BBC To Survey Audience on LGBT TV and ‘Skins’ Amps Up Its Lesbian Plot

SKINS: Kathryn Prescott spoke exclusively to Digital Spy UK about the upcoming season of Skins:

Prescott teased: “She has a bit of a roller-coaster ride in her episode!”

Asked if Emily/Naomi fans will be disappointed by what happens, she replied: “No, I don’t think so. I’m gonna give stuff away if I keep talking, but they won’t be disappointed!”

She added: “Naomi needs to appreciate Emily a bit more and Emily needs to be a bit tougher because otherwise Naomi will walk over her. But I don’t know how the series ends yet, so I don’t know what’s happening.”

Episode 402 will be a “Naomi & Emily” episode, and spoilers are available here. If you missed their steamy Season Three romance, you can check out our recaps:

Skins Recap, just the Lesbian Parts: The Ballad of Naomi & Emily Part One

Skins Recap Part Two: The Torrid Lesbian Romance of Naomi & Emily.

STUDY: Furthermore, the BBC has commissioned a wide-ranging study to investigate how lesbian, gay and bisexual people are portrayed on TV, radio and online. The three-part project will include will begin with a qualitative research study (in-depth interviews), which will determine the questions for a follow-up quantitative survey (a larger number of multiple-choice interviews) in a few months. Finally, the BBC also wants members of the public to contribute via a public consultation website. The Guardian UK Reports that the study will include those with homophobic views. The research will be published in summer and be made available to other broadcasters.

Once again we have the BBC ftw with the gays. Also in general for bringing us Absolutely Fabulous.

JENNY: Mia Kirshner debuted on Vampire Diaries last night. She’s going to appear in flashbacks as some dude’s wife who got killed by a vampire, solving the age old mystery of who killed Jenny. She was only in the ep for a moment, but she was super cute. Does this remind anyone of anything? TLW Season 1?


COMEDY: Hey NYC-straddlers – the funny (and VERY photogenic!) ladies of Candy Slice Comedy are performing tonight at Gotham City Improv at 10 p.m. $6 gets you in the door. Go check ’em out!

LILITH FAIR: New acts have been added to the lineup, including The Gossip, Heart, La Roux and Loretta Lynn (a;lksdfalsk)! Also, tour stops are listed! YOU GUYS. LILITH FAIR. 2010.

GREY’S: In case you didn’t catch Grey’s Anatomy last night, Callie & Arizona were super adorable. I’m glad those two are allowed to actually touch each other now! And continuing the gay theme, out actress Sarah Paulson will guest star on the show on Feb. 18, when she’ll play a younger version of Meredith’s mom. (@tvguide)

LILO: Lindsay Lohan went to a fundraiser for Haiti on Wednesday. And guess what?? She dyed her hair, guys. I have been hoping for this day for years. Sadly, she went with black, which looks just as unnatural as the blonde. What’s wrong with red, Lindsay?! Nothing, that’s what. (@radar)

JERSEY: So Jersey Shore ended last night, or something? I’m not really hip to that show yet, but I still enjoyed this EW mock-trailer for the Jersey Shore movie. Mila Kunis eating a pickle! (@popwatch)

HAPPY FEET: Brittany Murphy’s husband went on the Today Show and said some kind of odd things. Such as, “Hollywood is a village, and once you upset the villagers, they talk, and they gossip, and they rumor. And they have blood on their hands. And I hope they wash them with very hot water.” Can we just go back to working ‘sporadically’ into a sentence? (@jezebel)

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    Sidenote; after I saw The Parent Trap I wanted to have red hair and a twin. DON’T BE ASHAMED OF YOUR RED HAIR LINDSAY

  2. Just filled in the BBC survey, while feeling pride that we have a public broadcaster that makes the effort to ask these things!

    Resisted urge to write “more lesbian sex please.”


    • I am going to move to the UK so I can take the survey and tell them I want more lesbian sex I am going to do it


    This will determine whether I should I should put into finding another job in France or if I need to be in America.

    • SAME! i have to stay in the philippines until the end of july regardless, but i might extend my contact into the winter if i can’t catch lilith fair, while if i can catch it i am moving back to canada in august. i told my boss that my contract decisions revolve around music, something he seemed somewhat okay with. so seriously, dates now please.

  4. If they have Naomi and Emily break up, I will cry forever. Okay, probs not forever, but I guarantee I’ll still be upset about it like three weeks later.

  5. My sister and I just finished watching the entire L word series, so ‘jenny’ is fresh in my mind. I was rather happy to see her being eaten by that vampire. Justice was served!!

    Good day.

  6. I’m super excited about the upcoming bbc gayness, also skins is ok, the first series was awesome but the naomi/emily love is the only thing that keeps me watching these later series. I miss Cassie from the first ones, like wow, they should have taken her lesbian storyline further then I’d have been happy forever.

  7. I hadn’t been looking forward to the new cast of skins but it was actually pretty good. I totally OD’d and watched the whole first season one rainy saturday. Should’ve drip fed really.

  8. Isn’t too much hair dye like bad for your brain? I think maybe all those chemicals are responsible for her sporadically insane tweets. Just go natural, Linds. God made it red Lilo… and we all know what happens when you argue with God (L word season 6.. thats what).

  9. liltih fair may have just become my highest priority this year.
    i didn’t know it was possible to put that many amazing musicians together and not have the world explode, or something.

  10. I guess since Sarah Paulson will be playing Ellis Grey, I should stop hoping for a Paulson / Sandra Oh make out session? Blast.

  11. I saw this link somewhere else but I didn’t fill it in. I’ve not been impressed with how mainstream tv deals with gay character to the point I sometimes try to avoid any show that has a gay character in it. The BBC is only doing this survey because it is public funded so has by law a public remit to fufil. It has to be seen to be concerned with that but I doubt it will influnce programming at all. They did a similar survey about disabled people on tv last year.

  12. Oh, Lilo. I love the black, I love the red, I even love the blonde on you (although I was really mad at first about it, and I don’t much like blonde period.) I miss the red though, can we do red? Thanks, hun.

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