The Comment Awards Are Swinging for the Fences

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Batter up! Hey, batter batter batter! We’re the members of…the All-American League…Do I play baseball? No. Did I ever play or enjoy a sport involving a bat and a ball? Also no. But I am now and forever a huge baseball fan thanks to A League of Their Own! I marathoned the eight episodes in two days and then I watched the movie, which I hadn’t seen since fifth grade, and now I’ve started the series again at the beginning. It’s that good.

This week in baseball, there was LOTS of crying, when I burst into tears approximately nine (9) times watching the show. Also, Autostraddle brought it home with Carmen and Heather’s switch-hitting recaps, Riese’s deep dive into the incredible true story of two girls in love women’s baseball,  this quiz that will tell you which player you are, and if you ever wanted to see the Autostraddle team decked out in their childhood softball uniforms, have I got the post for you!

Also since I last saw you, we wrapped up Diner Week with this gorgeous piece from shea, and this reflection on beginnings and endings from Yashwina.

From Phyllis Christopher, Ro brought us 13 photos of dyke culture from 1988-2003, or what I assume the kids will soon be calling “the turn of the century,” and WOW.

A+ Platinum just got a whole new bunch of queer books!

Himani wrote about the disappointing queer South Asian rep in Never Have I Ever.

Dani Janae had some helpful thoughts for a reader who’s wondering: is substance use a relationship dealbreaker?

I read the headline on this week’s Pop Culture Fix and OH WOW I AM READY: Queen Latifah Goes Full Mad Max in “End of the Road” Trailer.

And for the first episode of Gutter Talk, the new comics column from Niko, she wrote about Spiderwoman, her very first superhero.

And then there were your comments!

On Quiz: Which “League Of Their Own” Character Are You?

The Why Not Both? Award to ICouldIfIWantedTo:

I got Jo, but when Shirley was going on about botulism my partner reached over and gave me a knowing pat on the leg, so maybe Jo is aspirational.

On 32 Excerpts From Really Special “League Of Their Own” Reviews Written By Homophobes Who’ve Had Quite Enough:

The Methinks They Doth Protest Too Much Award to Casey:

I love women and I love baseball

And the Life Goals Award to annomalia:

‘A complete homosexual extravaganza’ sounds like I finally got an answer to the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ question…

On “A League of Their Own” Episode 104 Recap: YOUR FACE IS BORING:

The Brothers Award to Carmen Phillips:

I am just here to say that the small Jo/Jess exchange about the boxer shorts is easily one of my Top 10 favorite moments from the show (maybe even Top 5, if I’m honest). There’s something about what happens when we get to see our possibilities, possibilities we didn’t even know could happen, in someone else – and then that person giving us a roadmap to get there, I eat it up every time. It’s my emotional catnip.

On How Realistic is “A League Of Their Own”? Let’s Do a Historical Deep Dive!

The Cite Your Sources Award to Lauwer:

I just finished watching ep6 and was happy at first and then devastated. I thought to myself: “was it really like this?

On “A League of Their Own” Episode 105 Recap: Finding a Little Piece of Home:

The Writer’s Room Award to cxfergus:

I have rarely watched a show and thought “this was written with so much love by a black queer person”. Everything you said- Bertie, the hair mirroring scenes, the suit gift…so much love went into Max’s story

On Pop Culture Fix: Queen Latifah Goes Full Mad Max in “End of the Road” Trailer:

The Professional Gal Pals Award to Caitlin:

the story of d’arcy carden being cast is very funny to me like “hey best friend want to be in my new show. you will play my love interest and we will have lots of hot n heavy scenes together

And on “A League of Their Own” Episode 107 Recap: Loud Enough For Ya?

The Points! Were! Made! Award, also to Caitlin! (A double-hitter this week!)

sometimes a family can be two butch dads and their roadrunner teen who can’t drive jess fucking off to a gas station unnecessarily because that’s the only way lupe will talk about feelings is so funny i’ve said the phrase ‘i’m ride or die for sarge’ before but boy i mean it! she acted so quickly to rescue jo that i wouldn’t be surprised if she had someone at the bar or at PD who was ready to call her if a player was brought in the conversation between jo and greta, oof. de luca the bazooka is a star and she doesn’t need greta for it and that leaves both of them at odds trying to figure out how to exist around each other maybelle ‘yeah we’ve all seen each other’s breasts THAT’S BASEBALL BAYBEE

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  1. i think all pets should have peaches gear actually! several months ago aldi had a cardboard cat house that is not league of their own official but does say ‘there’s no crying in baseball!’ on it so sharktopus is a member of the team now

    also thanks for the double award! there’s a joke in here somewhere about not breaking a str*ak and having to do luck rituals

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