What We Love and Hate About Dating Capricorns

For those who believe in it, astrology can be a powerful tool for introspection and self-knowledge — or you can use it to talk shit about your ex and obsess over your crush. Journey with us as we do both, and then head to the comments to live your truth.

Vanessa Friedman, Community Editor

I AM A CAPRICORN DATING A CAPRICORN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE AND I REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT I HAVE ONLY BECOME MORE INSUFFERABLE DUE TO THIS DEVELOPMENT BECAUSE I NOW HAVE PROOF THAT WE ARE, IN FACT, THE PERFECT DATE. Okay but seriously, Capricorns have their shit together, communicate clearly, text when we say we’re going to text, show up on time, are highly competent and confident, take sex very seriously in the best way, and are very very hot. DATE A CAPRICORN, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. WE ARE GREAT. (The downside is we’ll tell you often how great we are but listen, I’m sorry, we’re not wrong.)

Drew Burnett Gregory, Senior Editor

Vanessa insists the secret to dating as a Capricorn is dating other Capricorns, a thing I have never done, but am very into trying. My DMs are open.

KaeLyn Rich, Writer

I’ve always been curious about dating a fellow Cap. Would we just overprocess together until we work ourselves out of a relationship? Or maybe we’d get so wrapped up in our own ambitious pursuits that we’d forget to be humans together? I imagine silent co-work dates at the coffee shop and mind map sessions over family style take-out. That honestly all sounds great to me, but I think it better describes what I want in a friend than a lover. We’d get boring very fast.

Stef Schwartz, Vapid Fluff Editor

I love a date with a plan! I’m a Cap rising (I’m told it’s why I’m good at being a boss?) and I find ambition super hot. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a significant romantic entanglement with a Capricorn but I have at two separate times had longstanding casual bar-makeout situations with Capricorns? That’s a weird thing to realize about yourself. Anyway I love a good Capricorn, I guess.

Ryan Yates, Writer

The best tops. Sorry not sorry.

Rachel Kincaid, Former Managing Editor

Capricorns, in my experience, are the most intense and uptight of earth signs in a way that can be fantastic — they’re ambitious and will put everything into getting what they want and that intensity is hot — and also can be incredibly frustrating! Let me know when you’re done just… glowering in the corner about your emotions, I guess! Sex is great though. Maybe get a therapist.

Positive: Dios mio ayudaaaaaaaa. I LOVE capricorns, SO much. Something about their work ethic, which I mean “work” broadly, since everything IS work for Capricorns. Either way… since everything is work they put an incredible amount of intentionally into everything which is…. a sext to me. The fire sign of the earth signs TBH. Cap placements are just hot because being serious and forward and taking charge IS hot.

Negative: They can be cruel when wronged, which is like a lot. And they can be wronged by you being late to like a Skype date for 10 minutes. Their cruelty comes out as wanting to hurt you back, in like, not unconscious or unintentional way, rather in the opposite, like look at you in the eye while I do it kinda of way so you know I did it

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  1. Pros: They will never, ever be late to a date.
    Cons: They are very uptight and (sorry) don’t have much of a sense of humor!

  2. My moon is in Cap and my Venus is in Cancer, which basically just means I have a lot of feelings all the time but I also resent that I have any feelings at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can confirm that Caps both 1) need therapy and 2) might get a lot out of it if they treat it with the same work ethic and ambition that we do everything else.

  3. This is correct, Caps are perfect, you need never date anyone else again, we are the best. No feedback required byyeeeee

    • Vanessa, honestly, I’m jealous you’re dating a fellow capricorn. I bet it’s WONDERFUL. We make elaborate meals, have perfect boots and bedsheets, see through bullshit immediately, value quiet and manners, have friends that are ride or fuckin die, read books, got our shit TOGETHER, and adore sex. Best date, hands down.

  4. Capricorn side of the cusp here. Had an 8 year relationship with another Cap. Was my best relationship to date until a few years later when I found my greatest, most satisfying match in a Cancer ❤️

  5. This Gemini admires Cap work ethics but my sole relationship with one did not work out…but I ended up with a Virgo so I guess I love Earth signs?

  6. I started this post thinking it was too bad I’d never dated a Capricorn, but ended it thinking, “I’m good.”

  7. – My Sun, Moon, Rising and Mars are in Capricorn.
    – My partner’s Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Neptune are in Cap.
    – Our dog’s Sun, Moon, (possibly Rising), Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are in Cap. (Yes we looked this up, mainly for Vanessa!).


  8. I have six planets in Cap and can confirm that all of the good things about us are true, some of the negatives might be true but I have been to A LOT OF THERAPY OKAY but I’m sorry the one thing that is absolutely not true is the topping thing I have never and will never top ever sorry not sorry!!! I feel like it’s a well-known fact that Caps are top in the streets, bottom in the sheets! Or is this just me?!

  9. My first serious relationship was with a Capricorn and I’ve run far away from Capricorns ever since. You guys get under my skin and I’m undone and I don’t like it. I’m sure you’re all great !! Just please stay over there.

    Aquarian Sun, Virgo rising, Moon in Cancer, Venus AND Mars in Capricorn. I’ve no idea what this means but perhaps this will put my curtain-climbing in perspective.

    • It’s your cancer moon. Your moon in opposition to someone’s cancer sun basically puts your emotions in conflict with their ego. I personally feel like the cap-cancer opposition is one of the most challenging, too.

  10. All this is mostly true for me (5 planets in Capricorn) I AVOID other caps, can’t stand their dog eat dog attitude. Maybe it’s bc acc to Hindu astrology I’m a Sagittarius (which I can’t relate to either) idk. Nevwr had any cap friends either

  11. Fellow Cap here 💅🏼 im not much of an astrologist but tbf I am a vengeful little bitch, so you guys have got me thinking.

  12. Proud Capricorn here who falls in love with Big Heart signs : Cancers, Sagittarius, Pisces.
    I love other Caps as friends. Noone’s late, everyone’s prepared, the logistics are fantastic and there’s nothing to debate.
    … I wouldn’t want that in a lover ! I want a dreamer who won’t take cynicism for an answer ! They’ll set the course and I’ll make the spreadsheets.

  13. I’m an Aries sun and moon. Libra rising. ADD. And…married to a cap. According to autostraddle astrology world, we’re a train wreck. Ha Can’t say there aren’t some dynamics that aren’t real great. But she keeps me reigned in and she’s letting go of some of her ambition and is less in planning mode.

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