The Comment Awards Are Behaving Very Badly


Hi! Have you dived into the Bad Behavior Quarterly Issue yet? These pieces are blowing me away already AND IT’S ONLY JUST BEGUN. I haven’t been this excited about something since A-Camp!

This week, Laneia wrote again about her shirts. (Honestly, Laneia could write about paint drying and it would probably make me cry – which is all to say that this series is very, very good.)

It’s time to get back into bed with Kristin! We missed you, Kristin!

Carmen and Riese discussed Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black, and whether the season is worth inviting back into our hearts.

Lena Waithe is about to be everywhere on your TV, and we’re not mad about it.

A LOT happened in Wynonna Earp this week.

Heather put together this list of 14 Feel-Good Summery Lesbian Movies for Summer Lesbianing, for those August days when you just need to hunker down near your air conditioner and dream of a crisp, queer Fall.

And finally, look: I know Stef already posted about it in No Filter, but I feel the need deep within my bones to give an honorary Comment Award to Holland Taylor for this Tweet about fellow actor Christine Baranski:

And then there were your comments!

On Grease Bats: Top, Bottom Or Switch?

The Boring Company Award to Adie, Corax and Astra:

Adie: “I’m too boring to be queer” is quite possibly the most #RELATABLE thing I’ve ever read.

And the Cuddle Top Award to Lex:

Why is another person’s anxiety so cute? I just wanna take Taylor an smush her into my lil booblets and pet her head like I would anxious puppy. If a cuddle top is not already a thing I will make it a thing.

On These Shirts Were Happenstance:

The Reymond Carver Award to Rey:

The way that shopping cart shirt came into your life is like the gay version of a Raymond Carver story about t-shirt acquisition. He’s one of my favorite writers; just in case you hate his writing, please know this was a compliment, lol. Also, I hate Phoenix too. No one should live here. Cheers.

On Monday Roundtable: Say My Name:

The Yellow Crayon Award to Willow Rose:

Around the time that I was jettisoning my given name and picking a new, lady-type name, my Kid and I happened to be working our way through the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had wanted to pick a name that had the same first letter as my deadname. Under the circumstances, Willow was a nearly unavoidable choice. (Funny story: right around the same time, my Kid was working up to coming out as trans, and also was picking a new name. I’m not sure how he got there, but the name he landed on was Alexander. So now he’s Xander at home and Al among friends. Yes, we are a Willow/Xander household.)

On Service Tops, Bratty Bottoms and Pillow Princesses: Other Words You Use to Describe How You Have Sex:

The To The Dogs Award to Snaelle (she did an ENTIRE SERIES you should probably click through to see! THERE’S A PUG IN A DENIM VEST, just sayin’):

Text: "Service top" Image: Husky dog winking and licking their lips

And the One True Moment Award to Riese:

I was honestly 100% emotionally prepared for this entire comment section to be people debating the ethics of kink and using the term “daddy” and instead it is ACTUAL PICTURES OF PUPPIES and people thanking me for doing the work. What a delight!

On “The Bold Type” Episode 209 Recap: Babs Brady:

The Magical Mystery Editor Award to BettyOnIt:

Is Jacqueline a bad editor because she accepts pitches that are just “how to have fun when you can’t do anything” or the most powerful woman in the country because her magazine can get a passport made in a single week?

And on 14 Feel-Good Summery Lesbian Movies for Summer Lesbianing:

The Dr. Yang And The Woman Award  to KT:

There is a universe in which Cristina Yang and Addison Shepard dated? Coolcoolcoolcoolcool this information isn’t causing me deep Gay Suffering at all

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  1. Inspired by Snaelle’s doggos, I started thinking about how cats would identify… but all I came up w/ is that all cats are doms and I’m every kind submissive to them bc I am a crazy cat lady Hi ???? will literally go out of my way to pet a stray cat in a parking lot if I can, and it brings me so much joy

  2. “I’m sorry,but things got a little crazy at the hospital.”

    You know, I withheld this clip in the original thread because I didn’t want for anyone to feel personally attacked, but well, here it is.
    Happy, happy Friday, y’all can thank me later.

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