like, post-March. I’ve been in East Asia and/or the Middle East for way too long.

  11. Oh my god, this may be the longest shot ever, but anyone in Northwest Arkansas or Northeast Oklahoma? I’d love to set something up and would be more than willing to take initiative, but only if I’m not going to be sitting in the coffee house all by myself.. o.0

    • I just moved to Northwest Arkansas! I would totally be up for something, I don’t know anyone here yet so it would be cool to meet some people.

      • OH MY GOD, REALLY! THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING NEWS! I’m in Siloam Springs, I work at a coffee shop where we could totally host a meet up, it’s super close to Oklahoma, so we could get some NE Oklahoma folks as well. WHOO FUCKING HOO!!!

    • NE Oklahoma! I’m pretty busy with school but let me know if you want help setting something up :)

  12. Official Michiana straddler meetup on October 26th in Kalamazoo. I will be there, your favorite commenter Marika will be there, ANDREA GIBSON WILL BE THERE.

    • @mwiko I’m hoping somebody from Dublin could make a plan.I’m in Kerry atm but I’m always mad for a daytrip. If we maybe did a pub lunch and pints type scenario, in the middle of the day, those of us from a bit further afield could get the last train/bus. Thoughts? Actual Dubliners to host/suggest somewhere lovely for this?

    • I was JUST going to ask about Scotland! I could make it to London but Edinburgh is so much easier. Let’s do it!

      • Edinburghers: We’re looking at THIS Saturday, the 26th, around tea-time. We’ll post with more details when this is worked out, but are mostly coordinating by email because there are so few of us. diveridedash -at-

  13. I’m not sure I have time to host a meetup necessarily, but I live in Canada, and maybe someone in Victoria or Vancouver, or both would be up to it?

    • Bronwyn! Have faith! I’m emailing Chelsey for a Victoria one right away :) Or you coul go meet awesome Vanstraddlers cause that sounds pretty great too

  14. I wish Sacramento wasn’t such a awkward place to live…hmm should I drive to the bay. Decision, decisions.

  15. This is probably a real longshot, but are there any other people around northern Spain? I’m in the Basque Country.

  16. Anybody in VT? After that great Burlington city guide there must be someone else who can’t drive to Boston.

  17. Any interest for a meet in Melbourne, Australia? Let me know days people are free if keen, and i can organise times :)

  18. There was a Washington, DC meetup last year but I was too scared to go. I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to push myself through my really terrible shyness and go to things like this, so I’m really hoping that something comes together! I mean, I want to be all I can be and all that and just go ahead and be the organizer here, but again, really terrible shyness. DMV people? Are you there?

  19. philadelphia – would anyone be interested in going on a bike ride of some sort? or any other things?

  20. A San Diego meet-up is in the works, babies. Stay tuned for details and email me if you’d like to co-organize. krisaerickson{at}gmail{dot}com. I’m thinking a brunch potluck? or a homebrewing party or both?

  21. I just want to explode because I didn’t go to A-camp so I figured attending one of these things I can soak some of the post A-camp feels through osmosis, right? RIGHT!?!


    I could Göteborg or Stockholm! Or like a random tree/lake in between who knows why not.

    • Yay! Sweden!
      I live in Stockholm, and can’t really travel long for the moment, but a Stockholm meet-up would be nice :D

  23. anyone from the Phoenix area? I’m the only gay person I know here so far, please save me from my isolation!

    • Hell yeah! My friend Clare and I will be emailing in this weekend. We’re in Moscow, and we’re planning to host.
      Also, depending on where you are, there are other fun things to do on the Palouse that weekend, depending on your scene.

  24. Are there any straddlers in Heidelberg? I will be there for the Physikerinnentagung ([german] female physicist conference; 31.10-3.11) and it would be so cool to meet up!

  25. If any of you crazy diamonds in Sydney want to do a second/third/infinitieth event I would be down for that. I would have planned ALL THE EVENTS but I am crap at planning!

  26. Belgium, anyone? Brussels?
    Every second woman I meet is queerer than a two dollar bill, there have to be some straddlers.

      • SERIOUSLY?
        Wow okay! I just moved here so I don’t really know what I am doing but we will get something together! Ah!

  27. Argh the meetups in Lyon and Berlin are too early, and I can’t get to Madrid
    Hopefully I can make it to Amsterdam? Otherwise, I’ll just wait til next time

  28. I’m thinking of planning one in Switzerland – in Luzern/Lucerne, to be exact. (I don’t know nearly enough about Zurich to plan one there.) But it depends on my schedule in the next week and also if anyone located in Switzerland is interested, so let me know!

  29. Okay Adelstraddlers. Last time we made an epic human pyramid and spelled ‘AS!’ on the grass in bodies and ate Mexican and played board games where we had to guess the moral convictions of each other. It was great.

    Let’s meet again! Go Adelaide!

  30. Does anyone else in New Orleans want to get together? I’m pretty new to town but would love to organize something!

  31. Are there any Straddlers I don’t know about in Orlando, Florida? The only person I know of is going to be out of town which is incredibly sad. I will 100% organize something if there are other people who will attend!

  32. Nashville. Nashville? Nashville!
    I’m new + midterms = I can’t organize but I’d totally show up if someone else were to basically pick a place and time.
    Come on, Nashtraddlers! (That could be a thing, right? We only sort of have a Nashville group on here… hmm…)

  33. Hey Mareika! I would love to attend the Northampton meet-up, but I don’t have a Facebook. Could I just sort of…show up?

        • Oh my! I definitely don’t have the event-planning gene…

          Would a daytime activity be cool? Like a weekend picnic?

        • I have to reply to myself, can’t have too many embedded comments… :-)

          I’m not so good at planning events myself, so I guess we can wait and see if others want to tag along (and maybe take the whole organization off our hands ;-)), while agreeing to meet no matter what.

          So, yes, a daytime rdv is very cool, and a picnic sounds perfect! If the weather’s not nice enough, we could also spend the afternoon/evening at our place. We live in the east(green line, Cadillac tube station). In which part of town do you live?

        • I checked the weather for both weekends and it’s announced to by sunny but a bit on the chilly side. If we cover up/have something warm for lunch, I’m all for the outdoors!

          I live near Snowdon metro normally, but my dad (who’s rarely around) lives right next to Parc Lafontaine. If we had the potential picnic there (it’s lovely on the Plateau in the fall), it would be super practical for food bringing/relocating if it gets rainy or chilly/winding down.

          Hey Montreal people, come on, show up! : )

        • I’d love to meet up too! My parents are visiting so I don’t know if I’ll be able to come but I’ll do my best :) And a picnic in Parc Lafontaine sounds great!

        • Yep, Rhymeriver, sounds really great, parc Lafontaine is quite central, and we have lots of options if we need to relocate (your dad’s, also, my brothers live quite close) or keep the party going after the picnic! :-)

          We might bring our kids (12 and 8) if they don’t have better things to do with their own friends, so if some of the mtl gang have kids, that’s awesome too (our 12yo daughter loves taking care of babies and little kids, so…)

        • “In which part of town do you live?”

          None of my business, but warm feelz in the heart of an old English major! :)

        • Hey guys! I was waiting to see of other suggestions showed up, but I guess it’s on us! Does this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) work for anyone?

        • So sorry I didn’t see this earlier! Are you guys still interested in meeting up? I know it’s not meetup week anymore but oh well :)

    • I wish I could come! Our flight lands in Miami at 6:30pm that day. We will be staying fairly close to the meet-up place but I’m sure getting there is gonna take some time (plus, I’m not sure what my friend would think about ditching him right when we get there…). Well, have fun!

  34. Anyone in Auckland who would be keen? I always mean to come but never quite pull it off. This time I will be brave haha

  35. I’m happy to say I made an event for us beach-bound folks in LA! Phew! Held in Venice, CA. I invited some friends, and some new friends I have only met briefly while on-the-town… so come join if you’re around!

  36. I’m going to try to make it to the SOWA event!
    To folks going to the lunch–be aware part of the dick’s last resort schtick is making fun of you. I went there a few years ago with a group from my college and they put a bunch of slut-shaming/homophobic insults on the hats. One girl took hers off and said something about it not really being funny to the waiter, and basically got made fun of more. Be prepared to to wear a hat labeling you a whore. Just a warning to the low key/sensitive people like me! Also their food wasn’t very good and salad was their only veg option.

    • Thank you for this, it is very good information to have! That was the Boston event I was leaning towards going to, but I think I’ll pass as none of that sounds like fun to me. :/

      I feel like this might be important for the organizers to put in the info up-page? (Maybe it’s on the FB event page, but I don’t have FB)

  37. Hello!! I’ve been lurking for a long time, and have moved to a new city & promised myself I’d go to the next meet up if there was one near me. So… anyone organising something in Bristol, England, UK?

    • I’m in a similar boat with lurking here, currently in Bristol also. I can’t host anything but I’d definitely be up for a meetup too.

      • I don’t know much about Bristol either (I’m actually in Stroud, but I work in Bristol), but I’m sure we can find somewhere if we really try… Any preferences?

  38. Are the meetups just for the adult straddlers or can those of us who have yet to reach adulthood join in on the fun?

    • I’m pretty sure everything is all ages unless the venue itself is 18+ or 21+. If you’re not sure, you can check with the creator of the event you want to attend. I’m sure everyone would be happy to have younger readers attend!

      • Sorry I didn’t see this sooner! I’m in High Point…near Greensboro but easy drives to Charlotte or Raleigh/Durham

        • Completely missed your followup post until Nora posted. I’m in Durham if either of you want to meet up! Sorry for the delay!!

        • Lauren! Not sure why but it won’t let me reply to yours! I’m game for that. Would y’all be interested in doing something in the triangle on Sat or Sun? :D

          • I’m totally down for something this weekend! Preferably Saturday, but Sunday could work too. Where’s fun in the triangle? (I’m still relatively new to this part of the state)

          • Let me see about Sat, but otherwise Sunday still seems good for meee.

            So, restaurants in Durham… Guglhupf is pretty awesome! Or maybe Rue Cler? Otherwise there’s good bars! Is anyone else interested in meeting up too? :D

        • I’m not sure if you get notifications when replies happen underneath other posts, but in case you don’t get them, I made a facebook event, linked a couple posts below this. We’re currently trying to figure out a place over there. :)

          • I think I can swing Sunday brunch. Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Cary/etc would work too if they’re more convenient for people. Allison and Michelle, you guys coming?

        • Repasting from the event post:

          So! We should actually figure out a place, huh? How about Fosters Market or Parker and Otis? Both have counter service and decent amounts of seating. There’s also Guglhupf, though parking may become more a concern there.

          Thoughts? Or does anyone have alternate ideas?

  39. Any Straddlers in Cleveland thinking of hosting something? Or maybe just a couple of you who’d like to carpool to the tea party in Pittsburgh? :> yes, no, maybe so? hopefully? I am tragically beached without a car haha

    • There’s at least 2 of us (see comments above). I don’t know anything about this city though. If you have a plan, I’d definitely come along :)

  40. Hey is there anyone around in Geneva/Suisse Romande/France voisine? Maybe we could organize something?

  41. Hey Germans – anyone in Hamburg, or Frankfurt? I can probably make Berlin but would love a regular thing.

    • Oh, I’m in Hamburg! Actually not German and I’ve only just moved here, so would be really keen to do something!

    • Hey, sorry to creepily comment on this 6 months later, but I just moved to the Frankfurt area and am totally down to hang out!

  42. Hey guys, anyone in Glasgow?
    I’m new to the city and would like to meet some cool Glaswegian Autostraddlers

  43. Southern New Mexico anyone? Las Cruces specifically. I’ll also take El Paso. Or really anything within an hour driving distance. ABQ is kinda far for a Tuesday night.

    My girlfriend and I just moved here and we’re sort of desperate for friends/queer people in general, so let me know! I’m happy to plan something so long as we won’t be sitting there by ourselves…

  44. Love that Winnipeg has gotten involved! (Finally!) I’ll be out of town but looking forward to the next one! Good luck with the fundraiser, Alison!

  45. THIS IS SO EXCITING WE ARE FORCED TO BARF CAPS! Love Autostraddle’s global reach! So many fab women meeting up with other fab women… and accents! Will be dragging myself all the way across Seattle for it. And probably put on pants like a respectable lady.

  46. I live in a predominantly lesbian town, however everyone is at least twice my age and with their long term partner, blender and cat.

    damn clicky clicks.

    South Africa anyone?

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