2 Broke Girls Shop at the Goodwill Like Broke Girls

This week on Kat Dennings’ Boobs’ Show there was a lot of Facebook, a lot of shopping, and a lot of horse walking. Do you call Goodwill, “The Will”? Apparently it’s a thing… on this show. Not anywhere else though.

There were a lot of hipster or lezzer moments

The “young people please relate to this show” joke

Han: Max, three weeks in a row you have not yet accepted my request to be a facebook friend.

The dark joke

Max: Stop fighting it. Just give into it. I don’t know why I’m quoting a rapist.

The edgy joke

Caroline: I’ve lost like 300 Facebook friends since my father was arrested.

Max: Well your father has probably made that many new friends in prison so it all evens out.

The non-PC joke

Caroline: Max, a woman in my section wants to know if we do anything gluten-free, what do I tell her?

Max: Tell her she’s not allergic to gluten, she’s just masking an eating disorder.

The “is that racist?” joke

Caroline: I hope you’re happy. I look like a Cambodian stripper.

Max: Umm, they prefer to be called ping pong ball artists.

The vagina joke

Bartender: Vagina

The joke that leads to a lot of questions

Max: If that’s your tequila noise, God knows what your orgasm sounds like.

Do people have tequila noises? Are they similar to orgasm noises? If someone takes shots in silence, should you assume they also orgasm silently? Or is it an inverse relationship? The quieter the tequila noise, the louder the orgasm? What if you don’t drink tequila? Does that mean you don’t have orgasms? Can drinking tequila cause an orgasm?

I enjoyed this episode more than the other two. Maybe because it’s starting to break away from the confines of the restaurant and all the wack characters there. I’m still annoyed by the horse. If they’re going to keep it on the show, it could at least come out. Is the show getting better? Or am I just really tired?

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

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  1. do people usually make tequila noises?! (tequila faces, sure…….)
    i do shots silently with minimal facial squishing. i am far from silent in bed.

    • Yes depending on how cheap the vodka/tequila is the noises I make range from:

      “oh! to fffffuuuuucccckkkk my insides are burrrrning, MOAR ALCOHOL IT’S BEEN A LONG DAY!”

      And as they (well I say), “silent while drinking liquor makes the girl sexually flicker/quicker/*add sexual innuendo that rhymes with liquor*….?”

      I hope this helps!


  2. We have alterna-names for Goodwill, but they’re about individual stores and identify the part of town they’re in because there’s different stuff at them. Glamour Goodwill in the burbs has a lot of name brand clothes and new/spare sporting goods from the rich people cleaning out their closets, whereas Oldster Goodwill, you get a lot of estate sale stuff from some of the older neighborhoods where the senior citizens live. Goodwill store selection depends on what you’re looking for.

  3. we called Goodwill the G.W. Boutique, Value Village either the VV or we pronounced it vahloo veelahje (you know, the french pronunciation), and the Salvation Army Sal’s Fifth Avenue.

  4. I was going to make my weekly obligatory “Kat Dennings is hot” comment, but you covered that in your title of the show.

    I’m also going to go to the Will today in honor of this episode. I will call it the Will.

  5. “The quieter the tequila noise, the louder the orgasm?” In my case, yes! I don’t make any noise when I drink tequila…

  6. Caroline: Max, a woman in my section wants to know if we do anything gluten-free, what do I tell her?
    Max: Tell her she’s not allergic to gluten, she’s just masking an eating disorder.

    That doesn’t even count as a joke. I’m sorry, that’s just fucking rude. I have been deliberately POISONED with gluten at restaurants by chefs who think this. Just because I’m not going into anaphlylactic shock in your restaurant doesn’t mean I’m not sick. (eating gluten typically leaves me ill and exhausted for ~2 days, but the reaction doesn’t start till I’ve digested the food)

    • Completely agree! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I and my 3 daughters have celiac disease & anyone else who does will be the first to tell you that not one single thing about our symptoms is funny.

    • You’re taking the joke way too seriously. I don’t think they were out to make fun of people who actually have it but to make fun of the health nut hipsters that think gluten free is better for them in terms of diet(which isn’t true).

      It’s about time they had a good dark humor comedy on TV. I look forward to the rest of the season.

      • No. We are not taking the joke too seriously. Misconception spread quickly thanks to “jokes” like this being on television. Those of us with a gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease have a hard enough time spreading awareness so that we can eat safely in restaurants. It isn’t a joke when it can actually put us in danger of some very serious health issues. And you wouldn’t believe how many times people look at me sideways when I ask for gluten-free items because they think I’m doing it for a trim waistline. So please don’t tell me or anyone else who found the joke detrimental to our efforts that they’re taking it too seriously. It IS serious.

        • And you just proved my point.

          Why blame the show if people are stupid enough to believe a 20 minute episode of fiction rather than facts in the first place? This show is meant to entertain, not inform or educate anyone. If you can’t handle the show’s type of humor then don’t watch it.

          God forbid if this show ever dares to joke of atrial fibrillation…

          • Please don’t treat me like I’m ridiculous because of the feelings I have towards a certain joke or like I’m somehow proving your point that we’re “taking the joke too seriously.” I’m explaining the way that I feel, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mock me.

            I agree that it’s crazy that people will believe what they see on a 20 minute episode rather than looking up the facts. That isn’t what I’m blaming the show for, though I do think it’s something that television writers should consider. I’m blaming them for lack of taste.

            Maybe it just isn’t my type of humor because I don’t think anything that can be offensive towards groups of people to be funny. I don’t think jokes about eating disorders are funny or jokes about diseases. That’s just me.

            You don’t have to tell me not to watch it because I don’t plan to anymore.

            And I’m sorry if I come off as being over the top. I know they didn’t mean to joke about a serious disease. They were joking about the fad that has become the gluten-free diet. But that just adds to my worrying because people lose sight of the fact that for a lot of us, it isn’t just a fad. I hope I’ve better explained why I feel the way that I feel about it.

          • Bravo!

            I swear I need to get a *snark free* filter for when I want to response in earnest without coming off as a total bitch (which I am but you don’t need to know that).

            I found it funny HOWEVER I am not going to dismiss someone over the internet or tell people how to feel about jokes. I mean who the fuck they think they are doing something like that.

            Anyway, I really liked your comment Miel explaining why jokes in media can have an affect (positive or negative) of the perceptions of the eating habits/lifestyle of everyday people (oh the irony!). It made me think twice and I know better than to dismiss someone’s eating habits as a diet fad (get to know the person before jumping to those conclusions). I promise I am not being too PC, I’m trying to be a decent fucking human being.

          • See but I’m not “telling” or “mocking” you. Or at least not my intention to. I have an opinion different from yours, obviously expressed in a way you don’t like. Never said you had to up and change your opinion.

  7. This show is simply not funny!I have truly tried to give it a shot! I’m going for one more week. I enjoy “New Girl” is a much better show than this,and seems to be finding its’ comic stride!

  8. I just wanted to share that I went to The Will today, but no one called it The Will. I am mega disappointed.

  9. All thrift stores are the salvee. Just like all non-alchoholic carbonated beverages are coke.

  10. I don’t understand how they can afford to keep a horse. Do they not feed it? Why is this not addressed in the show!?
    It’s a good thing Kat Dennings is so god-damned attractive.

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