The Comment Awards Are Kissing at the VMAs

Hi, pals! It’s been super hard for me to get out of bed for work this week, and this dude I share my bed with just might be why:

My chihuahua mix, Cyrus, sleeping in bed

(Just thought you might need some cuteness this week. You’re welcome.)

This week, Riese debuted a new column and reminded us all about when Madonna kissed Britney Spears at the 2003 VMAs.

Want to know more about your Mercury sign and what it means for your relationships? There’s a column for that!

Anna Kendrick is mostly straight, but also maybe just like a li’l tiny bit gay? Sometimes? Kinda?

Archie wrote up everything you ever wanted to know about the Hanky Code! No word yet on what this means for the bandanas they give us at A-Camp.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Constance Wu is fantastic in everything, and oh look! She was in a lesbian mumblecore film that’s available on Netflix!

Here’s Em on how the concept of “age-appropriate” sex ed can harm LGBTQ+ kids.

Finally, I am SO. EXCITED FOR THIS: La Boda Jota #1: We’re Not Gonna Wait ‘Til I’m 28. Yvonne’s getting married!!!!!

And then there were your comments!

On Remember When Madonna Kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 VMAs?

The Good, Charlotte! Award to Charlotte and Riese:

Charlotte: RIESE OH MY GOD I recorded the 2003 VMAs on VCR and every day after school I would fast forward the tape to this moment and watch it over and over again. 2003 was my last year of high school, the year I left the church, and the year that I came out to my friends and classmates. Was this performance the catalyst? We’ll never know! / Riese: charlotte I know and this performance WAS THE CATALYST!

On Grease Bats: New Friends:

The Players Gotta Play Award to playin1950:

I feel called out while also feeling like I’ve been given the tools to be better. thxz

On Starstruck: What to Know About Your Mercury Sign for Astrological Compatibility:

The Deets Please Award to Dee and Jeanna:

Dee: I like this series but it’s hardly something that you can ask on a first date ? [Gif of a scary looking person holding another person down, telling the second person 'I need you to tell me what time you were born." / Jeanna: Oh, I definitely do people's charts right in front of them on first dates.

On “Wynonna Earp” Episode 306 Recap: Make the Yuletide Gay:

The White Christmas Award to Lisa and Valerie Anne:

Lisa: The only way they could have gotten a whiter dude to play Charlie Fireman would have been if they cast the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man. / Valerie Anne: I kind of hope he's evil.

On Anna Kendrick Is Open to Sexual Fluidity, Enjoyed Her Minty Fresh Kiss With Blake Lively:

The Radical Honesty Award to holly:

Holly: “I wrote this entire post anyhow because I really like Anna Kendrick and I imagine this post will probably get good traffic” lol I admire your honesty <3 / Riese: Keeping it real since 2009 is my personal brand, thank u for seeing me holly

On Queer Flagging 101: How to Use the Hanky Code to Signal the Sex You Want to Have:

The Oops, I Flagged It Again Award to blu22:

Now I understand why the cute TSA agent was flirting with me when I took my camp hanky off in the security line at LAX. Gonna start putting it to good use now.

On Fall 2018 Queer TV Preview: All the Lesbian and Bisexual Women Characters to Anxiously Anticipate:

The Sexy Giraffe Award to Kristana and Amidola:

Kristana: All I know is that Jameela Jamil believes that Eleanor is Tahani's soulmate. / amidola: I used to think that this is how Tinder works.

And on La Boda Jota #1: We’re Not Gonna Wait ‘Til I’m 28:

The Mad Hatter Award to Sally and Iarran mé:

Sally: All my favourite lesbian love stories start when the hats align / Iarran me: Hatters gonna hat. /Cleo: Comment Award!

And the LOVE IS REAL Award to Carmen Phillips:

I AM CRYING WITH JOY AND FREAKING OUT!!!! You have no idea how badly I want to read all of this writing!! Pins and Needles!! So badly!! Seriously, All my love to you and Gloria. ❤️❤️??❤️❤️??❤️❤️??❤️❤️??❤️❤️?? PS: also the series title??? I fell out laughing because it was so perfect and everything is perfect and love is NOT A LIE PPS:Yvonne, i love you.

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