What’s The Gayest Zodiac Sign?

Recently, Managing Editor Rachel Kincaid asked our team: Literally just what’s the gayest sign, and why? Maybe this requires a paragraph of explanation and examples; maybe you think you can make your point self-evident in brief. Don’t overthink it, just tell me what the gayest zodiac sign is!

And so our team obviously obliged.

Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, Managing Editor

The gayest sign is Gemini. Am I saying that because I’m a Gemini? Maybe so. But I’m also saying it because the mere concept of celestial twins screams gay. We are talkative (gay), charming (gay), and flirty (gay). Also, our season starts in May, which you’ll note rhymes with “gay.” Also every single Gemini I know is a good dancer. Put a gaggle of Geminis in a room, and drama+chaos will promptly ensue. Put a gaggle of queers in a room, and drama+chaos will promptly ensue. I rest my case.

Drew Burnett Gregory, Senior Editor

The air signs are the three gayest signs. And while the obvious answer for number one would be Gemini, the actual answer is Libra.

Go ahead. Try to name a straight Libra. I’m waiting. Hmm okay. Are you sure that name you just said is straight? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Libras are fun and flirty and misunderstood. That is what? Gay. And they are sensitive. Also gay. Libras are best known for seeing all sides sometimes to a fault. Gay gay gay. As gay people we are outcasts and that changes our morality and causes us to look at the world in new ways. Or at least it should!

Oh a Libra broke your heart? Oh well. A Libra broke my heart last year. What did I do? I started dating another Libra. Because I’d rather risk heartbreak from the gayest sign than be bored.

To quote Adore Delano, “I’m a fucking Libra.” Except I’m not. I’m just a Capricorn with good taste who is always right.

Heather Hogan, Senior Writer + Editor

For gayest zodiac sign may i please submit the answer of: Scorpio

With the explanation of:

Meg: I feel deeply seen and also very attacked, thank you Heather Hogan.

Drew: This Scorpio collage has SEVERAL Capricorns IMO.

Heather: It’s a thin line.

Drew: Okay maybe not several. But I’m claiming Emma and Leila since their actors are Caps.

Valerie: This is the best collage I’ve ever seen regardless of accuracy.


Ro White, Sex & Dating Editor

Taurus is the gayest sign! Taurus people are pleasure-seekers. They love love. They love comfort. They pursue a degree of extravagance that often feels campy. A Taurus is a champion U-Hauler who wants to smell your hair, and there’s nothing gayer than that.

Sally Neate, Writer

Representing the people that know nothing about astrology, I would say Gemini. I know that’s the twins but what if they’re not ACTUALLY twins and it’s a cosmic case of where they’re really girlfriends and everyone’s been saying “you must be sisters, right?” for all of eternity.

Carmen Phillips, Former Editor-in-Chief

For sure the gayest zodiac sign is Cancer. What are gays known for, being overly emotional and dramatic? The Cancer calling card. Oh what’s that about queer chosen family? No one builds or keeps a family together like a Cancer. I heard you like to put on Mitski or Meshell Ndegeocello and cry into your pillowcase, do you what season is perfect for such emotion? CANCER SEASON. Cancers are best known for caretaking their friends (gay), having too many feelings that require processing (gaaaaay), being hormonal (gay), and resting bitch face (gay gay gay).

I realize that at least 90% of what I know about astrology is from memes on Instagram, but from those memes I have learned that Cancers have a bad rep! No one likes our season, people find it tiresome to date us, and we always get the worst tv/film characters in those sun/moon/rising memes! But being hated on for no reason while minding your own business is yet again another gay trait. So your honor, I rest my case.

Valerie Anne, Writer

I think every bisexual I know is a Scorpio, and also they almost all embody my favorite “hard façade, squishy heart” trait, which also is a trait that is inherently gay. So Scorpios get my vote.

Nico Hall, Team Writer

So, to not-quite-follow the prompt, Aquarius is the QUEEREST sign. Is it a water sign? No. It’s an air sign, but with water elements because Aquarius doesn’t have to be just one thing because Aquarius is Queer. I once had the immense honor of working for an incredible Aquarius who lived in the museum she founded. She had a sign on her door that read “There are no rules.” Aquarian intelligence is knowing that the rules are very much a construct and that is queer. It just is. Also, while the Autostraddle senior team is overrun by air signs (4 of us!), 2 of those are Aquarius. The stats just don’t lie here.

Scorpio. An example from Autostraddle’s Slack:

stef: we are for sure the gayest zodiac sign because of all the yearning and brooding
it’s baked in
meg: obsessions with sex and death? a deep penchant for secretive longing and revenge? it writes itself
add the black [clothing ] and the sulking and we win
stef: it doesn’t feel like we win but
we win something
meg: the prize is probably just more self-loathing and imposter syndrome
what a day
stef: ugh do we even deserve it
meg: shit you’re right

Vanessa Friedman, Community Editor

Unfortunately the gayest zodiac sign is Gemini. I don’t want this to be true anymore than you do, but it is what it is, my loves. Is it because they love to gossip, is it because they throw the best parties, is it because they’re messy and dramatic, is it because they always look so hot seemingly so effortlessly, is it because they love deep diving trivia and impressing you with weird tiny facts about the thing you happen to be most interested in but then lose interest in you as a person at an alarming speed? REALLY HARD TO SAY. But I think I’ve made my case, and also, if you’re a Gemini, plz always feel free to call me. You’re bad for me but I’m down, because who can say no to the gayest sign in the zodiac. Certainly not me and my own Gemini moon, xo.

Riese , Editorial & Strategy

Gemini, because gays love chaos.

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    • Does anyone know a Gemini that is not gay? I sure don’t, me being pan and my best friend a Lesbian Gemini, a girl in my class is a bi Gemini, and another girl in my grade. I haven’t met a Gemini that is not gay or have different sex.

  1. Welp, my score (1 point per mention, 0.5 for the general “air signs” mention) is: sun sign 4.5 + rising sign 3 + stellium 1 = 8.5. I am 8.5 gay

    • I would like to add to my earlier comment here that knowing this much about my birth chart while not actually believing in astrology is also gay

  2. The gayest zodiac sign is your own or that of your crush. The straightest zodiac sign is that of a het person who wronged you. The most problematic sign is that of your Ex–the ex of exes, and now that sign signifies everything bad in the world. The most [insert adjective]est sign is the sign of whoever your mind conjures when you think of that adjective.

  3. Drew SLAYS me. “I’m just a Capricorn with good taste who is always right.” ICONIC

  4. Thank you drew for writing a nice thing on this website about libras, as we have so often been subject to malice and slander. As a Libra dating a Libra, I feel very gay today

  5. I instinctively thought Gemini, then felt like I was just being self-centered, but as a person who knows 4 other gay women who share my birthday (three of us on the same date!) and several other queer Geminis and who also felt deeply exposed by Vanessa’s take here…I really don’t see any other signs coming close. Absolutely unfortunate and absolutely true.

    I do love the Scorpio collage though (even though Denise gives me big big Aquarius energy and Sophie Moore, loml, is an earth sign)!

    • Wait, the only other person I know who shares my (Gemini) birthday is also queer, you may be onto something here :o

  6. This is the most Pisces thing I’ve ever said, but I am so sad that my fish ass is not the gayest.

  7. I can’t believe not ONE fire sign was named in this discussion. This is aries erasure. Let me count the ways aries is gay; tough exterior marshmellow feels (gay), burning with passion and totally clueless (gayy), wants to save the world but also just wants to have fun (gay gay gayyy).
    also, an aries is both a princess and a warrior-> thus a princess warrior ->thus xena -> thus GAYYY.

  8. Well, I’m a Gemini and I just sent this to my girlfriend and said “Hint: It’s Gemini! That’s right I’m gayer than you!” Thanks you for helping me win that argument.

  9. my rising sign is gemini but i don’t see it in myself at all, now this is making me reconsider

    (also as a dumb sensitive baby pisces i’m hurt that no one said pisces!!)

    • There’s probably a rule about not bringing up Pisces on AS after folks lost it when it was their turn in the “What We Love and Hate About Dating [insert zodiac sign]” series.

  10. Another gemini just here to say how absolutely tickled I am about all of this, especially Vanessa’s spot-on summary!

  11. Borrowing a bit from Sally’s idea that the cosmos has been het reading Gemini as sisters, I simply ask us to consider:

    Is Virgo a virgin? Or is she just not into men?

  12. the Capricorn erasure ;_;

    (I get it, we’re stereotypically stodgy and boring, but still)

  13. The fire sign denial is an absolute travesty. Fire signs as a collective win the trophy for highest level of group messiness which we all know is extremely gay.

  14. I would say that Cancers are the gayest sign. I’m a cancer myself and i’m LGBTQ. Also, Cancer starts DURING pride month and the overall personality of a cancer matches. Other than that. Gemini is also gay.

  15. Now I know why I’m gay! Thank you Drew Gregory!
    The world: Let’s make this kid a Libra.
    Everybody else: Non-binary and gay?
    The world: Exactly

  16. I recall once reading long ago that Aries was the most “masculine” sign, & that female Aries people were typically “unconventional”. The idea struck a chord with me, though I didn’t fully understand the implications for me personally at the time. That is, until 2017 at the age of 44, I came out as a non binary transmasculine. Never have I felt so happy or right as when wearing a suit, rocking an undercut, & just being my proudly unconventional self. So, I’m not saying that Aries is the gayest sign or anything…but I’m interested to find out if it’s one that tends towards masc – leaning queer folk. Also have moon in Taurus, Cancer ascendant, Mars & Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn in Gemini, & Uranus & Pluto in Libra. So all that sounds pretty gay!

  17. Being Gemini is amazing though your emotions vary and can be overwhelming because half of us want to scream and the other half wants to laugh and smile. A Lot has people have ranked us as the gayest which I can’t argue with being a pan Gemini and all the Geminis I know being gay as well.

  18. Being a Middle Child Leo,with many gay friends (Most of em being Scorpios),I can personally confirm that the three gayest zodiac signs are;




    (And maybe if you’re lucky-)

    4-Your “Straight” best friend!

  19. Aries are SUPER queer, like SUPER. All the aries I’ve known have been (extremely) GAY!!! YASSS SISSTA KH-WEEN. also theyre bottoms.

  20. Ah yes, we Geminis are the gayest of gays. You can no longer deny it, fall to our excellence.

  21. Either Capricorn or Gemini. Almost every set of twins I’ve ever met,there has been a straight one and a gay one. Not that I knew if those twins were actually Geminis or not,but it’s definitely the most common I’ve seen aside from Capricorn. Specifically Capricorn men.

    • Why is no one mentioning Aries sign this sign is gay as hell, first they females got this whole masculinity side which makes most studs Aries. look at YoungMA and a host of others, like bruh I got way too many points. So Aries it is

  22. Another gemini ♊️ and I love a Leo I don’t think they like me more than a best friend 🥲😞

  23. gemini ♊️ and I love a Leo I don’t think they like me more than a best friend 🥲😞

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    • I’m a Libra ♎⚖️ but not but my friends are dating but not gay tho so 💀

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