The Comment Awards Are Sauced on the Today Show


Hi, pals! I feel good about this week! I hope that wherever you are, you have the chance to put your body in some nice, cool water, and feel the sun making freckles on your cheeks. Or, ya know: babble your way gloriously and entirely incomprehensibly through your appearance on national morning television. Whatever makes you happy.

This week, Riese interviewed Hayley Kiyoko!

Al(aina) wrote about butch people, and accidentally about their dad.

Ships ships ships all the ships!

This is pretty much ALL of my interests: “My Lady’s Choosing” Is the Bisexual Jane Austen Choose Your Own Adventure Novel of Your Wildest Dreams.

Hello, yes, I need to make all of these cheese plates immediately.

In New York City? You should go to the Autostraddle/Everyone Is Gay all-ages Pride Party!

The Bold Type is back! And sexy!

And then there were your comments.

On Monday Roundtable: The Ships We’d Still Go Down With:

The Number Muncher Award to McFly:

Am I the only one who is deeply interested in seeing Heather’s spreadsheet?

On 8 Times A-Campers Made Cheese Plates and We Were Like, “Wow, Yes”:

The Gouda Shoulda Woulda Award to Bren and Iarrann mé:

Bren: This is SO gouda! / Iarrann mé: I hope an exchange of puns can go on at least Brie-fly; I’ll be so bleu and sheep-ish if not. Will I get your goat if I milk this for all it’s worth? I am cowed by these amazingly beautiful photos. How many puns can I make before y’all conclude I am crackers? If I run out of puns, I’ll really be in a jam. Or a pickle. I may be cheesy, but I am not board. There is a store called Cheese and Crackers not too far from me. They also have chocolate. It is a lovely place, but very dangerous. Pretty sure one day I will go in and never come back out.

On “Pose” Is Full of Trans Joy, Resistance, and Love:

The Boy, Bye Award to Chloe:

Yessss. Can we also talk about the amazing TALENT of these actors? Indya Moore blew me away. Don’t they fucking dare cast Eddie Fucking Redmaynes to play trans women anymore when there’s this much talent out there.

On Talking to Hayley Kiyoko About Her Twisty New TV Show “Five Points”:

The Better Than Love Award to Jeanna and Riese:

Jeanna: Riese, these latest two pieces of yours have turned me into a Hayley superfan so, that’s cool. Also: “Her character isn’t gay, unfortunately, but she does wear a lot of layers, including both a flannel and a leather jacket.

On Building a Better Speculum: How Design That’s Inclusive of Queer and Trans People Can Change Reproductive Care:

The Extreme Relevance Award to lnr:

Autostraddle, you’re always so timely, but this went above and beyond. I read this at my gynecologist’s office waiting for my annual exam, and your intro was 100% accurate, except for the toenails part. I’m a socks on patient, but now I feel weird about it.

On Good for Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson Getting Hammered Before Their Today Show Appearance:

The Polyjuice Potion Award to Catherine, Erin and Chandra:

Catherine: a friend sent me this yesterday and i felt so seen and appreciated! showed it to my gf: “they’re definitely fucking, right?

And the Lean On Me Award to Rous Rose:

Image of the Today Show headline that says "Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson on -" and replaced whatever was there with "on each other." There is a screenshot of Sarah grabbing Cate's butt.

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  1. This week we rested and grew strong, but once again we shall meet on the battlefield, Carmen Sandiego.

  2. Another truly sublime week at Autostraddle. I so love this universe we’re creating.

  3. I thought lnr’s comment was part of the Today thread and so I was nodding along while reading it, thinking this person had taken the purest of truths inside my heart re: Erin’s article and turned it into beautiful, beautiful words….until I got to the toenail part, at which point I was thoroughly confused and very afraid I’d missed a crucial part of Cate and Sarah’s galpalling.

  4. My first comment award! Woo-hoo! Excellent way to end a week. Thanks for the inspiration, Laneia and Bren. And credit and/or blame to my mother, who is even punnier than I am.

    I am reading The Price of Salt right now, and I have to say that having seen that Blanchett/Paulson interview is really messing with how Carol is behaving in my head.

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