The L Word: Generation Q Episode 106 Recap: Loose Ends and Exes

Hello and welcome to the sixth recap of the first season of The L Word: Generation Q, brought to you by the same network that brought you The L Word, a thrilling television program about a seemingly mousy bookworm who weasels her way into an assistantship to her favorite author that eventually lands her in the director’s chair of said author’s first feature film after manipulating and maneuvering the beloved author out of her own film via saucy sex tape, at which point she removes her glasses, revealing herself to be actually a very pretty girl, and then speaks to herself softly in a dark, empty room. Cut, print.

Friends, this recap is later than usual. The reason is that Showtime withheld press screeners this week. We were like, “hmmm, I wonder why they’re doing that,” and the answer is….

We open on a typically calm, quiet street of sunny Los Angeles, California; which has been OVERTAKEN by ravenous news anchors, eager to take a giant bite out of Bette Porter’s latest scandal. Despite denying an ongoing relationship with Felicity American Girl on The National/Regional Morning Coffee Late Night Aloce Show, a recently released iPhone video has revealed an intoxicated, belligerent and abusive white man accusing Bette Porter of still sleeping with his wife directly before physically assaulting her teenage daughter! How will Bette Porter answer to these claims!! Alice and Shane arrive on the scene and fight off the paps to find their distraught friend Bette inside with her team.

We are live outside Ilene Chaiken’s mansion asking the question that’s on every lesbian’s mind today: Will Generation Q be picked up for a second season?

Leisha! Kate! Any news on Season Two?

The ladies enter Bette’s War Room and immediately launch into the episode’s first fight!

Lesbian Squabble #17: Poppy Mad Lesbian 
In The Ring: Bette vs. Alice
Content: Alice is pissed that she lied about Bette seeing Felciity on her show and ALSO that Bette didn’t tell them she was seeing Felicity. However, Alice quickly realizes that Bette DID tell Shane, which should not surprise anybody who saw The L Word: Original Recipe. Shane gets to know everything, Alice! Those are the rules. In addition to being mad, Alice is now also surprised! And so she storms off.
Who Wins? Um, Jeff Milner?

Bette’s slowly eroding on the inside — after telling Shane that Angie stayed at Jordi’s last night because her recently-assaulted daughter can have an illicit sleepover as a treat, she recalls that today is Angie’s drivers test and how the hell is Bette gonna get out of the house into her car and all the way to the DMV?

Listen. I have a driver in a white Ford Bronco right around the back of the house…

Uncle Shane and Auntie Quiara will take Angie to the DMV, no problem! Any excuse to go to the DMV, truly. Now that she’s got that problem solved, Bette would like to create a new one: dropping out of the race. Dani tries to stop her from going outside to call it off, but you can’t stop Bette Porter on a mission. Well, most people can’t stop Bette Porter on a mission. Because when Bette Porter opens her front door guess who’s there!!!!

I can’t live in a stranger’s guest house or some motel and I’m not going back to Alice’s couch. I don’t think it’s fair that I’m being punished for something I didn’t do. So I’m gonna stay in the guest room until I find a place of my own!

[Throwback #20: TINA]

Cut to Kit + Denny’s Lesbian Bar, where Tess and Finley are waking up half naked after the previous evening’s drunken romp. This is a pretty standard morning for our frisky friend Finley, but Tess is obviously shaken.

Are those the TomboyX 4.5′ inch trunks or the boy shorts?

It looks like my dog, Carol, texted her at 2:17 AM telling her not to take a drink. A little late with that text, Carol!

My dog Carol trying to get me to never leave the house so that we can just be together all the time forever

Shane shows up to find her roommate and her employee clearly reeling from the night before. “I thought you were sober?” she says to Tess. “I was,” says Tess. Shane says she could fire her, but won’t — Tess just needs to clean up and move on. Finley apologizes, Tess says it’s not her fault, and she’s gtg to a meeting, stat.

Back at Bette’s, Tina is wearing leather pants, which I believe is illegal, and talking on the telephone about the cut they’re sending to network, thus establishing that Tina’s still working in the film or television industry, thus furthering our already fraught suspension of disbelief regarding Tina not living in Los Angeles with her daughter! Mama T and Mama B talk about Angie’s play, and how Jordi makes Bette nervous. “Anyone who likes our daughter is gonna make us nervous,” Tina says.

This zine is so good! Young queers are really out here giving such great advice, wow.

Bette asks if Tina thinks Jordi and Angie have had sex. “They haven’t even kissed yet,” Tina says, and Bette’s face almost gets offended that she didn’t already know this, but then mercifully for all of us, Bette decides to move on. “That’s one thing I did right, I guess,” Bette says, full of sorrow.  “You were doing a lot right,” Tina reassures her.

Her boobs were SO big I just HAD to smash my head right between ’em

Bette recaps last night’s scuffle for Tina. I give this recap a demerit. Bette makes it sound like she’d pushed Mr. Felicity ’cause he’d pushed Angie, leaving out the part of the story where he directly attacked Bette after attacking Angie! Attacking Angie would’ve been cause enough, sure, but also, that’s not what happened. I know this because I rewound and watched it 10x out of concern for Bette Porter For Mayor 2020. What is happening. Bette doesn’t know what’s gonna happen now. Me neither because there’s no continuity. Tina gets a call — it’s very clearly her girlfriend, who’s upset Tina hadn’t yet called her, leaving Bette alone at the table with her abandonment issues.

Over at DaSoMi’s, Sophie’s removed all the sandwich ingredients from her refrigerator and spread them out before her, right where she can see ’em. She’s got your cheese, she’s got your lunchmeat, your lettuce, your tomato, your condiments. It’s a regular Jimmy John’s up in here.

THIS is the right portion of meat for a TINY sandwich for a TINY dog but you are a BIG dog and you are getting a BIG sandwich.

Sophie’s still simmering over Dani’s emotional withholding and that she fled the homestead at 4 AM and has not been in touch since.

Finley: “She kinda reminds me of my Mom.”
Sophie: “What?”
Finley: “Yeah, she’s like a super cold… hot lady.”
Sophie: “Who? Dani or your Mom?”
Finley: “Both.”
Sophie: “You know what? You’re a fucking freak.”
Finley: “Ahh, you love it. You’d like my Mom. She’s hot. She’s a fucking stud!”

Luckily Sophie has Finley, her best bro friend. “At least you talk to me,” Sophie says to Finley. Finley’s like of course I do! You’re the best! Speaking of talking, what happened last night, Fin-Fin? Finley’s gotta kill this sando and take a “nip dip” before she can get into the details of her previous evening’s romp. She’s real proud of herself for coming up with “nip dip.” “I’m a real Emily Dickerstein,” Finley says of herself, heading out into the morning sunshine.

The press remains camped out outside of Bette’s house, wondering if Bette and Tina are gonna get back together. Inside, Pierce and Dani are having a rough morning! He’s pissed Dani didn’t tell him Bette was back in the saddle riding Felicity’s pony. Also, Bette was supposed to be “better than that.”

I’m looking outside right now and I don’t see anyone, are you sure you have the right address? We’re really hungry.

Pierce: “I’m a trans man and seeing someone like Bette Porter become mayor means that people like me might lead a better life. She was the one who was supposed to pave the way so that people like me could be in charge one day.”
Dani: “I understand that. But she could still win!”

Pierce isn’t sold on Bette’s electability but Dani remains rabid for her #1 gal Bette Porter.  Bette is special! She’s inspiring! Pierce is out here acting like he has not seen Jodi Lerner’s epic installation video art piece, “Core,” inspired by Bette Porter, which’s about core values. Much like she once inspired Jodi, Bette inspires Dani every day! Dani’s never felt this way about anybody before! Pierce seems to think there’s something else going on regarding Dani’s affection for Bette, but he’s not sticking around to see it. He’s taking the goldfish, bye!

Hey I have an idea!!!! Does anybody remember how Felicity’s husband was DRUNK and ABUSIVE and ASSAULTED A TEENAGE GIRL AND HER MOTHER? Idk, there MIGHT BE A WAY TO SPIN THIS. Like, perhaps Felicity is um, leaving her husband because he is TERRIBLE as captured on VIDEO and might have needed Bette’s emotional support to do so? I’m firing Dani and hiring myself.

Then, we all die together and end up circling the innermost ring of hell, the Los Angeles DMV. Shane’s very nervous that these assholes aren’t gonna pass Angie on her drivers test, despite her being a “freaking genius.” Listen I am also a genius, but also, one time I rolled down the windows of my car and yelled “BYE LOSERS” to my friends who were smoking outside and then drove my car straight into a rock. We establish that Quiara is famous ’cause a fan recognizes her. I seriously cannot believe that anybody walking out of that DMV could have as much enthusiasm for life as this woman.

Smile and say “License and Registration!!!”

Good news: Angie passed her drivers test! Let’s go for a drive! Anywhere Angie wants to go! I hope they’re coming to my house.


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  1. I really loved loved this episode!!!

    Some thoughts
    1. I’m not surprised we didn’t see Micah at all this episode. It’s been six episodes and all I know about him is that he’s dating his landlord(?). His storyline is really lacking and it’s very disappointing. I don’t think it helps that he’s not as connected to rest group. It’s a huge cast, but I hope we get to see more of him.

    2. TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Jordi and Angie are so so so cute!! <333

    4. I feel like Alice is the most ready for the throuple between her, Nat and Gigi. Nat seems to still be resentful (understandable) and that's going to really affect things. I'm really enjoying them all together and I'm rooting for them.

    5. The tension between Finely and Sophie was so….whew. #relatableaf. I love how that moment was portrayed. I was also rooting for it lowkey. But Finely needs to go to therapy (and AA) asap and figure her shit out. I also need Tess to please go back to AA meetings.

    6. Dani and Sophie are just….*sigh* I'm surprised they got to this a place were they got engaged despite all the issues between them. Sophie definitely shouldn't have confronted Dani drunk, but Dani needs to do better in not shutting Sophie out. I get the instinct to process alone, but at least let Sophie know that she isn't completely out of the loop.

    7. I feel like they are teasing a Dani/Bette thing and I'm not sure if I want it.

    These recaps are the highlight of my week. The captions on the pictures make me laugh always.

  2. I feel like if someone were floating above the earth yesterday, they heard a small collective TINNNA! being emitted the moment Bette opened that door. I know my neighbors sure did.

    Finley and Sophie were cute! When they were dancing, I was like don’t kiss!…okay, maybe kiss a little… but no! don’t do it. Whatever happens, I like their bro-ship. Also, the cuteness continued for that the bike ride with Finley giving drunk Sophie the helmet. That bro-mance is strong and I’m here for it.

    Sophie and Dani are so tiring. I felt for Dani in this episode. First Pierce unloads on her and accuses her of falling under Bette’s spell with the implication that she has romantic feelings for their boss, then Bette practically barrels over her to get out the door in order to quit the race while ignoring Dani’s advice, and then she has to not only clean up the mess that is the abusive husband/Felicity/Bette sitch but now she has to deal with reporters going… um wtf was that rando-speech?? Someone needs to give Sophie a copy of the West Wing to show her that life in politics is basically running out at 4am to deal with whatever crazy firestorm is over and over again. And then Dani comes home and doesn’t want to re-live it all with her drunk girlfriend at 3am? Not exactly unreasonable.

    That said, I’m going to need Dani to open up to Sophie asap if for nothing else so we don’t have to see them fight over it anymore. That or just break up already.

    I am not thrilled about the Shane baby storyline. Not every single couple or character on a tv show needs to fulfill their destiny by having kids. You can be the awesome aunt/uncle, 2nd mom, goddess-parent whatever to kids that you love but who are not your own and still be a completely actualized human being without kids or ever wanting kids of your own.

    Alice/Nat/Gigi… that car scene was priceless.

    I so wanted one of those reporters to be like… *after awkward silence from rando-speech* “Sooo we just gonna roll right past that whole affair and assault thing then?? Does this mic say Fox News??”

    Also, I really hope they don’t go through with a Dani/Bette hookup. If Bette sleeps with another co-worker, especially with Dani who falls into a mentor/mentee category, well that just gets a little icky… or the very least, has the appearance of getting into inappropriate territory, which the media will point out as a pattern.

  3. ug the bette mayoral campaign continues to annoy me… it just.. doesn’t make sense. especially with this new “reveal” that it’s because of what bette seems to frame as an admin/intake error at a hospital??? that is not something you build a campaign off of. and it’s frustrating because I feel like there were so many other angles they could have taken with why bette is running and the fact that they pinned it down so precisely to something that doesn’t make sense is frustrating!!! like I get that they aren’t actually going to talk about issues or whatever but just a little more thinking on the campaign stuff would be appreciated. and the stairs was not her fault!!!!!!! she should press charges wtf!!


    I was so happy to see her face on screen. Despite retiring, her acting skills are still fabulous. She is one talented human.

    In another article she hinted at possibly acting in this role beyond this season, I really hope that happens!

    I agree with other commenters that there needs to be trans women characters on the show, not just trans men. I think it would be great if Tess was actually a trans character and part of the main cast.

  5. Jordie can’t be trusted. She’s hiding things. Getting Angie to ditch school? Her parents missing her starring role in the play? A huge house that she’s quick to close the door on when Angie arrives? There is some serious dysfunction there and Bette is right.

  6. The bit about Tina needing space and then the pic of Bette and Tina in their GIANT bed from the OG series is proof of why these recaps are unparalleled!

    Also, I have so many questions re: logistics about Tina’s trip. From her chat with Angie, we know she now lives in a magical faraway land (with a TV/film industry), further evidenced by her wheelie carry-on luggage when she was almost-leaving. But she flew in and was leaving in the same day (?!), but then she’s obviously going to stay, so what kind of hyper-expensive plane ticket does she need to have to cope with the flexibility that lesbian relationship drama demands? Or is she borrowing Shane’s private jet?!

    I need answers

  7. ALSO I feel like there’s going to be some kind of reveal about Jordi? To me, it felt like in earlier episodes they were implying maybe she was kind of from the wrong side of the tracks (or at least had uncaring parents), but this ep we saw she lived in a decent-looking area with a door almost as big as Shane’s? And the sketchy way she was closing the door behind her seemed like she was trying to hide something, despite the fact Angie’s been there loads, and presumably her parents know about Angie too?


  8. Bette’s speech sounded good, due to her awesome delivery, what she said was BS. Kit was an addict who was aware of her demons and how to avoid them. She had gone through years of denial and blaming others for her issues and had grown from that by the end of the series. I understand that addicts always have to work for their sobriety, but it is a disservice to the character to have her apparently be secretive with her care team and not disclose her addictions, while blindly taking a prescription for opioids.

    They dated her death as one year ago; NO ONE could claim ignorance of the opioid crisis that recently. Kit, Bette and everyone in their world is very aware of current events, so they had to know about it and woudl have known beyond a doubt that Kit should haven’t been prescribed that kind of medication when she was injured. It would have made more sense to have her die of an overdose due to self-medication following her injury, because she couldn’t get a doctor to prescribe Oxy or whatever, because of her status.

    Bette’s speech removed any sense of personal responsibility from Kit, which is the wrong message to send. They should have given Bette a much less obvious (I called it from episode one when they were secretive about why she entered the race) reason for running for mayor.

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