The L Word: Generation Q Episode 106 Recap: Loose Ends and Exes

THRUPLE TIME!!! Alice is trying to complain about Bette, but Nat’s finding a way to make Alice’s problem about her longstanding problems with Gigi, and before they can steer this conversation into a lane of viable discussion material, the server says that seeing these three ladies together makes her miss her best friends. Gigi’s like ‘WE’RE NOT FRIENDS.”

We actually had a really hot threesome in episode 104, “L.A Times”?

Oh I know. I just wanted to hear you say it.

Alice and Nat are immediately annoyed and … want to wait on the check so they can fight more?

Back at Bette’s, Tina’s pouring tea just like the good old days. Tea for Tea-na! Tina says Bette is a good Mom. Bette says Tina is a good mom. Everybody’s a good mom and Angie passed her driver’s test! Let’s fight!!!

Lesbian Squabble #19: Back in the Saddle Again
In the Ring: Bette vs. Tina
Content: Tina’s surprised Bette can make so much space for Angie because she took up ALL the space when she was with Tina and there was NO space left for Tina. I beg to differ, their bed was enormous. Remember?

Plenty of space for Tina!

“You know, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to identify what I want and I’ve been willing to pursue it. Do you really think I should apologize for that?” asks Bette Porter for Mayor.

Tina’s locked and loaded and ready to get right back into The Bettina Wars of 2004-2009! Complaints registered include “everything having to be about Bette’s career” and “everything having to be on Bette’s timeline.” Um, pretty sure Daddyof2 was not on Bette’s timeline. Also Bette was “never wrong.”

“Look around,” Bette says. “I’m wrong all the fucking time.”

Bette says Felicity was there for her when Kit died, noting that Tina didn’t attend the funeral. This makes… absolutely no sense. Kit was her sister-in-law and her daughter’s aunt! Tina had known Kit for TWENTY TWO YEARS. Everybody’s exes go to funerals! That’s just how it is!

“We needed that space,” Tina says, re: not attending the funeral.

“You needed that space,” Bette says.

I needed that space,” Tina agrees.

“You should’ve been there,” Bette is correct. “I thought you were my family.”

Tina looks like she’s about to cry.

Who Wins? Bette.

Let’s take a little trip down the block to DaSoMi’s pool party, party of one: Finley. Is Finley too damaged to be with someone, she wonders? Sophie’s being the supportive but somewhat deceptive best friend who’s like “No dude, no! You’re not damaged!” It’s okay to be damaged, Finley! That’s what therapy is for.

Now THIS is what I thought living in L.A. was gonna be like

Finley just MISSES REBECCA and it’s fine GOODBYE FOREVER. Sophie’s got an idea for what they both need; BRO NIGHT!!!! Finley’s so stoked she does a little flip in the pool. It’s real cute.

Well, Shane told Angie she could drive anywhere she wanted to and she wanted to drive to… Jordi’s house! I would’ve gone to Disneyland. They pull up and Angie asks Shane and Quiara how you know when you love someone, which inspires them to share the story of how they met, which they seemingly have never told before. Once upon a time on a French Vogue shoot, Shane was doing Quiara’s hair and then later they spent the WHOLE night walking the city ’til the sun came up. Just like the classic film Before Sunrise! Quiara’s a private person but she wanted Shane to know her. Also, have you seen how long Shane’s fingers are.

Then, Shane told me about Wax, a skate shop where she had her very own chair and they also sold vests for gigs, and I was like, Oh My God I Love You????!!?!?!?

So Angie’s gonna go confess her love to Jordi. Uncle Shane’s inspirational speech fits into a familiar template of reminding her what her name is but with a swear word in it: “You’re Angie Porter fucking Kennard and don’t you forget it,” says Shane. That’s right Portard, you big gaymo!!! Go get it!

Hi, um, I’m here for the Girl Scouts of America wondering if you’d like to buy some cookies to support my troop—

Angie, I know you’re not a Girl Scout

Jordi answers in a giant t-shirt and wonders why Angie’s there? Did she forget something? No she did not. She just has something to say!

Please buy ten boxes of Thin Mints please buy ten boxes of Thin Mints

She really likes her friendship and she doesn’t wanna fuck it up so if this goes badly it would be great if Jordi forgets she ever said it but um, by the way, Angie likes her? Like… like likes her? And might love her? So IDK Jordi, what do you think? I’ll tell you what Jordi thinks!!!

Queer Scout Badge: unlocked

This is SO FUCKING CUTE I LOVE THIS FOR THEM. Shane is so warmed by this expression of young love that she decides she’s down to parent Quiara’s little baby pickle!!!

I hope our kid is gay too

Well my friends, the thruple is THRIVING.

Your man Christian is a cake boy!

Gigi’s a bad driver and everybody’s got something to say about it. Stephanie Allyne’s comedy chops in this episode are SHIMMERING. Everybody’s on edge because the waitress knows that they went diving for clams as a group.

Lesbian Thrupple Squabble #20: You Me Her
In The Ring: Nat vs. Gigi with a side of Alice

Gigi: Last night when we all held hands, what did that mean?
Nat: It meant that we could hold hands in the dark.
Alice: Okay!
Gigi: No. I’m not interested in going back in the closet, thank you.
Nat: Oh my goddd no one’s asking you to do that!!!
Alice: I mean except that technically you are asking her to go back in the closet —
Nat: A big walk-in closet with room for three adults.

Nat says it’s absurd to tell strangers when they’ve yet to tell people they know! Alice suggests breathing, taking steps, and talking about steps. “We’re not telling anyone until we tell the kids,” Nat assures them. “And by the way, we’re not telling the kids.”

Who Wins? Me, again! I love them.

Over to BRO NIGHT at Kit + Denny’s. Honestly, lesbian bars (RIP) should have a night called BRO NIGHT. No couples, just you and your actual gal pals / bros / etc. Sophie and Finley are already 500 miles closer to Drunk-town USA and Sophie’s slurring about how Dani never tells her she’s pretty anymore and Bette Porter is VERY hot. Finley thinks she’s VERY paranoid. But Sophie has eyes and she! Can! Fucking! See!!!!!

I’m on Patron, Tequila, I’m drunk on Margarita!

Somehow they’ve managed to get drunk at the bar Tess is working alone, but Finley’s yet to speak to Tess? So she’s gonna walk around to the side of the bar and go ahead and do that now. She’s gonna be REAL weird about it ’cause she’s a baby deer learning how to be a person. First step, according to Tess, is to stop being weird.

I rode my bicycle ALL the way here ALL by myself

Tess: Have you ever slept with a friend before?
Finley: Nope. I sleep with strangers and priests.

Tess is like, well, good news we’re friends and you just slept with me and it’s never gonna happen again! Finley’s getting so much new information today out of this! Also, Finley would like Tess to know that she is VERY hot. As a friend! Honestly the whole exchange is so fucking cute and authentic and I love them? And then, for a moment, it happens: I let go, let God, and let myself love this show. I think it’s finally found its legs. I really hope it gets renewed! And then Tess walks over to the bar and pours some vodka into her water glass and I remember that this is also a soap opera. A SOAP OPERA I LOVE.

Cut to Sophie and Finley cuddled up drunkstyle in a booth talking about pina coladas. Shane finds Finley and is like, yoooooo my girlfriend’s back and she’s gonna be moving in, hey ya, hey yah, my girlfriends’ back? So you gotta move out in like a week? Finley’s like whooaaaa ok sureeeeee yikes! And then Sophie’s like, Finley, you can move in with me! It’ll be so fun my buddy! Aw, Sophie’s lonely because they wrote Micah out of this entire episode. Then “Closer” by Tegan and Sara comes on and IT’S TIME TO DANCE!

Scratch my belly!

This little bit, this little dancing bit, with two drunk sad friends being a little handsy and a little hipsy and a little funny and dancey, this bit — oh, I loved it! It’s just so rare to see gay friends together! Let alone gay friends with sexual tension! It’s truly insane the amount of sexual tension we all have with our friends and we just LIVE WITH IT, day in and day out!

Should we change our friendship and fuck up your relationship do you think

It’d feel kinda good if we did it should we do it


They teased this in the trailer, Sophie leaning her hips into Finley’s hips while she tries to show Finley how to move her little hips and Sophie’s face is up by Finley’s face and we all wondered will they do this? Will they or won’t they do this? And somehow in that moment I wanted them to. But also didn’t lol good thing they didn’t do it right totallly

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  1. Not gonna lie, when Tina fucking Kennard showed up on my screen, I screamed TINA! Not unlike Bette in that first screencap.

    They really did that AND kept it secret. My Tibette feels were all over the place when they hugged and Bette’s face crumpled and she begged her to stay 😩

  2. I admit, I have not been on Dani’s side thus far this season. Until last episode, I thought she was a little spineless to not even try to stand up to her dad basically taking over their wedding. And last episode she did in a huge (and public) way, then pretty much immediately gets thrown into this Bette scandal and now I gotta say I feel for her. She’s been put through it these last two weeks and I totally understand just being like, “You know what? I do not want to have to relive all of this crap right now, I just want to sleep for a century, ‘kay? Thanks.”

    And, to my surprise, I think she handled the confrontation with Sophie pretty well, considering she just walked in to find her fiancee spooning with their friend. Because at three in the morning, after dealing with the crap that she has had to deal with, I would have been petty and thrown that right back in her face. “Oh, you wanna talk? Let’s talk about why Finley is wrapped around you like a boa constrictor!” And that would not have been good for anybody.

    So, kudos to Dani for being the bigger person and at least trying to explain that she was not in the mood to talk when confronted with her drunk fiancee.

    Also, can anyone tell me the name of the song that was playing during the end credits? Google searching the lyrics has failed me and I need to listen to it a thousand times on repeat.

    • I looked on tunefind, thanks to Rachel’s tips. Apparently its an unreleased song called ” Bitter”- by Finding Fletcher and Kito, hopefully it is out soon and this is the right song.

      I clocked this song too !! and thought this immediately needs to go on a playlist/ need it ! I hope that helps

      The website tunefind has all the listings of songs from each episode :)

    • I think this assessment is unfair to Sophie. You can only starve someone of affection, communication and quality time for so long before they snap. Sophie did choose the wrong time to talk to Dani but at this point when is the right time? It’s one thing to need space to process but there a very fine line between processing and checking out and at this point it feels like Dani’s checking out. Tina had a great line when telling Bette that she doesn’t make space in her life for her and that everything is on her terms/timeline. I think Dani mirrors that but Sophie lacks the emotional language or maturity to point those things out.

      • I’m not sure what in my assessment is unfair to Sophie, because the only time I mention her at all is saying that I would not have handled my drunk fiancee confronting me as well as Dani did…? But, I mean, sure, let’s talk about Sophie.

        Sophie is totally justified in feeling hurt by Dani’s distance. Dani has been neither fair, nor particularly kind, to Sophie. That’s a big part of why I have had such a hard time sympathizing with her struggle until the last two episodes (I have asked myself multiple times why Sophie wants to marry this woman). Sophie has clearly bent over backwards to accommodate Dani’s clearly toxic relationship with her father, and that is a horrible position for Sophie to be in–not to mention having to also deal with the demands of Dani’s job working for Bette, which she took ~without discussing it with Sophie at all~.

        Wedding planning is stressful. Having one partner suddenly take on a demanding job and never being around is stressful. Maybe Dani’s processing style didn’t bother Sophie as much until all these other stresses piled on, so she never thought that she needed to talk to Dani about how Dani’s solo processing makes her feel shut out. Now that she’s realized that it is a problem for her, there are no opportunities to discuss it, because Dani is busy processing.

        I agree, at this point when is the right time to have that conversation? Is there a right time to have that conversation? Probably not. Sophie has to walk a fine line between making sure her own needs are met and not crossing her fiancee’s boundaries. That’s awful.

        Sophie spiraled this episode. She got overwhelmed and she made some mistakes. I don’t hold that against her at all. I would even go so far as to say that Dani holds a bulk amount of the blame in that, by flat-out disappearing on her fiancee after a huge emotional event (telling off her father and the argument between Sophie and Dani that followed).

        I feel for Sophie just as much as I feel for Dani. Maybe even more, because Sophie didn’t really ask for any of this–Sophie isn’t the one who jumped into a new career in politics on what was little more than a whim; Sophie isn’t the one who’s going to war with her homophobic parental unit. Sophie is an innocent bystander in the mess of Dani’s life.

        So, I’m not trying to say that Dani is the good guy and Sophie is the bad guy. They’re both going through Some Sh– and I sympathize with both of them. My comment just focused on Dani because, like I said, I also would have preferred sleep to communication in that moment and would not have handled being in that situation nearly as well, so it was a scene in which I related to her on a personal level–something I have not really been able to do with Dani thus far in the season.

    • huh interesting. i didn’t clock her spooning with finley as weird or out-of-bounds, i feel like that level of physical affection with close friends isn’t a big deal? it didn’t seem like dani was upset by it either.

      • IDK maybe I’m weird, but that would bug me. I’m a hugger and I’ve been known to throw an arm around my friends’ shoulders, but prolonged full body contact seems a little far? Especially when it’s just the two of them, cuddled up asleep on the couch?

        But my interpretation may have been colored by the obvious sexual tension between Sophia and Finley at the bar.

        And no, Dani didn’t seem bothered by it, which I honestly thought said a lot about where Dani is in their relationship. But, again, I was just relating her situation to how I would feel in that position. Maybe spooning with friends is totally normal for them and I’m just a fkn prude lmao!

        • yeah maybe the threshold for that kind of thing just varies person by person! i think if finley was a random girl sophie had met at a bar and brought home, or a brand new friend she was going out with for the first time who might be angling for something more, that would be different — but since finley is like a long-time friend of sophie’s and also a friend of dani’s who is openly supportive of their relationship and engagement, i wouldn’t think anything of it. maybe my way isn’t the normal way but it definitely wouldn’t be weird for me to cuddle with a close friend, even like spoon and fall asleep with a close friend tbh

          • Riese…my bff is a super cuddler (I’m medium). I let her have her way because it makes her happy. Most women I’ve dated (and gfs) shrug it off like Dani because they know nothing’s going on. I would say your way thinking isn’t uncommon.

            Adie… I think we kind of misunderstood each other to an extent. When I defended Sophie I was talking about you saying that Dani was the bigger person for shutting Sophie down but I contend that she put Sophie in that position in the first place. If she’d been the bigger person she would’ve recognized at the very least that she was inconsiderate for being gone all day without word and apologized but instead she used silence as a weapon (again) to shut Sophie up (again) which she expects her to do (and Sophie’s done a lot it seems) and when Sophie doesn’t she lashes out and plays the victim (she needs even more space and Sophie’s not giving it) until Sophie drops it. In the that moment (and likely others) that’s just selfishness on Dani’s part not magnanimity.

          • Riese, I agree, I’m sure it varies from person to person. I probably feel that way because, while I consider myself physically affectionate, I’ve never had a lot of friends that I felt close enough to for that kind of behavior to be the norm. A hug is one thing, but cuddling and similar things are just a little too intimate for me. *shrugs*

            Rooty, OK I think I see your point of view. When I first watched it, I didn’t really read it as Dani shutting Sophie down so much as Dani just… being shut down herself? She was clearly exhausted and people don’t think right in that state. While I don’t think she handled the situation particularly WELL, I do think she handled the situation BETTER than she could have by trying not to fight with someone who is drunk.

            Due to personal experiences, I find it hard to sympathize with people/characters who drink when they’re having problems–I can’t sympathize with Finley’s situation, I was crushed by Tess’s decisions after being sober for so long, and in this case it made it hard for me to feel Sophie was in the right.

            But you bring up a good point. Dani really isn’t the “bigger person” in this situation, because she doesn’t try to fix the situation even slightly. She could have said, “I just need to sleep right now, I promise we can talk about it in the morning,” and at least have given Sophie something to hold on to and let her know that Dani isn’t trying to shut her out. Instead, she just kept saying she needed space, and looking at it from your point of view I can definitely see how that reads as Dani shutting Sophie down. Even if Sophie is drunk, she clearly just wants to know that Dani wants her in her life. There are a lot of ways to do that without having a Deep, Meaningful Discussion about the serious events of the last couple episodes.

            I concede it was an incorrect assessment for me to describe Dani as “the bigger person,” just for avoiding (again). I maintain that she handled the situation better than she could have in her exhaustion (and honestly, better than I expected her to), but would like to clarify that that doesn’t mean I think she handled it WELL.

            I think that Dani doesn’t really understand how to effectively communicate in general and with Sophie especially. She just keeps repeating things that must make sense in her mind and then gets frustrated when Sophie doesn’t automatically understand what she really wants to say. They need to sit down with a professional and learn how to talk to each other (and Dani just flat out needs to learn to talk, period).

  3. I have so many thoughts and feelings about this episode but I’ll just say:
    – Bette and Tina…so they’re still on their rollercoaster huh?
    Explanation (maybe?): I think Angie is the only person Bette puts before herself which is why she didn’t mention the cuckold’s attacking on her.
    – Dani and Sophie…I see you TiBette 2.0! Is Bette the potential “carpenter”?
    Note: So Bette can change Dani’s mindset and have her passionately fight for her despite the adversity but she can’t for the woman she asked to marry? Right. Right.
    – Shane and Quiara…these 2 couldn’t be any cuter. Quick tip: stop with the lesbian baby storylines!
    – Angie and Jordi (Andi?)….awww baby gay cuteness. Question: how many baby gays can fit into Jordi’s shirt at the same time?
    – Gigi…oh Gigi… I should’ve sussed out her manipulativeness sooner. Reminder: she’s still smoking hot.

  4. I know it was supposed to be a “scream at the TV moment,” when Tina reappeared but we deadpanned “oh Tina’s back.” I know they’re so OTP to a lot of people but they’re so not good for each other.

    Dani is getting on my nerves. I get it she has a lot going, but all those walls? For what?

  5. I was basically screaming at the sexual tension between Sophie and Finley, and then again as I was reading the recap. I forget that straight people generally don’t deal with such intense sexual tension in their friend groups the same way we do, and thank you Riese for drawing attention to it. That whole dynamic feels very familiar and relatable, and it’s… a lot.

    Maybe this is just present on my mind because I had a “bro night” two nights ago with one of my good friends and ended up getting drunk and making out with her the whole night whooooo knoooows ooooooooooooooooooooops

  6. Favorite captions & screenshots: 1, 3, 10, 15, 16, 27, 29, 38, 39, 40, 41, 44 (LOL), 48 (Gigi’s profile is Hot AF,
    Also, we definitely needed one for when Dani and Bette sat with each other.

    – Tina fanning herself because shes menopausal too! That could have been a HILARIOUS convo between them.
    – Mirror put there to reflect Dani’s boob when she changes her shirt on purpose??????
    – Great bulge on Dani’s crotch when sitting with those pants…

    Natalice + GIGI’s car scene was one for the books!!! The chemistry is UNREAL!! They are only the second throuple I watch on TV after You Me Her but definitely the first that have made me feel like its an actual relationship.

    Dani sitting and talking to anyone in this episode -> That elbow on knee/thigh pose just oozes power and sexiness. I can’t.

  7. 1) thank you for linking back to Carolstraddle, so I could detour off and re-read those epic posts for a while

    2) Finley backing off from Sophie’s kiss face was like the least dirtbaggy thing she’s done all season, and I respect it.

    3) Tess really is hot as hell and I’m so worried about her drinking! Shane’s gonna need a new bartender (but only one, because apparently Dana’s runs fine with just one employee and she can take all the time in the world to chat)

  8. i also yelled “TINA” at my screen when she appeared. anyway, the “cocks” line really killed me. i feel like stephanie allyne’s comedic timing really got a chance to shine this episode and i’m NOT mad.

  9. Hot Take: This show could continue on without Micah and the quality would either improve or generally stay the same.

    I don’t have anything against him, I just feel as if the show only has him to course correct everything about Max’s atrocious storyline and in the process didn’t give him anything interesting to do so far compared to literally every other character. And it sucks because having a trans man on TV would be so interesting but I haven’t had a grasp of his character yet to care about him. They could replace him with Tess as a man character and him as a supporting one and the show would make more sense.

    Anyways that’s just my take

    • I spoiled myself with a still from the ep when I was trying to download it, but it was still magical to see Laurel Holloman’s face on my screen again and then her face was next to Jennifer Beals’!!!! That’s too much. When I watched the original for the first time, Tina was not my favourite, but TiBette was my favourite ship. And now in her absence (or due to her absence) I have found this deep love for Tina somehow! And I just love her so much and like Bette I want/need her to stay. I’m so grateful for Laurel. Apparently she’s only there for anothe ep but we/I need moreeeee!!!

      That being said, it is hard to believe that Tina would not show up to Kit’s funeral, no matter how bad their breakup was. Besides, uughhhhhhh I cannot believe they are still having the same fight. I get that Tina needed her space but I thought they’d figured it out on their own and Tina had found herself and they had found each other again in the original. Apparently that was all in my head.
      Here are my favourite parts of the recap (I actually clapped my hands and laughed out loud):

      One day Bette Porter will buy my painting and hang it on her wall and it will ALL BE WORTH IT. (HONESTLY, Laurel is (maybe unconsciously) trying to become the perfect wife for Bette Porter and no one can convince me otherwise. jk)

      The rumors are true, Tina Kennard is here in my home, but we have not made out yet. (I CRIED)

      If only “ze penis ze pussy” guy could see us now huh? (gotta miss those days. everything was so simple).

      I also don’t get why Bette would need to apologise. Oh well.

  10. I had to pause the television for MINUTES while a bunch of people were in my apartment when motherfuckin Laurel Holloman’s FACE came onto the SCREEN. I thought I was safe from Tina. I know there are so many Tibette stans, but I cannot deal. TINA? AGAIN. I’m still in denial, like I don’t want to believe it actually happened? why

    Can we talk about why Micah is such a minor character now? Is it maybe because of the actor’s lack of acting background? It seems Tess/Jamie Clayton is on screen more than Micah now even though she wasn’t billed as a major character? I LOVE her though so that’s fine.

  11. Finley’s little toddler overalls and those cute squishy hugs 🥰

    Also as a person raised by a throuple, I promise you, those kids will be ok!!! It’s nice having three parents who all love each other! Alice has always been my favorite, I love everything Stephanie Allyne does, and Gigi is 😍 Super happy with where this storyline is going, but I wish they were not so bickery?

    I like Sophie a lot, and I want to like Dani, but I feel like the writers have no clue what they’re doing with them/their relationship? I feel like they are always different people???

  12. Angie’s speech to Jordi was SO CUTE and I loved it! They are fast becoming one of my favorite couples.

    I was much less convinced by Bette’s speech, however. I understand and respect her wanting to run for mayor because of Kit’s death, but that still doesn’t address what happened with Felicity’s husband, or how she’s going to work to change things in her campaign dynamics AND fight for the causes she believes in.

  13. I am a nurse, I work with people who use substances and that speech was really awful. The answer is not to deny people pain control because they have a history of dependence, even it it were opiate dependence, which in Kit’s case it wasn’t. Should a provider be aware so that they can monitor closely, prescribe and administer appropriately, and utilize other options when appropriate? Absolutely, and actually true regardless of substance use history.

    But I’m not surprised because the L Word just uses Kit as something to project “hot button” issues on when convenient. Still so grossed out that this is how they decide to explain her absence on the show.

    ALSO. I totally screamed TINAAAAAA and flailed such that my dog also felt she should be excited and remained so for the rest of the show. Maple: possible Tibette shipper.

    • yes! i didn’t really understand what bette was going for there at all. i have a friend who is an addict and was getting major surgery a few years back; we worked out a plan ahead of time and again with the doctor for pain relief afterwards — i stayed with her and the opioids were in my possession the whole time, i gave them to her exactly was needed and no more, etc., she readily and eagerly switched to ibuprofen as soon as it was possible to do so. there weren’t any problems around it and everybody’s life moved forward.

      i really don’t understand what kit’s situation has to do with her running for mayor, unless re-vamping the healthcare system so that doctors are able to spend more time with patients is supposed to be the focus of her campaign.

      • I’m in healthcare and Bette’s whole take also made me cringe. Denying pain control to someone who has been in recovery for a long time after a major accident isn’t good care. It requires a conversation but Bette is just…wrong. Yes, opiates are overprescribed and prescribed for things that they shouldn’t be, but without further info on Kit’s injuries it’s really unfair to blame the provider.

        I hope they redeem their poor substance abuse storylines with Tess. They really need someone in recovery in the writers’ room. It hurts me to see her relapse both from professional and personal (friends) experience. I hope she regains her sobriety and helps Finley see how she is using alcohol to cope with shame and abandonment.

        • Thanks for this conversation. Totally agree. This is such a weird trope in Hollywood depictions of addiction (the trope that sober alcoholics and addicts shouldn’t be prescribed opiates, and if they are, they will always relapse). I was disappointed by the speech especially because in Marja’s coversation with Riese, it seemed like addiction was something she was knowledgeable about and really wanted to explore on the show.

          I also hope Tess regains her sobriety! Relapse is part of recovery for many people and it would be useful to show that.

      • I really am not trying to be a contrarian, because I see validity in the points being made, but many recovering addicts that I’ve known and loved have spiraled back into addiction after being prescribed opiates/opioids and other controlled substances. Sometimes addiction is an incredibly progressive disease, and even if one’s original substance of choice was alcohol, they may easily succumb to the strong hold opiates can have. I am hoping that we learn more details about Kit’s injury and how long the doctors were prescribing her the meds. My guess is that she was initially put on a pain treatment regime with the medication, and once she was no longer able to refill, had become dependent and turned to heroin. I think Bette is implying that all healthcare providers should be taking their patients’ history seriously and weighing all options before prescribing an incredibly strong medication. It reminds me of when I went to the clinic for a sprained thumb and the doctor, without hesitation, wrote me (someone with substance abuse issues) a script for a strong opioid. Luckily I avoided the meds but that is certainly not always the case. Now I’m just rambling but I hope I’ve made some sense!

        • I don’t think anything you’ve said is contrary to what I expressed nor do I think you’re being a contrarian! It’s absolutely true that a history of dependence to any substance is a risk factor for dependence to another. Also absolutely true that opiates were/are over-prescribed both in breadth and quantity. When my wisdom teeth were removed at 19 I was handed a 10 day script for oxycodone, which is ridiculous and horrific. As definitely is the idea that opioids were necessary or even the best pain control for a sprained thumb!

          I am professionally and personally opposed to the idea that was expressed that Kit “never” should have been prescribed those drugs, which is not true. Kit and Bette weren’t/aren’t real people, they’re characters in a television show, with writers who write the story and put the words they say in their mouths. I believe statements like that further marginalize people who are dependent on opioids and other substances. I see it every day when I have to send my patients to the ED, where their real pain is often ignored and left untreated due to their use history.

  14. I’m still mad at this show, but the scene between Angie and Jordi was adorable, precious bb queers awww.

    My favourite moment though was the petty little look of contempt Gigi threw Nat after kissing Alice goodbye. Such daggers! I cackled.

  15. – My wife and I totally screamed TINAAAAAA at the tv
    – enjoying the throuple storyline and Angie & Jordi (Jorgie?)
    – please no more lesbian baby storylines. We already had one on this show.
    – until you mentioned it I didn’t even notice Micah was gone…
    – yay for the renewal!
    Thank you for your recaps,Riese. I enjoy these as much as the episodes

  16. Okay Sophie and Finley have a really sweet friendship, and, I would argue, really good boundaries? Like Finley has no boundaries ever but Sophie realized so quickly while they were dancing that she was v. drunk and should back off just a bit, and did. I don’t think spooning on the sofa is bad? It seemed super innocent to me.

    Stephanie Allyne is HILARIOUS

    The Kit thing was infuriating and also like…Bette went out there and gave this whole speech when she still hadn’t cleared up at all what had happened on the steps with the dude attacking her, which still seems…important to explain?

  17. Just how much can the mayor of Los Angeles do about the healthcare system or the opioid epidemic? If that was her PASSION a US senate run would make more sense (though I guess they couldn’t have her run a primary challenge against Kamala Harris or Dianne Feinstein). Bette’s speech was cringy and I will be forever mad about Kit.

    I was never a huge Tina fan (COME BACK CARPENTER!), but it was surprisingly nice to see Laurel’s face on my teevee.

    In good things: THRUPLE! I hope the show nurtures this relationship and gives it a real shot. These three actresses are so cute and fun and funny.

    Also loving Angie and hope we get to meet Jordi’s family.

    Tess has so much potential as a character, want more of her.

    I don’t like cheating in the real world, but yes to a Sophie/Finley hookup please.

    And finally, give Micah an actual story please.

  18. I recognize that Tina’s return was the motivation I needed to continue watching the series and that reminded me that after the first two seasons of the original series it was also the only reason to see it then, they are the only characters that seem real to me and not a comic, the only ones that really interest me I know I’m weird

  19. The scene with Pierce coming out as trans to Dani has made me so much more confused about what the hell the writers are doing? Apparently it’s revolutionary for transwomen to play cis women ON A SHOW ABOUT LGTBQ+ PEOPLE but not for transmen to play cis men? Maybe transwomen just don’t exist in the world of Generation Q? Maybe the main characters are all supposed to be TERFs and only hang with AFAB queer people but no one told us, the audience? In any other context this scene would have been great, but here its just confusing and frustrating, what the hell are the writers thinking?

    Speaking of what are the writers thinking: this whole “assualt” scandal and non-issue addressing apology speech make no goddamn sense!!!

    • i do feel like maybe if we keep talking about it they will have tess and jordi be explicitly trans women characters in s2, that is my dream for this show. ’cause they’ve not done anything yet to certify that either of them are cis, so…. ??? it’s never too late to turn it all around gen q!

  20. Nothing makes sense on this show! I love it but… How does time work? Is the Aloce show on hiatus?! Is there a DMV in CA open on Sunday?!

    More specifically, anyone else thrown by the Throuple evolution? The Throuple has existed for 2-3 days and yet already the kids have questions about why Gigi has been spending so much time at home? So much so that they feel the need to give the kids clarity so soon? As a parent, I’m more surprised that the Throuple has managed an adult birthday party, wine night, play, and PDA-filled brunch in that time span, and I’m definitely jealous.

  21. Ahhh, such a crazy episode! So many love lines getting crossed!

    But I loved the line you wrote Riese, “It’s just so rare to see gay friends together! Let alone gay friends with sexual tension! It’s truly insane the amount of sexual tension we all have with our friends and we just LIVE WITH IT, day in and day out!” This is absolutely true. I have always had crushes on my friends- and ones that I knew I wouldn’t ever act on- and since I’ve realized I’m queer, I think it’s gotten worse haha.

  22. I really loved loved this episode!!!

    Some thoughts
    1. I’m not surprised we didn’t see Micah at all this episode. It’s been six episodes and all I know about him is that he’s dating his landlord(?). His storyline is really lacking and it’s very disappointing. I don’t think it helps that he’s not as connected to rest group. It’s a huge cast, but I hope we get to see more of him.

    2. TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Jordi and Angie are so so so cute!! <333

    4. I feel like Alice is the most ready for the throuple between her, Nat and Gigi. Nat seems to still be resentful (understandable) and that's going to really affect things. I'm really enjoying them all together and I'm rooting for them.

    5. The tension between Finely and Sophie was so….whew. #relatableaf. I love how that moment was portrayed. I was also rooting for it lowkey. But Finely needs to go to therapy (and AA) asap and figure her shit out. I also need Tess to please go back to AA meetings.

    6. Dani and Sophie are just….*sigh* I'm surprised they got to this a place were they got engaged despite all the issues between them. Sophie definitely shouldn't have confronted Dani drunk, but Dani needs to do better in not shutting Sophie out. I get the instinct to process alone, but at least let Sophie know that she isn't completely out of the loop.

    7. I feel like they are teasing a Dani/Bette thing and I'm not sure if I want it.

    These recaps are the highlight of my week. The captions on the pictures make me laugh always.

  23. I feel like if someone were floating above the earth yesterday, they heard a small collective TINNNA! being emitted the moment Bette opened that door. I know my neighbors sure did.

    Finley and Sophie were cute! When they were dancing, I was like don’t kiss!…okay, maybe kiss a little… but no! don’t do it. Whatever happens, I like their bro-ship. Also, the cuteness continued for that the bike ride with Finley giving drunk Sophie the helmet. That bro-mance is strong and I’m here for it.

    Sophie and Dani are so tiring. I felt for Dani in this episode. First Pierce unloads on her and accuses her of falling under Bette’s spell with the implication that she has romantic feelings for their boss, then Bette practically barrels over her to get out the door in order to quit the race while ignoring Dani’s advice, and then she has to not only clean up the mess that is the abusive husband/Felicity/Bette sitch but now she has to deal with reporters going… um wtf was that rando-speech?? Someone needs to give Sophie a copy of the West Wing to show her that life in politics is basically running out at 4am to deal with whatever crazy firestorm is over and over again. And then Dani comes home and doesn’t want to re-live it all with her drunk girlfriend at 3am? Not exactly unreasonable.

    That said, I’m going to need Dani to open up to Sophie asap if for nothing else so we don’t have to see them fight over it anymore. That or just break up already.

    I am not thrilled about the Shane baby storyline. Not every single couple or character on a tv show needs to fulfill their destiny by having kids. You can be the awesome aunt/uncle, 2nd mom, goddess-parent whatever to kids that you love but who are not your own and still be a completely actualized human being without kids or ever wanting kids of your own.

    Alice/Nat/Gigi… that car scene was priceless.

    I so wanted one of those reporters to be like… *after awkward silence from rando-speech* “Sooo we just gonna roll right past that whole affair and assault thing then?? Does this mic say Fox News??”

    Also, I really hope they don’t go through with a Dani/Bette hookup. If Bette sleeps with another co-worker, especially with Dani who falls into a mentor/mentee category, well that just gets a little icky… or the very least, has the appearance of getting into inappropriate territory, which the media will point out as a pattern.

  24. ug the bette mayoral campaign continues to annoy me… it just.. doesn’t make sense. especially with this new “reveal” that it’s because of what bette seems to frame as an admin/intake error at a hospital??? that is not something you build a campaign off of. and it’s frustrating because I feel like there were so many other angles they could have taken with why bette is running and the fact that they pinned it down so precisely to something that doesn’t make sense is frustrating!!! like I get that they aren’t actually going to talk about issues or whatever but just a little more thinking on the campaign stuff would be appreciated. and the stairs was not her fault!!!!!!! she should press charges wtf!!


    I was so happy to see her face on screen. Despite retiring, her acting skills are still fabulous. She is one talented human.

    In another article she hinted at possibly acting in this role beyond this season, I really hope that happens!

    I agree with other commenters that there needs to be trans women characters on the show, not just trans men. I think it would be great if Tess was actually a trans character and part of the main cast.

  26. Jordie can’t be trusted. She’s hiding things. Getting Angie to ditch school? Her parents missing her starring role in the play? A huge house that she’s quick to close the door on when Angie arrives? There is some serious dysfunction there and Bette is right.

  27. The bit about Tina needing space and then the pic of Bette and Tina in their GIANT bed from the OG series is proof of why these recaps are unparalleled!

    Also, I have so many questions re: logistics about Tina’s trip. From her chat with Angie, we know she now lives in a magical faraway land (with a TV/film industry), further evidenced by her wheelie carry-on luggage when she was almost-leaving. But she flew in and was leaving in the same day (?!), but then she’s obviously going to stay, so what kind of hyper-expensive plane ticket does she need to have to cope with the flexibility that lesbian relationship drama demands? Or is she borrowing Shane’s private jet?!

    I need answers

  28. ALSO I feel like there’s going to be some kind of reveal about Jordi? To me, it felt like in earlier episodes they were implying maybe she was kind of from the wrong side of the tracks (or at least had uncaring parents), but this ep we saw she lived in a decent-looking area with a door almost as big as Shane’s? And the sketchy way she was closing the door behind her seemed like she was trying to hide something, despite the fact Angie’s been there loads, and presumably her parents know about Angie too?


  29. Bette’s speech sounded good, due to her awesome delivery, what she said was BS. Kit was an addict who was aware of her demons and how to avoid them. She had gone through years of denial and blaming others for her issues and had grown from that by the end of the series. I understand that addicts always have to work for their sobriety, but it is a disservice to the character to have her apparently be secretive with her care team and not disclose her addictions, while blindly taking a prescription for opioids.

    They dated her death as one year ago; NO ONE could claim ignorance of the opioid crisis that recently. Kit, Bette and everyone in their world is very aware of current events, so they had to know about it and woudl have known beyond a doubt that Kit should haven’t been prescribed that kind of medication when she was injured. It would have made more sense to have her die of an overdose due to self-medication following her injury, because she couldn’t get a doctor to prescribe Oxy or whatever, because of her status.

    Bette’s speech removed any sense of personal responsibility from Kit, which is the wrong message to send. They should have given Bette a much less obvious (I called it from episode one when they were secretive about why she entered the race) reason for running for mayor.

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