11 Multifunction Couple’s Toys for Making Your Own Fun this Valentine’s Day

There’s a reason the couple in the rom-com tries to take a cooking class or Segway tour together – we grow closer to people by figuring things out together. The best bonding experience is both of you creating it yourselves, and this Valentine’s Day you can do just that with these multi-function, flexible toys. Both members of a couple don’t always – or often! – like the exact same things, and this month you don’t have to; create your own custom experience and change it up for your own favorite sensations with these open-ended toys.

Visit Eve’s Toys and enter code AUTO at checkout for 50% off one item & free shipping on orders over $20 in the US. (Note: Some items are only eligible for free shipping and a partial discount. These items are noted in the post.) 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sinclair Bullet $9.95

50% Discount

There’s almost nothing a bullet vibe can’t do, whether it’s being thrown in your purse as a bonus for a fun date, making a masturbation session that much better, getting slipped inside a harness or dick… the list goes on. Where you take this sleek, smooth little bullet vibe… and where will it take you? One way to find out!

Buy the Sinclair Bullet

Bang Her Finger Vibe $12.95

50% Discount

Hands and fingers are the ultimate sex toy, and this cute little finger vibe makes anything you or your sweetie is doing with their fingers that much more intense, whether their fingers are inside you, used for external stimulation, or giving you a temple massage after a long day. (Not for anal use though! Everything but that.)

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Eve’s Naughty Nipple Clamps $18.95

50% Discount

These reliable, versatile champions of the bedroom come through for us in so many ways; they’re portable, silent and motorless, go with everything, and open up a world of choices; what can’t they clamp? Some things, probably, but in general they’re a great option for nipples, genitals, or any other sensitive body parts.

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Luxe Beginner Plug Kit $29.95

25% Discount

This set of three graduated plugs offer themselves to your imagination, like Mary Oliver’s wild geese, and the process of choosing which one(s) you want to use tonight with your sweetie sounds delicious. How will you incorporate all three of them into your sex life? A gradual progression? Sharing with multiple partners (safely)? A door stopper to leave the bedroom door open a bit so your cat can leave? So many possibilities!

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Thunder Wand ($99.95) and Thunder Gasm Attachment $29.95

50% Discount

If you and your bb currently use any type of rumbly wand vibrator situation, it’s likely already taken you on a number of unforgettable journeys — imagine how much more it can do for you with this wand head attachment, which offers nubs, ribs, and even a tongue-inspired attachment that “simulates loving oral attention.” As the product copy laments, “so many stimulations, so little time” — maybe schedule in time for an extra round just in case. Although this attachment will work on a variety of wand-style vibrators, it’s designed for use with the Thunder Wand – why not go ahead and pick one up while you’re here?

Buy the Thunder Wand

Buy the Thunder Gasm Attachment

Satisfyer Multifunnction $49.95

10% Discount

The smooth silicone surface of this buzzy little number offers a range of surface-level vibrations for anywhere on the body, and its gentle curve means it can cup or hug anywhere you’d like – where might you and your activity partner decide its versatile triple motors will feel best? External stimulation? P-spot? G-spot? Take your time figuring it out!

Buy the Satisfyer Multifunntion 2

Lapin Vibrator $69.95

50% Discount

Between the twin vibrating motors and mix of speeds and rhythmic functions, you and your partner have a lot of decisions to make about how to use the Lapin vibrator and where you want it — maybe you should take the whole weekend to really exhaust your options. Use the smooth edge of a prong as an external vibrator, or use both ears at once to grip or stimulate a sensitive area.

Buy the Lapin

WeVibe Tango $79.95

5% Discount

For those of us looking for more firepower than a bullet, the WeVibe Tango is a more powerful, bolder alternative – with its sleek shape and mix of flat and curved edges, you or a partner can experiment with what feels best on different areas of the body from tip to toe.

Buy the WeVibe Tango

Caress $99.95

30% Discount

If you and your partner want to have your cake and eat it too, along with several other cakes you can change out on a whim, the Caress might be of interest! Its five different interchangeable heads combine rotation and vibration to offer five different kinds of clitoral stimulation, from a focused firm two prongs to a fluttery petaled journey.

Buy Caress

Tryst Multi-Erogenous Massager $119.95

50% Discount

If you and your boo love letting your imagination run away with you, the Tryst is perfect for your trysts – with its uniquely shaped extending arms and three separate motors, the Tryst offers a range of possibilities for a range of bodies and all the pleasurable possibilities you weirdos can come up with. Is it a penis ring? A clitoral stimulator? A couples vibrator? All that and more, my friend. Drink plenty of water!

Buy the Tryst Massager

2x Double Vibrator $128.95

10% Discount

Oh, the places you’ll go with this intriguing double vibrator! It’s anal safe, making it a fun option for double penetration, and offers an extra dildo sleeve for as many possible sensations as your little heart could desire.

Buy the 2x Double Vibrator

Visit Eve’s Toys and enter code AUTO at checkout for 50% off one item & free shipping on orders over $20 in the US. (Note: Some items are only eligible for free shipping and a partial discount. These items are noted in the post.) 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  1. So, I’m not kinkshaming or anything but to me that Thunder Wand seems like a torture device. And not in a good way.

    And for the bullet you wrote that it can be slipped into a dick – I’m assuming you mean the plastic variety. Because again – ouch.

    • I’ve sold sounding kits to guys that were…. impressively girthy chunks of metal. Although I would be concerned about retrieval of the vibe without a cord. And anything can be a torture device with a little creativity! You’re at least halfway there.

      • Well, anything is possible right? I don’t have a penis so not sure what that would be like. I’ve had a catheter once but I very high on morfine so I have no idea.

        I just googled sounding for women and it’s a hard no for me. I’d be terrified something goes wrong.

        • Yeah, women are a little trickier to sound, you can’t just…. work things back out by squeezing the tube, you know? And it’s a shorter walk to get to the danger zone of a perforated bladder.

  2. I 100% misread the title and was like wait, “malfunction toys”? Are you supposed to be bonding as a couple through shared frustration at a vibrator? Well, whatever floats your boat, I guess…

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