VIDEO! The Real L Word (Parody) PART TWO: The Lost Episode

For those of you unable to afford brain reconstruction surgery, you probably still have PTSD flashbacks regarding Showtime’s Semi-Hit Shitshow The Real L Word, that fantastic program about the loves, lives, lust and lornadoones of several good-looking lesbians residing in the Los Angeles area. Perhaps you also remember the time that Executive Editor Laneia and Miss April Sarah Croce decided that Autostraddle was obligated by some higher power to produce a Real L Word parody video and I (Riese) said ABSOLUTELY NOT, but then this happened anyhow:

But that was only Part One! It’s been months, where’s part two? Well, I (Riese) sort of lost interest in the whole project BUT LUCKY FOR YOU, Sarah Croce stepped in! She’s a Jackie of all Trades or something, and a magical person.

That’s right, our intrepid supermodel Sarah Croce not only learned how to use Final Cut but subsequently applied this knowledge to editing Part Two herself! It’s like really good you guys.

So without any further ado (and face it, I just put you through a ton of fucking ado) — Part Two of The Real L Word parody, starring a bunch of people, edited by Sarah Fucking Croce:


The New York City cast of this video were filmed by two real lesbians, Millie and Jenn of Onyxrai Productions, and produced by and Geek Goddess Productions. The Los Angeles segments (Ilene & EZier Girl and Stamie & Tracy) were filmed by a tripod and Stamie’s nanny, respectively.

Conceptualized by: Executive Editor Laneia, Senior Editor Jess R., Sarah H. and Sarah Croce

Part One Edited by: Riese

Part Two Edited by: Sarah Croce

Ilene Chaiken; Julie Goldman of In Your Box Office With Julie & Brandy
EZier Girl: Brandy Howard of In Your Box Office With Julie & Brandy

Rose: Miss January Jennifer Nieves
Nat: Music Blogger Stef Schwartz

Whitney: Miss April Sarah Croce
Tor: Design Director Alex Vega
Sara: Design Director Alex Vega
RomiDesign Director Alex Vega

Nikki: Editor-in-Chief Riese
Jill: Miss February Julia

Tracy: Haviland Stillwell of the Haviland & Riese Vlogs
Stamie: Stamie Karakasidis of Our Fifteen Minutes

Mikey: DJ Carlytron
RaquelPhotoblogger Robin Roemer

Furthermore, we have even MORE Behind-the-Scenes photos for you for funsies:

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Sarah Croce

Sarah has written 14 articles for us.


  1. You know when you watch a video, and then you just like, explode? That just happened to me. “We’ll just tent it… Oh! There’s already a tent!” And then baby koala and “On CARDSTOCK!” bahahahahahahaha

  2. Oh my god. I legit do not remember taping any of this anymore, so this was a real treat. Croce, you really outdid yourself on this one.

  3. If it’s possible to love internet strangers for a job well done, then I love you guys. this was great

  4. THANK YOU Sarah Croce :-)

    Also, you *need* to bring yourself/style over to London sometime.

  5. I have so much love for all the girls in this video and all the girls from TRLW I’ve met in person who are such great sports about this by the way. I’m gonna actually watch it this season. I have a good feeling it is going to be legen… wait for it… dary.

    • THANKS!!! Only love for that woman. She’s so damn funny. Why doesn’t she have her own show yet?

  6. I have two comments about the slow-mo straddle w/sarah c. & alex v.:

    1. If autostraddling was an olympic sport, i’m pretty sure that running start straddle would’ve easily clinched the gold. EASILY.

    2. It also reminded me of Dirty Dancing – y’know, when they finally get the jump? NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!

  7. AS never fails to make me laugh, even on the crappiest of days.

    Major props to Sarah for mastering Final Cut and making it her bitch!

  8. Def just watched this on my phone because I COULD NOT WAIT. my #1 feeling is HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA CARLY I LOVE YOU. my #2 feeling is that I wanna put my Natalie costume/wig back on and fight with Jennifer all day long.

  9. why wasn’t i wearing my natalie wig? oh because it was also the mikey wig.

    “actually, it’s SADA.”

    i can’t stop. thank you croce!

  10. This was hilarious and all, but that little stuffed bulldog in the background was soooooo adorable (me = lil ADD) ^_^

  11. i think my favorite exchange is:

    “My name is Romi! I’M ROMI!”
    “Ohh fuck… what time is it?”

    • i would submit that the best part is actually about three seconds after that when croce puts on her sunglasses, because that is how Pussy Sluts signal that cuddle time is over. sorry babe, this has been fun but i need to put the indoors sunglasses back on now. <3

  12. The “okayyy, might as well get married in Kmart, alright” line is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life.

  13. after a few views, i have finally found my favorite part: fucking handcuffs hanging on the wall next to the light switch.

    done AND done.

  14. Thank you Croce! Freaking hilarious! I can only imagine how many takes it took to get all that without giggling up a storm.

  15. Ahaha, this is hilarious.”I’m just a pussy slut.” -Croce as Whitney
    Props to Autostraddle in April !

  16. Hahaha, I love your take on Nikki and Jill. The Disney colouring book pages made me lol.

    Please do more!

    Also, Sarah Croce has beauuutiful eyes and sexy dreads.

  17. 1. the bestest part of this video is that i didn’t make it
    2. haviland being chased by the girl in the yard
    3. robin roemer
    4. so funny

  18. I was holding off watching it to make it kind of an event: my girlfriend and I last night re-watched some of our favorite real l-word episodes back to back, followed by the parody (hadn’t seen part one before either).

    Thanks guys for a great evening!!

  19. I think the best part is that Alex played Romi, Sara, AND Tor. I mean, they did kind of all look alike. It’s like those fashion things that tell you how to switch from day to night, just buy putting on some sparkle eyeshadow. Switch from Tor to Romi, just by adding a feather earring and slouchy hat!

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