50 Pictures of Amber Heard

Did you see The Playboy Club last night? Did you ever think to yourself, “why don’t I just look at 50 pictures of Amber Heard instead?Well, we made this for you — and just in time, ’cause the show got cancelled!:

Big up to Amber Heard’s fansites, from which many of these photographs were pilfered: adoring amber heard & amber heard source.

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    Aaaaand the show was just cancelled.

    (No really. It just was. First cancellation of 2011-2012 season).

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    Ah, shucks. Cancelled already? Well, at least we can see her work her magic in The Rum Diary.

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    “why don’t I just look at 50 pictures of Amber Heard instead?”
    I think this is going to be my go to boredom activity.

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    Amber Heard is also super nice in person!! had a pleasure of meeting her in one of tasya van ree’s (her gf) photo exhibit and she’s so so so so so gorgeous

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    If you could provide a few hundred pictures of Tasya Van Ree as well that’d be swell.
    That way I can picture them picking out white goods and watching Dancing With the Stars in he sweats.

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