Roundtable: What We’re Struggling With a Year Into COVID

It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one who still doesn’t feel okay when you’re grieving and dealing with mental health challenges in a culture that doesn’t know how to make space for either; we wanted to take this time to be honest about what we’re struggling with most at this point so at least you know you aren’t alone.

What 4 TV Shows Do You Love More Than Anyone Else?

“These roundtables are fun, because sometimes I’m answering and I’m like GOD I’M SO MYSELF and I feel that here. Not just because I feel anxious about whether I really can claim to like these more than anyone I know, but also because my answers are just so aggressively me.”

What’s the Gayest Not-Gay Film Your Parents Rented You From Blockbuster?

“Foxy Brown quickly became my favorite film of the blaxploitation classica. Pam Grier — yes, that Pam Grier, Bette’s big sister (it’ll annoy me forever that that’s how generations of queer women remember Grier) — was just astounding in the titular role… badass and unrelentingly sexy. The other awesome thing about that movie? I think it was the first time I’d seen a lesbian bar on screen.”

Describe an Iconic Gay TV Show You’ve Never Seen

“Stephen Universe is a cartoon show about a little boy with a large mouth who wears flip-flops regardless of weather or situation. Rebecca Sugar made the show and she is bisexual. Stephen has imaginary friends who live in a big jewelry emporium in outer space famous for its ability to fuse different types of gemstones and rocks into each other.”