Vote! Decide Who Will Win the 2009 Autostraddle Televisionary Hot Girl Award!

Well, lesbos & allies, it looks like the year is ending, which means Carlytron is throwing together a fairly epic End-of-the-Year Televisionary Post. Yes, every week (or so) Carlytron, Lola, and occasional guest hot-spotters have given one lucky teevee character a Hot Girl Award, and now we all must decide who will be granted a Hot Girl Of 2009 Award.

After many funny but not-productive reply-alls, we came to an agreement to let you guys decide!! We narrowed it down to 14 semi-finalists. You can vote for more than one person, and then we’ll announce the winner in the final year-end Televisionary!

Before you yell at us about Wanda Sykes or Rachel Maddow or Ellen — we decided for our own sanity we’d limit the nominees to people on scripted or “reality” teevee, no talk shows or Saturday Night Live or anything like that. READY KIDS, poll is at the bottom!

So, get hot ouch fiar! ROCK THE VOTE

Jennifer Beals (Bette, The L Word)

The L Word - Season 6

Margaret Cho (Teri, Drop Dead Diva)

Picture 1

Portia de Rossi (Veronica, Better Off Ted)


Eliza Dushku (Echo, Dollhouse)eliza-dushku

Christina Hendricks (Joan, Mad Men)christina-hendricks

Mindy Kaling (Kelly, The Office)mindy kaling

Jayma Mays (Emma, Glee)004

Ashley Merriman (Top Chef)ashley-merriman

Jasika Nicole (Astrid, Fringe)jasika1

Mary Louise Parker (Nancy, Weeds)S5_0013

Sara Ramirez (Callie, Grey’s Anatomy)sara-ramirez

Cobie Smulders (Robin, How I Met Your Mother)Cobie-cobie-smulders-891512_1288_1920

Rutina Wesley (Tara, True Blood)10474_rutina-wesley

Sofia Vergara (Gloria, Modern Family)sofia-vergara

Ready Vote!

Who was the hottest actress on tv this year?

Jennifer Beals (Bette, The L Word)

Margaret Cho (Teri, Drop Dead Diva)

Portia de Rossi (Veronica, Better Off Ted)

Eliza Dushku (Echo, Dollhouse)

Christina Hendricks (Joan, Mad Men)

Mindy Kaling (Kelly, The Office)

Jayma Mays (Emma, Glee)

Ashley Merriman (Top Chef)

Jasika Nicole (Astrid, Fringe)

Mary Louise Parker (Nancy, Weeds)

Sara Ramirez (Callie, Grey’s Anatomy)

Cobie Smulders (Robin, How I Met Your Mother)

Sofia Vergara (Gloria, Modern Family)

Rutina Wesley (Tara, True Blood)


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  1. tara’s arms are RIPPED jesus! i want arms like that. while i am pleased to see astrid (don’t know actress names!) up there since i just started lovin fringe (and don’t think the lead..what’s her name? is too bad lookin’ herself) and joan up there….MY ALLEGIANCE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH PORTIA.

    also, omg i should have nominated katee sackoff (starbuck/kara thrace from battlestar galactica) because she is sooo gay/badass (but plays straight on a very queer friendly show). maybe as hottest character, really. but honestly the hottest character ever! anyone?! this is unintelligible… OKAY MAYBE MY ALLEGIANCE IS HERE A LITTLE BIT.

    exhibit a:

    • My friend got me into BSG during the last 1.5 seasons and I remember watching it and constantly asking him, “wait so Starbuck is *not* supposed to be gay? are you sure?” hot city. totally forgot to nominate her for this. bollocks.

    • Anna Torv is the lead on Fringe. She is smoking hot AND she has played gay.

      I wanted Starbuck to be gay from the first scene where she jogged across my screen, but alas, no. I guess she was just supposed to be ‘tough’ since the original Starbuck was a dude…

  2. When I saw Jennifer Beals was first I was like “oh crap this is gonna be a good list” and it is and I can’t choose. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO

  3. This is quite possibly the most difficult choice I’ve made all year. They’re all so good, whyyyy. *sigh*

  4. Before I even saw this list I thought to myself, “Callie, for sure Callie” and then as I scrolled down I realized that there are a LOT of hot women on TV and I have feelings about many of them! Like they’re all gorgeous but I love Portia for her politics, and Mindy Kaling for her hilari-brain, and Margaret Cho for about a gabillion reasons. I’m still going with Callie though, because I figure if I don’t she’ll call off the wedding.

  5. i’m excited for a new season of True Blood for many reasons and one of those reasons is that I can’t look at a picture of Rutina Wesley right now without picturing her with crazy-eyes, stuffing her face full of heart pie.

    • That scene freaked my shit out so much that I think I blocked it from my memory. And now I’m having Jenny Schecter-style flashbacks.

  6. This list is chock full of beautiful and talented women. But all I can say is that as an ally, Nancy Botwin is the only one I’d make an exception for.
    Alright, alright. Bette too.

    And maybe Robin.

  7. interesting list. personally i’d nominate Katherine Heigl instead of (or in addition to) Sara Ramirez. also, i stopped watching CSI when they killed off Sara and Warrick, but i think Lauren Lee Smith is hot. my vote goes to Mary Louise Parker. hot hot heat.

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  9. How cool is it that Margaret Cho herself is campaigning for the win? VERY COOL.

    I fell in love with Mary-Louise Parker back when she was Amy in TWW. The numerous scenes where she was seen drinking bottle after bottle of beer were like my own personal version of heaven. Nancy Botwin and her wine is the same thing. I don’t know what it is about watching Mary-Louise drink but it mus be something because I really like it. She does “fucking sexy” so well.

    • that scene where she makes that skeezy guy go down on her in an office is super hot! like…that guy makes me want to throw up so much (wtf was his name? the real estate wheeler-dealer dude) but her crazy sex power thing goin on in that scene is so hot!

        • yeah, i watched it like 200x. IMAGINE IF IT WAS WITH A WOMAN. or like…a dude who wasn’t that guy. something about it…

          • disturbingly, i think it might be so hot because for a woman to express pure, volitional desire for sex and only sex (and not even ye olde sex, but oral sex) verges on obscene. and that’s fucked! and i am complicit! sigh

          • Agreed. A very pretty dude have been the hottest thing ever. Like Jonathan Rhys Meyes. Can you imagine?

    • My favorite TWW scene of all time ever is when MLP, Alison Janney, Stockard Channing, and Janel Moloney get drunk on wine together. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

      • Ahhh, I know! CJ struggling with the bottle opener, Donna being so cute about being asked to join, Amy going through drawers so she can find paper for the book she is going to write after “the first lady asked [her] to get boozy with her.” And that episode ends with a playing of the Canadian anthem!!

  10. the tila

    yes she over shares and um did you see when she actually made the announcement about her and her girlfriend getting married all she did was ramble on about her girlfriend being a millionaire, i think b.scott was so right about her and howmany times do you here the lgbt community saying we rather not have someone never thats like 1 in a million she’s ugh and look at the video of her announcing her engagement disgrace:

    Click here

    P.S how come when u dont always agree on certain things on autostraddle you can no longer post with ur email address…weird

    by the way your questions were great her answers were a joke

    • If you post links in your comments, they are picked up by our spam filter, and we have to individually approve the comment. That can take some time. So it’s got nothing to do with email addresses or agreeing/disagreeing with us. It even happens to our own comments! :)

  11. So, I saw Bette right there at the top (pun not intended, but noted), and I was like, “Okay, obvs J.Beals gets my vote, she is lovely and gorgeous plus have you seen her when her eyes are brimming with teary love for Tina? And have you heard her eloquently advocate for gay rights on the teevee, all dignified and hot and articulate? So I’mma just scroll down and vote already.”

    But Christina Hendricks makes me literally drool. I mean, I don’t slobber all over the place like a bloodhound or anything, but saliva actually starts gathering on my bottom lip into a little droplet of desire and then I’m like, whoops, and then I have to bite my bottom lip. Also with desire.

    But then there is Cobie. And her legs. And her face. And her boobs.


        • I VOTED FOR HER TOO AND SHE ISN’T WINNING AND I AM UPSET. Look how sexy she is! Is everyone else blind?! omg.

          • Dis not know she had a twitter. Did some internet stalking and love her more…

            Also were we away that Haley (Sarah Hyland) from Modern Family is 19? My friend and I always thought she was so cute/pretty but now that she has found that she could ‘look’ at her makes the show that much more better for her.

            Sofia Vergara FTW!!

  12. Ouch. Tough choices! Even without Tina Fey OR Mariska Hargitay. I’m gonna have to go with Mindy. Because genius + hot > hot.

    • I wanted to add Mariska Hargitay but we decided not to b/c Carly never talked about L&O in the televisionary so it would be out of left field and really just to make me happy.

  13. OK, I picked Portia. Because out of all the choices, I love both her AND her character the most. (Like, no offense, but Bette pissed me off one too many times, Kelly needs to stop hooking up with Ryan, Joan should’ve gone for Peggy, etc. etc. etc.)

      • Yeah we thought about Olivia Wilde too but again decided since carly never talks about House, it would be out of left field sort of. Also Olivia Wilde was like the sexiest woman in the world according to a bunch of other contests so you know. We gotta be different.

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  15. WARG THEY ARE ALL SO HOT I CAN’T HANDLE IT. probs going to vote for everyone because just can’t choose.

  16. I do think Edie Falco is the hottest hot girl to ever be on television ever. I am not saying this list is not awesome. I’ve just been thinking about it the last little while and I keep going back to how hot Edie Falco is.

  17. In my imaginary world I believe that Mindy Kaling and I can be best friends simply based on being from the same state

  18. imo, Jennifer Beals is not only the ‘hottest’woman, but she has gone over and above for the lesbian community in so many ways, and for so many years!

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