The Comment Awards Are Making Bisque and Bingeing Derry Girls

Hi, friends! I love you! I decided to start meditating, and I’ve gotten into a great little routine: I sit in my chair, I put on my noise-cancelling headphones, I turn on Headspace, and then my dog Cyrus jumps up onto the bed and situates his face about a foot and a half from mine, and stares deeply and disconcertingly into my eyes. Let me tell you, IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO MEDITATE while your dog is trying to mind-meld with you! We are working on it, though! Life is very much a journey!

This week, Reneice made caramelized bananas in maple-walnut sauce, and I may never eat anything else ever again.

Need something wholesome to do? Baopu # 57 has some suggestions.

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Because she loves you and wants to see you happy, Vanessa’s got some kind but firm instructions on the pics we post when dating online.

Kayla would like you to become a kitchen top. Or at least make this bisque.

Fictional. Cats. Ranked!

Archie’s here with Yes/No/Maybe, a column where we can all contemplate sex toys and maybe even our own existence! (I mean, but maybe just the sex toys.)

Listen, ghosting’s not great, but it’s very, very real.


And then there were your comments!

On Baopu #57: 9 Things That Make Me Feel Super Wholesome in 2019:

The Brave Lil Maxi Award to Bunny Brown:

i need this kind of wholesomeness rn. also i like how the little arm of the pad is waving at us

On 15 TV Shows We Loved and Lost and Were Actually Sad About:

The Juli-Bette Award to Charlotte:

‘What is the sun if Bette Porter isn’t there to yell “fuck

On For Your Consideration: Make the Bisque:

The Tops and Tapas Award to

Okay 1. thank you for blessing me with the phrase “kitchen top

On Pop Culture Fix: Lesbians Seize Our Hearts In Netflix’s “Queer Eye” S3 and “Someone Great” Rom-Com Trailers:

The Build-A-Bear Award to Marie and Chandra:

As much as I like the idea of an L Word episode set in 1950s Great Britain, I think the part about “Tell it to the bees

On Yes/No/Maybe: Pink Lightbulbs and Wine Butt Plugs:

The Mrs. Frizzle’s Vibe Award to Emerson:

Would 100% use the rocket ship one. It looks like it’s right up my alley (heh). I am pleased at how many good non-realistic toys there are. Would also use the non-insertable lightbulb, because it is hilarious and also just a fun design. My main thing against the camera one is that I won’t use anything that connects to an app or the internet / is at risk of being hacked. I also just? don’t find the idea sexy? I would probably just be like “YOOOO THAT’S THE INSIDE OF MY BODY? FASCINATING!

And the L’Chaim! Award to Snaelle and Stef:

OK but all day I’ve been worried about someone breaking the wine glass / Stef: Like at a Jewish wedding ceremony?

And on “Derry Girls” Is Back And If You’re Not Watching, You’re Robbing Yourself of Joy:

The One Wee Happy Award to Marshmallow:

Marshmallow: Poor James. People can’t even remember his name.  I’m buzzing to know if it was me who turned HH on to Derry Girls. A lifetime ago I submitted a hot tip through the A+ inbox, which was included in one of the A+ inbox roundups. If it was me, it will be one of my proudest achievements. I adore this show and I adore reading Heather’s writing about this show! / Heather: Hahaha, James! I’m sorry, James! Marshmallow, it WAS you who got me hooked on this show (and therefore brought so much joy in to my life!). / Marshmallow: And that in turn brings me joy! Truly, this show gives me life.

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  1. I had to do research for that comment (my first mental image was of Shane as a greaser, but then I realized that was probably more of a North American thing so I went searching for info on British subcultures of the 1950s) so I appreciate your appreciation of my Googling efforts

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