The Comment Awards Are Celebrating Carol Haird

Hi pals! I’m not going to lie: it’s been a rough week. But I’m hanging in there! The sun is shining outside, my pup is happily gnawing on a piece of rubber at my feet, and oh hey: it’s Friday! We did it. We did this week. And next week will be better! Love y’all.

This week, She-Ra came back to us with seven new episodes that are gayer and more hopeful than ever! Thank Bright Moon for those princesses (and princes, and enchanted horses), the end of my April would’ve been a lot grayer without them.

In our continued coverage of Gentleman Jack, Anne Lister was…an archivist of a very specific sort.

You might say Avengers: Endgame wasn’t very gay, but then again, there was THAT. HAIRCUT.

Drew wrote…just the loveliest thing: You’re Just You: An Accidental Love Letter to Los Angeles.


The Outsiders issue is here, it’s queer, and Riese’s letter from the editor made me cry!

Vida season 2 and Handmaid’s Tale season 3 both dropped trailers this week, and I literally cannot wait for either of them!

And then there were your comments!

On Potential Trend Alert: Anne Lister Collected Her Ex-Lovers’ Pubic Hair, Kept Them In Lockets:

The Close Shave Award to Professor Queermo:

She “gave her the scissors” alright

On 15 Gayest Moments From “Avengers: Endgame,” Which Was Great But Unfortunately Not Gay:

The Please Don’t Make Me Brush 100 Times Award to Chandra:

Here for our new lesbian icon, Carol Haird

And the Mrs. Who? Award to, well, Chandra!

Yesss, I want to see Carol Haird get Tessa-Wreckt

On You Need Help: What Does My Crush on Someone Older Than Me Mean?

The Hell of a Pick-Up Line Award to Michelle and Owl:

Michelle: Two of my relationships right now are with queer folks (a woman and an enby) who are 15-20+ years older than me. It’s *wonderful*. I love how much queer knowledge and history I’ve soaked up from being with and around them. Plus – I’m very attracted to signs of aging in AFAB bodies! All the things we’re told are unattractive (soft chin, thin skin, face lines, weight) I find swoonworthy. Def go after that hot older babe! tho I will say you might have to be quite blunt in your approach – I find my flirtations are often dismissed as “being nice” and I really have to double down on the “please would you like to bang I think you’re glorious”;) / Owl: Upvoting for that last pick-up line

On 30 Alternatives to “I Want You to Run Me Over With a Car,” Courtesy of Villanelle from “Killing Eve”:

The Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl Award to Morgan le Gay:

“Prison cabbage” sounds like a euphemism/ the name of my new punk band

On No Filter: Stephanie Beatriz and Cameron Esposito Rep Leather Jacket 4 Leather Jacket Love:

The Touch, The Feel, of Jawline Award to Lisa:

Ummm, maybe Stephanie Beatriz is trying to keep her hands from stroking that jawline?!?

And on Pop Culture Fix: Handmaid’s Tale Season Three Trailer Finds Serena and June At The Pool, S-M-O-K-I-N-G:

The Someone’s Gotta Do It Award to Mariana and deleted_account:

Mariana: “lesbian intimacy expert” is the job title of my dreams / Deleted_Account: Someone: where you see yourself in 5 years? Me: being a lesbian sex consultant in tv shows"

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    • Please write a personal essay and share your daily life with us! I’m as entertained at the thought of the intimate-turned-mundane as I am at the thought of awkwardness and perhaps some entries into “are the straights ok?” genre. :)

        • Sorry I got busy at work and didn’t come back to check any replies! So part of the reason to hire someone like me, is I actually do all the choreography so it looks alright, and I’ve gotten lucky (it’s still a new ish job to exist so I haven’t been doing it for that long) that all the actors I’ve worked with have either had some personal experience or are generally knowledgeable in w/w sex that I haven’t had any huge misconceptions to deal with. But I think the idea that women primarily have sex by just lightly stroking each other’s clavicles is more prevalent than it should be. In general, working with straight actors doing gay scenes, it’s a lot choreographing around comfort levels. So I actually probably spend as much or more time talking to people about what they are comfortable with, and how they feel as I do actually choreographing and rehearsing scenes. It’s a job with a lot of talking about boundaries and feelings.

          I am also personally on the anti-scissoring side, so if anyone here is vastly pro scissoring and wants to see more of it on tv, here is your chance to make your argument!

          • As much as I like my AS scissors T-shirt I’m with you on the scissoring. What I would like to see more of is cunnilingus.
            Even in straight sex scenes we don’t really see it as often as it should…

          • Hi,
            here to make a wish! Or three.
            I might have rubbed a lamp in order to post this comment.
            1.More smiling while kissing
            2.Sexy/sensual handholding/touching as a social/ironic commentary on previous „Let’s only hold hands/touch foreheads“ dealings.One could’ve done that a lot better,too! I feel like we have twenty years of bs to exorcise and God, do I love a study of female sensuality and desire. A picture of the piano scene in Carol might be posted to my fridge.
            3.Less uh, goal orientedness, and more inventive kissing,flirting, joking,food while in bed.

            P.S.:Pro scissoring argument: Sappho herself was rumored to be a practicing tribadist.^^

            Keep up the good and important work! xoxo

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