Autostraddle’s Turning 12 and We Want You to Ask Us Anything!

It’s our 12th Birthday and we are CELEBRATING the heck out of the last of our tween years with quizzes, advice to our tween selves and this very A+ AMA!

You can ask us about so many topics: including but not limited to Tarot, gender, budgeting, dating, movies, pop culture, sports, D&D, sobriety and MORE!

We're here all day from 9am PST to 8pm PST! Curious about something specific? Check out the schedule — and our team's areas of expertise — below. Pop your questions in the comments, and feel free to hop in and chat with other A+ members, too. Thank you for being an A+ member!

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Who's Going to Be at the AMA and When:
Senior team: Carmen, Heather, Laneia, Nico...

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