Want A Lady Superhero On Your Butt? League of Ladies Undies Can Make That Happen

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Welcome to Underwear Week, a whole week dedicated to your favorite bum-hugging clothesthings. As we said many moons ago, we feel a lady is at her best when she’s not wearing pants. And while our last adventure around this neck of the woods took us only as far as boyshorts, this time around we’re exploring the vast and many-flavored land of underwear. From edible panties to hoopskirts and history, we’ve got you covered. Just like your underwear. 

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When I heard it was Underwear Week here at Autostraddle, I was a little bit excited but also mostly anxious. Don’t get me wrong – I love looking at ladies in undies and I think it’s important to talk about our options when it comes to undergarments, but personally? I don’t have much to say when it comes to underwear. I found a style and cut I didn’t mind back in middle school (Victoria’s Secret bikini cut, heyo!) and I’ve faithfully bought the same kind of underwear for the past…12 years. When I see it written out like that it maybe seems a little bit pathetic, but honestly, much like my attitude toward makeup, I’ve just never cared. I have a hard enough time finding cute clothes that I can afford and feel good in. I don’t have time to worry about what’s going on underneath it all.

But you guys, then I heard about The League of Ladies, and now I may have to change my mind about everything. This company is creating superhero underwear for ladies, featuring real women of note. I know. Suddenly I’m like, Victoria who?!

what if this was on your butt? what then? via the league of ladies

what if this was on your butt? what then?
via the league of ladies

I first discovered The League when Policy Mic interviewed the designer behind the project, Shelly Ni. It seems that the Victoria’s Secret Pink Loves Consent panties prank from last year is part of what sparked Ni’s decision to make actual undies with a message, which makes my sudden desire to quit buying the Vicky S. products I’ve been relying on for over a decade in favor of her design even more poignant! No but seriously, who can say no to superhero women on your butt? I for one would never tell a superhero lady to get off my butt. Ever.

The League of Ladies is in its infancy, but Ni seems like a smart spunky human who is going to blow us all away with the help of her superwomen, and she’s got the design portfolio to back her up. Things are pretty mysterious right now but you can get the inside scoop by joining the League of Ladies mailing list, or check the company out on Tumblr and Twitter. So far they’ve given us a sneak peek at the design for Marvelous Marie Curie (her superpowers are glowing in the dark & winning the Nobel Prize, duh) and the early sketches for Frida Kahlo.

Basically I can’t wait for these to go on sale, and I have never ever had that feeling about a pair of underwear before so I had to tell you about it. Who’s joining the League of Ladies with me? I think these are the perfect undies to wear as we plot to take over the world.

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  2. Underwear week is making my life. I just nominated Virginia Woolf to be an underwear superhero. That is not a sentence I ever thought I would write but I’m so glad that I did. Thank you Autostraddle for making this happen.

  3. This is literally the best thing I read while working on the first pairs of Frida Kahlo undies. Thanks Vanessa and Autostraddle for the feature!

    XOXO from The League of Ladies HQ,
    – Shelly

    • SHELLY, are you gonna have masculine styles? I would wear boxer briefs or trunks in these, I just tend not to wear things that can be classified as panties.

        • Update! I’m currently corresponding with screenprinters, to get design samples printed on boyshorts and boxer briefs. Stay tuned!

    • oh my gosh HI SHELLY! thank YOU for having such a good idea and for making me excited about underoos for the first time in literally 12 years. please keep us updated as you continue being fabulous!

  4. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I have never gotten so excited over underwear before, I can’t wait to buy a pair!

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