Queer Tarotscopes: Virgo Season Asks You to Pay Attention to What You Truly Want

Virgo season’s tarotscopes feature the Wild Unknown and Compendium of Constellations decks

This summer has been an intense one — beginning with Gemini’s buzzing, collaborative electricity, shifting to Cancer’s endless depths and emotions, and bringing fiery transformation and confidence with Leo. And if you’ve been craving a break, slower movement, a chance to catch your breath and get organized after so many shifts and adjustments, you may find welcome relief in this new season of Virgo.

An earth sign that is best known for organization, structure, and attention to detail, Virgo season invites us to take the creative energy from Gemini, the intuitive intensity from Cancer, and the adventurous spirit from Leo, combining all of our passion and courage and heart into an executable plan for sustainable progress. Dreams and emotions can inspire us and give us powerful motivations, but if we can’t channel those visions and ideas into concrete plans, we may find them slipping through our fingers. Virgo invites us to focus on small steps forward, gradual growth, paying attention to what we truly want and making a practical plan to get it. And while Leo’s spirit of power and movement can help us understand what motivates and inspires us, Virgo invites manifestation, bringing those visions into reality. It’s been a wildly creative summer, and with so many eclipses, retrogrades, and powerful shifts, slowing things down and paying attention to both our physical needs and our desire for success can be incredibly satisfying.

Our card for Virgo season is the Hermit, an archetype of solitude, retreat, and soul-searching. If you’ve been channeling Leo’s fire into social activities, sexual pleasure, or creative success, you may find this withdrawal feels like a welcome break — and if you’ve instead been embracing relaxation, loving the sunshine and caring for yourself, this new season may feel like a beautiful extension of your summer. Either way, the Hermit asks us to spend time examining our desires, fears, motives, ethics, emotions, convictions, and shadows — every little internal corner within us. This isn’t easy work, and can bring up challenging emotions that you may not particularly enjoy feeling, but being honest with ourselves and giving every piece of us space to breathe and communicate is absolutely essential for growth. By channeling Virgo’s thoroughness and attention to detail, we can explore our own inner wildness, exposing those interior shadows to the light, discovering the core of who we really are. This is a chance to give yourself the gifts of time and space, to reflect on the powerful transitions of the previous seasons, and get to know this new person that you are becoming.

The Hermit can be a deeply empowering card, one that allows us to fully understand the strength, magic and insights that we carry — and so many of the cards for this season ask us to do just that, with advice to pause, regroup, assess, get organized. After so many intense shifts, many of us will crave balance, seeking to restore our natural equilibrium and get our goals, dreams, and plans back on track. And while slowing down for internal exploration may be uncomfortable or frustrating for some, it’s essential work for all, asking us to consider our deepest motivations, our most powerful fears, our visions for the future. Not every sign enjoys building structures or assessing progress, but reflecting on what we want and how far we’ve come can help everyone discover hidden possibilities.

For this new season, prioritize organizing your dreams, honoring your ambitions, and processing recent transitions, giving space to both your internal needs and your external plans. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication and travel, which longs to help us organize our thoughts and dream of our future — so if you know your Mercury placement you can also include that in your reading, giving you a more complete picture of the season ahead.

In addition to my tarotscopes on Autostraddle, Virgos can find additional insights through my more detailed readings with Radical Tarot, a collaborative tarotscopes project that is wrapping up this month. You can support my ongoing tarot studies, creative work, and publishing dreams at Patreon, and I’m currently finishing up a giveaway for free decks and readings on Instagram — but if you want to enter move quickly, because winners are being selected today. I also offer personal, custom readings through my website, along with larger spreads and writings.

As always with these readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Virgo season!


Five of wands

After so many shifts and adjustments over this transformative summer, you may find yourself a bit scattered, unsure of which direction you’re going. Whether you’ve been harnessing all your fire into too many different projects or are simply a bit dazed by the changes you’ve endured, you may feel stuck, even trapped, unclear on what you want or how to get it. This season is the perfect time for reflection, to consider the work you’ve done over the past few months and remember the plans and dreams you had at the beginning of the year. What were you working towards, and is that vision of the future something you still crave? If the energy of this summer disrupted some of your ideas about what you want, spend some time considering your goals, and consider moving in a different, perhaps unexpected direction. Dreams change as we grow, and you may find that what you used to long for no longer holds the same appeal. Give yourself a chance to breathe and get organized, and consider if another shift may be necessary to help you get moving again.


The Chariot

Last season may have brought you fresh ideas and the start of a powerful creative journey — and you could find that Virgo season helps you get organized in a way that enables you to continue that progress forward, finding deeper motivation and powerful focus. Enjoy this sensation of pushing towards your goals, and embrace the determination and ambition that you’re experiencing. And if you start to feel overwhelmed by all that you’re accomplishing, give yourself permission to slow down and assess, keeping your eyes on the goal ahead. You are someone with intense purpose and resolve, but all that unshakable persistence easily shifts into stubbornness, and can get you into trouble. Keep your goals clear but don’t be afraid to make adjustments as needed, to collaborate with others, to be open to ideas about new or different ways to reach those dreams. The Hermit invites reflection, so even as you move forward, don’t lose track of where you’ve been.


The Lovers

Your card for the month is also your birth card, an archetype of balance, partnership, deep trust, harmony, and connection. And while this season may bring new romance or a deepening relationship with someone else, above all this is a time to reflect on the person that you are, as well as who you are becoming. There’s so much freedom in loving yourself, in giving yourself permission to be all that you are, and you may find that this season brings renewed confidence, intense convictions, and a willingness to take new chances.
You’re someone that thrives on information, that craves fast movement and strong communication, so Virgo season may feel a bit too slow for your liking. But this is the perfect chance to organize all of the inspiration you’ve found over the last few months, to harness your own powerful air and the fire you’ve grown during Leo season into a project or idea that will help you celebrate your progress and persistence. Use your natural creativity to explore your abilities to collaborate and build, and you may find new partners that push you to brilliant heights.



You’re one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, and it may feel that all of the powerful shifts and deep transformations of the summer have knocked you completely off your axis. Virgo season brings calm restoration and space for reflection, and Temperance encourages you to find the stability you’ve been craving, whether you’re balancing physical needs, spiritual exploration, or emotional processing. Spend time in meditation this season, listening to your body, heart, and soul, considering the lessons and movements you’ve experienced and giving yourself a chance to understand all that you’ve been through. It may feel that you’re combining elements and energies that are contradictory, and yet you’ll find new power and magic in unexpected places. This card invites sacred alchemy, and while that may feel out of reach, simply moving through experiences with an unbiased, harmonious mind can lead to powerful revelations. Leave room for mystery, for the unknown, and see what happens when you release some of your own expectations and stay open to possibility.


The Emperor

As move out of your fiery and adventurous season into a calmer, more restorative and introspective space, this is the perfect time for you to introduce some structure into your plans for the future. You may have had a particularly tumultuous summer, experiencing intense changes and deep internal transformations — and while reflection will be important for you, so will turning all of those ideas and impressions into something tangible and sustainable. Take the time to consider which of your dreams you want to focus on, then start building the foundations for future growth and expansion. Whether you’ve been meaning to take a class, connect with a mentor, create a budget, or plan out a major new project, this is the time to establish something real. And if you haven’t taken much time for introspection amidst all of the transitions this summer, give yourself some space to reflect on all that’s happened, on all that you’ve experienced. You may be able to clearly see where you actually crave structure, and where spending some time getting organized could help you develop clear goals for the future.


Two of cups

Happy birthday, Virgo! As you enjoy your season of organization and reflection, you may find yourself being drawn to someone new, building a powerful connection that has the potential to teach you so much about yourself. Your steady, patient energy may have felt more chaotic than you prefer during this intense months of transformation, but all of these shifts may have also opened you up to new opportunities and experiences, inviting in a relationship that could prove deeply important, or start the beginning of a emotional or spiritual journey.

As well as enjoying new connections with people in your life, this card also speaks to deep self-love, to finding new depths within and exploring the dreams and emotions that you may not always spend time on. Resist the urge to limit your introspection to goal-setting, and instead allow yourself to dream of who you want to be, what you want to create, how you want to inspire. Connecting with new people can reveal powerful truths about ourselves, so pay attention to what others bring out in you, and find new ways to fall in love with yourself.


Three of pentacles

You’ve been building and working for so many months, and Leo season may have felt particularly intense in terms of movement, building, and determination. Whether your ongoing projects are starting to wrap up or you still have a long way to go before you reach the finish line, this is a season of collaboration and organization, a chance to work through details, plan your future, and share your vision with those around you.

Your strength in finding harmony will be a huge asset this season, and you may find yourself assembling a team or group that becomes more than the sum of its parts. Seek out a trusted few that can help you create and plan, and stay open to new possibilities. Someone with a slightly different viewpoint may be able to provide inspiration that changes everything for the better, and brings those lofty plans into clearer view. Honor the different gifts, ideas, and talents that each person brings, and also spend time reflecting on the wide variety of resources that you yourself possess. It may be that a skill you’ve been neglecting comes in handy in your current work, so don’t short-change yourself.


The High Priestess

You’re a sign that loves transformation, but even you may feel a bit burned out after so many shifts and changes in energy and intention over recent months. If you found yourself longing for something last season, working towards new goals or feeling your dreams shift, this season is a perfect time to reflect on what you crave and honor that powerful intuition you carry. Trust yourself and listen to your inner wisdom, letting it lead you forward and bring you to where you need to be. The Hermit and the High Priestess are two of the most solitary cards in the tarot, so make sure to spend plenty of time on your own this season, honoring your needs and giving yourself space to process, rest, and heal.

Virgo season could be a powerful time of reflection for you, one that allows you to consider your own growth as well as anticipate what may be ahead. And while this is a time of slow movement and structure, the High Priestess invites us to explore our own shadows, to consider how our intuition guides our daily actions. Spend time reviewing your progress this year, and if you have strong gut feelings about where you’re going, pay attention. Another shift may be needed.


Seven of swords

You are someone that loves exploration, that thrives in movement and growth and adventure, so you may experience a sensation of stagnation or a lack of clarity during quiet, structured Virgo season. And while typically you’re likely to crave collaboration and sharing dreams, you may find yourself feeling a bit more closed off than usual this season, moving with caution or keeping your thoughts and opinions private. There’s no shame in setting boundaries, in being careful, but don’t let all the shifts and movements of the summer make you doubt yourself. Remember the ideas and aspirations you discovered during Leo season, the passion and inspiration you felt, and use this slower, more introspective time to channel that fire into tangible goals. You may need to wait longer than you anticipate to act, but moving at the right moment will help you find confidence and success.

If you find yourself tempted to push forward anyway, pay special attention to your motivations, and give your sense of inner truth a chance to speak up. Don’t ignore any red flags or internal warning bells — you may not have the full picture, and moving too quickly could limit your ability to assess the true nature of the situation.


Four of wands

If last season brought powerful truths or inspiring new insights, the upcoming weeks may give you a glimpse of the future you’re building. Keep harnessing all of the magic and power you’ve been exploring, letting it reveal deep ambitions and rich abundance. The many shifts and transitions you’ve been experiencing through this intense summer may have inspired you to keep pushing, but Virgo season invites you to move slowly, to envision where you’re going with clarity and perhaps more detail than you’ve been including thus far. You’re already someone that is organized and intentional, so this energy should feel energizing and useful – but remember the lessons of the Hermit, and spend some time in introspection before you keep following through with your existing plans. By looking within and giving your dreams space to breathe, you may find them growing and expanding, offering new possibilities you hadn’t previously considered.

You’re someone that tends to be hard on themselves, to always be pushing towards the next goal — but use the slower, gentler energy of Virgo season to also celebrate your accomplishments. There may still be a ways to go before you reach your goals, but don’t minimize the progress you’ve already made.


Six of wands

It may feel that you’ve been pushing through a lot of challenges, struggling to understand where you’re going or find your footing among all the shifts and changes in Leo season. And while you may be eager for movement, to push ahead and let your visions for the future manifest, don’t leave the lessons of the previous seasons behind. Let the energy of Virgo bring some much-needed freedom, allowing you to move with power and grace, exploring new potential and seeing the world in an unexpected, inspiring way — but honor how far you’ve come, the goals you set at the beginning of this journey, and the ways that this summer’s transformative energy may have shifted some of those broader aspirations. Your innovative and independent spirit may feel a bit constrained by Virgo’s slower approach, but giving yourself space to celebrate progress while also gaining momentum for the future will help you both heal and find new inspiration. And while you’re often up in the clouds, keeping your focus on the bigger picture, Virgo season is a chance to enjoy some grounding energy, and take practical steps towards your passions. Take some time to breathe in face of all this expansion, and enjoy where you are in the present.


Five of swords

This could feel like a frustrating season for you, after all the movement and transformation and exploration of the previous seasons. And even though you’re finally finding the space for introspection that you’ve been craving, it may feel that there’s unnecessary internal conflict, or that you’re struggling to collaborate with those you normally work well with. Pay attention to those powerful emotions, and use your natural sensitivity and deep intuition to do some soul-searching, working to understand what’s driving you and how it may be impacting your actions. Friction isn’t always bad, and sometimes we need challenges to get us moving again, but when we can’t figure out what’s causing our irritation it may create new problems that make a difficult situation more complicated.

Be patient with yourself, and resist the temptation to cut your losses and abandon your progress thus far – if it feels like your mind is playing tricks on you, give your heart a chance to speak. It may be that you simply need to step away from your frustrations for a time, giving yourself a chance to regroup and reassess before taking action. Move gently, and practice humility.

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  1. I love these as a tool for reflection! I’ve started pulling cards some evening to help reflect on my kids, my relationship with my wife, and myself. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for sharing tarot as a tool!

    • i’m so glad you’ve found a way to use cards in daily life! i love pulling cards every morning for insights on the day, but i’ve always thought that an evening practice is such a lovely way to connect with others and reflect on the day. thanks for reading! 🖤

  2. It is incredibly eerie how much some of this echoes things I said to a friend on Thursday night about my focus for the near future, even down to certain phrases! Thank you 🖤

    • tarot can be pretty creepy sometimes, tbh, but i think that’s part of why i love it. hope this reading helps you in the weeks ahead 🖤

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