The Comment Awards Need a Poster of Megan Rapinoe

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Hi, beautiful people! Your hair looks great today! I have ordered three pairs of overalls in the past week, and I am feeling VERY GOOD about my future liberation from the tyranny of waistbands, let me tell you. Waistbands are the patriarchy! The future is one-pieces! Is this…anything? No?

This week, Rachel went to Miami!

Cameron wrote this thing that made me feel, somehow, much better about the world.

In Be the Change, KaeLyn helped us with the functional differences between allies and accomplices.

Carmen paired wines with board games, this is SO extremely relevant to my interests.

From the Outsiders Issue, this was so lovely: Lifting Heavy Things.

Al(aina)’s notes on camp at the Met Gala were so! Smart!

Heather profiled Janet Mock, the author of one of my very favorite autobiographies, for Women Crush Wednesday! 

Samira Wiley dancing in No Filter this week may have saved my actual life.

Megan! Rapinoe! Swimsuit! 

And then there were your comments.

On The Gayest Shit I’ve Ever Done in the Great Outdoors:

The Light My Fire Award to Clara and Chandra:

Clara: If this was in the spring and those were garter snakes, it’s possible you interrupted their snake orgy! This can in and of itself be gay: sometimes the males trick other males into mating with them to steal their body heat. / Chandra: Stealing your same-sex partner’s body heat in bed is most certainly a form of gay lady foreplay not that I would know anything whatsoever at all about that

On A Rose by Any Other Name: The Arguments for Dating Someone with the Same Name as You:

The Award to alice, Sally, and Rachel:

alice: I’m very glad I clicked on / Sally: This comment made me click on and now I am very glad too. I have never felt so much like a spam bot before. / Rachel: a really significant factor in deciding to write this follow-up was the opportunity to share with more people

And the Simply The Best Award to Julien:

My name is my favorite name and the superior spelling of that name, which is why I chose it and I think that’s why I’d be very down to date another nonbinary or woman Julien/Julian/Julianne. It’s just a good name.

On No Filter: Tessa Thompson Wants to Drag You Gently:

The Shipwrecked Award to Deli Twotone:

Wow. I’m definitely Tessa-wrecked

On Queer Art of Failure: Notes on Camp and the 2019 Met Gala:

The Best Note-Taker Award to Cat:

Alains, I just made an account after 4 years of never-quite-getting-round-to-it because this was PERFECT. Thank you! I love the Met, I love the essay, I love queer people flourishing and straight people being out of their depth (and straight people detangling). I love people being, joyful, unapologetic, nervously, confused. Thank you thank you for uncovering all these photos that I have not seen on any other recap or news website, on your brilliant picks from the brilliant essay – I’ll be going back to this again and again.

On Pop Culture Fix: Katie McGrath Is a “Bisexual High-Octane British Truth Bomb” in a New Aussie Series:

The Gotta Get Up, Gotta Get Out Award to deleted_account:

Tomorrow, when I don’t want to wake up, I will say to myself: “If Katie McGrath could spend her one precious month of Supergirl hiatus to go on the other side of the globe to Australia where every spider is a killer to kiss women on screen again, you can face another day of your gay life”.

On Netflix’s “Wine Country” Exclusive Clip: Paula Pell’s Lesbian Val Falls For a Younger Woman:

The Spring Forward, Fall Back Award to Ása Guðmundsdóttir

Wow that server has some game! I had no game when I was a server, in fact, I vividly remember an incident where I accidentally poured seven Chinese spring rolls into a man’s lap by accident during my first week. I still cringe whenever I think about it.

And on Also.Also.Also: Megan Rapinoe in a Swimsuit Bye:

The Bend It Like Megan Award to

I vote to retitle the first link “Megan Rapinoe in *Hardly* a Bathing Suit

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  1. “The Comment Awards Need a Poster of Megan Rapinoe”

    Hasn’t everybody been posting about her?

  2. The only comments awards I receive are because of constantly writing about Kate McGrath so I no longer can say my crush is useless. Also getting it for complaining about not wanting to wake up makes your mornings easier and days longer, having more time to think about Katie McGrath. 10/10 would recommend.

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