Whip It! & Introducing Did You See That Comment Friday


Crystal’s LISTEN UP: Music is Your Hot Hot Fix #1: I’ve asked Intern Emily to join me in the musical madness this month. Emily came to mind first because she’s from Canada, and Canadian music rocks, e.g. Raine Maida, Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, Leonard Cohen etc. And I guess it would be remiss if I did not mention k.d. lang and Tegan & Sara. We just won’t speak of Nickelback. [Intern Emily: “Nickelback = shame of Canada”]

Stef’s Defacing Public Property with Amanda Tannen of stellastarr*: “I ask if she’d dressed up as a cat burglar and hit the streets at 4AM.  “No!  I did it in the middle of the day!“”

The Empire strikes back on Bluehost Sucks, and Robin is your Very Special Tuesday Televisionary.


#BLUEHOST SUCKS: The Lavender Liberal has sorted the whole thing out with an excellent article/overview of Bluehost’s terrific record of terribleness: Bluehost vs. The Lesbians! Fun fact – “Here is a clue about which businesses are Mormon owned: Biz names with ‘Blue’ in them (i.e., JetBlue, Bluehost.com) – the ‘Blue’ refers to ‘true-blue Mormons’ (aka ‘TBM’, as opposed to Jack Mormons).”

TEGAN & SARA: Interview of Tegan & Sara in Under the Radar. I don’t even need to tell you what they said ’cause I bet you’re gonna read it. Or not. I mean if you might you’ve probs gotten this far. Potato. Tinkerbell! I feel like Tegan & Sara changed my life. Ok you changed my life too. Whoo-hoo. (@undertheradar)

TRUE BLOOD: This kid went to boarding school with me (riese), and he is doing quite well for himself, probs inspired by  being the lead reader for my play in playwriting class: interview with Michael McMillan from True Blood. (@i09)

BOOYA: Gay Marriage: What Would Martin Luther King Do? “Simply put, a national civil rights organization that takes a ‘neutral position’ on an issue of basic civil rights does not deserve to exist” (@ CQPolitics)

FULL COURT PRESS: Sotomayor on gay marriage“Lindsay Graham’s little scold session was particularly harsh, but then I guess that’s what happens when politically impotent Senate Republicans are charged with determining the qualifications for someone who’s far more qualified for her job than they are for theirs and will end up being more powerful than they are.” (@ The Bilerico Project)

[Intern X: has everybody been watching the confirmation hearings all day everyday? just me? Ok well Sonia Sotomayor answers questions like a mother answers her 4 year old, except the 4 year old is a republican senator?]

Whip it! Trailer

LOHAN: Lindsay Lohan Vogue España August 2009:”Helicopters recording from the air, dozens of paparazzi climbed the mountain that leads to the Hollywood sign and firing their cameras from the most unimaginable, an entourage of about ten people – including his sister and her personal stylist surrounding diva. Welcome to a photo session with Lindsay Lohan” (@ ONTD)

TEEVEE: Cable Shines in Emmy Nominations: And once again I am left wondering WTF TWO AND A HALF MEN WHO WATCHES THAT F*CKING SHOW WHY’S IT ALWAYS NOMINATED FOR SOMETHING. (@ NY Times)

LITERATI: Dave Eggers Confident that America’s Literature-Devouring Youth Will Save Print:”The vast majority of students we work with read newspapers and books, more so than I did at their age. And I don’t see that dropping off. If anything the lack of faith comes from people our age, where we just assume that it’s dead or dying. I think we’ve given up a little too soon.” (@ Gawker)

LEGALEASE: Free legal clinic for gays & their crazy exes opens tonight – “When I split from my partner I didn’t know what to do. I’m gay, I don’t have any protections, so I need to hang my head and keep on walking,” Waldron added. “It’s good there are people out there who want to build protections.” (@ Seattle Times)

YOUR FAVORITE TAX WRITE-OFFS: Your favorite gay non-profits do not include the HRC or GLAAD … (@queerty)

DADT: Obama delays ending ‘don’t ask, don’t tell: “The soldiers we have in our military today – the strongest military in the world – they’re professionals. They have professional leaders and they can handle the lifting of the ban much better than they can handle having their gay and lesbian fellow soldiers, officers, being ripped out of the unit for a stupid policy.” (@ ABC news)

NO MORE DOOM: Gay rights group plans talk on silencing slurs by online gamers: “Electronic Arts is hosting a panel discussion on the topic and will look at what gaming companies can do to limit this behavior, create more gay-friendly games and educate gamers about the need for more sensitivity.” (@ San Francisco Gate)


Auto-Straddler of the Glorious Day:


commenter-friday-71709Here’s the rules: two best comments a week. Interns & Team are not eligible unless an intern says something so mind-blowingly awesome that we add a third comment to the two of the week.

Lynne on Bluehost Sucks: “I think my favorite part about this post being public is Mr. Heaton’s comment being public.”

bcw also on Bluehost Sucks: “you guys, all this belly button talk is explicit and inappropriate. i mean, just the implications . . . “innies,” “outies,” god. is it getting hot in here? where’s my bible.

We’d like to introduce a new phrase to the Lexicon via Autumn M, who did not know the password for the Bluehost post when it was still password protected and then was unable to check out Alex’s Team Pick in the Daily Fix: “I have a feeling everything hates me today. I just wanna see the earth at night. why does nothing ever work for me. miserable.”

When things aren’t going your way, I suggest you add I just wanna see the earth at night to your litany. Previous inclusions in this particular type of speech include “And I think I’m gay!” inspired by young Haviland crying in the backseat of the car after a miserable no-good day.


from Intern X:
x-iconSo I’m recently in like with this blog MadAtoms. It’s cool because the articles are short, interesting,random and paired with illustration. They also do some really cool charts and the nerd in me appreciates that, check out this one called “Hipster Hybrids.” Also go read Breaking up with friends. How does MadAtoms solve this conundrum? “Bite the bullet and sleep with them.” OK it just went from like to love.

stef-iconfrom Stef:
Too bad Carly’s on vacation cos this has her name all over it – Yelle covering Robin’s “Who’s That Girl?” – the French version is called Qui Est Cette Fille? and um… it sounds exactly like you think it’d sound. Whenever I listen to Yelle, she immediately becomes my #1 feeling. I suspect you’ll feel the same.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
40 wonderful images from the Apollo 11 mission — 40 years ago today.

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  1. The fact that you referenced my nine year old self crying in the backseat is BRILL and caused a big West Hollywood LOL this morning.

    • You were nine when you thought you were gay?! Man was I behind the curve…

  2. I love Tegan and Sara. I love Ellen Page. I want to see real Roller Derby. I love books and will never stop buying them! It’s Friday and it’s beautiful out and I’m just going to focus on the happy! But I think I may need to upgrade my favorite color from blue… Anybody going to Pitchfork this weekend (besides myself and Intern Lola…?)

  3. omg i HATE two and half men. one of my friends used to love it and force me to watch it and i would just sit there wondering why it was on tv. can’t believe it still is. surely the kid is like 15 now?
    also, finding out that you can watch c-span online was the end of me doing anything productive for the last 4 days. it also meant i had a lot of the rage whenever the republican senators got their turn.
    Did You See That Comment Friday is ace.

  4. riese, the most important question is whether that dude from true blood played the role of BLAKE in “but they are mad!” – because playing that role last year changed my life, and now i’m a successful actor on a cable tv show!

    • That totally was a transformative experience for you and i personally credit myself with all the success you have garnered since our rooftop reading. though this may come as a surprise to you, that was the very first reading of BECAUSE THEY ARE MAD, which I had written for Krista whos doing her MFA in directing at Yale and wanted to direct a play I’d written and I kept putting it off and then wrote the whole thing in one day … BUT BUT BUT the reason Krista wanted to direct my play is b/c once upon a time I wrote a play called Familyland, which we workshopped in my playwriting class and I had MM in mind to read the lead part, which was awesome. The next year Krista directed Familyland but by then he’d graduated and the dude who did it was AWESOME, and probs is also a star now too. let me check, brb. here he is. he’s a hippie and despite the name we are not related.

      I’d be surprised if you are still reading this. la la LA!

  5. I know that I’ve already made my excitement for Whip It clear, but I WILL be dragging my friends to see a midnight showing of it opening day. It will be appropriate payback for when I was coerced into seeing Twilight (ugh… the Mormon subtext! The corny teen angst! The longing looks! I died.)

    • how can anybody be mad about being forced to see twilight? i was, and it was so bad that i fucking LOVED IT and am now obsessed. IT IS SO BAD AND THAT MAKES IT SO FUCKING AMAZING. also, i will watch kristen stewart do anything.

        • oh please, you haven’t even seen it.
          it is the emo generation’s romeo + juliet, only it’s so fucking gay and full of vampires and dakota fanning.

          • I will admit that Kristen Stewart is hot, but Twilight is totally unbearable. It was way too angsty (and this is coming from an admittedly angsty teen). It wasn’t even angsty in a self-aware and awesome way like My So-Called Life. Also: where was the gayness? I didn’t see that.

          • I don’t have to see it, I already have read the feminist condemnations of it and therefore will sit here and do my arts and crafts and judge. Dawn agrees with me and so does Miss New Jersey Sapphic.

    • I feel your pain Dawn. It was horrendous. One of the worst movies I have seen in a while. But I should have know when a bunch of 14 year girls jump on the bandwagon.

      • I will jump on the it’s so bad it’s good boat, or maybe I won’t. I’m still teetering. Is it just me or was the whole movie a huge awkward moment? Ew, especially with the young girls screaming when “Edward” came into view. I will never sit next to anyone while watching that ever again. I’m somewhat a fan of the books but this was bad. Side note: Kristen Stewart’s spazzy-ness is amazingly lovely.

  6. fun! this makes Jeans Friday even better!

    though i’m still waiting for Matt Heaton to explain what a “sexual program” is. I think he needs to get with one.

  7. I would like to, first off, congratulate the winners today of the comment contest whilst pointing out: I was the catalyst for the belly-button banter. Jus’ sayin.

    I am not a gamer, nor will I ever be (I’m not good), but I am a poker player and I made the mistake (?) of putting up a pic of me and my gf posing for a pic together as my avatar. It was a pose I’d do with my sis or mom or good friend, but the second someone was mad at me at the online table, all the sudden dyke came out. It’s happened only a couple times, but when it does it feels so icky. And even though no one can see me or anything, I still feel like I wanna crawl into a hole and hide. They make a spectacle of you, and then sometimes other assholes join in. Of course I don’t say anything, but then all the sexual questions and comments and REQUESTS start coming out and it’s just too much. I had to leave a table one time cuz the guy wouldn’t stop. I don’t know why I allow it to hurt me, I’m actually not too offended by too much too easily, but it got to me. No matter what, there’s always 2 guys arguing, too, and one of them has to pull the fag card. Always. I don’t know why it’s the default insult for people. When did that happen?

    We ran into a group of Mormon missionaries (about 30 of them, in their late teens/early 20’s) the other day at an Arby’s. I did not know much about the Mormon faith til a coworker (from Idaho) started filling me in. I wondered what they would do if they knew they were in the room with a lesbian. They (just the ones who hate gays, not all of them) actually make me nervous and anxious–like more than just a stranger hating me would. I guess I shouldn’t feel that way though because that’s probably how they feel about me.

    On a brighter note: ELLEN PAGE IS BACK!

    • that’s crazy about the online poker seriously. it’s one thing to read about it like in an article but that’s crazy that it has happened to you. it blows my mind, it’s like this article i read in bitch magazine about second life and how it was racist and misogynistic. also i guess a few comments up I made a judgment about twilight based on two feminist commentaries I’d read about it rather than actually seeing the film. Have I mentioned that i don’t actually watch or see or do anything, I just read articles about those things? True story.

      • Actually I’ve experienced online game issues too. I play xbox every once in a blue moon with a few friends and always get stuff like that. Either it would be just a comment about me being a girl like “Go make me a sandwich bitch! Get in the kitchen!” or more harsh ones like “You must be a fat ass dyke with no life! blah blah.” I don’t usually pay attention to it. They’re just mad because I get more girls then them. =P

  8. totally second that about Twilight’s awesome terribleness. its just so bad. my fave is the way its shot with the colours all weird and at squinty angles. and the longing looks, such longing looks. they’re hilarious. I went with my 15 year old sister who was most unimpressed with how I kept laughing. seriously, its fab.

      and dude the longing looks! i felt like i was watching leonardo dicaprio eyeing up claire danes at the checkout line at hot topic! i read the fucking books and hated every second and OH MAN I CAN”T WAIT FOR THE NEXT FUCKING TERRIBLE MOVIE. SO GOOD.

  9. i was going to say that the introduction of “did you see that comment friday” has given rise to the most commented daily fix, but then i realized that half the comments were from stef. cheers, stef.

    • little known fact: stef is the self-dubbed “al gore of comment contests.”

      also, this daily fix doesn’t hold a torch to where we were all fighting with “annoyed” about ilene fucking chaiken and her interrogation tapes.

  10. whoa wait Jetblue is a mormon owned business? shoot — I wish I didn’t know that, thanks a lot I’ve clearly done a fine job avoiding that tidbit until now

  11. Anyone read the Stieg Larsson books (idk how big they are in the us)?
    The first one, men who hates women, has been filmed, and they’re working on the rest of the series (Swedish films, btw – they rock). One of the main characters is… i guess you could call it sexually ambiguous? You should read the books, they’re quite entertaining. Or you could just watch the movie. http://metrobloggen.se/UserFiles/18.19098/Image/lisbeth.jpg

    Anyway, I don’t really know why I wrote this, but… yeah. Lisbeth Salander rocks.

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