The Comment Awards Are Asking: Are You The One?

Hello, my friends! This week, two beautiful things arrived in my mailbox! The first was Wait, What?, a comic guide to growing up illustrated by our very own A-Camp artist and counselor, Isabella Rotman! And the second was…you guessed it! It was Grease Bats: the book, which you can order and hold in your very own hands and read!

I don’t know if it’s because so many of my queer childhood heroes were straightwashed, with my only learning who they really were long after I grew up and came out myself, but I get SUPER excited when I get to fill my bookshelves and my home with queer art and books made by wonderful, thoughtful people. I JUST LOVE OUR COMMUNITY SO MUCH, PALS. It’s fine! I’m fine.

This week, KaeLyn wrote about defining her own mommy style.

Molly, Reneice, and Vanessa went to dapperQ’s sixth annual NYFW fashion show, and it was gorgeous!

This Greasebats quiz that Abeni made for us is so perfect and hilarious and I JUST took it and discovered that I am Scout, with Andy rising!

Mere days (hours?) after supposedly retiring from Autostraddle, Stef interviewed AYTO‘s Paige Cole about her experience on the show.

Vote Now in Autostraddle’s Second Annual Gay Emmys! Voting ends on September 17th. CHOOSING BETWEEN SOME OF THESE SHOWS WAS VERY PERSONALLY DIFFICULT AND I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Have you caught up with the Travel Issue? I am loving every single essay! This week, D.R. wrote about learning to be her own safe space in India, and Chandra took us to a volcano in a tiny village in Iceland.

Vanessa would like for us to say what we mean!

And then there were your comments.

On Boobs On Your Tube: Gabrielle Finally Comes Out on “BH90210”:

The We Need to Talk About Anna Torv Award to Lisa:

I found my wife watching the pilot of Mindhunters couple of weeks ago and sat down to watch with her (not telling her that I had already seen every episode of the first season–she would hate that). Yesterday while watching episode 4 or 5, I casually asked, “Have we learned anything about her personal life? Cuz I think she’s queer.

On What Kind of Houseplant You Should Get Depending On Your Flavor of Lesbianism:

The Lily Potted Award to Annie Stinkle:

I’m in charge of all the outdoor plants, and my partner is in charge of our one indoor plant: a peace lily (aka Lily Potted… she also used to have one named Dobby the Houseplant, but, you guessed it, HE DIED).

On “Are You The One?” Finale Sees Queer Community Triumphing Over Odds, Going Skinny-Dipping, Winning Money:

The Are You Still The One Award to Annelise:

So sad it’s over and wondering how long I can stretch out AYTO related convos w my friends before they force me to move on. Fun convos thus far have been: fuck/marry/toss w various combos of cast members, ideal threesome (to watch and/or participate in), and sending each other all the funniest twitter drama.

On Vote Now in Autostraddle’s Second Annual Gay Emmys!

The Poser Award to shira:

My takeaway is that I’ve been doing something wrong with my life by not watching Pose.

And the Killing Me Award to Dee:

There are so many great characters on Fan Favorite Character but we all know who should win! [Gif of Villanelle climbing out of a suitcase]

On Foolish Child #54: Meet Cute:

The Dopplegangland Award to Rachel and Al:

Rachel: I went out with a Rachel last night, so this was very timely. / Al: Was it as awkward as this? / Rachel: Not until she said her ex's name was Rachel.

On Direct Communication Rules, Ghosting Sucks, Let’s All Say What We Mean:

The Hello It’s Me Award to ellequelle:

As a midwesterer who grew up thinking that being passive aggressive was polite I feel attacked!! 😀 One time, like six years ago, someone I met at volunteering confused me with a different person and called me the wrong name and I didn’t correct her for like two weeks before a mutual friend heard and was like wtf??

And on What We Love and Hate About Dating Capricorns:

The Cap For Cap Award to Jordan:

Boobs On Your Tube: Gabrielle Finally Comes Out on “BH90210

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  1. Started reading the first comment by Lisa and thought “You found your wife through watching a pilot of Mindhunters…wow that’s quite the relationship origin story” before the rest of the sentence and my brain clicked in.

    I do appreciate the psychological twist reveal tho

  2. Oh my, I didn’t see the part where Rachel replied & was not expecting that turn! I think this shoots Rachel up in the list of queer/gay names autostraddle made a while back.

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