This Is A Period Playlist

The other week I watched the heterosexual movie No Strings Attached, and I liked it. This is completely irrelevant to anything on this website EXCEPT at one point Ashton Kutcher’s character made Natalie Portman’s character a period playlist? And I was like, this is kind of cool? The movie website has the playlist available in its entirety (be warned, there is automated music that you can’t turn off), but I thought I’d come up with one of my own! What does one do with a period playlist? I’m not entirely sure, but whatever, now I can say I have a period playlist. Also have you seen the period tumblr yet, because girl, you need to.

The Period Playlist

Song Against Sex – Neutral Milk Hotel
Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
Madder Red – Yeasayer
Big Red Machine – Justin Vernon
Red Belt – Tegan And Sara
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now – The Smiths
Young Blood – The Naked and Famous
Swimming In The Flood – Passion Pit
Red Rabbits – The Shins
Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones
Bad Blood – Bright Eyes
Blood Bank – Bon Iver
Feel Flows – The Beach Boys
Coming Up Roses – Elliott Smith
Always On Time – Mnemonic Sounds
Walking With A Ghost – Tegan And Sara
Red Moon – The Walkmen



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  1. lul these titles are so awkward in period context now…thanks emily. i will never listen to feel flows the same way (apparently the song is acutally about ejaculation which is not any better but alas.) also, smiths five.

  2. personally I think bowling for soup’s ‘The bitch song’ would fit in very well with this playlist
    “Is it ok if I speak to you today? You’ve been pissed off for a week now…”

  3. “Red Red Red” by Fiona Apple, partially because of the red, but mostly because it’s Fiona Apple, and her unique brand of lady anger is perfectly suited to the unique brand of lady anger I get once a month.

  4. If you’re in the mood for some Riot Grrrl/feminism (which I never am on my period, I get too worked up. RAWWWR, PERIOD GRRRL WILL DESTROY PATRIARCHY WITH NOTHING BUT BLOOD AND HER OWN TWO HANDS) then I suggest “My Red Self” by Heavens to Betsy.

  5. Ha I don’t have a period playlist but I definitely have a period song, that plays in my mind everytime it’s THAT moment of the month : Bachelorette by Björk.
    I mean, “I’m a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl” ?? Come on !! 🙂

  6. Hah, every month when it’s period time my girlfriend and I sing bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, I hate that song but it’s marvellously entertaining to sing if you’re bleeding all over the shop.

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