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BBC To Survey Audience on LGBT TV and ‘Skins’ Amps Up Its Lesbian Plot

The BBC is undertaking a giant study to find out how people feel about LGBT representation on TV, and Kathryn Prescott says fans will not be disappointed by Naomi & Emily’s Season Four romance on Skins. Plus, Mia Kirschner is on Vampire Diaries, Lilith Fair 2010 announced more cities, Sarah Paulson will be on Grey’s Anatomy, Lindsay Lohan isn’t a blonde anymore, and Brittany Murphy’s husband has some ‘interesting’ stuff to say about his wife’s death.

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There’s Something About Jenny[s] – Why Killing Jenny is Killing All of Us

Jenny stayed controversial ’cause her behavior didn’t demand universal like or dislike, and the dislike it prompted was real. Bette & Tina’s relationship does that too — there’s been interesting cases on both sides throughout the show’s run, often influenced by how much you personally relate and your feelings on monogamy, CORE values, etc.. Like Jenny, we consider Bette & Tina with nuance and personal subjectivity.