“Faking It” Episode 101 Recap: Let’s Be Lesbians

Welcome to the first recap of the first season of Faking It, a brand new show from the musical network that brought you I Want a Famous Face and Carmen and Dave: An MTV Love Story. 

We open in bed with a lesbian, just like I do every morning.

Yes, I'll have two free-range scrambled eggs, a gallon of kombuccha, a ramekin of granola and two bloody marys with extra blood please, thank you

Hello, I’ll have two free-range scrambled eggs, a gallon of kombucha, a ramekin of granola and two bloody marys with extra blood please, thank you. And yes, I woke up like this.

Meet Amy and Karma.

And they just had the best morning cybersex of their lives

And they just had the best morning cybersex of their lives

The primary bond between Amy and Karma is a shared love of delivering exposition over the telephone. In the span of a two-minute phone call we learn:

  1. Karma’s mom is a hippie who makes tea and reads astrological charts, and Karma wishes she had a normal Mom.
  2. Amy’s mom is doing something fancy with a steam iron in the hallway, and Amy wishes she had a normal Mom.
  3. Amy doesn’t like rodents as pets.

And sometimes at night when the girls have gone to sleep, Molly sneaks over to Farrah’s house to eat Toaster Strudels and watch Orphan Black with their shirts off

Also, Karma’s going to pretend to be blind to improve her social standing, because why anything. Amy asks how she plans to pull off this plan, but alas, Karma’s only capable of delivering additional exposition:

Karma: We live in Austin, a blue oasis in a red sea of Texas.
Amy: Yup, haven’t forgotten.
Karma: And our high school is so tolerant and accepting, the outcasts are the in-crowd!

Cut to said Blue Oasis High School, where Karma’s committed to getting popular by wearing a new Google Glass model inspired by the protective goggles my oral surgeon Dr. Fear made me wear before he sticking pliers down my throat.

Uh, Karma, my boobs are over here

Uh, Karma, my boobs are over here

Karma’s certain that having a brain tumor over her optic nerve is that special something that’ll earn the tricky twosome golden invitations to Shane Harvey’s Super Cool Party. Amy’s skeptical about attending the party at all, noting that “we hate high school during the day, I doubt we’d like it better at night after it’s been drinking.” Amy would rather stay home and watch child slavery documentaries on Netflix. AMEN. Karma insists that if they don’t ascend the social ladder pronto, they’ll become “socially awkward weirdo losers who make their own organic juices and sell them at farmer’s markets.” So basically: lesbians. Sorry, I mean: AWESOME LESBIANS.

GOD Karma you promised not to talk about pony play in public

GOD Karma you promised not to talk about pony play in public

Amy points out that Karma barfs around cute boys and before we can discuss how that might be a sign of latent lesbianism, we’re interrupted by Lauren and her lady sidekicks.

And they're about to get their very own episode of The L Word

And they’re about to get their very own episode of The L Word

Lauren is Fake Quinn Junior, basically. You know: shops at Talbots Too, has blonde hair, is traditionally attractive in a way that makes me sleepy, feels entitled to everything and is bitchy when she doesn’t get it. Then Lauren and Amy volley some exposition at our necks. We learn:

  1. Lauren’s Dad is marrying Amy’s mom.
  2. Amy’s Mom is a weather girl / meteorologist.
  3. Lauren likes to tan on her special bench.
  4. Lauren’s sad that she’s stuck at this “kumbaya freakshow of a high school” instead of McKinley or West Beverly where she could shine or Sunnydale High where she could die in the hellmouth.
THIS is not how you finger a lady.

It’s a hand gesture I learned from GLEE, okay? You know, GLEE? Where even though everybody is gay, the blonde girl IS STILL ACTUALLY POPULAR?

Lauren, still angling to get Amy and Karma off her bench, yells “You’ve got five seconds to hop in your canoe and paddle back to the Isle of Lesbos so I can get my Vitamin D!” just as two young lads are strolling past them on the quad.


The Moment When Everything Changes Forever.

Because these two young men would like to know more about The Isle of Lesbos Lauren is speaking of so loudly. Maybe Shane could buy himself a new sweater there:


And they prefer organic lubricant

“Bullying the gays, someone reeks of the late ’90s,” says Shane to Lauren, who screams about how she’d be more popular in another part of Texas and recedes offscreen. Shane, who will soon confess that he’s always wanted lesbian friends, invites Amy and Karma to his party! Attractive fashionable gay men LOVE attractive fashionable gay women, it’s true, and it’s all fun and games until they make a demeaning joke about butch lesbians and you have to point out that you wake up next to one every morning. Oh, then Liam introduces himself and Karma throws up. BOYS.

Starsweep to Shane Harvey’s Party Party, where Karma and Amy are sitting on a couch feeling weird.

Whoah don't look now but I'm 57% sure Romi Klinger just walked in

Ok you win, next time we’ll just go to Cheer Up Charlie’s

Meanwhile, Lauren and her sockless boyfriend are chatting it up with Shane and his bestie Ivy.

Is this how lesbians have sex

Is this how lesbians have sex

Ivy tells Lauren and her sockless boyfriend to beat it ’cause they weren’t invited and are probs missing a Young Republicans Event somewhere somehow.

May I please remind you that it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Lilberty

May I please remind you that it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty

Lauren says it’s important for the frontrunners in The Homecoming King and Queen Contest to make an appearance at social events, but Shane says nobody cares about patriarchal institutions like Homecoming Queen. Then Liam runs into Karma and spills beer all over her dress and then she passes out.



Shane finds Amy outside in her overalls and asks her who went “under the covers” first, which must be a thing the kids are saying these days because I am an adult who has never heard such a thing.

You know what I mean, what you LEZZERS do in bed, yannow, with the fists in the special hole and all that

YANNOW, all that whatever shit it is you lezzers do in bed like with your fist like this commneneeoonnn you know, like this!

No, that's how you abort a baby with your thumb

No, that’s how you abort a baby with your thumb

Shane: I won’t blab, gay scout’s honor! I just really want us to be friends. I’ve been craving lesbian energy in my life.
Amy: Look, I’m oddly flattered but I’m not gay.

Shane tells her that it’s totes okay to be gay, and she is like, um neat, okay bye.

Comeeeonnnn someone must wanna play euchre with me

Comeeeonnnn someone must wanna play euchre with me

Back in the party, Liam’s oggling Karma’s now-visible nipples (because of the beer spill) and apologizing for the mishap when a drunk girl in a tight dress crashes onto his lap, calls him Pooh Bear, and is summarily dismissed. Liam explains to Karma that he’s not a douchebag ’cause he tells girls straight-up that he’s not interested in anything serious so then if they have feelings it’s totally not his fault.

How many times do I have to tell you that I'm totally gay for SHANE?

How many times do I have to tell you that I’m totally gay for SHANE?

Karma says something annoying about women raising families, and Liam responds that it’s so great to have a lesbian around but before Karma can correct him, Amy pops in to demand that they bust this pop stand.

Liam: “Someone likes ’em bossy!”



But before the troubling twosome can safely escape the Fiesta, Shane seizes their hands in his and marches them into the center ring of the party and calls this Outing To Order.

Promise me right now that you didn't tell him

Promise me right now that you didn’t tell him that you scooped my shit into a paper bag during Hurricane Wanda

Shane: “Two friends of ours are scared tonight. They’re hiding in this teeny tiny dark little closet afraid to come out, afraid we’ll reject them! Here at Hester High we do things differently. We accept everyone! Can I get an AMEN, Brenda?” [BRENDA GIVES AN AMEN] “How do we prove to them that we’re not your typical high school, that we accept them, that they’re safe. There’s only one way I can think of. Let’s elect them HOMECOMING QUEENS!”

Who's ready for LESBIAN OIL WRESTLINGG???!!

Who’s ready for LESBIAN OIL WRESTLINGG???!!

Everybody starts chanting “All hail the queens.”

I think this is your standard-issue TOTAL NIGHTMARE for anybody who is actually in the closet, sidenote. What the fuck, Shane?

The next morning at an underpopulated bus stop, Amy and Karma are discussing the situation: Amy wants to come clean but Karma wants to see how it “plays out” ’cause going gay has already gotten them an invite to a terrible party and straight guys love lesbians and Liam is a straight guy.

Eh, I mean if I had to guess, I'd say you're around a C cup? Maybe a large B, little C

Eh, I mean if I had to guess, I’d say you’re around a C cup? Maybe a large B, little C

Then they get into a mini-fight about Liam ’cause Amy says he could get anyone in school and she doesn’t want Karma to get hurt and blah blah blah, and then a goth kid gives them muffins. “My Moms and I baked them for you two. They’re gluten-free,” he says. “You got my vote!”

Also there's poison in them

Also there’s poison in them

Karma: Maybe I wanna get hurt. Maybe I wanna feel something other than boredom.
Amy: I’m sorry if spending time with me is so boring!

Now that they’re fighting in public, everybody is totally sold on the lesbian thing. Then the chick who banged Artie on Glee last week interrupts their lez-squab to schedule a photo shoot, which’s when Amy and Karma notice that the school’s been decked out in Karma and Amy swag.

Hello bored-looking girl in the flannel

Hello girl in the flannel

Lauren’s going crazy ripping signs down as fast as Liam and Shane can hang them up.

Liam: Anyone think the lipstick one is kinda sexy?
Shane: Typical male. Trying to prove virility by turning a lesbian straight.

I think we made the right choice by springing for the latest edition of Photoshop, y'all

I think we made the right choice by springing for Photoshop Elements, y’all

Outside, Karma is delivering lesbian spirit vibes to an unborn fetus when Amy shows up to once again plea that they shut it down.

Oh yeah, I'm getting serious vibes that you're about to birth the next Tegan & Sara

I hate to break it to you but I think you’re possibly about to give birth to twin monkeys

Karma convinces Amy to maintain ’cause now everybody knows who they are, which’s the only thing in the whole world that matters. “I have been getting a lot of free baked goods,” Amy notes. Plus, Karma’s supes excited for the photo shoot and has even bought fake eyelashes. “I guess that makes me the butch one,” says Amy. “Good! We’re agreed!” says Karma before dashing off to apply the lashes.

I think I just sat on a petrified glob of Bubble Tape

I think I just sat on a petrified glob of Bubble Tape

At yet another key moment of this sunny spring day, Liam is making terrible art outside and ruining nature.

You know this reminds me of a really moving piece of art created by Jodi Lerner? Are you familiar with her work?

You know this reminds me of a really moving piece of art created by Jodi Lerner? Are you familiar with her work?

Karma flirts with Liam about the symbolism inherent in the toy donkey he’s hung up inside a brass orb of male tears. Meanwhile, Amy’s trying to hunt her down, Ivy the photographer in tow, noting “Karma would be late for her own funeral. It drives me bonkers, but I love her.” See this is what’s so neat about their plan is that best friendship in high school is often nearly indistinguishable from girlfriendship. BUT just as Karma and Ivy round the corner…



She knows we can see her, right?

She knows you can see her, right?

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  1. “You know this reminds me of a really moving piece of art created by Jodi Lerner? Are you familiar with her work?”


  2. “it’s all fun and games until they make a demeaning joke about butch lesbians and you have to point out that you wake up next to one every morning.”

    So good.

  3. More Austin references please. Although honestly this is so not what high school in Austin is like. Trust me, I teach in one. There are way more butches. I swear I see more butches in Austin than I do in New York.

  4. Why did this this whole glamorisation of the homos not exist in 2004 when I was at the paroxysm of my acne vurgaris, and so very unsure of why I kept having fantasies of being stranded alone on a desert island with a certain female classmate…

    I mean I’m 25 now. I pay a mortgage. I feel really horrible fantasising about high school girls kissing under a balloon arch.

    • Seriously, where was this in 2003/4 when I would wake up going “wait, what was that I just dreamed?” then threw on my sweatshirt and headed to my all!girlsschool! Oh the things I could’ve done! How worse could I have made my grades?
      And I have some sort of cognitive dissonance when watching all these teenagers on tv shows, who are played by adults.

  5. All I could think about during their kiss was that Amy might die because Karma ate peanut butter after mentioning that Amy had always been allergic. I thought the show was going to take a sharp dark turn.

    • I had the same thought when she was eating the peanut butter sandwich, because I already knew that the episode would end with a kissing scene and I was like, omg, YOU ARE GOING TO KILL HER


  6. “Promise me right now that you didn’t tell him that you scooped my shit into a paper bag during Hurricane Wanda.”


    Also, I read that they had to tone down the kiss scene because the first time they went at it, it looked a little too “R-rated” (their words, not mine), because that’s just what happens when you film a kiss from certain angles?

    • I about died when I read that caption. Broad City is hilarious. Something seriously needs to happen between Abbi and Illana in season 2.

  7. I would enjoy these recaps 100% more if the trend of “accidentally” placing in screencaps of other TV lesbians were to continue.

    Just saying.

    (Great job on the recap as always, Riese!)

  8. Can someone please explain to me how I’m supposed to feel about this show. It feels really fucked up but maybe it’s not totally fucked up but maybe it is totally fucked up. TELL ME WHAT TO FEEL

    • Check out the other autostraddle articles about the show! We’re being hesitant but based on the first episode I personally feel okay with it. The producer (or director?) already altered the original premise of the show from two straight girls pretending to having at least one actual lesbian. So that’s already a positive step.

    • I mean, I watched the first episode and I didn’t totally hate it, but I also think it’s doing terrible things for the representation of gay ladies in the media. Everyone has already pointed out that a high school where being gay gives you popularity points is virtually inconceivable. I was willing to take that leap of faith because I was told there would be gay-kissing in the episode. I persevered. So let’s assume that there is such a high school in existence – these girls are white, able-bodied, feminine, and stereotypically attractive, since that is the only conceivable way that being gay could make them cooler. So we’re basically celebrating them as the model for homosexuals everywhere. Problematic? Obvs. And I’m not even going to cover what’s problematic with the guy who apparently sees lesbianism as a challenge to his sexual prowess, and will, according to the promos, be hooking up with one of the main characters throughout the season.

  9. Gah, I didn’t want to like this, I really didn’t. At first, I wasn’t quite sold on it. Then the rooftop scene happened. And THEN, you had to go and sneak in a screencap of Naomi Campbell, and now I don’t know what’s what anymore. But, damn, I liked it. I really did.

    And now, it’s going to kill me, isn’t it.

    • This exactly. I wanted so badly to hate it but I just can’t.

      Not unlike the super straight karma to my confused baby queer amy from high school times (who is to this day my best friend)

    • Had exactly the same feels. I have told some queer friends about it whose response was “wow, that sounds horrific” and I can’t explain it in a way that doesn’t justify that response. Ack.

    • okay, but be careful because I thought the exact same thing right before I watched an episode of TRLW for the first time

  10. When i was watching the show I thought there was an air of skins Naomi Campbell in Amy and thought that I must have been the clothes in particular that sweater she was wearing and then I saw your screencap of Naomi Campbell in the recap and I died.

  11. omg Lily Loveless forever and ever amen.

    I wouldn’t have watched this if it wasn’t recapped, it was intriguing. I think this could go in interesting directions. I’m gonna watch it.

    Did anyone else notice an Emily cheering in the gym
    audience in the last sequence..?

    Skins was great

  12. I really wanted to dislike this show, and there are certain aspects that are annoying (gross straight dude chasing after an out lesbian), but the character of Amy is so adorable and relatable. I’m hooked already and developing a serious crush on Rita Volk.
    P.S I love Naomi, but seeing her face gives me serious PTSD. Too many sads.

  13. I like this show already. I had a hunch Amy was the queer one, but maybe Karma will be bi? Who knows. This is the first TV show I’ve ever actively followed. And yes, that’s because it’s about queer teen girls.
    Also, the captions are hilarious.

  14. I did have a problem with the “I guess I’m the butch one” tidbit from Amy, but that was my main complaint with the show I guess.

    I can’t say I loved the episode, but it wasn’t as awful as I’d expected. These recaps are a lot more entertaining though, as always!!

    • Yeah I was like “I hate this I hate this I hate this” and then bam – I didn’t hate it anymore. In that one second, I felt it down to my toes. I don’t wanna get attached to this thing, but that was well played.

      • Yep!! I spent the first fifteen minutes (give or take) cringing from the sheer force of the exposition, and then the last two minutes happened and I felt all the feelings and now I kind of love it.

  15. Three things we know to be true about this show:
    1. There is going to be some problematic shit
    2. I am going to watch the whole thing anyways
    3. The recaps will all be perfect all of them

    As someone with a “I fell in love with my straight best friend in high school and despite a relatively accepting environment with other out LGBT folks I proceeded to beat myself up about it well into my college years” type coming out narrative, I am actually optimistic that this show might tell a story that rings true and that we haven’t seen before on mainstream tv.

  16. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m so happy this show was as good as I hoped it would be! Amy is absolutely hilarious with her deadpan, and I died at all the random lesbian-insider jokes like the gluten-free muffins and “I guess I’m the butch one”. I am so on-board with this show and I can’t wait for next week.

    It’s also interesting seeing Shane be the antithesis of Tanner from GBF which makes me #instahate him. Hopefully he’ll be redeemable, especially with those sneak peak scenes after the episode.

  17. okay, you guys, i finally got my hands on the second episode (for some reason they’d only sent me the first and the third originally), and… idk, i still want to hate it but i don’t! i think — and i got into this a bit in my review of the show — the thing that you absolutely cannot undervalue is the fact that one of the TWO protagonists on this show is a lesbian in high school. Yeah, there have been lesbian characters in high school in several other shows, but rarely are they the central story. Their storyline was not addressed in in every scene. I think I just love the feeling of being shocked by a show that doesn’t hold back (e.g., Orange is the New Black), because shows like Glee and PLL do hold back! They hold back so hard. I mean, if the lesbians of the show about high school were ever the central story i would keep up better with Degrassi, instead of watching YouTube videos of the Fiona/Imogene parts. We had South of Nowhere… and Sugar Rush, in the UK, which I liked quite a bit actually… And like SON, I’m sure that after this main coming out storyline is over with, which could be weeks or months from now, the other characters will probably start emerging more and having their own stories, and that will be what it is. But so far we’ve kept a pretty tight focus. And the second most prominent character after the two lead girls is a gay guy, which’s cool too. It’s just unusual to have a show where a lesbian is dead center. Plus it’s cloaked in this “liberal school” device that makes it acceptable to condone things that tv shows usually stay away from for fear of conservative backlash, because you’ve already established the location as outrageous in some way.

    So I think that’s the problem maybe we’re all having psychologically… you want to hate it because of the premise, but it’s hard to say no to a show where the lez storyline is front & center

    • Is it certain that the character is lesbian? Because judging from how it looks right for now, she can be bisexual, which wouldn’t be a problem if only she was portrayed as such from the get go and there weren’t many more bisexual female characters in TV than lesbian ones, which means that if she’s suddenly going to realize that she actually likes guys too, it will be like kick in the guts.

      Also, from what I’ve heard, the douche who wants to turn lesbian is actually going to be portrayed in positive light, what’s more, there’s going to be a threesome involving supposed lesbian. Of course we can assume that nothing will happen, but don’t forget that how lesbians are generally treated in TV reality.

      For example, in case if you’re not familiar with NBC Dracula, know that Lucy has been made a lesbian in that adaptation. And, of course, she had to have sex with a man (including shot of her orgasmic face, at least in British version of the show which was showed few weeks ahead of American airing). What’s interesting is a fact that show’s creator apologized on Twitter and said that it was portrayed this way against his and writers’ intentions, as on script she was written to look traumatized by sex with a man.

      This case shows that TPTB of television are actively working against writers just to push de-gaying portrayals of lesbians, most likely to pander to homophobic, sexist fantasies about “turning” lesbians.

      And that means that even if that threesome was originally supposed to be one thing, during execution of the episode, due to one telephone from some MTV big guy with “suggestion” that audience actually would prefer to see it portrayed “a bit” differently, it could end up as usual.

      Therefore, I will wait with praising the show until it ends.

      • yeah, based on future episodes i’ve seen, i’m 95% sure that they’re setting amy up to be a lesbian, yes, not bisexual. also the context of the threesome situation, which i know about from reading little bits of that episode’s script, is VERY different then what i think you’d expect just from hearing about it.

        • Thanks for clarifying few things. Regarding that threesome situation, I guess that probably nothing will happen, but I’m still worried that it will be portrayed in usual way – that the lesbian wouldn’t have any problem with having sex with a man, that it’s only her “teh feelings” for Karma that will cause some trouble, probably become evident, and prevent threesome from taking place.

        • I’m kind of expecting the threesome to happen because this is the only way Amy would get a chance to actually be with Karma without making it obvious. It’s not clear that Liam is the centre of the threesome, so that would negate Amy having to do anything with Liam. (Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if at this point Liam is already aware that they’re lying about being lesbians together since that was suggested in the promos)

  18. tbh im very excited for season 2 where they get to ditch this premise and amy gets a real girlfriend

  19. Does Ivy have selective memory or something? I mean she SAW the kiss. She kinda knows that Lauren was telling the truth. Like that has been bothering me since Sunday (cuz why wait for tv lol)

    • Well, I mean, Liam did say he liked the challenge of a lesbian with Ivy around, so him kissing Karma could be more like “he succeeded” rather than “oh she kissed a guy she can’t be gay”?

  20. NO JUST NO. What the hell is happening to Autostraddle and some people in the LGBTQ+ community? Are we seriously just going to ignore the HUGE issues surrounding this show in order to quench our thirst for some half-ass representation of high school white girls objectifying lesbians. REALLY!?

    I wish I could go on a rant about the lack of POC representation or the horrible writing, yet I am going to keep myself within the boundaries of objectification. First of all, this is ridiculous, this pretend fairy tale world where “the gays” and the “weird kids” rule the school ignores pressing issues and objectifies sexuality in on of the most shocking ways I have ever seen in a pilot. The Austin high school presented in the show is a fantasy of an unequal world, where gay white cis boys have won their freedom to rule a school in a partnership with “socially conscious” straight men. In a not so shocking turn due to the creation of the show, young white women are pushed into stereotypes due to their presumed (written) vapidness in order to gain social standing. As all of this does not amaze me, I still hoped that lesbians would reach a point in representation where being gay would only be a part of our characters, and we would be able to make our own decisions instead of being nudged here and there by white men who objectifies in and out of paper for their own left or right wing delight.

    • You should check out Riese’s review and the comments. Racially segregated fauxgressiveness is apparently an accurate representation of certain parts of Austin. (And schools like this exist, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same problematic dynamics you notice on the show cropped up in them, since they crop up in adult supposedly-progressive/artsy spaces.)

      • Yes!I still think it is necessary to digest and talk about these racial and representational dynamics, instead of delivering them in a Glee-esque satirical manner that does not really address the issues and furthers some stereotypes and tropes instead of dis-mystifying them. I mean how many gay girls who came out during high-school were accused of “Faking it” for attention? Teenage girls who watch this show should not be passively told that their identity is either fashionable (as seen in the show) or wrong, but normal. It is so problematic in regards to objectification, and I feel like if the person who created this show wanted to be satirical regarding oppression they should have thought it through, instead of making coming out such a fashionable accessory.. Being an accessory is still not cool guys..

  21. I read recently somewhere that Chuck Lorre is continuously trying to start his lesbian comedy series on CBS, with no success. While I hope he will succeed eventually, and also this is NOT one, I’m afraid this is the closest one we get to see for a long time.

  22. Shoutout to Euchre! Although in my experience, no one in Texas knows how to play, or has even ever heard of it. I think your Ohio is showing, Riese. :D

  23. OMG that look on Amy’s face after the kiss…
    I watch whole movies waiting for that realization!
    It seems to be very cute, can’t wait until Karma get to know how Amy feels!
    Anyway, maybe a bit weak on the writing, I would expect more punch from a pilot, but worth to follow. I was waiting for a series like this for a long time. It’s not really a lesbian series, and it’s only on MTV, not on one of the big channels, like CBS, NBC, or ABC, but it’s really cute.

  24. There. After a year of weekly check-ups on this site, I finally made an account just because of this episode. This mere twenty minute episode. I don’t know why but I’m picky with lesbian couples on TV, and this couple managed to keep me through a whole episode, and wanting more of it. A lot more. In fact, I think I have a crush on Amy now……….

    ANYWAY, I love the idea of the show!! I like the whole “pretend to be a couple thing”. I sense some good angst ahead! And I look forward to everything (except for the hetero parts ahem)!

  25. Okay. First of all this is one of the best recaps of a TV show I have ever read. Some of your best Riese. I actually like this better than the show… Second of all. I seriously don’t want this to get screwed up by MTV because it is excellent. Third of all. Go Texas!

    That is all.

  26. Oh man. I forgot until I saw this post how much I shipped Amy/Ivy for this entire half hour of television.


  27. Wasn’t sure given descriptions i’d read, gave it a chance. Love it. Possibly favorite new show. I’m enjoying being able to link things I like having shared actresses or actors from Gossip Girl or PLL. I’ll keep an eyebrow raised for potentially socially damaging messages, but overall it’s like an anti-Glee. Which is good (gfor me {esp since I still have feels about really loving Glee despite it’s 110% camp the first 2 seasons and then being really really sad about it forever]). Also I want to go to that school. And for some other also thought streaming, this made me think of people giving Ani Difranco static about not being some dictionary definition Queer woman of the modern era, and then marrying a man, etc etc. But regardless of her personal choices, she brought a whole hell of a lot of attention (and still does) to Women’s & Queer related topics and so I’m on board with anything that does that, as long as it doesn’t veer off into delicate territories with a bulldozer (and also would be on a board with Ani if you like sexy times in public, surfing — in oceans…yeah I lost that one).

    I rate the first few episodes highly, AND I laughed. I enjoy laughing and queer things and pretty girls, gays, things in general. They are REALLY strong on the modern name drop thing though, which as a writer myself – is a bit risky, bc who is gonna know what all these social media things and mentioned fads are in 10 years? I guess it’ll keep it in a time capsule, which is fine and cool, I myself just prefer when things that are great (which I think this may be) are a little more timeless (ie: making generic references instead of specifics).


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