Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper Talk Safe Sex on Good Morning America (BAM!)

SAFE SEX: Oh I dunno just this thing on a popular morning television show about how important it is to have safe sex! Hm. Such a good topic to broach with young women rather than promoting abstinence as the one & only acceptable option as if the reality of STDs do not exist! I wonder who did this wonderful thing oh what do you know it was Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga! On Good Morning America to promote MAC’s VIVA/Glam lipstick and AIDS awareness for women!

Lady Gaga says, “Mothers and sisters and best friends buy each other this lipstick… say it represents you protecting yourself, having safe sex, having loving monogomous relationships to protect you and those around you.”

The anchor dude tries to start talking about how much Lady Gaga has changed since high school, but she wants to stay on topic with the MAC product, talking about how she’s admired Cyndi Lauper and what she’s done for women in music. Then she launches into, “I don’t know if this is too much for morning TV, but…”

Lady Gaga: “Everyone has that… phone call of, “Oh my gosh, you won’t believe what I did last night. I was so stupid I didn’t use a condom,” and there’s all this laughter on the phone… I’ve gotten those phone calls, and it’s our job as friends to one another to say, “I don’t know why you’re laughing because it’s very serious. I guess I want to take as much time today as I can to speak out about this… I really don’t feel there’s enough women who are educated about AIDS, how quickly it’s spreading, how dangerous it really is, how many people really have it, and we want to do good jobs as women who represent a sexual community and a strong independent group.”

Cyndi Lauper is the cutest, talking about how you have to be prepared like the cute boy scouts. And I love that Lady Gaga is always very conscious of not being heteronormative, like here:

Cyndi Lauper: “Always be prepared. You give this to your kid sister. Tell her about AIDS, tell her you can die from it– the heat of the moment I understand that but it’s not worth your life… so be prepared.
Lady Gaga: “Especially in older women who maybe haven’t for a while been with a man or been with a woman, and they act out of passion and excitement.”

Robin Roberts, the kickass (lesbian) news anchor, assures them, “Bless you both. You’re so smart and so talented… be so powerful in how you are there and how you look, but it’s what you’re both saying, and we really appreciate what you said, and it’s okay for morning television. People need to hear that.”

UPDATE: Oh, and look, they were on the Today Show promoting the M·A·C campaign, too! It seems like the two loosened up a bit more in this interview. They talk about their friendship, a little more about the Grammys, the feminization of sex, and growing up a weirdo. Plus AIDS awareness, of course:

Aren’t they just adorable? I could listen to these two women talk about gender roles and sexual pressure all day. They have all the right ideas. There’s a second part that you can watch here where they talk about doing a possible duet as an AIDS benefit.

Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS. Viva Glam Gaga is available via the M·A·C website.

MEDICINE: Hello Mental Health nerds and other probs crazy people! New edits to the eagerly aniticipated DSM V (to debut in 2013) have arrived, which will determine the future of your relationship to Klonopin! Notes that may be of interest to the Autostraddle demographic include the addition of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, a possible switcharoo with the classification of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, as well as the addition of Binge Eating Disorder to eating disorders. There have been no changes to gender identity disorders, which is probably a good thing due to longstanding concern within the transgender community and allies because there were some serious ‘phobes on the Deciding Team.

Proposed additions include Skin Picking Disorder and, from the famous A&E Television Show Hoarders, Hoarding Disorder! There seems to be some shake-ups happening over in schizophrenia-land, where potentially it appears a bunch of “types” of schizophrenia are going to be cut or perhaps condensed into one.

They’re changing the wording of the “Dependencies,” such as ‘Alcohol Dependence’ to “Use Disorders,” like “Alcohol Use-Disorder.” I hope that on Intervention they say “Allison has agreed to be in a documentary about use disorders” and she’ll be like, “I USE JUST FINE I’M WALKING ON SUNSHINE!” Did you see her follow-up last week? Girl is looking good!

Also would like to note that apparently “Cannabis Withdrawal” is a thing that happens, and you can read about it here. Apparently side effects are worse than “realizing that television is boring.” They’re also revising all the Personality Disorders so if you think you are Borderline today, who knows what you’ll be tomorrow? Ain’t that the pits. (@metafilter/dsm)

VOWS: This is the longest wedding announcement of all time. Here’s the interesting part (@philly)

[Jessie] She had been married to three men before realizing, in her 30s, that she was attracted to women. “It was a great relief,” she said. “I thought, ‘I’m a lesbian! No wonder it never worked out!’ ” She had been single since breaking up with her female partner in 1995. A close friend suggested that maybe she needed to be open to a man or a woman.

SESAME STREET: Would you want to be a sexy Sesame Street character for Halloween? Well now you will have that choice! It seems a bit creepy yes, sexualizing children’s toys? I suppose that’s always been done. But Sesame Street is on PBS!

PALIN: Nate Silver has crunched the numbers to discover how Sarah Palin could win the Republican primary in 2012. Seriously if she wins the presidency, I mean it this time, we will have to move to Canada. (@538)

SAME-SEX: Google’s cutie Paris ad has been re-done to be about same-sex couples and also to be about ADD. Here’s the one about same-sex couples:

EDUCATION: Have you ever wondered why feminism isn’t taught in schools? One teacher had her students Write Letters to the President about it. I honestly feel that feminism and gender justice education must be incorporated into education. Every social justice movement deserves to be represented. Issues of gender and feminism must be taught to both girls and boys, young and old. Not only women should learn feminism. (@feminist teacher)

NUN FUN: Nuns Visit Oprah to Talk About Sex! (@jezebel)

ADS: HuffPo rounds up Super Bowl sexism: 30+ pantless dudes marching through a field. A continuation of the theme of the night: bemoaning existence as a male human being in a world of power hungry, castrating females. This ad brought to you by Dockers, the proud authors of the absurdly sexist and bizarre ‘Wear the Pants’ campaign that caused an outcry earlier this year. (@huffpo)

WORST: Laclede Gas and Exxon Scored the lowest on the HRC’s annual survey of workplace environment. Cracker Barrel came in second-lowest which may or may not change your feelings about the cinnamon apples & macaroni + cheese. (@rft)

LOVE: The World’s First Grocery Store/Dating Service Opens in Beijing – the concept was inspired by people’s need to meet in a safe, friendly and relaxing environment, and by the negative experiences some singles have had using Internet dating services. (@reuters)

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  1. I really really hope Sarah Palin runs for prez in 2012. I mean, I doubt she would even make it through the primaries but the idea of her even debating against Obama makes my heart swell.

    • No. It would end badly. The entire country would think he was trying to be a smarty pants and she would end up winning and, after her inauguration, I would have to move to Portugal where I would become a drunk because the wine is SO good there and then I would lose my job (doing whatever the hell I would be qualified to do in a language I can’t comprehend) and my girlfriend would leave me because of the drinking and my new ne’er do well persona and I would have to move back to the US and I’d be lonely and broke and Palin would STILL be the president which would lead to more drinking but I’d have to drink really cheap wine from a box and I’d then loathe both my country and myself. See. Nothing good would come of it.

      • I can see an easy solution to this problem. Instead of moving to Portugal (honestly the food there is too salty anyway), stray slightly east and decamp to Andalucia in Spain instead. The wine is still cheap and good there, plus it’s not so far that you can’t make cross-border booze-raiding trips to Portugal.

        When you lose your job/girlfriend from alcoholism, simply use this as fuel for your new career as a gitana flamenco singer, where the more drug/alcohol dependency and heartbreak you’ve had, the more pain you can infuse your warblings with, and thus the more success you will have.

        Meanwhile, I will have succeeded in bribing Hillary Clinton to come and be the Prime Minister of the UK (because our own politicians are just far too dull at the mo). Together with Angela Merkel, she will pass a UN resolution to invade the US because it will have been reclassified as a terrorist nation upon the election of President Palin.

        Obviously Palin would stand no chance against the combined haircuts of Hills ‘n Angs and the war would be swiftly won. Hillary would return to America to rebuild the nation, but bring back some of the things she had discovered in Europe, chiefly hot girls riding bicycles in flowing skirts, long naps after lunch and Marmite.

        See, don’t be so negative, good will always triumph.

  2. Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga, doing something amazing. What happens? Someone photoshops the hell out of their picture…

    Schizophrenia covers a large variation of mental illnesses and is heavily stigmatized, so several countries stopped using the diagnosis completely, saying it’s overly generalizing.

    • Totally agree with you about the Photoshop overdo. I get that Cyndi is supposed to look doll-like, but the end result is just creepy. I am wondering if the Photoshop is actually with her consent b/c for the past few years, many of her publicity photos have been like this. She’s actually quite beautiful with her age showing. I just wish she/they’d show it more often.

  3. I think the thing I love most about the Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga partnership the most is their candor in talking about stuff that is considered taboo for so many people. If I wore lipstick I would buy the VIVA glam and wear it proudly.

    While taking Psych 101 this semester, I discovered the DSM-IV and had a lot of fun probably a bit too much diagnosing everyone in my family with disorders. Look forward to the new one. A must read.

    • My closest friend is a psychologist and let me tell you, he loved to diagnose us. I’m “Borderline” apparently, and all of a sudden now he has Aspergers (sp?). I have to rip that DSM out of his paws before he loses all his friends…

      The nuns were cute, I watched it. I couldn’t help thinking that some were so masculine, I wonder if some are gay? Would one go into the nunnery to avoid a life of unhapiness and {what they believe would be} eternal damnation? The only think that bothered me was when one said that “being married to Jesus as a nun is the same as being a married women to a man. A wife cannot just fulfill every sexual desire she has {true}, can’t just go wherever she wants to whenever she wants to {what the what???} and she has to be thrifty for her family to support them. SAme as a nun never having sex, staying in the nunnery, and living a life of poverty.” OH GOD DID I WANT OPRAH TO OBJECT AT THAT SECOND POINT! Oprah knows her place, though.

  4. Is Gaga lipstick an appropriate Valentine’s gift for one’s girlfriend? Like if I got her Gaga, and I wore Cyndi, would we be basically the cutest lesbian couple ever?

      • I seriously am considering going to MAC later today and buying those. Gaga would look so pretty on her, too!

      • Does it help that I already bought her the “I heart Lady GayGay” shirt as her Valentine present and this would go perfectly?

        • if autostraddle had a feature that was like “best gf among readers,” you’d be winning, just saying. #ihaven’tboughtanyvdaypresentsyet #sofarthefrontrunnerisatextbook

          • I am totally going to MAC after work, and also, A TEXTBOOK? RACHEL AT LEAST DRESS IT IN LACE OR SOMETHING.

          • A guy I know is threatening to take his wife to a Linux conference for her birthday, so I don’t think you have to worry about a textbook being the least romantic thing ever.

          • actually it’s a textbook on C programming, so actually i think your friend might be doing a little better than me. i mean, conferences have catered lunches.

          • this is true. I do security at a conference centre and I always sneak some of the amazing food laid on for the clients. Luckily they always have too much and the kitchen staff like me so…om nom nom.

  5. “…having loving monogamous relationships to protect you and those around you.”

    I love Gaga but I think that’s a little narrow minded. Who’s to say that a non-monogamous relationship can’t be loving? And if you’re in an open relationship you can still play safe.

    • this was my thought too! it’s true that monogamy makes you statistically less susceptible to HIV/AIDS, but it’s totally possible to be safe (and loving) without monogamy. maybe that really would have been “too much for daytime TV” though.

    • yeah that didn’t seem to be her MO, but I think she does mention that in the context of high school when honestly I can’t imagine it would be that easy to maintain healthy polyamory. i also wonder if that’s sort of a middle ground — she wants to be clear she’s not promoting abstinence as the only option, but also knows that her words would’ve been spun to say gaga wanted girls to have lots of teenage sex if she didn’t make sure she was abiding by certain expectations.

      I think this because that’s what I’ve been doin for three days on the TS piece; over & over explaining that just ’cause I don’t think abstinence is the only option doesn’t mean i’m saying girls SHOULD have sex with everything and everyone! So, and since i had to do this sort of defending specifically Lady Gaga, I kinda feel like I would’ve said the same thing in her shoes.

      But in other news, yeah I noticed that and was surprised by it too. Okay all done now!!

  6. I just don’t get why Cyndi is on Celebrity Apprentice — she has so much going on, she doesn’t need to get Trumped!

  7. i love the sesame street costumes

    its always weird to see Gaga talk about sex, because I still can’t understand if she’s a man or woman…nevertheless i love her

  8. The seasame street costumes really weird me out, especially the first big bird one. It reminds me of those Teletubbie costumes.

    Even when I think its not possible to love Gaga more, every time I see something like this my heart just swells.

  9. I go to Eastern Michigan university, as do many of the nuns from their convent and I’ve had a crush on that nun with the braces for awhile now. I always get awkwardly excited when I see her on campus.

    I bet she thinks I wanna become a nun because I always stop to chat with her…if only she knew, haha.

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  12. This makes me so happy! What an incredible “couple” of women. Truly worthwhile role models. I can get behind anyone whose message is “sex is great, but protect yourself!”
    These two together can sell me anything. I hardly ever wear lipstick, and I will buy some because they are telling me to (and because I love supporting good causes).

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