November 2018 Queer Horoscopes: Keep Paying Attention, Start Dreaming Big

Satellite of Love

How’s Venus retrograde treating you so far? Are you feeling that magnetic pull? The one that brings your attention down the wormhole of memory, sending you back to old love letters and photos, thinking about the loves that have shaped you — for better or worse. How many of you have been reaching out to exes, or resisting the urge to reach out to exes? Venus will station direct on the 16th this month, but in the meantime we’re still deep in process when it comes to our relationships.

Some of you may have met someone new in a way that feels fated. Some of you may be willing to give an ex-lover another try. Some of you may finally be ready to put the past behind you and open your heart to new adventures. Wherever you find yourself in this moment, recognize that these cycles help us do some deep cleaning and purge what’s been weighing us down and preventing the kind of connections we need. It’s a good idea to be patient, still about any major decisions until we’re out of the Venus retrograde shadow (December 17th). New love and rekindled love can both smolder gently in the meantime. Self-love isn’t something you need permission to commit to, though, and that’s the main story of this time. Scorpio season helps us see that parts of ourselves that need healing — the parts that are messy, embarrassing, hard to claim and love. Venus retrograde reminds us that we are worthy of love, exactly as we are, and that real transformation only happens when we meet those rejected parts with love.

Even as we’re deep in the dark of Scorpio shadow work, there’s a brighter energy at play this month as Jupiter moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Jupiter is the gay cheerleader of the planets — it’s the part of ourselves that applauds wildly when our friends sing karaoke off key, that embraces all our quirks and encourages us to sing louder. In Scorpio since October of last year, Jupiter has been leading an optimistic journey of discovery into the thornier parts of our psyches. This has been a year for revelations, for healing, for willingly moving toward the painful parts of love that need tending. As Jupiter moves to its Sagittarius on the 8th, it’s moving back to its home turf. Jupiter wants us to go big, to have faith, to trust in adventures and connections. Sagittarius is the sign of giant glittered banners and marching bands.

Working with the dark and the light this month, we’re all moving through the hard times with some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. This isn’t a month when we’ll know all the answers or have the perfect plan; rather, it’s a time to keep paying attention and start dreaming big.

Good luck out there, sweeties! You can holler at me for readings if you want more personalized insights this month, and as always for these horoscopes read your Venus and Moon signs first, followed by your Sun and rising. Use these for what they can give you, and discard anything you don’t need.


This Venus retrograde has been affecting you more than most — you may feel pulled deeper into analyzing (or even acting out) old relationship patterns, or you may be caught up in a flurry of new connections. As you prepare to stabilize in a new path, let go of as much as you can from the old stories. You are someone who requires periodic shaking up, who can thrive on new experiences. Let yourself be open to undreamt of possibility right now!

Start Dreaming Big: There are times when you feel you can take on the whole world — be it all, do it all, live as many lives as possible. Over the next year, this optimistic and ambitious energy will be buoying you up. Let yourself remember how it feels to soar.


Envision some beautiful release — a cascading waterfall, the flutter of yellow leaves down from a tree in one big gust of wind. Something is calling you to let go of what you no longer need. As you let those layers peel away, something else that’s juicy and alive will get to come through. You’ve been doing the hard work for so long now it’s tempting to just keep your head down and keep at it, but you can trust that the efforts you’ve made will pay off even if you take a break. This could mean calling a halt to processing, or to your internal review process, or to feeling responsible for others—only in the ways that have begun to block your energy. There is a beauty and richness in letting in the unknown.

Start Dreaming Big: Now is the time to start naming your desires, and recognizing the crossroads they place you at. What does your heart want that will mean changing your life? How can you prepare for these changes to honor that spark of desire?


While this is still a time of big, bustling energy for you, you’re also benefiting from both the slowness of Scorpio time and Jupiter’s move into a part of your chart that lights up intimacy and partnership. There’s a lot that is still unfinished that will go unfinished — don’t get too attached to needing to knock off all the tasks, many of them are more distractions than sites of real growth right now. Your energy is needed for your most precious connections: Who is asking you to hold them right now? Who is promising you a deepening into love, commitment, and all the risks that entails? Who is reflecting you back to yourself in the ways that help you remember your own center and your own story?

Start Dreaming Big: How do you want to be accompanied in this life? What kinds of teamwork and bonding help you find your center? Who is asking you to move toward them right now? What fears or old stories do you need to face to make this happen?


Your empathic spidey sense is extra strong right now, and you’re getting major insights from everything you touch. Trust your intuition, and make sure you have enough space and downtime in relationships that need a lot of your attention, or that seem to involve endless upheaval. Even so, you might feel torn between a sense of responsibility to others and your own needs. There is something in you that needs consistent care, support, and nurturing right now so that you can be capable of the big things you’re here to do. How can you offer that to yourself, and who can you ask to help you?

Start Dreaming Big: It’s no small thing to show up in a body every day. We have constant needs that affect our capacity to stay alert, optimistic, and compassionate. Remember the golden rule HALT: don’t try to process when you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. But beyond that, what would it mean to build a rhythm for yourself where those needs (physical fuel, emotional release, relational connection, deep rest) actually get consistently met?


This can be a month of absolute lusciousness, if you have the energy to show up for it. Though you’re at your growth edge, many relationships are also promising you some extra sweetness if you’re willing to keep showing up honestly and openly in them. See how much pleasure and beauty you can share, in both platonic and erotic connections. Anxieties might arise right now about sex, and particularly how your sexual self carries deep wounds from past pain. Luckily, there’s also an energy of healing for you that brings you back to a time of playfulness and trust. It’s time to fall in love with yourself again.

Start Dreaming Big: Your assignment this month is joy. Find it every day, however you can, and let that energy move through the parts of your being that are lost, stuck, or grieving.


This retrograde period has been bringing people into your life that will affect you in longterm ways. You may be more focused on what you’ve lost and what relationships have changed, but if you pay attention to who’s coming into your life (even if those that feel peripheral), you’ll notice what you’re growing toward. What you want to commit to is a major theme of the coming year, and it’s time now to start dreaming of what kinds of support and foundation you need to step into deeper and more expanded forms of connection.

Start Dreaming Big: How can home be both more restful and more integrated into your daily life? Do you ever fully drop your anxieties and responsibilities when you lay down to sleep? Are you living in a place that helps you feel cared for? Start imagining how home could be more nourishing for you.


You may feel like there’s a lot percolating around you right now, but you have the choice about how to engage with it. You’ll be noticing what’s not getting said, whose voices aren’t part of the conversation, and if you choose to you can champion those left-out perspectives. Most importantly, though, you’re learning how to center yourself in all your relationships. Start noticing how it feels in your body when you are fully aware of what you need, and then how it feels when you start leaning away from yourself and tracking everyone else. You have so much potential for beautiful and meaningful connections right now, but you must stay fully yourself to benefit from them.

Start Dreaming Big: What does it mean to use your voice? Who do you need to be in conversation with? How can your ideas spread, and your words carry power to heal?


Over the next thirteen months, you will be moving toward experiences of stabilizing, nourishing, and regrounding. The Scorpio energy of this month is helping you do what you know you must do, but sometimes have a hard time prioritizing: looking at those hard places in your heart and mind where energy has gotten stuck, and doing that delicate internal surgery that helps you deeply release them. Honor how much energy, skill, and courage this takes. Let your efforts be fully supported — find healers, friends, mentors, and others on their own healing path witness and assist in any way you need. You are moving toward times of deeper trust and capacity, especially in romance. Don’t let your feelings of being in process still block you from knowing your worth.

Start Dreaming Big: What would it mean to trust that you will have enough? To trust that you are enough? What fears arise, and what happens when you stay long enough with those fears to let them soften?


This month begins a new chapter for you: as Jupiter moves into your sign, a part of you is being reborn. New opportunities may come your way, or you may feel at the height of your powers. An unshakeable optimism is available to you, whatever grief or stress you’re also carrying. Relationships at this time need to make room for you to grow—you’re like a snake shedding an old skin that’s become too tight. Let these transitions be something to celebrate. Get ready for the excitement and risks inherent in pursuing bigger dreams.

Start Dreaming Big: You are being called into the spotlight. The next thirteen months help you deepen your self love in a way that shows the world what you’ve learned and what you have to teach. Answer the call.


There’s so much that you leave unsaid in any conversation — the responsibilities you feel you’re holding alone, the pain and vulnerability you’re careful not to make anyone else’s problem. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious about who you open up to, or when you ask for help, but it’s worth remembering that relationships are always mutual. You don’t have to be the only adult. You don’t have to be the boss. You don’t have to have all the answers. You get to be lost sometimes, too. You don’t always have to be in control. If the thought of this scares you, get ready for some interesting changes. You’re getting in touch with parts of yourself that may be surprising and are still hard to fully understand. Let yourself explore.

Start Dreaming Big: Over the next thirteen months you’ll be dreaming a lot — tending to something that may not have a real shape or form yet. Let it be formless and fluid still, and let your imagination guide you.


Have you been basing your sense of self-worth on your competence or intelligence? Whenever you find yourself assessing yourself as “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” you know it’s time to release your attachment to the idea of what you should be, and start paying closer attention to what your real desires are. What feels alive for you in this moment? Can you let it be something unusual? Can it be something you’re not good at yet, or don’t know enough about? Let your curiosity lead you to new connections this month — it’s a beautiful time to meet people you didn’t think you’d have much in common with and find the language you both can speak.

Start Dreaming Big: Welcome unexpected and unlooked for connections, especially the kinds that connect you to a larger constellation of inspiring people.


Visibility is coming up for you this month — certain internal processes and buried feelings are spilling out of you whether or not you’re sure you want to share them. Now’s the time to release attachment to looking or sounding a certain way — but don’t worry. The image you’re trying to project isn’t going to match up to the shifting terrain of your heart, anyway, and slipping into vulnerability is actually the perfect way to also recognize your strength. Risk sincerity. Risk radical acts of honesty. Let yourself be seen.

Start Dreaming Big: You have more knowledge and skills than you usually take credit for. Start scheming ways to step into your full power.

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  1. “How many of you have been reaching out to exes, or resisting the urge to reach out to exes? ”

    I want a lawyer

  2. LISTEN. These were relevant for my Sun, Moon AND Rising. I just ended a 6 year relationship and there’s a lot going on, but all I’ll say is Cap/Libra/Virgo were all dead on the money. Thank you for this.

      • Me three! My sun is on the cusp with Sagittarius but technically 0 degrees Capricorn, moon in Libra and Virgo rising! What about your Venus?

  3. How are these so scarily accurate for so many people? I feel unsettled about how much my Cap horoscope is relevant (every single sentence).

  4. I have Jupiter in Sag in my natal chart and that is exactly how I karaoke.

  5. This is so accurate that it’s creeping me out a little. I ran into my first love yesterday. Leo/Cap/Cancer were eerily on point. The only one that didn’t fit was rising in Taurus.

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