LISTEN: Rosie O’Donnell & Howard Stern Talk Return To TV & Moving To Trump’s Chicago Hotel for Oprah

Howard Stern dropped in for a surprise appearance on Rosie Radio and seamlessly turned the tables, grilling Rosie on her own SiriusXM show.  As you are probably aware, Rosie will make her grand return to daytime TV on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) this September after her two year stint on radio ends June 1st. Due to the time crunch, she will initially tape the show at Oprah’s Harpo studios in Chicago, not New York City as previously reported. When Howard asked where she will be living during weeks of filming she admitted the network is hilariously moving her into the Penthouse suite at Trump Chicago which will certainly be interesting after years of ridiculous public feuding with Donald Trump.

Although she split with girlfriend Tracy a few months back, Rosie confirms they are indeed back together and the lesbian Brady Bunch keeps on rockin’ on. Of the break-up she says, “We didn’t really break up. She just has six kids… and I have four. It’s insanity.” Well, yes. Assuring Howard that things are great – including the sex – he demands to meet Tracy and hear all the details.  Although she has no connection to Chicago whatsoever, Howard suggests she is excited about living there part-time because she really needs a break from living with ten kids to which she admits “the concept of having five nights [a week] kid-less is exciting.”

Howard predicts the show will be a lot of pressure for Rosie even though it’s really a “win-win.” Meaning, IF  the show fails, no one is watching OWN anyway… BUT!, if she actually gets something going at the network she will be considered “a God.” She discloses the Oprah deal is worth about $10 million a year, though she claims she didn’t take the job just for the cash (despite having to support a small army and losing a fortune trying to produce Taboo on Broadway). Finally, she tells Howard about the numerous offers she received from major networks to return to daytime TV for the first time since The View. Looks like she was about to finalize a deal with NBC when Oprah wooed her to OWN at the last minute. She tells the story of Oprah’s visit to her home which she readily admits was probably a “crazy check” to see just how nuts she is (or isn’t).


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  1. Who would have time to have sex when you have 10 kids? That’s obscene. They should buy a farm, that way it will actually make sense to have 10 kids because they’d become free labor.

  2. I LOVE Rosie and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s coming back to television. I tried watching OWN but ultimatly found it boring. I Hope this is what the network needs to take off because I like Oprah too and that makes me want to like OWN. Looking forward to September!

  3. I loved Rosie so much I had the Rosie O’Donnell doll/cried for three days after she left her talk show because I wouldn’t have the chance to go on her show and convince her to be my best friend forever and ever. SHE WAS JUST SO FUNNY.

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  7. No one watches OWN, maybe no one with Stern’s small brain capacity. And, who the heck shows up at a radio show and takes over an interview. Had I been Rosie, I wouldn’t have let that happen.

  8. I watch OWN all the time and can’t wait to start seeing Rosie there. I’m excited not just about her new show, but also her hosting OWN’s documentary film club. What a perfect job for Rosie.

  9. Howard Stern rocks! Been listening to him since he was on kRock in NYC. How long Rosie’s show will last is anyone’s guess. She’s no Howard Stern! LOL

  10. Well, Howard Stern has certainly proven that he can bring the audiences, Rosie by herself… I’m not so sure.

  11. Maybe with Rosie having her own show on OWN, it’ll be what the network needs to draw in more viewers and become successful.

  12. @Grizzley, I was thinking the same till

    @berv.. lol
    I watch OWN all the time and can’t wait to start seeing Rosie there. I’m excited not just about her new show, but also her hosting OWN’s documentary film club. What a perfect job for Rosie.


  13. I like Adam watch OWN all the time. Granted during the day I am at work, but I still consider a valid channel. I hope to see Rosie on OWN.

  14. Rosie will do very well on OWN. Rosie has a HUGE following for the simple reason is she’s good. She’s funny and provocative (which I like and is also Stern’s MO).

    I also think Rosie was smart to go to OWN. I appreciate OWN is not the huge hit out of the gates people expected, but NEVER count Oprah out. I suspect within a few years OWN will be as big as ever and if Rosie gets in on the ground floor, it will serve her well. Besides, it does not hurt to work with Oprah. I think this is a smart move by Rosie and I’m looking forward to the show.

  15. She could be what OWN needs right now. The network is, based also on a lot of talks, not received as well as expected. With her on board, more people could be brought in to increase ratings.

  16. I watch own all the time and can’t wait to start seeing Rosie there. I’m so excited not just about her new show, but also detective columbo i think this movie of Rosie is so very interesting..

  17. I’m pretty sure the Rosie/Trump feud was fake so that both of them were in the news constantly. Didn’t Trump get his show after this happened too?

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