The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 60, August 2019

Letter From Your Editors
A happy end-of-August upon you, friends!

This month Laneia asked us to come just as we are (Southern Baptist Hymn #187) for our outsider photos, and so that is what we did. We all came as what appears to be the essence of our individual brands, distilled.

Tops: Heather // Carolyn // Carmen // KaeLyn // Laneia // Al(aina)Bottoms: Vanessa // Drew // Stef // Kayla // Rachel // Sarah

Speaking of distillation, this weekend a bunch of queers trekked to NYC to take part in the Bitches Brew class I offered up as a perk during our recent Autostraddle fundraiser (oh, hey, this is Heather). I'd made it as easy as I could for the server who was tending to us downstairs in our little room in the the little craft beer pub, placing all my orders well beforehand and making a checklist for what time to drop off what beers and snacks. But the server kept checking in on us, and more frequently as the night wore on, and then stopping for long stretches of time just to li...

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