We Love You

This whole time I had this fear that we talked about a lot — this fear that one day we’d get to the point financially where we just couldn’t go on one more minute. When we’d totally run out of money. This fear rose up a lot, like for 500 different reasons that will all be in the book we write in 20 years. What would we do? What would you do?

This week that fear seemed closer to being realized than, really, ever before and Oh! It turns out that you would catch us just before we hit the bottom of our homosexual well and be Oh I DON’T KNOW the best readers in the universe.

The weirdest part is we can’t always see you, we don’t know who you are but we love you. We want to touch all of your faces and hug you all. These people on the internet. I don’t know why I tell myself every formspring compliment comes from the same five people, or why when I mentioned the likelihood of us not existing next year I didn’t think anyone would care / freak out. But we told you that we needed help and then what you did is that you helped us.

We’re especially excited to go through all the emails from people who want to help us become A Thing that makes money like Real People.

This is really good because WE LOVE DOING THIS and do believe, honestly, that we’ve got something really special and awesome and dreamy happening here and we’re all just thrilled to be a part of it.

We just want you to know that we love you. We love you so much. Here’s a recap of why:








Photography © jmberman1 2009























We’ve raised about $9,500 through the amazingness of our readers (in donations and sticker sales) (ETA MONDAY 11:46 PM PST – $12,747) and we never thought that was possible and we are so grateful. We’re gonna keep this push going for the rest of the week because any subsequent donations would be in no way superfluous or unneeded and let’s just roll so that we never have to talk about money again because everyone hates talking about money.

We’ve also gotten a lot of applications for people who want to help us make money and we’re really excited about the future and are going to write really amazing posts this week starting tomorrow we promise!







Before you go! Autostraddle runs on the reader support of our AF+ Members. If this article meant something to you today — if it informed you or made you smile or feel seen, will you consider joining AF and supporting the people who make this queer media site possible?

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Riese is the 41-year-old Co-Founder of Autostraddle.com as well as an award-winning writer, video-maker, LGBTQ+ Marketing consultant and aspiring cyber-performance artist who grew up in Michigan, lost her mind in New York and now lives in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in nine books, magazines including Marie Claire and Curve, and all over the web including Nylon, Queerty, Nerve, Bitch, Emily Books and Jezebel. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Word, and then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! In 2016, she was nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism. She's Jewish and has a cute dog named Carol. Follow her on twitter and instagram.

Riese has written 3228 articles for us.


  1. i feel like i’ve done my good thing for the day when i get to see a kitten post after donating.

  2. I’ve been reading some form of AS since, like, forever, and it would KILL me to see it die.

    +$100, I love you guys so much. Also,<3 kitties

  3. Autostraddle has been saved! This is such a great day, even if I’m stressed out over a million other things.

    I think I just need to go surround myself with some kittens.

  4. We love you too :)

    No srsly. I am pretty sure I would sell my eggs to stop this site from going under. Autostraddle creates a discursive space that needs to exist. And also I don’t need my eggs. But mainly you’re awesome and the world needs you.

    • This is a solid plan. Selling your eggs will create more gaybies, thus ensuring Autostraddle’s survival in generations to come.

      • Nice! If I can start a queer revolution with my ovaries all my period pain will be worth it.

  5. Well, yeah you have readers, but you also made them meet up with each other. Community! We’re emotionally invested now, it’s too late to quit.

    • Y’know, I’d pay for some community functionality, like a secret forum or something. Hell I’d pay an extra membership so that someone else who can’t afford it can jump in. It’s the people that are my favourite part of Autostraddle and if there’s some way to extend this beyond comments that would be awesome.

  6. There is nothing like kittens and my favorite website being saved by evil before I even put on pants in the morning.

    I love the fuck out of you guys.

    Carry on.

  7. These are all perfect, as is the AS Team. Also, if a cute kitten picture and caption can be one’s spirit animal, the “is this where the whiskey comes from” kitten just might be mine.

  8. autostraddle helped me like myself again. So basically, I love you too.

  9. Yesterday I donated 10% of my total net worth to Autostraddle. This would probably be more impressive if I had more than 50 dollars in my bank account, but the point is, I love you and I love kittens and I never ever want you to leave.

    • No, pretty sure it’s more impressive that way…$5 is not a joke. You could have gotten roughly 1.37 gallons of gas with that!

      • Or enough tofu and broccoli to diversify my ramen for a week! But it is all for the best, because I would be much sadder living without Autostraddle than without protein.

  10. who else would write a book out of pictures of kittens for us? NO ONE. you guys are the best.

  11. I tried to get my dad to donate money because I don’t have a credit card and he asked me why I wanna donate to a website and I said well how else are they gonna take care of the kittens and children and rent and drinking whiskey and going to Dinah Shore because we can’t go our selfs and pictures of Shane? He doesn’t get it , but there’s still money coming your way!

  12. I am for real going to read this post and watch the video of the baby penguin being tickled all day today.

  13. You’re wonderful and kittens are wonderful and I just want to give you all of my money or at least some of it because I might need some later.

    • I would buy this too! This is an excellent idea. Also, I will pay you for kitten pictures with funny captions in general.

  14. Thanks so much for posting again about this, as I’ve been away from the site for a few weeks and didn’t know about the financial unhappytude. Now I’s got myself a shiny new bumper sticker. #rapture

  15. I am the Alex-harassing, t-shirt wanting kitty.

    But I can donate after my next paycheck at the end of the month! HOPEFULLY!

  16. Okay so I love everyone with my whole entire heart. I am donate just as soon as silly Paypal links my damn credit card. CASHMONEY COMING YOUR WAY, AUTOSTRADDLE. LOVE YOU BABY.

    • yes.. i am donate…

      also: the stay up all night playlist works. it does. particularly if you loop the Mortal Kombat theme ’round about fourish

  17. I LOVE KITTENS! And AS kittens just ROCK in a crazy, awesome, couldn’t be cooler than anything way!!

    I’m SOOOO glad AS is saved but I will still be donating SOMETHING when I get paid! It might only be 50 cents – but every little bit helps..right? RIGHT?

    I love you AS! Don’t go away please!! :)

  18. i love you. also i plan on putting that sticker on my laptop and i never put stickers on my laptop and i ordered madeline books through the amazon thing cause i figured the only people who wouldn’t judge me for buying madeline books were autostraddlers.

    • OMG- I think I might have to buy a second sticker. I bought one that’s meant for my water bottle, but now I want one for my laptop, too.

  19. There are soooo many of us who have your back. Those who post, those who lurk, those who subscribe, those who will think about subscribing now, those who buy merchandise because we admire and identify with who you are and what you do.
    When you’re in trouble, we’re in trouble. So, when you need help, send up the flares. There are a lot more of us here than you think. And we totally have your back.

  20. oh my god AS. i do not have the skills you need to sell ads or come up with business plans or really do anything useful but CAN I JUST SAY – having worked a lot in/around/under/through/between/on coffee runs for nonprofits all desperate for cash and a lot less shy about asking for it than you guys are – if you can essentially write a blog post reminding people of the food, alcohol and hosting costs associated with being the humans running the website, and as a direct result your constituency, largely kittens, comes up with ninety five hundred motherfucking dollars in TWO DAYS. TWO DAYS. nine thousand five hundred dollars. riese. y’all are not just going to be fine, you’re gonna be some kind of famous. cashcats.biz.

    ps i love you a lot, a lot, why do i only tell you this when i’m on a lot of medication

  21. much love to all AS team & readers. it’s incredible to see what happened here over the weekend.

    …and that is a sweet truck btw.

  22. also, thank you very much for all the kittens and the win. I love you guys so much even though I don’t know you in person and basically, you’re not allowed to leave the interwebs. so, is it time for a group hug now?

  23. This was the best Autostraddle post ever.

    ps. All the Alex-harrassment for TShirts!! (In the most loving, kitten-oriented way ever, of course)

    • i am experimenting with new ways to make alex do things i want her to do now that we are not girlfriends anymore and i can’t just yell all day while she naps on my bed

  24. I love you all and I want to thank you guys for existing <3
    And I think the eventual story of how Autostraddle changed the world should be a kitten picture with caption book.

  25. Haha, I had been wanting to buy a sticker for a while now, and when I saw this post I panicked. AUTOSTRADDLE SAYS IT LOVES ME, BUT I HAVE DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DESERVE IT. Boom. Sticker bought. Thank you, Autostraddle. When I’m not making negative money I’m going to become a legit subscriber. Guys, remember that time Autostraddle was down, and it was like Laneia said, how we’d be left with only afterellen and shewire? And it all came true? That was a dark time in my life.

  26. Confession: I read your ‘please donate, we need you’ post yesterday and didn’t donate.

    I sat there and had a conversation with myself which went: ‘I love this site, I’ve never read such a rad collection of geeky girl-loving feminism, it is actually my perfect website, I should give them money!’ ‘But you don’t HAVE any money, you have not paid rent for quite some time, your savings are dwindling, officially you have 15$ in the bank to live on til you don’t know when.’ ‘But they NEED money!’ ‘Someone else will do it’ ‘:(‘

    And so I ignored the fact that I have savings and that I have read every single thing posted on Autostraddle in the last 2 weeks and your playlists are the most awesome life-affirming thing in my world right now. But today, this post, made me realise that you are not just geeky girl-loving feminist writers, you are actually my future soul sisters. You didn’t just give a thank you or a shout out, you repaid (other) readers with a proper post AND YOU DID IT WITH KITTENS.

    I just can’t believe how cool you guys are. And I’m going to spend my last 15$ on stickers. You’re so worth it.

    Thanks guys.

  27. So just call on me sisters, when you need a hand
    We all need somebody to lean on
    I just might have a problem that you’d understand
    We all need somebody to lean on

    Lean on me when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    Till I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on

    • Every time I watch Lean On Me, “expeditiously” instantly becomes my word of the day. #freemrclark #randomfyi

  28. this is my favorite AS article, because it has kittens and I’m easy. I’ve only known about AS for like a month but I already love this site so much!

    also tanktop please, I will give you my moneys :'(

  29. this makes me so happy. I can’t believe how much people donated! you deserve this, and I hope you [already] know it. AS is my favourite safe inclusive body-mind-sex-queer-positive internet space and I have grown so much since I started reading AS.

    What I wanted to say is… I bought stickers, I donated, and there’s a subscription coming up from one privileged eurozone-reader.

  30. There are a lot of people out there that care about this thing that I love too! Enough to save it! I feel not so alone.

    … and now I am gently weeping from happiness. In public. Feeling lesbian right now.

  31. I already donated, and will do so again at the end of the month when I get paid. I love you guys! So much! Kittens!

  32. So many feelings from this post. Mainly: KITTENS.

    But I am so happy for you guys (and for myself, because I get to keep reading Autostraddle).

  33. I agree with everyone above that there should be some print version of autostraddle caption kittens. Cause i’d buy that shit! (Lezbehonest though, I’d buy anything with the word “autostraddle” on it.)

    “What did you say did you say autostraddle might not exist next year because if that’s what you said then i think i just might die right now because you are the only people who get me you know like really get me and without you i would hate myself again” <- that cat is like my life, you are reading my mind forreals.

    I love you autostraddle, never leave me.<3 We got your back!

  34. I love you and feel like the kitten-pic where we offer you organs if they’re needed is entirely accurate.

  35. This website consumes so much of my time, id probably deteriorate if it disappears, like, the cosmos as I know it would crumble, and omg there are so many kittens here you probably dont know what that does to an ailurophile. Excuse me while i clean the puddle of goo that was my heart.

    • Things I just learned thanks to you and google: “ailurophile” doesn’t mean someone who loves garlic a lot, which is what I thought until now. I was really confused for a moment there. My fail aside, this, 100%.

    • I just learned a new word today Deardelilah!! And, as a word lover, that made my day! NOW I must use “ailurophile” in a sentence…..Hmmm..

      I love the ailurophile Deardelilah for teaching me a new word! :)

  36. I am getting paid on Friday and the first thing I’m doing is subscribing to you guys. You’re the only site that makes me go “Kittehs! I’ve got no fucks to give I’m on autostraddle at work!”

  37. This post has motivated me to end my 8 month lurker status so that I can say I love you too.

    Hopefully this isn’t a day where you’d prefer thoughtfulness.


  38. So I’ve been reading AS for around 2 years, and I’ve never commented or anything before, but I just donated 5$ because I love you/AS and I want you to stay. So anyone else like me, who just reads/enjoys/loves/respects but doesn’t actively engage, now might be a good time to start…. yeah.

  39. Oh, I love you so much!
    Couldn’t you be a very special homogay charity? Considering how many lifes you have changed/saved, how many people got laid (safely) because of you, how much you did for the highest from of culture and art and how much love you have spread I’d say the universe giving you a milion dollars would be minimum.

    Also, please please please get us europeans involved more. We are weirdos, but we have feelings too. We want our very own Amazon shop and shirts and love and kittens please.

    • YES THIS!! We totally have feelings! YAY!
      Not so sure about the weirdos part, but I can’t blame you, you’re from England ;)

  40. i don’t even like kittens but this post made me happy. yay autostraddle! yay autostraddlers!

  41. in two days we’ve all donated enough money to rent a tent mahoosive enough to house LA FASHION WEEK.

    probably. well done but let’s keep it rolling in yeah

  42. Donated after my three kitties stopped looking at the pictures. Will subscribe if I get this job. And I bought a couple lotto tickets for you. It could happen.

  43. We love you more. It’s pretty amazing to hit your goal in 2 days! You should make some “No Fucks To Give” stickers.

      • i want it, i want it I WANT it…yup total middle of the cereal aisle, kicking and screaming redfaced hisssy fit.

        ps. Autostraddle and it’s commenters are a force to be reckoned with…holy santa 12000 in a weekend!

        • I third this motion. Is designing/setting up the stickers a hard thing to do?

          @ASTeam: Can we help you get stickers designed/produced/made available in some way?

          • I feel that because this motion has received 3 votes, it is thereby heard and called to motion. What can we do to make this happen? Still love you

          • yeah alex is really serious about wanting everything designed using her excellent design skills and we agree b/c alex is a very good designer. bcw has actually been doing the ordering of the stickers, so that’s taken care of (we use alex’s design that she emailed us, and then we have them sent to LA so alex can mail them out).

            but you should tell alex (via formspring or email)! it has to come from the source

          • OKAY EVERYONE: let’s all formspring Alex and ask for No Fucks to Give stickers and vests and lesbosexy t-shirts! Are you with me!? Let’s DO IT!!

          • I Formspringed Alex right after I made that comment, and I offered to help if it was possible. :)

    • OMG No Fucks To Give stickers!! My jaw just dropped open. Never mind that I couldn’t get the You Do You sticker into my cart on my stupid iPhone (maybe the ‘Jesus phone’ will convert tapwater into whiskey instead?!?), I would overcome the technological barriers for a NFTG sticker :D
      On the plus side, donating $50 from the UK totally works – with the conversion rate, it’s like magic!! ‘Less than £50’ morphs to $50, sweet! (This, and the fact that in my rush to achieve a ‘cool’ total for AS – which I love & which totally deserves it – I may go overdrawn, is why I’ll never get a job in finance.)
      I love you Autostraddle. I need you and your lovely online community. You are a big deal for me and I get a lot of support from you all. /feelings

  44. I was gonna buy a sticker, but then I thought just donating $10 was easier. T’was the least I could do. Glad you guys will be sticking around.

  45. I don’t have any spare dollas atm but when i do they are coming your way! Thank you so much for just being there, as well as all the kittens etc, obvs.

  46. I don’t remember when I first find you or how I even ended up in your site, but since “then” I’ve been reading you, following you and “getting to know you” thanks to your posts, pictures, etc.
    I have to say that you are a great “bunch” of people and I have to thank you for all the things you share with us, especially your personal stories & experiences, but also your coverage on the news or events, your playlists, your recipes, your recaps, your articles, your awesome posts with kittens, your open threads, your pictures, your recommendations, even your transportation review! You have no idea how helpful, informative and entertaining you are!!
    Since you give us a lot, I think is fair that we give you some EXTRA love, support & money, so we can keep THIS THING going!
    I think that last month’s technical problems showed us how important you are to us, we REALLY MISSED YOU and you were just ”out of service” for a few days!
    Guys, I don’t know what I would do without your WIT!
    I can’t wait to see my stickers & I promise to keep buying or donating regularly.

  47. We should hold a giant Autostraddle Convention, like they did in the 90s with riot grrl.

  48. The remainder of my birthday money will be sent your way within the week. ‘Cause I sincerely believe you’re part of the reason I made it to 19 at all.


  49. At the end of the week, could you please – if it’s possible/you guys don’t mind/it’s not too much trouble – let us know how many stickers you’ve actually sold? One of the pictures made me curious…= ]

  50. I read often & comment only sometimes but fuck I cannot imagine the world without Autostraddle. Bought a sticker & will donate more when I next get paid. <3. Thank you guys.

  51. I love all this love!
    Thank you for nurturing us autostraddle.

    also, could you make a $5 a month subscriber option? (piddly student subscription level, instead of a sticker or a shirt we could just get a raised eyebrow)

  52. I would definitely buy those cat pictures in sticker form and then use them as wall paper or something equally awesome/obnoxious.

  53. So … in library school this semester, one of the profs of the library marketing class mentioned raising awareness of user services by distributing condoms with service info on the packaging. This might be the Bad Decision Dino talking, but OMGs you should put the Autostraddle logo on dental dams.

    Lady 1: Hey, what’s that?
    Lady 2: It’s a dental dam with the Autostraddle logo.
    Lady 1: What’s Autostraddle?
    Lady 2: The most awesome girl-on-girl culture web site ever you must give them all money and comment and maybe learn to stay away from long nails.
    Lady 2: Oh, awesome! And the link’s RIGHT ON THE PACKAGE.

    … okay, now I’m going to stop being creepy and donate or something.

  54. So my dad came in to talk to me and asked what I was reading, and I explained to him what the site was and about the financial issues. He said it sounded like a fucking good cause and gave me $50 to donate to you guys.
    Aaand this is why I often love my parents.

    • …is my spirit animal (I swear I didn’t hit submit, it magically submitted itself through the awesomeness of whiskey kitten)

      Also, I spent at least five minutes with my head tilted to the side staring at the “wow” kitten.

  55. IDEA:

    Step 1 – Croce picks a park
    Step 2 – Alex picks a date (like a day on the calendar, not a person)
    Step 3 – Laniea posts a thing that’s like, “Everybody come to [park] on [date] for T-shirt painting! if you bring a sixer or hummus or pretzels we can all share and pretend that we are Stable Lesbians With Means Who Attend Potlucks!”
    Step 4 – we show up. almost all of us. we paint billions shirts. also we drink from six packs and share snacks.
    Step 5 – shirts go onto autostraddle.com for sale.
    Step 6 – we show up. almost all of us. we buy billions shirts.
    Step 7 – Riese tips her chair back and watches the money come rolling in (because isn’t she the Big Boss and isn’t that what Big Bosses do).
    Step 8 – “autostraddle this” tees and tanks swarm Prides all over the country/globe.
    Step 9 – awesomeness.

    [OK but really: i would love to buy an autostraddle shirt for pride and we are free labor and we are available so you can use us for manufacture if you’d like. also the only thing as cool as having a shirt painted by Alex Herself would be having a shirt that had been painted by some unknown-to-me-autostraddler because i would feel invisibly connected to the autoverse in a non-creepy and really comforting way. also probably it would be kind of crooked and adorable.]

    but don’t worry even if there aren’t shirts in time for Pride i will still donate $25 see here i go right now

  56. If any of you ladies ever decide to write your autobiography, you should totally do it entirely with kitten pictures because I’m pretty sure it’ll be on the New York Times Bestseller List for, like, years.

    I’m really glad I’d managed to adjust my attitudes toward money like I have by the time Autostraddle’s Hour Of Need came around, because even a year ago I don’t know if I would have pitched in like I did because I had such a hard time buying things that weren’t the cheapest things I could possibly find.

    I’m disabled, so I’m on a VERY small fixed income, and for a long time I was extremely resentful about that (still am, actually, but that’s another post altogether) and felt like I had to only buy dirt cheap or not at all and that because I had so little money, what I did didn’t matter. But I’ve come to realize that because I have so little money, it matters *even more* what I do with it! If I’m going to part with my cash, I should be damn sure it’s going to something I want to support because I’m not going to have a lot of opportunities to do that. And it’s made such a difference in my life!

    Like, even though I could have gotten two or three shirts at Wal-Mart for what I paid for the Autostraddle tank I ordered, I feel about 10000x better about buying from AS than I would buying from Wal-Mart! I can get by with fewer clothes, but the clothes I do have make me so much happier now. Everytime I wear that shirt, I’m going to smile and think of this awesome website and this community of amazing women who came together to help out.

    Also, it’s going to make it easier for other Autostraddlers to spot me at Pride this year! (Seriously, if you see a very short, long-haired brunette in that shirt at Pride in Spokane, WA this year, come talk to me.)

    • ^This. Yes.

      And I used to live in Spokane! Wish I had known awesome Autostraddlers while I was there… rock on <3

  57. I already bought stickers but after reading this post I went back and subscribed, I don’t know how to put a value on what you guys do for us every day and I probably won’t ever give you enough… I mean, if I stop and think about it, there are *individual posts* I would’ve paid so much to be able to read, like all of pure poetry week, or that time you taught me how to make soup (I just made soup for a girl on Saturday night, your soup got me laid, AND I still have leftovers) or showed me where to buy boyshorts, or generally broadened my horizons and made me think and smile and have lots of other feelings. I would pay ten bucks a pop just to have Julie and Brandy appear on my computer screen and make me laugh. So, to make a long story long, I love you too, and I wish I could give you everything you deserve, but it’s hard to put a price on wonderful.

  58. I love AS because when I read articles, I read them like it is the author dictating the article to me out loud (their voice in my head probs sounds nothing like their real voice). This site seems so personal that if I saw one of the writers on the street I would freak out and say hi like I had known them my whole life. You guys are genuine, funny, honest, awesome people that make my days better, and I feel like you all are my neighbors that would give me a cup of sugar or eggs or what have you if I needed it (I suppose that would be more fitting if I actually baked…). Anyways, thanks for being here AS, I didn’t know you guys were so in need of $$ or else I would have helped sooner.

  59. i:
    – subscribed
    – donated
    – bought stickers
    – shopped at amazon (and babeland :D)

    i love this post and i <3 team AS

  60. I was going to buy a teevee as a “Hurray I’m graduating hurray!” present for myself with my next paycheque, but screw teevees, they’ll be around forever, and Autostraddle may not be so lucky. Thursday is payday, and Thursday my monies shall be Autostraddle-bound! :)

    Thanks for existing, AS. Please continue to do so.

  61. I’M SO GLAD YAY!!! I feel super good about myself that I bought a bunch of stickers too. I really hope you guys figure out a way to make money. If not, we still love you and will donate money regardless I think.

    Also, just to prove how awesome you are, you posted all in CATS.

  62. Dearest Autostraddle,

    This may not be the appropriate place to write this. In fact, there probably isn’t an appropriate place to write this. But I’ll write it here because I’m feelin’ a lot of love in this article and the comments section, and since I am primarily a “lurker” who rarely rarely comments, I feel that I should finally tell you guys why you mean so much to ME.

    Last year I moved to Palm Springs to go to rehab after my not-so-epic battle with drugs and alcohol that took me from almost-college-graduate status to living-out-of-my-car status. And when I got out of rehab, and moved into sober living, I was all alone without my three best friends: heroin, meth, and alcohol. Also, I ONCE AGAIN had come face to face with my sexuality that I had been snuffing out since high school.

    I don’t remember how, but one day I came across AS, and seriously for those first two months of sober living, I couldn’t put my phone down because I read EVERYTHING on this site.

    I had to. Because I wanted to get high so FUCKING BAD I can’t even explain.

    It was like I had found a new friend.

    My sobriety is much more peaceful now. I don’t have to read AS to survive, but I still read it every day because when I click onto the homepage it’s like I’m coming home.

    That is why I love you guys, and that is why it made me SO happy to see Alex, Rachel, Sarah, Haviland, and Jess in Palm Springs, and that’s why you have my support. And damn, you’ve got some really loyal readers because what happened over the weekend was amazing.

    No really, thank YOU


      • YES! I feel it! i’m in the middle of an internet lesbian sandwich. don’t tell my girlfriend.

        • Cara from the coffee bean I totally remember your picture from the liveblog and now that I know why you were so adorably happy to see Alex et. al. it’s about a million times more adorable, glad you’re ok and you have a girlfriend to be potentially jealous of your sandwich situation

        • Would you mind an extra layer of bread in your internet lesbian sandwich? Or maybe I could be the cheese. What you shared really moved me, massive internet hugs from Australia :)

    • my name is turtle and i am a lurker :) but this was special. Some people don’t get why I check this website first every time, i think it’s because i feel part of something even when i don’t comment. IRL i’m quiet [some would say shy] but I have awesome friends who still make me feel part of everything …autostraddle is my online awesome friend who i just like/need to hear talk…

  63. I’m kinda glad I was sans internet while all of this was happening because I would have felt a lot of anxiety. I’ll buy stickers tomorrow!!!


    I’m pretty sure I’m the kitteh that says “I want a t-shirt”, right!!?? And maybe (maybe maybe) also helped inspire the “Ahem excuse me Alex” one? YEAH! Thx for the shoutout!

    (Lookin’ forward to those t-shirts Alex!) ;)

    Love you love you love you MWAH so glad we did it everyone!

    • Oh oh OH! I forgot to tell you I had a REALLY AWESOME DREAM that (seriously) Autostraddle teamed up with Sweet (as in, holy lesbian dream vacation Sweet that I get email updates from and think about someday doing when I have moneys) http://discoversweet.com/ and there was an Autostraddle cruise or island adventure somewhere and it WAS SO AWESOME.

  65. The kitties made my eyes watery. So cute.

    I would die without Autostraddle, for reals. Once I get some cashmoneys transfered into my Paypal account, I’m donating asap. I would absolutely HATE to see you guys go.


  66. I have been a lurker for a while now, but what a great place to lurk! You helped get me through the last six months of my heterosexual married life, when I felt like I was going to lose my mind with frustration and swirly Feelings. I still check AS every day even though I no longer have to rely on the galleries and calendar girls to get me through the day! Thanks fer being you! ♥♥

  67. Such a good money-making scheme! You could totally sell more t-shirts and shizzle by putting ‘Merchandise’ rather than ‘Merch’………… I didn’t understand the abbreviation for MONTHS :(

    May we continue to straddle this for many, many years to come.

  68. It’s all been said above, but I’ll add another comment anyway.

    We love love love you. Don’t ever give up.

  69. I think this is maybe the first time I have teared up at pictures of kittens while NOT on my period

  70. The “Excuse me Alex” ‘polaroid’ cats are my photo…had no idea it got so popular. Did you email me about using this photo first?

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