Daily Fix: A-List Awards, T is for Tegan, HPS Sings & GLSEN’s Day of Silence


This week on Autostraddle: Stef paid tribute to t.A.T.u, Robin Shot the Cliks with Cyndi Lauper, Riese interviewed Haviland Stillwell, Carly brought you Televisionary Tuesday, and Riese interviewed Anyone But Me writer Susan Miller . Also check out our latest Girl-on-Gallery of … Girls on Girls! (no visible naked body parts, so I think that means it’s “SFW”?) Also all our galleries are works in progress, so check in with Menswear, Boyshorts, and The L Word cast from time to time. Will there be more features later? Probs …

1. Watch Laurel Holloman accept a Bravo A-List Sexiest Moment Award for The L Word‘s elevator scene: “The world’s getting pretty progressive if you can sit on a girl’s face and win an award … so I don’t understand this whole Prop 8 thing.” Never underestimate the power of the Tibetters. (The entire blackout sex montage obvs earned a spot on Autostraddle’s list as well.)

2. The GLAAD Awards are happening this weekend in Los Angeles (NYC’s GLAAD Awards were in March)– and our friend Alexi and our friend Haviland will both be there. Variety looks back on gay-themed works from the past 40 years, and beyond.

3. Today is GLSEN’s Day of Silence — when students around the country vow not to speak for all or a portion of the day in memory of those who have been silenced by anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying, and harassment in schools. Carl Joseph Walker would’ve turned 12 today.

At the New York Times, Judith Warner challenges schools to get the homophobic bullying insanity “under control.”

” … words like “fag” and “gay” are now among the most potent and feared weapons in the school bully’s arsenal … Being called a “fag,” you see, actually has almost nothing to do with being gay.”

4. “Creeping out Sara” by NOFX is streaming at SPIN.com exclusively, and the lyrics discuss that time Fat Mike met Sara (or maybe Tegan?) backstage at a festival and asked a lot of inappropriate stuff (like if she and her sister had ever hooked up, and if she knew where to buy blow). It’s not a good song, but you may be compelled to listen just the same, and then be really upset.

5. Nathaniel Frank on letting gays serve openly in the military. AND: Defense Secretary Robert Gates talks about how to go about repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

6. Lady Gaga: X Marks the Spot.

7. If you liked the Kristy Hanson song Haviland sang on AfterEllen’s Cat on the Prowl, then take a gander — Haviland would like me to emphasize that it’s “bootleg” quality.

Click to Listen! Haviland Stillwell and Kristy Hanson “Manage”


alex-iconfrom Alex: A little geek moment from me: Graphic Design hero t-shirts! I really like the Jan Tschichold ones. Howevs, I don’t know who half these designers are. Sidenote: where’s Herb Lubalin and Saul Bass? David Carson?! Does anyone know what I’m talking about? yay graphic design!

intern-vashtifrom Intern Vashti: You’ve seen the British commercial about mowing lawns and such, yeah? Well, so has Sarah Haskins … which is exactly why I love her so much. ALSO! Did you know she recently sold a screenplay? She’s like Jenny! Only [purposely] funny and not crazy.

riese-icon3 from Riese: So we’ve all been kinda obsessed with the Hipster Grifter. Were it not for our personal experiences with OMGWTF WHO DOES THAT Liars, I’d probs be livid about the sensationalist witch-hunt fiasco this has become (with trademark disregard for the likelihood of Kari having a serious mental illness) .,. unfortnately I’m biased/fascinated! RAWR! On a much lighter and somewhat realated note, one of my Top Five favorite magazines, Missbehave, offers you an A to Z Guide to Faking it: “You can lie yourself into a shame spiral, but there’s nothing wrong with being savvy enough to fake your way into the V.I.P. room … here are wrong ways to fake stuff (see Racism) and right ways (see Marijuana). This guide is made specifically to help you differentiate between the two. ”

green-iconfrom Green: So many things to do this weekend! Here are my Top 3 Feelings — 1. Phoenix kicks off Pride season with superhot guests The Cliks [see them through Robin’s eyes here!]. 2. If you’re in NYC, stop by the Manhattan Theatre Source to see FOA [Friend Of Autostraddle], Carissa Halston’s reading of Portraiture. It’s free! 3. Did you know that Saturday is Record Store Day? Your local record store will be having a serious party – live bands, exclusive releases from some of today’s finest indie artists, and maybe even snacks! See the complete list of exclusives at RecordStoreDay.com.

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    • It’s really weird ’cause she like tried to be on it and stuff! Maybe there is more than one Paris Hilton.

  1. Re: the graphic designer hero t-shirts — Where’s Alex Vega? Where’s ASHER? That’s what I want to know.

    • ASHER here. :)

      where’s James Victore?
      where’s Chip Kidd?
      where’s Stefan Saagmeister?
      where’s Paula Scher?
      where’s a decent Paul Rand shirt?

  2. Armin Hoffmann! where is David Carson? maybe he’s too amazing to fit on a t-shirt.
    The L World!
    the Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover story is the saddest thing ever. and i don’t like the NOFX song :(

    • Looking at Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover’s face makes my heartstrings hurt!

      You should make a hair bow because you are crafty.

  3. that whole “creeping out sara” thing really upset me. i don’t know who ‘fat mike’ is, but i don’t like him.

  4. hmm…i don’t like nofx, and that song is like especially yucky. but is anyone else as obsessed as me and following tegan on twitter? she said this:
    “nofx + t/s = lots of email/texts/blogs/phone calls. i think punk in drublic is a great record. we r lesbians. sara was creeped. i AM cooler.”

  5. 1) Laurels accceptence was quite eloquent.

    2) That NOFX song…uhh was pretty bad.

    3) Guide to faking it = a few lol moments.

    4) Day of Silence was good. I got my whole school(teachers and students, 40 people) to all wear rainbow ribbons and the DOS logo. We made shirts and rainbow vegan cupcakes. It was a very quiet, but fulfilling day.

  6. so uh…… that song by NOFX…. i giggled. not like full on omg that was hilarious, but a minor ha. which probably makes me a horrible person, since everyone here seemed to hate it…. alot. im sorry…… it just happened. i promise it wont happen again. promise…

    • It’s okay Autumn, I already have forgiven you … you are not a horrible person. You are Autumn and we love you, obvs.

  7. OF COURSE the TiBette scene won!!! Woooooohoooooo Laurel & Jennifer! Love the “prop on my show” comment & “down with Prop 8” and “sitting on Jennifer’s face” – love it – *mind wanders* – back…..anyway…..NICE speech Laurel!!!!!!!!!

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