The Official 2010 Autostraddle Hot 100: Real Queer Girls

#41 through #50:


Jordan. Single.


Chicaco, IL
Graduate with Bachelors in Sociology, going back to school in the fall for Media Studies
Favorite Book:
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott, and Dear Diary by Leslie Arfin

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Autostraddle Hot 100


Jordi, 19. Queer.


Student at Texas A&M. Also: designer and a roller derby girl.

Autostraddle Hot 100


Julia, 23.”Totally single.”


Dearborn, MI
Substitute teacher & tutor
Favorite Book:
Understanding Urban Ecology, Harriet the Spy


Autostraddle Hot 100


Julia, 24.


Québec City, Québec, Canada
Used Bookstore Clerk


Autostraddle Hot 100


Julie 24.

Autostraddle Hot 100


Baby Julie Goldman. Lesbro.


Actress/comedian/co-star of ‘in your box office’ on
“as submitted by her best friend and writing partner in crime, Brandy Howard

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Julie Goldman


Kaitlyn, 21. Queer. “Single and ready to mingle”.


Suburbs of Philadelphia
Student at Temple University

Autostraddle Hot 100


Kalie, 18.


Paul Mitchell school student.

Autostraddle Hot 100


Kamari. “Not single, but always down to mingle with some lezbefriends.”


Phoenix, AZ
Favorite Book:
Anything by Toni Morrison


Autostraddle Hot 100


Katie, 23. Single.


North Carolina
Recent UNCG graduate with a BFA in Painting
Favorite Book:
Anything by David Sedaris or just about any art history or queer theory book you sit in front of me.

[website (queer art goodness)]

Autostraddle Hot 100


#51 through #60


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  1. Might as well send Olivia Benson to arrest me now. No doubt these girls are hot, but I am way too old to think so. Please tell me there is at least one over the age of 30. If not, it is off to perv-ville for me. 60 more to go. Awesome collection Autostraddle!!!

  2. bah ha. i’m just here for my girlfriend jade, who i submitted without her knowledge and is no doubt going to stab me in the face since i sent a picture of her as a sleazy eurotrash man.
    aaah, love.

  3. this is great stuff!
    I’m surprised there is a german lady – now i know there are at least two of us being obsessed with this website.
    she’s cute though. a cute geek. but I bet she lives in Bavaria and is married or something. ;)

  4. Can I just say that I love Autostraddle for doing this? Everyone is so beautiful I can’t wait for the next 40!
    Dear Fobazi,
    You should really have a way for admirers to stalk you,
    Sincerely Karma.

  5. These girls are so CUTE I might die of a heart attack. Dang! I won’t even name names ’cause there’s so many I think are hott. Let’s just say I’m extremely happy I’m a gay girl right now.

  6. SO cute~love this idea and it’s execution!
    The picture that was taken of me is the work of Josh Bennett from – he is an AMAZING knitter, and he knitted the sweater i’m wearing, which he and i designed together!

  7. I’ve been reading this website since it’s inception and not til now have I felt the need to comment…. don’t worry guys, it”s me, not you….

    But this whole thing is just too good to ignore, CUTE GAY GIRLS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

    Love it all – beats the shit outta all those other top 100s.
    keep bringing the terrible/awesome!

  8. Oh, wow! I’m on the list! Though they forgot to put the link to my Twitter. I think I’ll survive, though. I’m @britisshameless for anyone that wants to follow me :)

  9. So many ladies from my state- Georgia!
    *fans self*

    This is so great. So great. I can’t accurately express it in an eloquent way right now (though I’d like to do so) because I am dying from the of hotness of all of the ladies on this list! Great list. That’s all my brain can think of in it’s currently clouded state.

  10. I really thought I could stay awake til the whole list was posted but I can’t, I CAN’T. It hurts my heart. I’m not gonna sleep all night. This is better than Christmas eve! I just want to open all my presents now! (I DO get to keep them, right?)

  11. Hi hotties,
    I am currently editing any corrections that I see here in these comments. I apologize in advance if I’ve made any mistakes and I am making those corrections asap so if I missed something just let us know! Thanks!

  12. So. I was going to comment on how great an idea this was and how hot all the ladies featured are…

    And then I noticed something.

    Favourite book : Colette, The Pure and the Impure.

    Anna from LA/SF – you rock.

    -hugs copy of Pure and the Impure-

  13. Effff. I have to go to sleep now or there’s going to be some kind of zombie-takeover of my body, but first, WOW this list is amazing so far. So much hot hotfulness! Very much looking forward to waking up to more tomorrow. Thanks for bringing the HOT autostraddle (and autostraddlers).

  14. Nessa! I’m from NS too! Nice to know I’m not the only one!

    Sally- you are my hero. That is all. :)

    This list is amazing. So many different types of beautiful people. I’ll probably be visiting it hourly/daily.

  15. Spin-

    I go to Northern Illinois University.

    Just Sayin…


    (it’s not included that I’m 23. Just putting it out there sine I’m often mistaken for, ya know, 14) :-)

  16. Well, I think I had something important to say… but I got too overwhelmed by all the cute/hot/ohmygoddrool-ness that I forgot. :( Either way, this is kick ass. I think we need to create a cute lesbian island for all of these people to live on.

  17. Love this!! OMG I woke up to this this morning and wow, what an AMAZING start to my day, week, rest of the month, year, just WOW!! All these girls are crazy cute, sexy, hot, B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!!!!! :)

  18. It takes a lot of girl balls to stand up for who you are and let people see you the way you want to be seen. If that make any sense. props to all the gorgeous ladies.

    ya know, I think Autostraddle has been doin’ it a lot better then afterellen for a while. So my eyes are glad you did your own 100.

  19. Was anyone else so overwhelmed by the hotness that they failed to spot everyone was listed alphabetically?

    I was about four pages in and thinking, fuck me, is every queer girl in the world called Emily?! And then it dawned on me.

    Now all I have to do is keep the lid on this bubbling cauldron of bent boiling-hotness, because if my friends saw it they would not listen to me complain about there being no attractive lesbians anywhere ever anymore.

  20. You’re all very beautiful, and awesome, and young! OMG! I feel like I just walked into a “To catch a predator” set up…

    I’m going to pretend the ones that didn’t put their age are over thirty… like me.


  21. speechless.
    you’re all so interesting/awesome/pretty i don’t even know what to do with myself.
    but basically i want to emigrate everywhere and make a lot of marriage proposals.

  22. Yayy what a list! props to you guys for doing a hot 100 of actual lesbians instead of the run-of-the-mill “let’s see which hot straight girls made the cut this year” list. these women are awesome. i’m very honored to part of it, and so is my lady. also, thanks for including shmoop! i know there’s gotta be some like-minded lesbian literary nerds out there like me. :) oh, and i’m 25 and gayyyyy.

    LOVE autostraddle!


  23. Thank you Autostraddle! Such an amazing list! Beauty abounds.

    Dude. Stef from Sydney, Australia…can I have your babies? You pretteh, and you take incredible pictures. I salute your awesomeness.

  24. omgeee IM SO SHY and was really apprehensive when my friend told me shes submitting my picture. i woke up with hundredsss (JK) of new followers om my tumblr. thanks!

    and Y’ALL ARE HOT! can i have your numbers????

  25. you’re all lovely! great job Autostraddle, this was a great idea. also i’m 25 (26 next week), not 24, but that’s alright. if you do correct it you can also add that i’m single. (Iva)

  26. Hey, thanks for putting me up on the Hot 100, Autostraddle! It’s a great honor. The only thing that’s strange is that you put my name up as Lauren when I generally go by Tenny but that’s okay.

    I’m glad everybody that saw me on the preview liked my Justin Bieber shirt too haha. :P

  27. Sonya!

    I want your love and I want your revenge.
    I’m you’re biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me.
    Be your best friend, yeah I’ll love you forever.
    Show me your teeth. The truth is sexy.

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