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White Gay Man Publishes Epically Stupid Response To “Stop Stealing Black Female Culture”

“Friess reacted to Mannie’s request that white gay men stop referring to themselves as ‘strong black women’ by threatening to withdraw hypothetical support of black women’s political and social issues (none of which he actually names)! That’s not allyship, that’s just another example of a person in power offering abstract and highly conditional support to an oppressed group of people with whom he claims a false and unrequited kinship.”


On Continuing to Live In the Same World that Made Elliot Rodger (and Many Like Him)

“Our fear of being dismissed or not believed is so strong that sometimes we need to wait for an unequivocally misogynistic event to talk about it all, just so we can be sure that those around us are at least starting off from a place of understanding that yes, this happens. There’s a hope that when the danger to women’s lives was so recently demonstrated, there will be more receptivity in listening to our experiences of how that danger functions and is allowed to prosper.”