Making Amends with Valentine’s Day

I hid behind instruments, computers, Whitney’s voice, Prince’s guitar. I sat in front of my computer surrounded by cassettes, illegally downloading songs, awkwardly whispering “I love you more than I know how to explain and I’m scared so here’s a mixtape I made you.”

What I’m Saying Is You’re Stuck With Me

February 7th was our 14th dating anniversary and our 8th marriage anniversary. The truth is, I didn’t see myself married, in a house we own, with a child I carried, in a place in my life where I don’t want to move away or run off to the next tempting thing. I never thought I’d want stability, but here we are.

“Gal Pal” Heart Pin Set: A Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Every Imperfect Person You Love the Most

Remember in the ’90s when you’d get a “Best Friends” necklace and one of you would get “Best” and the other would get “Friends” and it didn’t really matter what side you got all that mattered was that now everybody knew that you and her were serious about each other, like very serious, maybe not serious in the exact way that you wished you were serious with her, but still quite very serious?