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Follow Your Arrow: Virtual Assistant Lizzy Goddard on Entrepreneurship and Chronic Illness

“In 2013 I was too ill to work, living on disability benefits, and had just dropped out of my masters degree. I was introduced to the world of lifestyle design, which then led me to the world of online business. Here were all these people, working from home/travelling, and running fun businesses from their laptops. About 2 months in I was making more than enough to live off, had doubled my rates and was hovering around fully booked…and now I’m a full-time, accidentally permanent VA!”

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Follow Your Arrow: Musician and Furniture Maker Sean Desiree on Small Steps Towards Big Dreams

Musician Sean Desiree — who alone makes up all parts of the indie band bell’s roar — explains how they juggle being a musician by day with running a furniture-making business by night, how they learned to deal with rejection, and what’s it’s like being a queer person of colour in an industry and genre dominated by straight white men.

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Follow Your Arrow: Coffee Roaster Tara Brown on Courage, Connections and Simple Pleasures

“A-Camp was sort of a turning point for me. We were talking about building a year-round Autostraddle community and it was decided that I’d be the coffee roaster. I was like, ‘Well, guess I better get good at this coffee roasting thing.’ You can’t have mediocre coffee in a queer commune. I started actually writing a business plan the next weekend.”