We Need Help: Seeking New Food and DIY Writers

Hey weirdos! It’s that time again: we’re looking for some more warm human bodies to type words with us in a desperate attempt to fill the shrieking void. This time, we’re looking specifically for words about food, home, crafting, and DIY culture. Sound good? Great, keep reading!

Who We’re Looking For:

Autostraddle is looking for food writers who can cover one or more of the following stories/areas:

  • Original recipes
  • Vegan/Gluten-free/Soy-free/Nut-free recipes or a variation on those themes
  • Original cocktail recipes
  • Recipes with meat in them, but seriously
  • Food-themed lists, like this one
  • Queer cooking culture
  • Cooking utensil and gadget info
  • Queer cook/baker profiles
  • Restaurant guides and reviews
Yeah no I just applied; Autostraddle's readers are going to flip the fuck OUT about my vegan French onion soup recipe

Yeah no I just applied; Autostraddle’s readers are going to flip the fuck OUT about my vegan French onion soup recipe

We’re also interested in DIY and home writers with knowledge in the following areas:

  • DIY project tutorials
  • DIY accessories and fashion
  • Tutorials with original patterns for sewing/knitting/crocheting/embroidery etc.
  • Queer crafting circles
  • Interior design tips
  • Decor profiles

These lists are in no way exhaustive. If you have a great idea, we’d love to hear it! We are especially interested in bringing on writers who are currently running their own food and craft blogs. A good camera and access to photo editing software is a must! Original photography is required for almost all posts. We are only interested in reliable, web savvy applicants.

I just pitched an article about how I made these insane shelving units and set them into the wall behind me, now I'm going to go make a margarita and celebrate

I just pitched an article about how I made these insane shelving units and set them into the wall behind me, now I’m going to go make a margarita and celebrate

Time Commitment:

We are looking for regular food and DIY coverage or columns. You can apply to do one of these things or several of these things. Frequency for these varies from once or twice a month for regular food or DIY columns or videos.


  • Online writing experience (personal blogs count)
  • Solid knowledge of at least one area of food or DIY and overall knowledge of the food or DIY community
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with all things Autostraddle
  • Comfort with social media
  • Comfort with having your photograph & name on the internet
That's right I DIY'd this throw pillow to match my skirt; you'd better believe I'm applying to write at Autostraddle

That’s right I DIY’d this throw pillow to match my skirt; you’d better believe I’m applying to write at Autostraddle

How to Apply:

Send resumé (PDF), cover letter (in the body of the email with “Food/DIY Writer Application for Autostraddle” as a Subject line) and at least two relevant writing samples that include original photography to hansen [at] autostraddle [dot] com and cc: rachel [at] autostraddle [dot] com. If you have extra relevant video tutorials or photos, send those too!

Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

  • What’s your availability?
  • Why do you want to do this?
  • What areas are you an expert in?
  • 2-3 clips/specific posts that highlight your best work (should highlight knowledge and writing style)
  • Concrete description of a regular, if pitching a regular, and four proposed column entries under that regular.

We can’t wait to hear from you!



What’s In It For You:

As an independently-owned website with an enormous readership and insignificant advertising revenue, we struggle every month to pay the five full-time staffers (40-80+ hours a week), four part-time staffers (15-30 hours a week) and 18 Contributing Editors (15+ hours a week) who keep this complicated operation running. Unfortunately we’re not able to pay occasional contributors (yet) — we’re well aware that this sucks and if we had any agency to change the situation, we would!

But you will build an impressive portfolio, be featured on a website with over 3.5 million views a month (we’re the second most popular queer-lady website in the world!) and have the freedom to write about the things you care about. We offer you free stuff whenever we can, A-Camp and Merch discounts (plus the chance to apply to work at camp and thus attend for free) and financial reimbursement for any expenses incurred while doing your “job.”

There’s room for advancement into paid positions within Autostraddle, and Autostraddle writers have gone on to secure gainful employment or snag freelance assignments at places like Gawker, Refinery 29, ReadWriteWeb, The Feminist Press, The Awl, Bitch Magazine, xojane, The Huffington Post and so many more!

Most of all, you should have fun! This means that you should consider writing, researching and working really hard to be “fun.” We do!

Deadline For Applications: 11:59 PM on Sunday, March 16

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Hansen is the former DIY & Food Editor of Autostraddle.com and likes to spend most days making and cooking and writing. She teaches creative writing at Colorado State University and is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in her free time.

Hansen has written 189 articles for us.


  1. I am tempted to start a food blog and buy a camera just so next time this call for submissions comes around I have more qualifications than “my housemates really like to eat my food” and sometimes I write funny/thoughtful things on messageboards. Excited to see what the new blogs will be, though!

    • I’m in the same place, lol. And I’ve been thinking about queer DIY columns for a couple months now, so I’m banging my head at the fact that I haven’t written regularly online in a long time.

    • If you’re worried you don’t have time or necessary experience, you can still feel free to send me single article pitches any time at hansen [at] autostraddle [dot] com! This goes for everyone!

  2. Ugh I would love to apply. Just don’t have the time. My food blog has been sitting dusty forever. Time to get back at it.

  3. as a queer food blogger this makes me very happy. I am definitely applying for this, it would be great to be able to write a food blog on local eating for specialty diets.

  4. Oh if only my time wasn’t entirely taken up with my MA (fine art practice) and my day job. Craft, Interiors and DIY yo! I’ve redone 90% of my Victorian terrace myself, including refitting the kitchen and sanding back the hardwood floors and reupholstering/repairing/restoring furniture.. I’d have been so down to apply. Anyone want to cook me up an extra day in the week?
    Can’t wait for exciting extra content here though :)

  5. I have an idea for a column…. “THREE WAYS TO DO ‘DIY’ WRONG TIL’ ON THE FOURTH GO YOU GET IT RIGHT”
    This is the story of me renovating my 100yr old house. Because I’m too tight to pay other people to do shit for me.

      This would be the story of e raising a child, because I’m too tight to buy parenting books.

    • Wait, this is the subtitle of Make A Thing, you didn’t know? “Make A Thing: How To Go About Doing Everything Totally Wrong Until You Finally Figure It Out Just In Time To Look Legit While Telling Others How To Do It” — I mean, it’s pretty long so we edit it out of most posts.

      Just kidding (maybe not)


  6. I have no writing samples otherwise I would submit this myself, but I’m dying to have someone talk about sustainable slash ethical queer fashion and beauty!

    • I’m developing a cruelty-free fashion label and I blog about exactly those things!
      Here’s to hoping :)

  7. um um.. I could write a food column for other people who can’t smell (although my non-anosmic roommates do love my cooking). I could utilize my experience writing in feminist topics and make cute recipes like Smashed Patriarchy Potatoes or DIY projects like how to make mini-microagression-notebooks. XD

    • Yesss! I was just thinking of asking you to put together an alternative eaters column! I’d gladly contribute advice on how to cook around food allergies!

  8. Ummm, as someone who just moved onto a 5-acre coffee farm with my partner a year ago to become a (modern-ish) homesteader, I am definitely applying for this within the next few days. YAY

  9. I can start a fire with a chocolate bar, soda can, rag and a small pile of leaves (on a sunny day), does that count as a necessary DIY skill?

      • Do not tempt me! Writing has always been my weakest area, and I can be incredibly lazy sometimes. I am mulling over the idea of unusual survival techniques. I do know many from various Discovery channel binges and countless hours online.I’m tempted to apply…

        • How to build a water purifier with a trash bag, coffee can, nipple clamps, non-fuzzy handcuffs, and a saucepan. Go.

  10. I’ve been wanting to submit food articles to AS for years… now I have no excuses not to apply for this!

  11. I’m seriously thinking of applying for this — I used to have a blog where I shared my own paleo/gluten-free recipes … but that kinda went belly-up when my second year of graduate school rolled around, haha.
    My DIY skills are pretty random and esoteric, but who knows.
    The biggest challenge (if I apply for this), would be putting together a resume for doing something that is totally different from my “professional field,” haha.

  12. I’ve been spending probably more time than is healthy lately working on quilting projects, but I still feel wholly unqualified to write about it, and there was already that series of articles a few months ago about quilting.
    Only I’m the kind of masochist who hand quilts her projects.

    • I have a hand sewing quilt project in the works. Have I worked on it in the past year? no. But it’s paper piecing and is painful but I want to finish it! …someday.

  13. Well I can’t wait for new talent and articles!! =) This is exciting! I think I would apply if only I were a bit more creative!! Speaking of resto guides! Fellow Yelpers! Heyyyyyy.

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