Listling Without Commentary: Notes Left In My Cabin’s Comments/Questions/Concerns Box

1. I love swinging on PCP

2. Scissoring: Does anybody really do it?

3. Sometimes when I’m alone in the cabin and people come in but don’t acknowledge me, I like to pretend I’m dead. Is that normal?

4. I could really go for an orgasm.

5. Why do I feel feelings?

6. Does U-Haul do group discounts?


2013-10-14 17.47.15

8. My hips don’t lie.

9. Can you take a look at this rash?

10. I want Cheetos plz.

11. Which one of you is the girl?

12. BIRDS! (Caw! Caw!)


2013-10-14 17.47.26

14. Where is Lindsey’s motherfucking clip?

15. I wanna dance with somebody. I wanna feel the heat with somebody.

16. My crotch is buzzing. This is not a question. It is a comment. It is a concern.

17. Can the child within my heart rise above?

18. When I buy potatoes, should I feel bad for the ones I leave behind? Do you think they feel excluded?

19. Can you tell me how to use a dental dam?

20. Can I have a hug?

21. How do I lesbian seckz?

22. Where can I reserve a prom night hotel room?

23. Do you feel like your box has been sufficiently stuffed?

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