The Comment Awards Are Gay, and Also Happy


Hello, shiny happy people! This was…actually kind of a good week? I feel cautiously optimistic about recent developments in our democratic system! It’s been a minute since I felt that way, but I’m going with it!

This week, Tegan and Sara went on the Nancy podcast.

Happy Great To Be Gay Day! Congratulations on being super, super gay! (Et cetera.)

There is new merch and KaeLyn’s baby T-Rex, Remi, is now a merch model and on a scale of one to even, I TRULY CANNOT.

This feels very weird to say, but…what a good week in politics!


There were two community galleries this week – Halloween, and Celebrations! You all look amazing in both of them.

Hats hats hats hats hats.

And then there were your comments!

On “Supergirl” Episode 305 Recap: For Good:

The Ship In My Heart Award to Ashanti:

You’re amazing, Valerie Anne. I didn’t even know how much I needed to read these words until I read them. Your recap was incredible and funny as always. But the bit with your thoughts at the end was the balm I needed to soothe my broken heart. Sanvers is and will always be so very important to me. Your words made me feel 100x better. So thank you! <3

On Celebrate the First Annual “It’s Great To Be Gay” Day, a Holiday We Just Invented for Fun!

The Nina’s Heavenly Delights Award to Nina:

This is very appropriate because today is also the birthday of my high school crush who taught me a lot of important lessons about things like which channel the late night softcore was on and the importance of talking about boobs. It’s great to be gay because I’ve been naturally attracted to stuff covered in rainbows since my earliest childhood years, and because my partner is the softest, you might think your girlfriend is the softest but I’m sorry, it’s mine.

And the Ain’t No Party Like a GIF Party Award to jane, for all of her hard work on this thread, and Erica, for pointing it out ❤

Erica: Shoutout to @jajs for gay-gifing the place up.

On We Won So Many Things: LGBTQ+ People and POC Kicked Ass In the 2017 Elections:

The Women, Women Everywhere Award to Olivia and Carmen SanDiego:

Olivia: Quick correction! “Women with no political experience women unseated the men who mocked them

And the Way You Hang Your Hat Award to Gavin Greco:

I had already heard about most of these through Facebook and Twitter friends but coming here and seeing it all laid out on Autostraddle still made me tear up with joy. I’m excited for us to keep this momentum going into the general. THEY CAN’T TAKE OUR SHINE.

On Always In Lesbian Style: Top 10 Cold Shoulder Tops:

The Accio Laughter Award to ClariceStarling:I’ve just created an account (after 2 years of lurking) to applaud you for making my day. This made me laugh so hard in Classic that my Latin prof flinched and overpronounced “facio”, sending the whole crowds into a gigglefit. Thank you!??? And the Tinderbox Award to Rous Rose:

[Image of cell phone with Tinder pulled up on screen. Says "I would like to be matched with" and over the radio buttons for gender, Rous has typed COLD SHOULDER TOPS PLS.]

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  1. Everytime I read “ain’t no party like a ____” in any context, my brain always fills it in with “…. a Liz Lemon party because a Liz Lemon party is MANDATORY.” ?

    I do love a gif party tho too! Well done jane!

  2. Going to my first Munch tonight so to help distract myself from the anxiety lets talk!
    1. Who are you favorite non-canon pairings?
    2. What are your favorite YouTube channels?
    3. What’s a weird food combo you like?
    4. Cats or dogs?
    5. Who wants a hug?

    1. Kim and Shego from Kim Possible, Demona and Elisa from Gargoyles, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Azula and Katara from Avatar, and Rei and Usagi from Sailor Moon
    2. FBE, Adam Ruins Everything, Snuggles Time, and The Dom
    3. French fries dipped in milkshakes
    4. Cats

    • what’s Munch?

      Oh ok this is fun. Let’s see:

      1. The first thing I thought of was Meredith and Christina. Also maybe Tonks and Luna, once they were both sufficiently grown-up to the point where their age difference didn’t hold a power differential?

      2. I do not do the youtube

      3. Drizzling plain yogurt and balsamic vinegar on everything

      4. Dogs!

    • Does a Munch involve carpets?

      1. SwanQueen forever and always. *Cries in gay* Also, Abby and that redhead.

      2. The Skin Deep, StyleLikeU, Ted Talks. The examined life, yo.

      3. Chocolate cake with a side of male tears.

      4. Dogs.

      5. *Opens arms and awkwardly (but with good intentions) pats you on the back*

    • 1. Who are you favorite non-canon pairings?
      Does Idgie & Ruth and Xena & Gabrielle count? If not I’ll go with Faberry

      2. What are your favorite YouTube channels?
      I don’t do youtube

      3. What’s a weird food combo you like?
      I dip my fries in the Ice cream sundae at McDonald’s

      4. Cats or dogs?
      1000% Dogs

      5. Who wants a hug?

  3. Just decided the thing I really want in life is someone to do a cover of Pharell’s “Happy” but replace the word “happy” with “gay” and happiness with “gayness”

    • “It might seem crazy what I am about to say
      Ellen she’s here, you can be super gay
      Like Jodie Foster, I think I could go to space
      With the air, like I don’t care, baby, by the way
      (Because I’m so gay)
      Clap along if you think that Miss Frizzle might be your root
      (Because I’m so gay)
      Clap along if you love your Totinos and that’s the truth
      (Because I’m so gay)
      Clap along if you know what being so gay means to you
      (Because I’m happy)
      Clap along if you feel like she’s who you wanna do”

  4. ‘Tinderbox’ perfectly describes my ovaries as they were met with the immeasurable hotness of Heather’s ‘fashion’ list.

  5. o_O…I won a comment award…for the first comment I ever made…wait, I need to look for my acceptance speech…Thank you all, thank you queer girl, I am honoured to be amongst all the amazing winners of this week.And I want to thank Heather Hogan for the great article that lured me out of lurking!!!

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