8 More Women Gamers on YouTube and Twitch

Last week, I asked the internet for streamers and Let’s Play-ers who weren’t cis men. Specifically, I wanted women, queer women, nonbinary folks and qtpoc. I figured I’d get a couple of recommendations. BOY HOWDY I got more than a couple. I got so many that I couldn’t keep it to one article. Which was really heartening, actually! I hypothesized that I would find fewer humans, but lo! All of these peeps managed to survive the very particular toxic masculinity so prevalent in nerd spaces. So without further ado, here are eight more. Some queer, some not. Happy gaming, queermos.

Annie Mok

You might know Annie Mok from the world of comics and art and books and for being awesome on Rookie — but did you know she also plays video games on the internet? Because I didn’t! I checked out her YouTube channel and she’s got a load of Gameboy titles on her Let’s Play playlist. I love it; makes me super nostalgic.


Watch live video from AnneMunition on www.twitch.tv

AnneMunition came recommended by a few commenters last week, so I ran to check her out. Y’all, her voice is almost as soothing as Undrea’s from last week! I chose this video because even though she’s stressed out by the character creation music, her voice is still melodious and wonderful. Judging from her video library, she plays things like Overwatch, Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect.



What I like about SupaDupaCurl is the way she talks video game plots as though she’s recounting friend-group-drama. “Okay, so where we left off with Geralt…” Right now, on her YouTube channel, there’s a lot of Witcher. But you may also know SupaDupaCurl from the BlackGirlGamers community, which has a ton more videos.

Zoey + Fiona

In this video, Zoey Pro-As-Heck and Fiona Riches both play Minecraft and also read things in a chicken voice, you’re welcome.

And this channel has a group of diverse games. If you’re specifically looking for co-op plays with Zoey and Fiona, there’s a whole playlist of them. Oh, and did I mention Zoey and Fiona are girlfriends?


Seri has a point of view that I haven’t found anywhere else—she’s a budding biologist and her game choices reflect that interest. I chose this particular video because it really made me want to play Meadow, and I feel like maybe it’ll do that for you too. Also Seri sounds like a happy sunshine person, and on this grey, rainy day in New York City, it’s so nice to hear about flowers blooming in Michigan.

Also, this is a two-for, because, in the above video, Seri plays Meadow with Stacy Plays, who you might know for playing Minecraft. She plays beautiful Indie games as well.


Watch live video from lSeekrl on www.twitch.tv

lSeekerl mostly plays Overwatch, but I found a good ole gay classic in her video library to give you a sense of how she talks and what sorts of things she focuses on in games. Can I level with y’all for a second? I have a really bad time watching people play Overwatch because the camera makes me nauseous. But a couple of y’all asked for Overwatch streamers last week; ask and ye shall receive.

Recurring Vs

Vs describes herself as your neighborhood trans lady who plays games on YouTube, and I love that she plays Indie stuff, because as lousy as I am at video games, the weird little games are my JAM. I chose the above video because our very own dufrau just reviewed Night in the Woods, and if you need another reason to play it, Vs has got you with a playthrough. Sometimes she plays with her partner, sometimes she plays by herself. Oh, and she specifically says she does her best to keep her channel safe both in the comments and with content warnings, so if that sounds good to you, check her out!


Watch live video from Ldotexe on www.twitch.tv

I caught a hot second of L streaming Overwatch live, but I could only stay that hot second due to my Overwatch nausea problem. So I found a video in their library in which they organize their Stardew Valley possessions in EXACTLY the same manner as I do. We also have another thing in common: smut! But I only used to write smut, whereas they currently write smut, which is much more valuable for those who would like to read smut.

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  1. Always love seeing more cool gamers to follow! Thanks Ali! Will there be more posts after this one? :)

  2. I also like the youtuber Kateriix
    I found her through watching Seri, she has the same kind of games on her channel

  3. Annemunition was also part of the twitchcon 2016 LGBTQ+ pannel its a really intresting watch if you have never seen it

  4. Oh wow amazing! This makes me want to play Kirby and suck things up and spit things out!

  5. Woohoo! I’ve been looking for more queer ladies who play OverWatch! My YouTube subscription feed is looking too male and white in that department. Thanks for helping me ameliorate that. :-)

    • As I replied to someone on the previous post (the 11 ) – 3 that I’ve watched on Youtube that play OverWatch: Opulent Neptune, Shenpai (Aeroviro), and Oasis on Overwatch. I believe that all three also stream on Twitch. And then I found a 4th – Loserfruit.

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