Also.Also.Also: Barney Frank Got Married and Other Stories We Missed This Week

Hello! Did you know that here at Autostraddle, we are all constantly trying to write a thing? Sometimes there are too many things and not enough keyboards to write those things. Here’s what we missed this week!

Before we start, Frank Ocean’s new album is streaming via his own website. You should listen to it while you read this, because it’s perfect.

Let’s begin with moving acts of gayness. Barney Frank was married this week. Isn’t that adorable? His partner Jim Ready co-starred in what was described as “the wedding of the century for liberal gay Democratic politics.” If thinking about gay marriage makes you curious as to how John Roberts would vote on the issue, I have something for you.

Speaking of politics: last week I brought you the seven most anti-gay Representatives via this very same column. This week it does my optimistic heart proud to bring you the 11 most pro-gay U.S. Senators instead. And if you liked last week’s Feministing piece on dating “women and trans men,” maybe you also would like to read the follow-up posted Monday.

Plus, did I mention that Gap Inc. signed on to the forever-building amicus brief against DOMA? It happened.

If you’re interested in having possibly conflicting intellectual feelings, Slate has some about single-sex classrooms. I know you’re going to eat up their article on Kanye West and why he loves lesbos, though.

West acknowledges that “girls kissing girls” is sexy or fashionable (or both), but then he calls out these lipstick lesbians for being inauthentic. They’re just playing: A real dyke enjoys having sex with other women. (With a strap-on. Let’s leave that requirement aside for the moment.)

The deeper message here is that Kanye doesn’t (just) get off on seeing women have sex; he admires them. He’s in awe of their self-sufficiency, and he’ll do anything for a blond dyke.

Indeed, there’s more than a hint of self-abasement in his passion for gay women.

And then there was a good thing when Windy City Times talked “love, sports and family” with Jackie Daniels, a Roller Derby “standout.”

Article of the week, however, goes to Slate’s piece on the recently-converted conservative youth icon Jonathan Krohn, penned by the subject himself, who discusses how absurd it was for the Conservative movement to entrust and make a symbol out of a 14-year-old boy. I let it win because of his short bio: “Jonathan Krohn is a former conservative, pundit and purveyor of strange speeches. He is a current writer, college student and nerd. His father calls him a ‘flaming liberal.'”

Remember the Roman Catholic priest who denied communion to a lesbian at her mother’s funeral? He is no longer in his diocese.

Since I gave you the good news first, we have to dive head-first into the bad stuff now. For example, Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, has asked the Supreme Court to help her strip same-sex partners in the state of their benefits, mostly because she couldn’t do it alone. This caused a lot of drama in Arizona and a gay appointee of hers even resigned over the news. She is joined this week in her hilarious and sad tirade against perfectly decent human beings by Jane Pitt – the presumably one and only mother of homo-loving Brad Pitt – who penned an Op-Ed in support of Mitt Romney urging voters to “prayerfully” decide whom to elect. Yay secularism!

Speaking of Mitt Romney, his followers convened this weekend in the Hamptons for a series of fundraisers. One supporter told reporters, “we’ve got the message. But my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies — everybody who’s got the right to vote — they don’t understand what’s going on. I just think if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t understand the impact.” She is unnamed in the article so I have dubbed her “rich fool voting for a rich fool.”

The thing about all of this bad news is that you could always relocate to one of 18 countries better for women than the U.S. and be done with it! Just remember that the grass isn’t always as green as you think it is even when the girls are super blonde, because across the globe, a girl in Sweden is filing a discrimination suit against her school for telling her to “tone it down” after she was assaulted and suffered a head fracture for being gay. Administrators reportedly told her that her sexuality “scared” and “confused” other students, and that thus she had “provoked” the incident. Sweden is probably still very swell and adorable otherwise.

Plus, if you currently reside in the U.S., Megan Rapinoe plays on your soccer team and her less gay goalie Hope Solo does, too, even if she did test positive for a banned substance. But hey, did you know 74 percent of Canadians know a homo? That’s a lot of homos!

So really wherever you go I bet there will be beautiful women. Maybe you can meet them at brunch.

To keep it classy and inspiring, I would like to close with a photograph. You could dedicate this post to Andrea Gibson now, I guess. This comes from Molly Surno, a multi-disciplinary artist who took a series of polaroids called “The Glittering World” while working on her documentary about the Miss Trans World Indian pageant.

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  1. Can we please send a comment award to the humble internet user known as Chris, who wrote the following in response to the Kanye West article:

    “Who doesn’t like lesbians! They’re like pandas, what’s not to love.”

  2. The breakdown of Canadians and loving the gays was really interesting. Shaking my head at you, Alberta. No surprise that the number of Albertans supporting same-sex marriage is virtually the same as Conservatives supporting same-sex marriage.

  3. I seriously love Jeff Merkley, he sends me emails about overturning Citizens United.

    There is the cutest video of Nancy Pelosi dancing at the reception after Barney Frank’s wedding.

  4. Aw yeah, Sens. Lautenberg and Menendez are from MY state. NJ REPRESENT. sometimes we make good choices.

  5. Hmm, Sweden. I have mixed feelings. This doesn’t sound out of the ordinary for what I’ve heard of the Swedish school system, but I could be wrong since I am taking Swedish Girlfriend’s word for it, and she moved overseas for a reason. On the other hand, Other Swedish Girlfriends live around Gothenberg and have never had any problems. Perhaps it depends where you are in Sweden?

    On a somewhat related note, so many Swedish girlfriends… :D

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