Baseball Hats, Dad Hats and Snapbacks for Queers of All Kinds

Caps are maybe my favorite queer accessory. They look great on femmes, great on butches, great dressed up and dressed down, they’re great if you don’t care about fashion, they’re great if you do, they’re great for all genders they’re great for all styles. Plus there’s the utilitarian function where they keep your head warm and block the sun from your eyes or the rain from your face. They’re like enamel pins but for your head.

I started getting into caps last year. For a long time I hated how all hats look on my head, but I found a peach emoji dad hat and then Carly Rae Jepsen released a pink Boy Problems dad hat and I knew that I had to join the trend. Now I have those, plus a trucker cap that says Baby Girl, a Jurassic Park snapback and I’m always looking out for more cute hats to add to pop princess/junior rodeo queen wardrobe. On the other end of the gender presentation spectrum, my girlfriend has recently been exploring more butch fashion and style and has loved getting into wearing snapbacks. She looks really great in them, you guys. I’m sure all of you will look really good in them too.

HauteButch Black and White Snapback

Are you hot and a butch? This hat is perfect for you!

A New Hope Sublimated Snapback

Hope this will become your New hat. Sorry.

Weyland-Yutani Corp Baseball Cap

This one is just really cool and from the Alien movie franchise and I want it and I love it.

Thinkgeek Constellation Hat

This hat has science on it! Or maybe not? Do constellations count as science?

Wild Feminist Hat

A very simple hat that sends a very simple but powerful message.

Palm Dad Hat

The perfect hat for any Dads — not Daddys — out there.

The Essence Symbols Snapback

I’m gonna be completely honest and say I don’t know what this hat means but I like it a lot.

Tropical WILD Blue Snapback

I love that the word WILD is on here backwards so it looks right in mirror selfies.

Everyone is Gay Logo 5 Panel Hat

I’m gay for this hat.

Tomboi Rainbow Snapback

It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s proud and it’s you.

Queer College Flat Bill Cap

Elegance, pure queer elegance distilled down into a hat.

Gay AF Wool Blend Snapback

If the Queer hat above is too subtle for you, this hat is perfect.

Grass Fed Dad Hat

I like hats with food on them. They’re big right now. Let’s all wear our favorite foods on our hats.

Shark Bouquet Mermaid Snapback

Floral Mermaid is the hottest trend in gender for Winter 2017.

Siren Cupid Snapback

If you want to send a subtle message about misandry, you can wear this hat and flag for being a Siren, who lured men with their songs and made them crash their boats into rocks.

Sad Gay Hat

This hat is the ultimate mood for 2017. And for 2018 to be honest.

Peach Emoji Embroidered Dad Hat

This hat has done more for my personal brand than just about anything else I own.

Bruja Embroidered Hat

Cast a spell on everyone who passes you by wearing this cool hat.

Sad Girl Por Vida Dad Hat

Another hat that shows off how sad you are. Crying is so hot this year.

Matching Top and Bottom Hats

I’m in love with these and I want them so freaking bad you have no idea.

All I Want is Pizza and Selena Gomez Hat

All I want is this hat. And Pizza and Selena Gomez. And to see Selena Gomez wearing this hat.

Pink Bunny Baseball Hat

Honestly though I think this is the hat I want most on this list. It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in years.

Rainbow Sticker Denim Cap

If you’re the type who likes to put pins on your hat you can just get this hat and skip that step.

Royal Houndstooth Prince Snapback

No joke, this hat would look really good for formal occasions. Pair it with a royal blue suit and you’re set.

Taupe Suede Snapback

This one is also great for formal stuff. Plus, the color is light enough to work with most palettes.

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Mey Rude is a fat, trans, Latina lesbian living in LA. She's a writer, journalist, and a trans consultant and sensitivity reader. You can follow her on twitter, or go to her website if you want to hire her.

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  1. They’re redoing their website right now but I have a unicorn hat from @littlequeershop on Instagram and they have clothing and hats for adults AND kids and it’s all so beautiful and adorable, highly recommend!!!!

  2. Bless you Mey and may some one include that Wey-Yu cap in their cosplay or costume of Ellen Ripley hopefully with a Private Vasquez.

  3. I love snapbacks but they always make my head hurt? Is my head too big for all snapbacks? Or is there a solution to this that I’m just not seeing?

  4. I saw this hat on a dude at a cidery. I immediately was filled with the urge to smack it off his head bc his patchy-faced self did not deserve its gloriousness.

  5. My head seems to be too small for snapbacks, sadly; the front panel is like an inch too wide. I got excited when I found a Rebel Star Wars one that fit at Disney, and then saw the receipt said it was a child size. (I still wear it sometimes, though)

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