Glee 220 Recap: Prom, Queen of the Desert

This week on Glee, a bunch of dudes had a lot of feelings, a bunch of girls wore prom dresses swiped from last year’s production of Bye Bye Birdie, and — reader. Until Tuesday night, I’d managed this long to completely avoid listening to the song “Friday” in its entirety. I saw the first two minutes or so of the video when it debuted, found it funny, but also ultimately boring. I’ve since avoided it. It’s easy to avoid things when the only thing I talk to besides myself is a stuffed dog I think will come to life one day, like Indian in the Cupboard.

That’s all. I just wanted to share that with you.

So wow what an episode, right?! I mean, prom! PROM! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone gets to wear a SHINY DRESS! When I look back on my life, I regret not wearing something more controversial to prom.


Every time I see the Jewfro guy’s face, I know something stupid and annoying is about to happen.

it's true, i do

This week, Jacob McDowner is there to let Puck know that Lauren has taken “his balls” and “stripped him of his manhood” and furthermore, word on the street is that “she’s the one who wears the pants in this relationship.” It’s true. Puck is the only pussy-whipped boyfriend in the history of high school, and furthermore this guy’s opinion is super-important to Puck, because this guy is super popular, and I’m super happy that he’s on the show.

Meanwhile, Lauren the Ballstripper is worried she’ll have to be the one who wears the pants to prom because Ann Taylor Loft, Filene’s Basement and six Forever 21s didn’t have a single thing that fits. Now she’ll have to make her own dress, like Cinderella but without the help of the little birds. Before we can talk too much about the world of possibilities at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Mr. Shu arrives to perform his weekly ritual of writing a word on the whiteboard and underlining it.

The word of the week is PROM!!


Prom is the fancy party which, according to a number of major television programs including Beverly Hills 90210 (OG) and MTV’s True Life: I’m Going to Prom, is the most important event ever. It’s more important than Vietnam.

You can get married as many times as you want, Quinn Fabray points out, but there’s only one Junior Prom. Well — there’s also Senior Prom, which I think is similar, but whatever, the hostess at Cracker Barrel said 40 minutes ’til my table so, let’s hustle.

Glee Club’s gonna perform at prom night because Air Supply canceled. Rather than hire a DJ or stick an ipod into a speaker and press “shuffle,” they’ve recruited a rowdy team of outcasts everybody allegedly hates to perform — LIVE — at prom. I honestly think the only place where live bands perform at prom is television and the movies.

Mercedes stages a personal walkout because girlfriend does not have a date for this dance because Glee is racist.

But Brittany doesn’t have a date either, Merecedes!

Good point but Mercedes has left the classroom and entered a McKinley High TIME FREEZE, which is when off-screen action is suspended (this will happen again later) in order for plot to be developed in another room, ideally over by the lockers. That’s where they get their special powers. The lockers.

Mercedes, for reasons which have yet to be revealed to us, doesn’t have a man. She wants a man, “the dress, and the damn corsage,” but she doesn’t have one. Why not, show? In the wise words of Autostraddle’s very own Gabrielle Rivera, who’s twitter you should probs follow…

Mhm. Anyhow, Mercedes tells Rachel what she wants. I think she read it in a greeting card somewhere:

Mercedes: “I just wanted to be Cinderella. Just for one night. One night where a guy would look at me under those corny crate paper streamers and say, “You look so beautiful”. And then he’d grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. Isn’t that what prom is suppose to be about?”

No, prom is supposed to be about getting wasted and not getting caught. Look what happened to Donna Martin. She almost didn’t graduate!


ok listen. one of the extras tweeted about prom king and queen...

Blaine is afraid of the prom, because last time he went to a school dance he got his ass kicked. Kurt, annoyed by all this unnecessary last-minute backstory that really should’ve come up during one of their 567 chats about gay bullying earlier this season, is like “I’m wearing a Peter Brady shirt and a Great Jungle of Wal-Mart-Smock-inspired vest, so you better take me baby, or leave me.”

Blaine remembers that he’s crazy about Kurt, which is adorable. Seriously just photograph these two and cross-stich their faces onto a pillow already, I’ve got a twenty-dollar bill on my desk. It’s broken though, I have to buy tape and tape it back together. Then, I will buy the pillow.


Mercedes & Rachel corner Sam in the theater with a Prom Budget, they put it together just that very afternoon in their clubhouse after picking their favorite boys in school and playing with cootie catchers and making their own hair accessories out of flowers from their mother’s gardens. That’s actually what inspired the most INGENIOUS part of The Boxcar Children’s Prom Threesome Plan, which is to make corsages “from flowers in our mother’s gardens.”

so basically what you're telling me is you want to do a spin-off of 'fondue for two'

I’m not sure why the only way these three humans can happily go to prom is if they strategically combine a guy who’s already turned down one of the two–TWO!– girls he’ll be taking, a very serious limited prom budget, earrings made out of macaroni and play-dough, and a twenty-dollar “loan,” but whatever, it’s Glee. Sam agrees, hopefully because he’s into Mercedes or something.

Anyhow Next thing you know, people will be bringing dogs to prom, and then having children with dogs who are half-dog, half-child. Those half-dogchilds will grow up and become Prom Sorcerers.


Kurt, wearing Nazi Boots, a bandana swiped from Amelia Earheart’s grave and the very same jumpsuit Dale Earnhardt was wearing when he won The Indy 500 on the moon, is participating in the Prom Fashion Panel, usually a girls-only affair, because he’s an effeminate homosexual man who enjoys fashion.

Queer Eye for a Significant Amount of Sexually Confused Teenagers

Lauren, giving an accidental tip of the hat to Shane by skulking out of the dressing room in Chuck Taylors and a giant yellow situation, laments “I look like a lemon mereinge pie.”

i prefer key lime

Kurt suggests she try navy, and his co-hosts practically come in their pants over this Andre Leon Talley-level genius insight. Even Lauren, who allegedly possesses not only her own ovaries but also Puck’s balls, thanks Kurt profusely for his wisdom as if anyone in this room has managed to go her whole life without being told that navy is slimming. Did you guys know that black is slimming? It’s true.

Lauren returns to the “dressing room” to Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo her way into Young Navydressland.

Next, Our Lady Lesbian emerges in her inspired-by-1995-Christmas-Barbie satiny red dress explosion. Kurt loves it. Loves it. Loves everything about it.

After unanimous approval, Santana asks to speak to Kurt privately, wherein she asks him to beef up personal security to enhance her appeal as the Eva Peròn Prom Queen. Interesting how Santana would rather look like a heartless asshole than admit her true motivations originate in a heart that beats just like everyone else’s, feelings and all.

Have I mentioned yet being happy that Kurt’s back at McKinley? Because I am. And not because I’m sick of Jason Mraz covers ’cause really WHO COULD EVER BE BARF


Rachel interrupts the stage crew probably fixing the set from the Great Rihanna Flood of 2010: “Members of the audio visual club, I possibly might sing this song at prom and when I’m done rehearsing I’d like your feedback — tell me if I was brilliant, or simply outstanding.”

Then Rachel Berry breaks into “Rolling in the Deep” AND HARK! … who’s that in the shadows of purple summer? It’s Jesse St.James (He should start his own Whiskey brand, right? “gimme a shot of Jesse St.James” you know?), played by Jonathan Groff (noted homosexual, best friend to Lea Michelle).

The Semi-Dark/Backlight I Know Well

Actually what’s secretly happening here is that Wendla is calling into the mirror-blue night for Melchior to come discover the word of her body. She’s not really gonna sing this at prom.


After their sexually tense duet, Jesse sits Lea down to apologize for being a complete fucking asshole.  He admits spying on New Directions via Rachel in order to obtain their fourth consecutive championship was “a bum deal. For a first, maybe, but a fourth? No way. I’ve come to make amends.”

Looks like Rachel’s not totally fucked after all…

we've all got our junk, and my junk is you


so, how much time do you have to waste in which brittana could happen

Finn cares that Rachel is going to prom with Jesse St. James and Rachel bla bla bla bla bla bla. Finn doesn’t know what kind of corsage to get, so he asks Rachel, who turns out to be obsessed with Quinn, you can see it in her eyes when this unfortunate conversation finally reaches its conclusion.


Meanwhile Santana is keeping herself in the closet by masquerading around the hallways with The Gay Guy in a red beret and shiny red jacket, protecting him from any bullies/closeted homosexuals lurking in the shadows.

Santana:Teen gay! You may now proceed to the next checkpoint without fear of violence.”

And Nary a Slushie was Slushed That Day

Santana: “I’m the law and order prom queen candidate.”
Kurt: “I’m walking away from you now.”

I bet if Santana kept this up, she could un-closet some lonely lez currently crying over a plate of Hashbrown Casserole at the Cracker Barrel who’s desire to walk around with Santana all day would trump her desire to remain closeted. Well, this hypothetical lonely lez is out on the internet. She’s out on Autostraddle Social. But you know what I mean?



Lest you were concerned these students don’t learn anything besides how to sing thematically relevant pop songs without actually knowing how to sing, the occasional smidgen of Spanish and a little dollop of sex education, you’ll be pleased to learn they’re all enrolled in home ec, where they’re making a thing with eggs and Brittany’s confused:

And Kurt has issues with the curriculum, because he’s gay:

I’m ready for the part where Santana and Brittany spill flour on each other’s shirts, but Santana’s not in this class — well, neither is Kevin. And look who just rolled on the fuck in. GET OUT OF OUR LESBIAN STORYLINE, FOUR-EYES!

vest by cabellas

Kevin has a plan to get Brittany back. Surprise! It’s a song. Kevin intros “Isn’t she Lovely” with a speech I couldn’t listen to because he was speaking in that really unnecessary gravely-baby-talk voice he does all the time.

Clearly this whole number is gay and inspired by Finn the Lesbian’s love of lesbian folk-rock music. Everyone sings along and makes instruments out of kitchen utensils like it’s Sesame Street and Artie makes a lot of “demented bird” facial expressions and Brittany makes a lot of “to the left, to the left” facial expressions.

“I thought this song was about a baby,” says Mercedes. Someone get this chick a boyfriend.

aw, songs and romance

Somehow this incredible interruption to what I can only assume was going to be egg drop soup doesn’t earn Artie his prom date back. Now that he’s got nothing to live for, he’s gonna help Puck spike the punch bowl. I know, right? Who cares.


It’s time for the new Glee spin-off Two and a Half Men, starring Blaine, Kurt’s Dad, and Finn, who is half-man, half-lesbian. It’s a good show, much better than the original. No really, this is cool, all the guys hanging out. Not like that. You know. I also appreciate how, much like Brenda and Brandon Walsh’s living room, the set-up of this house lends itself to impromptu fashion shows.

… and also to Alexander McQueen. Pretty sharp, clearly, but Mr. Dad and Blaine aren’t sure if they love it. However, Finn’s a big fan!

lesbians love milk in tiny cups

Dad’s like “Hey buddy, you look great in that skirt and all, but maybe coast on that ‘nobody bullying you anymore’ thing for a while before breaking out the kilt” and Blaine is like, “Yeah, totes,” and Kurt is like, WTF?!

Then Kurt gets teary and the little boy who always dreamed of wearing a kilt to his junior prom emerges:

He also points out that “prom is about joy, not about fear.” DUH! GOD WHY CAN’T ANYONE JUST REMEMBER WHAT PROM IS ABOUT? WHAT DOES BLAINE KNOW HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!


Karofsky, with a beret atop his sausage-face, escorts Kurt O’Hummel down the hallways of McKinley high, like two Bros-in-Arms:

shit, karofsky looks even gayer than i do

I wonder what ever happened to their PFLAG club. Anyhow, Brotofsky drops Little Drummer Boy off at the market/French Class and then has like five feelings all in a row and only two of them he knows by heart.

BOYs do cry

Kurt:Have you noticed that nobody has bullied me this week?”
Karofsky: “That’s because the Bullywhips are protecting you.”
Kurt: “Maybe. But maybe nobody has been harassing me this week because nobody cares.”
Karofsky: “You’re dreaming.”
Kurt: “Okay, look — I’m not saying everyone in this school is ready to embraced the gay, but maybe at least they’ve evolved to being indifferent.”

Karofsky looks a little emo, so Kurt dives right into that open wound like a little gay guppy of joy and kiltish sensitive delight:

Kurt: “I see how miserable you are, Dave. I could just hate you when you were bullying me, but now… now all I see is your pain… and you don’t have to torture yourself over this. I’m not saying you should come out tomorrow but maybe, soon, the moment will arise when you can.”



Kurt: “What’s wrong?”
Karofsky: “I’m so, I’m so freaking sorry, Kurt. I’m just… so sorry for what I did to you.”
Kurt:I know.”

If Kurt was my friend and he told me about this on g-chat, my response would be “!!!!!!!!!!!”


In the Princess Castle, Quinn is finishing filming the Diamonds are Forever commercial at her dresser and, as the last moments of Twinkle-Eerie-Twinkeltoes-Dreamstar Music fades, Mom calls that Finn has arrived. Quinn emerges and Finn suddenly realizes that his girlfriend is really really really really good-looking. (Tbh I’m not into the Dianna Argon thing but bcw says she’s one of the prettiest girls in the whole world, so.)

here's one lesbian who didn't need to ask for approval for that tux

I wonder if Quinn likes that corsage as much as the Faberry shippers do.

Later, after, I assume, Soup, Salad, and the epinimous breadsticks, Quinn and Finn stop by the most awkward double date in history, wherein Jesse informs Quinn:

Jesse: Quinn, you look stunning. The ghost of Grace Kelly. Let me know if you get tired of your boyfriend stomping on your pretty little feet all night; i’ll be more than happy to cut in.

Isn’t that weird for Jesse to hit on someone else’s date? Why is Rachel just over there like she’s chilling in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood while Jesse spreads his seed amongst other wild giraffes of the jungle? Kids these days. Technology. Facebook!


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  1. You referenced Priscilla: Queen of the Desert in your title. You legend, Riese!
    Loved this episode.
    Brittany’s egg comment = priceless.
    Santana’s golf course comment = priceless
    Loved the cover of Dancing Queen not so much Rolling in the Deep though.

      • oh my god, how did this amazing piece of information occur to you? i actually just spent the last minute of my life looking at his name and fact-checking your statement. it is 100% true.

      • you are officially my number one favourite person, and because of this fact I now no longer need to revoke my lesbian status because of how amazing he is.

  2. awesome recap!
    love the Indian in the Cupboard reference at the beginning and your moment of potential meta for Blaine – the geekier your recaps are, the more I love them;-)
    one tiny correction: when quoting Mercedes in her first locker-freeze-time: I’m pretty sure she said “corny crepe paper streamers” not “crate paper”. Though crate paper would be far more interesting than most prom decorations!

    • Can’t go wrong with an Indian in the Cupboard reference, I may have tried imitating the movie to see if any toys would come to life

      • The VHS tape came with a plastic key and Indian, and the case had a key hole in it. I definitely tried to make that shit work for a larger portion of my childhood than I am proud to admit. I am nothing if not stubborn. Except maybe really naive. (If it comes from the movie/cereal box/shooting star, it must really work! I’m just doing it wrong. I’ll try wishing harder on that star.)

          • i also tried this when i got this movie…i thought jumanji and matalida where totally possible too….. im stubborn and naive… omg. but i died alittle at the reference haha :D

  3. I wish I stereotypically fit the whole “lesbian golfer” thing. Guys, I CAN’T DO THIS SHIT. I can’t move the ball from the tee. I joined the golf team and quit a week later after having moved the ball about five feet in total. Eff.

      • I haven’t, but I’m relatively useless in sports. I say relatively because I’m an EXCELLENT goalie: if an athletic projectile is made airborne, it has a tendency to hit me in the face. So there’s that.

        • being a projectile magnet is an excellent quality for a goalkeeper! specially one who wears a helmet and a ton of padding. take it from a former field hockey goalie…
          besides, you might need to ask your team mates for help taking all the padding out after the game *wink wink*

  4. I think we can all agree that, while Blaine and Kurt dancing together was great and adorable… there will never be a greater prom scene than Brian and Justin. Ever.

    • agreed! But possibly because Brian Kenney is a cold bitch who melts our hearts when he is nice <3

    • Word! Every time I see anything prom-related on TV now, I’m all “Meh. It’s no QaF prom.”

    • I agree with this also, and started getting flashbacks when Blaine came over to ask him to dance, but I would also like to take a moment to appreciate that nobody was horrifically bashed in the head with a baseball bat.

  5. I would watch Santana’s lesbian colony spin-off… Can we get that green-lighted please?

  6. “All that hate, they were just afraid to say it out loud. So they did it by secret ballot. I’m one big anonymous practical joke.”

    This made me feel exactly like I did when I woke up and found out that prop 8 had passed. It was the same California I had woken up in the day before, but the day before I hadn’t known how many hateful people were all around me. This scene made me sadder than I have been made to feel in a while.

    • Word. I spent most of the show giddy, you know, because it’s prom and something is meant to happen at this life changing event they talk about. But no.
      And because of that, I will be tuning in again next week, just in case something *really* happens.

    • Seriously. It’s ridiculous how many movies and tv shows I’ve watched for just two minutes of lesbianness. Glee is really not a good show. I hide my screen from my roommate when I watch it because I know I’m getting judged.

  7. My high school’s vice principal was named Mr. Wenk.

    And the principal was called Mr. Gentle. He left after my junior year, and they named the school library after him. It was there in a big sign on the side of the roof: The Gentle Resource Center.

  8. Great episode and great recap. Only one problem: Brittany and Santana are still not together and I totally thought Brittany was going in for the kiss and I totally almost had a heart attack and then she didn’t and then Artie came and danced with her and then FUCK!

    Like just all FUCK.

    also, agreed….if Sam and Mercedes don’t start dating I’m going to shoot the writers.

  9. I really have to wonder if they are making Jonathan Groff’s character super gay on purpose because like…that scarf? that grace kelly reference?!?! COME ON.

    I am becoming more and more attracted to Blaine over time, like I have a lot of feelings about him wearing that black polo shirt on Kurt’s couch. And his weird/adorbs dancing. This places him on the extremely short list of men I would make out with. KLAINE MAKEOUTS FOR EVERYONE.

    BRITTANY’S MINI TOP HAT. I immediately thought of that snl skit and loled…anyone else? Also her dancing is perfection, can I rewind time and get her to take me to that HS prom I didn’t go to? She had many wise words this episode, Brittana. must. happen.

    Music this week was meh, but I’m a sucker for “Dancing Queen”. Especially since Santana sang it, and, well, yeah.

    • Also I am fully on board re: Sam/Mercedes, let’s make this happen yesterday.

    • It’s so nice that I wasn’t the *only* one to be completely baffled by that scarf. I just stared at it throughout the whole scene, and kept wondering: when would this *not* be a super gay scarf? Did they do this on purpose? Are they trying to tell us something?

      Loved the duet, but seriously, that scarf was distracting.

    • Girl, for real real, why aren’t more people discussing Brit’s tiny hat? TINY HATS, you guys.

      Ditto on the gayification of Jonathan Groff.

  10. Also Riese, one of the best parts that your recapping missed was Brittany in the background as Rachel sang “Jar of Hearts.” You can see her wondering around the dance floor trying to steal people’s dates. At first she’s chatting up some girl, then she’s dancing with another girl (which your intern capped), and by the end of she’s moved on to some tall black dude. Three dates stolen in one song. That’s the power of Brittany S. Pierce.

  11. “weekly ritual of writing a word on the whiteboard and underlining it.” This is so true, it hurts.

  12. The make-out fake-out was probably the most disappointing 2.5 seconds of my life. Seriously.

    Also – Tribeca, really? REALLY? Is there something I don’t know about Tribeca?

    • Yeah! Can we talk about this Tribeca thing a little more? Because I’m not American, but I live here now and I am planning to move to NYC this summer, so… This is relevant. Also, my partner was looking at possible places to rent and when I started chanting “Tribeca!” there was much confusion in the room.

      • Tribeca was the up-and-coming super-hip neighborhood in about 2004 — it actually had the highest real estate value of any place in manhattan within a few years. Everyone was flocking there.

        Currently it’s mostly inhabited by Wall Street guys who can afford it but still want to be cool and trendy — there’s a lot of expensive clubs and some of the city’s best restaurants there. I think it’s still the most expensive or second most expensive neighborhood in the city, but the scene there is a little older than the scene in, say, the east village.

        i have no idea why she said Tribeca, maybe because it’s a fun word to say?

        • Huh, good to know. Well, no more chanting from my side then (gotta find the affordable ones!). Thanks for the info!

          Hmm, first Jicama, now Tribeca, I wonder if they are trying to send us a message.

      • she probably said it because she’s a high schooler in Lima, Ohio, and it is the only neighborhood of Manhattan she has heard of in a tone of voice that implied it was cool and trendy.

    • I also feel this feeling. We were promised Brittana, what happened to all the promises??

  13. Ahhhhh so many feelings about this recap!!
    1) Prom Sorcerers FTmotherfuckingW
    2) I would join that lesbian colony in a heartbeat. Everything Santana said was on par this week (lawlz! I made a pun)
    3) I seriously burst out laughing at the Two and a Half Men joke. 5 points for Riese.
    4) Blaine’s dance moves terrify me. Nobody’s legs should bend that way.

    Firstly, this episode was entertaining but SO DAMN PREDICTABLE!!!! Gawd, I am so fucking over all the stupid het-drama. a) Kurt and Blaine are entitled to make out for 20 minutes in the last episode. b) There needs to be some major action between Santana and ANY FRIGGIN’ CHICK. I don’t even care if it’s Brittany. c) In my mind, I’m turning everything between Quinn and Rachel as being “they’re secretly in love with each other and using Finn as a buffer before they realize it” because the Lea/Dianna rumours are like permanently embedded in my brain. And it’s better this way.

  14. Riese!!!!! You missed that magic moment during “Friday” when a blond chick with a red dress walks by Santana and Karofsky dancing, Santana stares at her butt a moment and then shakes her head to snap out of it. I thought it was hilarious and I totally recognized myself in it…

    • While I love your lesbionic take on it, she was wearing the same red dress as Santana so I took that as the reason but…I like your theory better ;)

  15. “making their own hair accessories out of flowers from their mother’s gardens”

    Is the show THIS BAD with continuity that they forgot that Rachel has two dads, not a mom?

    I mean, not like the gay dads couldn’t have a garden all their own, but they did say “our MOTHERS’ gardens”…

    • Yeah, I mean why does it have to be gendered at all? They could have said parents’ garden. I mean my dad is an accomplished gardener. My mom is pretty much like: that’s nice — just keep the veggies coming.

      GAH gender – it’s EVERYWHERE.

    • Bet they try to weasel out of it by saying that they meant her bio-mom’s garden.

      I have a head-canon where Rachel’s two dads are incredibly chill, and confused by her excessive drive. All the stuff she says about being encouraged to succeed is in her head. You know that scene in the first episode where Baby Rachel is acting like a diva in tap class? Her dads are just off screen looking slightly embarrassed about the glares the other parents are sending them.

  16. i just signed up to say AMAZING RECAP (im too lazy to actually watch glee so now im all caught up <3)
    also, best cap ever in home ec, the A of GAY framed the teachers wee head perfectly :)

  17. I’ll be honest, that egg thing confuses me to this day, and I have a masters degree.

  18. I wish the actual episode had spent a proportionate amount of time on brittany/santana/brittana as the recapper and all the commenters. I think it’s probably lesbian spinoff time.

  19. In reading the stuff about Finn, I was wondering…what exactly is the criteria for “straight dude who is actually a lesbian”? I can’t remember if it was here or somewhere else but I heard someone say that about J.J. from Skins, too. I’m beginning to wonder if my best guy friend falls into this category. I’m pretty sure he does but I would like to have justifications.

    • also aiden from south of nowhere.

      there’s no real definition for this.
      you just know one when you see one,
      is all i can say.

  20. Ugh, I have so many feelings about the Faberry interaction in this episode. THEY’RE SECRETLY IN LOVE I JUST KNOW IT. I swear they do this stuff just to fuck with me.

    • actually i’m 95% positive that they do indeed literally actually do this stuff just to fuck with you/faberry shippers.

  21. These recaps are so soothing.

    1. Both my 13-yr-old and I started cheering when they announced that Kurt was Queen, because we thought it was happy and awesome and then it became evident that it was A Very Bad Thing. It was like when you start clapping before the song is over during an extended pause and everyone tries not to look at you like you’re a moron. So sad, except on our couch.

    2. I leaked breast milk at my prom. That’s edgy, right? I mean, for 1998?

    3. On the hotness of Dianna Agron – have you seen her new haircut? It’s SUPER foxy. Like ‘Yes, ma’am, I am taking you VERY seriously” foxy:

    ,,,and I don’t even have a thing for blondes.

  22. Okay, I think Quinn is really pretty hot. Even if she doesn’t do it for Riese. I love that pretty girl thing. If i met her in real life, I’d be all, let me buy you a house! Of course, in real life she is a TV star and can buy her own house…

  23. Honestly, the thing I took away from this episode was that I am mad at Glee for crediting Blaine’s song simply as “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” by Black Kids. The song performed on the show was actually a remix by The Twelves. It’s a brilliant, wonderful remix by a duo who has a ton of super bad-ass remixes. (I recommend The Twelves remix of Radiohead’s Reckoner or New Young Pony Club’s Get Lucky.)

    There was a moment I loved in the episode — when Brittany shot down Artie. I love seeing a girl stand up for herself. It’s too common that the guy is kind of a dick and then makes some cutesy gesture (like singing a song in home ec) and the girl just throws the reason she dumped him out the window and forgives him. I’m not making a moral argument as to whether or not Artie should be forgiven, but I loved that she was perfectly fine with her decision and didn’t fall for some gimmick. I feel like they inches toward making Brittany more three-dimensional and human and I like it.

  24. Was I the only one who thought that Brittany was uncharacteristically smart this episode?

  25. I think Brittany knows people better than she knows “facts”. She seems to be very intuitive, especially recently with Santana.

    Oh, and the egg thing. I believe the eggs you get in a store to eat are unfertilized eggs, fertilized eggs grow into chicks.

  26. Now I have to start golfing? *sigh*
    I didn’t know Golf was a lesbian thing. We need to get on the same page (page=bed).

  27. Riese, this was one of my favorite recaps ever and I don’t even really like Glee that much. “Kurt, wearing Nazi Boots, a bandana swiped from Amelia Earheart’s grave and the very same jumpsuit Dale Earnhardt was wearing when he won The Indy 500 on the moon” = genius.

  28. “Anyhow Next thing you know, people will be bringing dogs to prom”
    You kid, but that’s basically the plotline of “Absolutely, Positively Not” by David LaRochelle. It’s a YA Fiction book where a guy takes his friend’s dog to the prom instead of a girl so that no one will suspect that he’s gay. Exactly how this was supposed work I’m not sure. But it’s pretty funny. They both have a wonderful time. Then he comes out later.

  29. I had this weird thought that this season is destined to end with one of the members of Brittana singing “Someone Like You” and all of us being just… sad…

    • for example: “Kevin intros “Isn’t she Lovely” with a speech I couldn’t listen to because he was speaking in that really unnecessary gravely-baby-talk voice he does all the time.”

    • also this: “If Kurt was my friend and he told me about this on g-chat, my response would be “!!!!!!!!!!!””

    • “Did they kiss or make out? No, if they had, I would’ve told you like two days ago. But isn’t she lovely?”

      OK I’m done but really, top notch

  30. I thought I was the only one that noticed Brittany dancing with another girl! :D

    Brittany totally kicked ass this episode. I was really happy to see them start treating her like an actual human being and less of a brainless robot. Like the whole working on herself thing, and helping Kurt? Rock on.

    Kurt and Blaine own my heart, as usual.

    And the treatment of Mercedes is so fucking frustrating. It was mentioned before in passing in blogs, but recently I’ve finally seen an influx of blogs really attacking the producers of Glee (and rightly so) for treating Mercedes like a mammy.

  31. I just want you to know, your ep summary is pretty much my favorite part of the week if you skip sex. You’re friggin HILARIOUS.


    For realsies, Dr. Fear did some pretty scary oral surgery things to me so the name was actually quite fitting.

    Also thanks for recapping yay

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