Dear Queer Diary: Notes From An Inveterate People-Watcher


Some of my favorite places to people watch include the grocery store, where I am fascinated by the contents of people’s carts, and the airport, where I have been known to spend layovers wondering where that man in the three-piece suit is going and what possessed him to wear a vest in the middle of July.


New Thor Will be a Woman! Five Other Heroines Who Have Taken Up a Man’s Title


“It’s pretty common for a younger man to take up the mantle of an older male superhero, a younger woman to take up the mantle of a female hero, or even for a younger woman to sort of take up a male hero’s mantle but then feminize the name. What’s happening here is much less common. While Thor is the most high-profile example of this, it’s not the first. Here are some of my favorite examples of this happening before.”