The “Carol” Sequels We Deserve

On December 31, 2016, it will be the first time the ball will drop on an entire calendar year of Carol. Isn’t that something? What a wonderful thought. Flung out of space.

Carol, if you’re unfamiliar, is the 2015 film directed by Todd Haynes starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as two women in the 1950s who meet and fall in love. We’ve written about it extensively on this site, some might say nonstop, and it’s an undertaking to which I’ve made a significant contribution. I’m a total Carol-head and I don’t care who knows it!

It makes so much sense that the traditional one year anniversary gift in the U.S. is paper, because I’d like to give Carol all of my money. More specifically, I’d like to give all my money to the creation of its sequel. Don’t get me wrong, it exists on its own just fine. I’ll continue to watch grainy versions of it with or without a sequel.

But don’t we deserve it? I think we do. I’m even willing to work for it. And to assist me in this quest, I’ve enlisted my esteemed colleague and another one of Carol‘s greatest champions, Heather Hogan. Shall we, Heather?

Erin: Caroler

Heather: Carol 2: Therese’s Revenge

Erin: Carol: Tokyo Drift

Heather: Carol 2: Back in the Habit (Of Having Sex With Therese)

Erin: Carol: Fully Loaded (Mint Juleps)

Heather: Carol II: Abby Handles A Redhead 

Erin: Look Who’s Trembling Now

Heather: I Still Know What You Did in Waterloo

Erin: Carol 2: The Recruit

Heather: I’ll Always Know What You Did in Waterloo

Erin: Gravity 2: Flung Out In Space

Heather: Carol Aird and the Temple of Misandry

Erin: After Carol: Nance

Heather: 2 Carol 2 Furious: Where’s My Fucking Suitcase?

Erin: Carol: Belivet or Not

Heather: A Good Day to Carol Hard

Erin: Carol: 2 Synced

Heather: E.T.: The Extra Theresetrial 

Erin: Carol: The Missing Tapes

Heather: Abby Still Can’t Help You With That

Erin: Carol Vs. Harge: Requiem

Heather: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Gay Space Empire Strikes Back

Erin: Carol: Aunt Carol’s Roommate

Heather: Richard Who?

Erin: Carol With a Vengeance

Heather: Carol Too: The Scissortown Chronicles 

Erin: Carol: From Providence With Love

Heather: Dearest

Erin: Carol Presents: A-Camp

Heather: Carolest: The Presidential Suite

Erin: A Christmas Carol

Heather: The Jerk Philosopher’s Last Stand

Erin: Carol: Come to Her Window (The Final Song)

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  1. I found myself really LOL, what are they, possible working titles for the sequel or plots? They are really witty, but is really a second part to Carol? I say they don’t last more than a couple of year as a couple.I watched like 5 or 6 times wanting to really feel for the couple, sadly, I don’t.

  2. I watched Carol on both Christmas Eve and Christmas night. I drunkenly ordered The Price of Salt on Amazon. The score is constantly running through my head. I’m a disaster.

    FWIW, I vote for Look Who’s Trembling Now.

    • I didn’t want to put this in the main comments cause everyone is having fun but I just wanted to share my mom’s story.

      It brought back some painful memories for her of when she was a early teen in the mid 60’s. Her much older brother’s future wife was living near her family and she was staying with this queer woman in her early twenties who had just gotten out of the army. She was awkward and tall but very sweet and kind and my mom and her older sister both really liked this woman and they would hang out with her a lot. Mom isn’t sure how it came out but her parents found out this woman was queer and they humiliated her in front of her sponsor family and even brought their priest in to condemn her. And of course forbid my mom and aunt from ever seeing her again. My mother feels horrible about it to this day and it all came back very strong for her. The self righteous hypocrisy of my grandparents! I mean my grandfather getting on his high horse about his daughter knowing a lesbian when he was a fucking pedophile who did so much damage to her himself. And my grandmother KNEW about it.

      My mom never saw her again and doesn’t know what happened to her but here’s hoping she found acceptance and love somewhere.

  3. Would watch all of them.
    And SOMEBODY please employ the powers of Photoshop and crank out two or three movie posters of these already!

    P.S.I’d like to throw “Carol Aird and the Philosopher’s Glove” and “Carol Aird and the Chamber of Secrets”,etc., into the ring.

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